Post 5 – Personal Brand

Promoting your strengths is the key to effective branding. It begins by considering what you’re good at and what you believe in. When I asked myself and my friends the question; what am I good at? I found out that I have many skills that I can use in branding myself, but the most important one which shows my passion is excellent customer support. This is one of my major strengths which should be used with my customers and show them how I keep my promises to them. I have been working in the customer service field for more than a decade and satisfying clients in a unique way is always my target. When working in customer service, language is essential and plays an important role. It is the tool to create a positive image because it makes clients feel at ease and allows for efficient problem-solving.

How to brand and market yourself should be unique, everyone should have their way of how to sell. It is all about how to showcase what you want to sell. If you want to shine and force people to choose you, you must be yourself. “Be yourself everyone else is already taken. – Oscar Wilde” 

My main branding aspect is to use your emotions and describe how you feel about the brand. Emotions bring life to any advertisement, touch people’s hearts, and make them want to be part of it. Advertising aims to persuade people to buy something. When it comes to making purchases, people depend on their emotions. They may be unaware that their feelings are driving their buying decisions. Emotional advertisement is used to improve understanding and interaction. People have a range of core feelings, and emotional advertising tries to tap into them. 

With my skills, I can sell any product, but I prefer to start with small businesses to promote them and help them find their path and unique brand. During this tough time with coronavirus, businesses across the country have temporarily closed. Most are facing the possibility of never reopening due to continuing costs and little or no sales. These small businesses need assistance to reopen and get up fast again. We can help them by rebranding them with their current customers or new customers through an extraordinary customer service campaign. This will help me show my strengths and rely on them to give life back to these businesses.

Social media is an online communication platform that allows you to communicate with customers and exchange information in real-time. This will help reach out to customers more efficiently, develop online networks, and promote your services. Before you begin, it is important to proceed cautiously and to be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages.

Using social media to brand these businesses would be a highly effective one, it has many advantages. The average user spends almost two hours per day on social media which makes it one of the most powerful ways to catch consumers’ attention. Marketers provide more quantitative view of their brands through social media platforms. Most social media platforms also offer data on the scope of your posts, enabling you to track your online existence more accurately. It is also a cheap way to reach more viewers to brand any business and interact directly with your clients.

 Blog post #4 – B2C Case Study


Nike uses a variety of platforms, but the most popular among young people is Tiktok. They post on it on a regular basis and engage with their audience by posting TikTok videos while wearing Nike products, which is a great strategy that makes customers feel like they are a part of NIKE.

Nike’s tone with customers effectively represents the brand and demonstrates the brand personality, as well as how much they value their mission and work toward it every day. They enthusiastically retweet the client’s posts and videos, making everyone believe that this is the right product for them.

Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest are some of the other platforms they use. They engage in client conversations and post on Instagram. They use Twitter on a daily basis with links to blogs about their products and sneak peek news, which keeps the audience interested in their posts.

Nike primarily mentions famous athletes in each post, which encourages people to retweet, share, and expand their posts. Their main fans are the younger generations, as evidenced by the platforms they use. Audiences engage more with the visual videos and they posted a video at least every week. Every day, blogs about Nike and their products are published, implying that they are paying influencers to expand their reach. 

Nike’s use of social media is the primary tool in their social media marketing strategy, but they value quality over quantity. Nike’s use of storytelling has proven to be an extremely effective marketing strategy because its content, in the form of storytelling, speaks for itself. They effectively communicate their core values through photos and videos.

Their engagement with their audience is higher with video postings like 2M views, which encourages them to post more videos, They ask viewers to make TikTok more engaging by showing their moves while wearing Nike products, which doubles the number of mentions for their Tiktoks and allows them to retweet their TikTok on a daily basis.

Their content has a consistent tone, and they keep emphasizing that it is a brand for every athlete and every person, which gives them credibility. Their posts on Instagram and Tiktok perform admirably, providing them with more opportunities to target specific age groups and engage effectively with them. Their Twitter engagement is poor, as they need to retweet more mentions to reach more people.

I will advise them to make better use of social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. To make things easier, I’ll link Instagram and Facebook posts so that I can post the same content at the same time. This will be expanded to a different type of audience who uses them on a regular basis. 

What are your insights about Nike Brand?

Blog # 3 Target Audiences 

There are numerous ways and paths available in the counseling profession. Some people may seek assistance in dealing with crises and maintaining their mental health, while others may seek assistance in their jobs. Some people may be caught in a difficult decision in their lives and require assistance to think more clearly. Everyone in this world will seek counseling at some point in their lives. It is not for medical reasons; it is to lighten the inner tunnel within you.

It all began when I was laid off from my comfortable work after 12 years because of the covid crisis. It was my home, not my office, after 12 years of working in the same place, meeting and knowing the same people. I unexpectedly lost that, and it seemed like a nightmare. How would I go about finding another job in my field? It’s Covid time, and many people are out of work, so why would they hire me? It took me a while to find out how to lighten my tunnel and get to work. I realized that by seeking counseling and discussing your anxieties, you would be able to find your way more quickly.

That’s why I decided to work as a career counselor to help clients find their dream jobs. By providing students with the required soft skills, interview tactics, and guidance in their job search. I communicate with my clients on a variety of platforms, the most popular of which is LinkedIn. Communication is the key to success in the counseling profession, which is why I need to come up with new ways to connect with my audience and engage them more.

On Linkedin, I conducted a poll about one of the resume lines and asked my audience if this was correct or not. I invite them to respond to my Instagram story about the most popular site they use to look for work. I responded to their comments and advised them how to rock an interview.

Listening carefully to your client’s needs is essential for guiding the conversation, understanding their concerns, and developing a successful relationship in order to provide appropriate support.

What areas of your life do you believe require immediate counseling?

What is the best technique to attract more audience!!!

People participate better when an activity is engaging. Storytelling is the most effective way which led to communicate better with your audience. Because our minds can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality, we get caught up in stories and feel as though we’re a part of them. Making a story isn’t difficult; in fact, you do it all the time, humans have been creating stories for thousands of years. However, it is the style of the story and the technique that entices your audience to listen and participate in follow-up conversations.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

To begin, you must emotionally connect with your audience and capture their attention, which you can achieve by using the STAR method. As a client-counselor, I always tell my clients to use the STAR method in their interviews, which involves talking about the specific situation, task, action, and result of the situation you’re describing. This will demonstrate their narrative abilities and inspire the interviewer to communicate and engage further, giving them the impression that you would be a good fit. Communication in the form of storytelling led to memorable stories.

However, you should be careful not to lose track of the conversation’s obvious goal and purpose. If you’re not careful, you may appear as someone who just tells stories for the purpose of telling them. By nature, we are drawn to stories. So, no matter what you’re promoting or presenting, storytelling may help you engage your audience. Next time you have a presentation, give it a shot and let me know how it goes!!

Best Strategies to Increase Followers on Instagram for Business.

Instagram is a photo-sharing app that allows users to post and upload images to the Instagram community. Growing your Instagram profile requires more followers especially as a business owner but do you know where to begin?  Active subscribers and an engaging audience are critical components for any brand’s success on Instagram. However, if you are not sure where to start with expanding your subscriber base, the process can be daunting. Here are some of the best Instagram audience growth tips:

Image By Omkar Patyane (Pexels)
  • Use hashtags.

The user can increase the number of followers on his Instagram account by using the hashtag or square label, and it must be used with Instagram pictures, with no more than three hashtags used on one image. Do not use the hashtags haphazardly or unrelated to the material being published. It is possible to use user-specific terms or hashtags that are common on Instagram, and the most popular of them can be found by using certain websites.

  • Constant publication.

An Instagram user can gain more followers by posting regularly, even once a week. Although it is preferable not to post more than twice a day, and you should post at the appropriate time of day; mornings (7 a.m. to 9 a.m.), early afternoons (11 a.m. to 2 p.m.), and mid-evenings (5 p.m. to 7 p.m.) are all peak activity hours on Instagram, so remember to post during these times. Since these times are based on ET (Eastern Time), you will need to change them to suit your time zone.

  • Interact with followers.

Users would not follow the account of someone who does not interact with them and share their activities on Instagram, it is possible to interact and communicate with users by commenting on their different posts, reacting to their comments, or following their accounts. React to the feedback on your own photos, respond to any interesting comments and express gratitude to your followers for any compliments.

  • Link Instagram account to other platforms.

Linking the user’s Instagram account with other accounts on various social networks is one of the factors that increases the user’s number of followers on Instagram. This strategy increases the reach of the published content with a larger number of users on these networks and the probability that these people follow the user’s account.

  • Engage more with your followers.

Interacting with your own followers is critical to sustaining your following and growing your network. you can use the picture caption to ask your followers questions. This will increase the activity in your comments section and attract more viewers to your photo.

  • Be patient and keep trying.

Try different strategies as there are always small steps you can take to help yourself and your brand expand. Sure, creating amazing content is half the fight, but getting big on social media is like something else: if you stick with it and keep practicing, you will see amazing results.

Instagram is one of the most incredible marketing tools that can be used to expand a business without investing a lot of money. It enables you to keep your customers up to date on new trends. Behind-the-scenes photos of your business can be captured and posted on Instagram, making your customers feel like they are a part of the business will lead to loyal customers and increase your followers.

Let me know what is the best tip that you can follow?

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Are you addicted to Facebook!!

During the lockdown, we all became extremely dependent on social media. Although it was a good way to keep in touch with friends and family, it also started to overtake our daily routine. We’d spend hours scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For me, Facebook was one of the major platforms where I could spend hours over it especially with the new addition of videos.

If you find yourself checking Facebook first thing in the morning and the last thing before sleep, during working hours, spending so much time planning your posts and the view of them and you neglect your own life for the sake of Facebook, this means you could have Facebook addiction.(Ward, I. (2020, July 14). 7 Signs of Social Media Addiction: Digital Detox. Time to Log Off.)

Image by (Tobias Dziuba,pexels)

How to get rid of Facebook addiction!

Recognition of addiction.
Recognizing the presence of an addiction problem on Facebook is one of the best ways to overcome it, you can talk about this problem with close people, or with friends, and share with them the approaches that can cure addiction.

It is advisable to show self-compassion when attempting to overcome addiction to social networking sites, especially Facebook, since overcoming addiction frustrates many people, which is why it is advisable not to increase the person blaming himself for his inability to overcome this issue.(Wallen, D. (2020, November 27). 5 Psychological Reasons You Are Addicted to Facebook. Lifehack.)

Tracking time on Facebook.
The easiest way to ensure that no time is lost is to track it, so a timer can be used to track how much time has passed, with the need to set a specific time for browsing Facebook, taking care not to increase this time, when the time comes, you must commit to Exit Facebook.

Setting priorities.
It is important to identify the priorities that must be completed before wasting any time on Facebook so that Facebook can be used after the completion of all work. This mechanism leads to increasing efficiency, creating sufficient time, and thus increasing self-discipline.(Husain, I. (2017, July 5). Managing Your Social Network Addiction. Lifehack.)

Deactivating Facebook.
It is preferable to deactivate the Facebook account in the event of inability to overcome Facebook addiction, keeping in mind that this approach requires a significant amount of effort, since the individual’s effort to change this decision is considered as a psychological failure, and hence the suffering of the same issue increases.

Requesting the help of others.
It is possible to seek assistance from others and receive tips and therapies to reduce the problem of Facebook addiction, and it is also possible to ask a close friend to set a new password for the account and conceal it for at least two weeks. This approach is considered simple and reliable if you have a good friend.(Walker, L. (2021, February 12). 5 Ways to Beat Your Facebook Addiction. Lifewire.)

There are numerous approaches to this issue. What works for someone could not work for you. Facebook is a tool to communicate with our family and friends, we shouldn’t let it control our lives and sink in it. let’s try to use it only for our benefit.

What do you think other ways to overcome Facebook addiction?

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Strive for your dreams

We are not alive if we stop dreaming

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is whatsapp-co-founder-brian-acton-759.jpg

(WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton repeats call to delete Facebook, 2019, March 19)

In 2009, the young American “Brian Acton”, who used to work as a programmer in the “Yahoo” company, decided to go to work in the “Facebook” company, which was still a new startup company. Brian is a young man who always thinks out of the box and comes up with brilliant ideas. he had a good position in the “Yahoo” company, but with a look that knows how to read the future based on the data in front of him, he would have seen that the crazy ideas in his brain are more appropriate for “Facebook”, the company that he is confident that the future will be for it! He presented his ideas and explained them extensively. Did they accept him? .. No, On the contrary, their response to him was entirely absurd, and they said his ideas were too futuristic. He wrote a tweet on his Twitter account in which he said: “Facebook turned me down … looking forward to life’s next adventure.” ..(Acton, B., 2009, August 03). He met one of his friends, a programmer like him, and he offered him his crazy idea. They start to work on the idea of Brian for Months until it came to light and turned the world! .. “WhatsApp”! .. Brian and his colleague were the ones who made “WhatsApp”. In 2014, “Facebook” communicates with Brian to buy “WhatsApp” from him … They asked him; how much do you want? , Brian asked for 22 billion dollars and indicated that about 5 years ago you would have taken it from me for free if You employed me with you, so for now you should pay as much as I wanted. They gave him the money he wanted, do you think he would take the money and sit in his house? … No …

Because he was the one who worked on “WhatsApp”, so he knew that there were some privacy problems with it. he locked on himself for a couple of years, then he came up with a new surprise.  What is it? .. Signal application, which the whole world has been running on now and downloaded because it is safer than WhatsApp and because all the defects and problems of privacy have been avoided in it!

(Success Story of Brian Acton.” Dailysuccessroutine, 10 May 2016.)

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(Bhatla, Prabhjeet. “How Eric Yuan ‘Zoom’ed His Way To Build a $50-Billion Business.” Entrepreneur, 7 Aug. 2020,

As long as we are talking about the technology, let’s say that in 1997, Cisco appointed a Chinese engineer who was still a new immigrant to America named Eric Yuan. He was working with great effort and without any boredom or laziness .. for how long? .. 14 years, he had a dazzling idea about a program through which people would make online meetings between them. He came to the director of Cisco and brought up the program to him but unfortunately, the director categorically refused.  

Eric resigned and locked himself with some other engineers who believed in him and began working on his idea. what do you think they called it ?? They called it Zoom, so today it is almost the only program that most people relied on when the Corona happened, and its marketing value reached 48 billion dollars! …

Why??? because one person insisted on an idea that was in his brain, has self-confidence, and the presence of someone who believes in him.

Lots of people stop their attempts after several failure experiences, If you fail, get up, fight and strive for your dreams. “In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths.” — Drew Barrymore

(Zoom company story: How ERIC Yuan Defeated skype.

(Helfand-Rogers, C. (2020, January 7). 9 Motivational Quotes From Famous Women Entrepreneurs.)

What happened if we stop dreaming!!

What happened if we stop dreaming!!

(Klein, C. (2015, September 9). 8 Things You May Not Know About the Real Colonel Sanders.

In 1890, the child Harland Sanders was born in the American state of “Indiana” in a simple family, when Harland reached the age of five , unfortunately, his dad died, left his wife and kids without any source of income. His mother had to work so that she could feed her children. Harland decided to work at this young age to help his mother with living expenses, he tried a couple of jobs like, a river ferry worker, insurance policy seller, and a gas station worker. He used to move from a job to the other very quickly and smoothly. As soon as he found a way that will get him any more money, even a small one because his family needed every cent. Harland too, and to remove the burden of housework from his mother decided to learn to cook so that he could make food for his siblings when his mother was late. He entered the kitchen and tried many times until he made a few chicks that his siblings loved, and they kept asking him to make them. When he grew up, he studied law in the hope that he graduated and find a job with his degree, but he failed to find a job. 

 He returned to gas stations again, but he was a little promoted and remained a supervisor, then he worked in the mail company, and then a sales representative. Harland was always looking for success and money.

Success did not show any sign for him and the temporary situation continued until he reached the age of 40! He began to think about himself a little! … And the beginning was from the fried chicken he used to make, he started to sell them at the towing station and kept selling his chicks with its secret mixture for traveling people.

Nine continuous years of doing that! unfortunately, the train was rerouted, the station itself was canceled, and debts and taxes had accumulated on him, he returned to sit in the house frustrated and depressed .. but he stood on his feet again, and worked many jobs as he used to do when he was a child until he reached 63 years old. Hence, he decided to take his fried chicken to a different level. 

He offered the restaurants his secret mix of chicks to be part of their menu. After months of searching, some restaurants liked the taste and agreed, and a group of investors offered him to be a partner with them in their restaurants. This is not the end of the story because after 12 years, and when Harland’s reached 75 years old, he became the owner of 600 shops that sold his chicks, and when he reached 90 years old, he has branches in more than 100 countries and 33 thousand workers around the world and become the owner of the most important brand “KFC” 

Some people think that reaching a dream is associated with a certain time. If they cannot achieve it during it, this remains an indication of their failure. Others think their life comes to an end at the moment of retirement. If you want something, you have to work for it. Dreams do not have an expiration date.

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