Snap what?

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Snapchat: “A mobile messaging service that sends a photo or video to someone that lasts only up to 10 seconds before it disappears. During that time, the recipient can take a screen shot, and the sender is notified that it was taken.”

Five years ago, is when I first heard of the word Snapchat. Every time my daughter walked by, she was making funny faces and taking pictures of herself, driving in the car, she was taking selfies, shopping, she was taking selfies it was never ending selfies. She was like the queen of selfies. I finally asked why are you always taking selfies? She answered “Snapchat”. Snap what?

In the beginning of this new-found app, my daughter would tell me she is on day 90 of a snapstreak with her best friend and 30-day streak with another friend. What is that you ask? Don’t worry, I asked the same question:

Snapstreak:  Some of your friends or the people you follow might have different emoji next to their Snapchat names in the Chat section of your Snapchat. That means they’re on a streak, or Snapstreak, with you. In other words, you and that friend or friends have snapped each other (not including chat messaging) within 24 hours for more than one consecutive day.

How many of you are avid snap chatters? I have the app downloaded on my phone and take filtered pictures occasionally. I tried to get my daughter to explain this application to me, but it was a hopeless cause. I Googled how to use Snapchat, and this is some of the terminology it gave me:

Snap:  When you take a photo or video, or receive a photo or video, it is known as a “snap”. So, when someone asks you to snap them, they are asking you to send them a photo or video through Snapchat, or even a message through the app’s chat function. The Snapchat app itself is also colloquially referred to as “Snap”.

Filter:  You can jazz up your snap by adding a fun overlay with a filter. After you take a snap, swipe right or left on the preview screen to add colored filters, the current time, local weather, speed overlays, or geofilters to your photo or video. After taking your snap and applying your first filter, you can press and hold and then swipe to add yet another filter, too.

Lenses:  You can make snaps even more fun by adding augmented reality-based special effects and sounds, with a feature called Lenses. To activate lenses, go to the Camera screen in Snapchat, then long-press on your face in the camera view, and lenses should appear in a row next to the capture button. Swipe around to select the lens you want, and then tap the capture button to take a snap with it. Popular lenses include the ‘rainbow puke’ and ‘dog with tongue’.

3D World Lenses:  Unlike Lenses, which are primarily applied to your face – or a selfie shot – in real-time, World Lenses affect the environment around you. They appear in the same row as Lenses, but only when your camera is facing outward. You might see one that features your Bitmoji avatar, even. For instance, a current one shows our Bitmoji avatar mixing potions and chemicals while sitting at a desk. This animation is overlaid on the world around us and can be captured and then shared with our friends in a chat or followers via our story. Both Lenses and World Lenses are frequently changed by Snapchat, though popular ones are recurring.

Geofilter:  Like filters, you can use a geofilter to decorate snaps. Unlike filters, however, geofilters are specific to your location or an event you’re attending. They encourage other users to share their experiences with friends and followers. On-Demand geofilters may also be designed and purchased by individuals or smaller companies and only become available when a user enters a specified location, such as a wedding or graduation venue.

Chat: This is a messaging feature within Snapchat that lets you directly chat with other users. You can access the Chat section by swiping from left to right on the Camera screen. From here, you can also send Bitmoji stickers, start a live video call, send money, share snaps, and more

This is the social media network of the millennial’s. Facebook is passe, as more and more mom’s and dads are joining this social media network. Teenagers want their own space where they can engage with photos with fun filters that would last for seconds, and telling stories to their friends. Of course, I am still learning Snapchat myself and do have fun sending filtered pictures and get the odd text that I am weird. My niece and nephew saying I beat you at crunching cucumber games or making faces as you are trying to make as many faces as the emoji’s coming up the screen. Swipe left is the friends and swipe right is discoveries. I am still trying to master.

Do you snap?

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Sheri Proulx

New Beginnings

September 23, 2016 was a bitter-sweet day. There were so many emotions swirling around in me. This was the close of a chapter where I dedicated twelve years. I experienced happiness as my goal was to return to college after many years away to finally obtain my diploma. Fear, my daughter was in college how was I going to help her with expenses and live for myself. Relief, a break from demanding people looking for answers yesterday.My Journey

I started a program called the Balance Program through the Lavallee Health Center – Your Healing Center let me back up a bit. I learned of the Lavallee Center by chance. My physiotherapist had just moved to this center at the beginning of July that year. I also embarked on a 8-week mindfulness program with Jane Wood to help be better understand my stress and help me control it better. I searched online through their website and read the testimonials of clients, I learned of the programs the center offered but something in Jane’s biography just seemed to stick with me or remind me of something. After I completed this program and speaking with Jane she suggested I try the Balance Program. This is a nutrition, exercise and mindfulness program. It helps you evaluate your goals and understand the why’s of what the program was about. I started the Whole 30 diet, some may have heard about this popular diet. I have to admit I was a little sceptical when I first joined but soon realized by the second week, it actually works. You are not buying supplements, all you buy is whole foods, you also have to go buy your budget. Eating healthy is expensive. I did not purchase organic as it was not in my budget. The program is a nutrition reset of your body. For 30 days you are on a restricted diet where you cut out grains, dairy, sugars, legumes (you can eat the plant base only) and alcohol. I have to cut out SUGAR? I did battle the sugar dragon for a couple days but was able to slay it successfully. I was feeling energized, no more heartburn, my muscles and joints were not sore or stiff, my skin was glowing. My breathing was better. I noticed a lot of small changes to my body. The eating combined with movement was something I desperately needed. I used to be active playing sports, that changed when my daughter became more involved with her sports. My thinking was, this was her time for me to support her in her sports. My life style became sedentary. My takeaway from this program is “You are what you eat”.

I surrounded myself with empowering people who helped me gain my confidence, complimented me on my abilities and pushed me to my extremes when I wanted to give up. This helped shape me into a more positive attitude. It took me a year to re-evaluate my life and goals. I learned about S.M.A.R.T. Goals:

  • Specific (simple, sensible, significant).
  • Measurable (meaningful, motivating).
  • Achievable (agreed, attainable).
  • Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based.

What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?

 This brings me back to when I really had to take a hard-long look at where my life was going when I left the financial institution after twelve years. I knew I wanted to go back to college to obtain my diploma, this was a missing piece on my resume. What do I take? So many choices. I struggled with this for months. What do I want to be when I grow up? I toyed with Graphic Arts, as this is an interest of mine, but I had no experience. Social Working, friends steered me away from this. Then one day it seemed to click, work on my existing strengths. I have been doing administration/ customer service with the bank for twelve years and I loved it. I was the go to person in my branch I knew where to look on the system to get information, if I could not find the information I inquired with our head office. My supervisor used to say, “I was like a dog with a bone”, I never stopped looking until I came up with a suitable answer I could give a customer. I built many relationships with customers gained their trust as they knew I delivered on my promises. Friends would come to my house to get help with filling in government forms for their child’s OSAP. I love helping people. While I was soul-searching for what I wanted to be when I grew up, I used the S.M.A.R.T goals system.

I started a vision board with these S.M.A.R.T. goals in mind. I chose the two-year Office Administration Legal/Health Services program at St. Lawrence College in Kingston ON, as it offers a dual diploma and opens more opportunities. When I started the program in September 2017, I knew this was the right choice for me. I have successfully completed my first year Office Administration program and surprised myself with the grades I obtained by breaking my year down with S.M.A.R.T goals.

This is the start to my new beginning. How do you measure up?


~Sheri Proulx~


Changing Times

Blog # 2

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Are You Open To Change?

My life started in the 70’s. Wow am I ever dating myself. Yes, we had color TV’s and radio’s come on I am not that old. Saturday morning was reserved for cartoons like Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner, such classics. Sunday morning church, where you dressed in you Sunday best, and after church was family time. No stores were open on this day. The cost of living was a lower than it is now, but so were the wages. We could by candy and get quite a bit too for a quarter. The good old times.

Technology is always evolving, even from my grandparent’s day where they experienced the invention of the television (black and white) which evolved to color. Times are always changing and so is technology. I can remember as a kid, a family friend owned an electronics store and we were blessed to be the guinea pigs to try the new technology. When the first big screen T.V. came out it was like a projector screen we got to watch a movie on it to test out for the store. Little did we know that we were providing feedback about the likes and dislikes of the product for the company in which they would communicate with the manufactures. Genius move on our family friend and store owner.

As new products came out as kids we were never deprived. I remember as a family gift for Christmas one year we received our first home computer. My brother and I were probably in our early teenage years when we received this. We had no idea about computers, but we learned as we went and played on the system. Of course, my brother hogged it and played video games!

My husband at the time, and I just purchased our first home computer in the late 90’s early 2000’s after we were married with dial-up internet. That was the only internet service we could purchase. I searched new recipes, and god know what else. I took a local computer course for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I had email and could communicate with my long-time child hood friends as we were scattered all over. I learned how to upload pictures and send them. When my husband at the time was deployed overseas he would send pictures of the terrain and country where he was. We stayed connected even when he was many miles away.

In 2007 I joined Facebook. I know everyone jumped on the bandwagon in 2006. I graduated from a desktop computer to a Laptop and had purchased a second cell phone with no data. Baby steps. What a great fast way to connect with friends and family all over the world. No more email I could communicate with friends through comments with likes and shares. It was instant. In 2012 We stepped up our phones and renewed our contract with Telus and added my daughter to the plan to stay connected as she was entering high school. We added a data plan, boy this took us to a whole other level. Now we had access to the internet anytime anywhere. Fast forward to 2018 where technology has evolved even more with new social media platforms to learn and even more slag to keep up – Twitter (#Hashtags#), SnapChat (selfies with filters), Instagram (followers), Pinterest, YouTube (subscribe). We are in a time of technology overload. We are constantly surfing the web, checking social media for updates we can even stream movies and shows. When we walk our heads are always down looking at a screen.

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The ever-evolving world of technology has us in demand for everything to be instant. Our internet providers must be fast, even our banking has become mobile where you can bank anywhere any time and instant. Mobile deposits you do not even have to go to your branch to deposit a cheque. It is done from the comfort of your own home. Online shopping, I must admit, I am not one to go to the stores especially around Christmas. I worked all day with computers in a fast paced, customer demanding environment. The last thing I want to do is be bumped and pushed around in a department store. I shop from the convenience of my own home and have the products come to my house. What better way to shop.

I can remember Canada Post stating they were in jeopardy of losing the door to door mail people if they didn’t change with the times. Especially with email, e-statements. They had to change and adapt with online shopping and quickly scooped up the packaging delivery service. Banking is another evolving industry. ABM’s you could access cash when the branches were closed. Now we have mobile banking and access to all your accounts 24/7. You can apply for credit online, a mortgage online. There are tools you can use to see your amortization and monthly payment. Even about how much you could qualify for. I still suggest you speak with your banking adviser to ensure your qualification matches up with what you can afford. They have the live chats if you need help to navigate the website. You can deposit cheques by taking a picture to your bank account. So much has evolved over the years.

I am excited but scared at what we will see next. I know we are in the pilot stages of cars driving themselves and Apple Car Play for Wi-Fi. I know my next vehicle will probably have this feature but not looking forward to the cost of what this would be. We all must change with the times and adapt.

Are You Open To Change?

~Sheri Proulx~

What SUP

My world was torn two years ago when the business I had worked 12 years with went through a business restructure. My husbands job was going through new ownership at the same time and we both thought his job would cease. Little did we know it was me who was out of work as my job title became obsolete. The financial industries were turning their focus to digital. I had been under tremendous stress with no communication for months as to when or what was happening with my job. I used the internet for my search. I knew I needed help with my stress.  I had some friends who liked and shared this small business company’s Facebook page which piqued my interest and brought me to their website. I had search yoga studios in my area but kept coming back to this one. I saw a post on Facebook or Instagram about a festival at our local park “Lemonade in the Park”. There were vendors of all sorts geared towards yoga and wellness, my daughter and I participated in different yoga practices. It was a fun filled day. We were intrigued with the SUP and Arial yoga demonstrations particularly. Erin and Michelle had stand up paddle boards on land with cushions underneath to demonstrate SUP Yoga. My daughter and I did a 15 minute session on land with Michelle to get a feel for SUP. Well lets just say we were hooked and signed up that day for a 4 week SUP practice.  This was the start to my new wellness journey.

Get your feet wet with AWE Yoga pop up SUP! Like and share their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram to see when the next pop up might be.

Never been on a stand up paddle board, AWE Yoga has you covered. These ladies will teach you the basic skills like maneuvering on your deck, using your center line and rails for balance and ensuring all your worries float away with the gentle waves.

SUP yoga has many wonderful benefits and anyone from beginner to advanced can practice SUP. Put your fears behind you and jump on that board. This practice helps find your peace. There is something so magical and peaceful being out on the water especially a sunset practice. You truly leave all your worries you came with in the depths of the water beneath you. A new awareness of every breath and movement which influences your balance develops . You experience and enjoy nature, sunshine, water and incredible views that you do not get in a studio. It brings laughter, sometimes you just have to let the practice take you wherever it is going that day and sometimes it’s overboard, this of course is the best part. This is a great way to bond and brings new friendships with lots of laughs. It challenges you, so take this opportunity to deepen your practice. It is great for strengthening your core. You no longer have the ground to help root you, instead you have to engage your core stabilizer muscles in order to maintain your balance and move on your board. The most important benefit, it makes you slow down. In today’s society we are always rushing around, from picking up kids and getting them off to their next activity, planning a fast supper after a long stressful day at the office. Being on the board naturally slows you down and forces you to focus on breath, body movement and being in the present. What better reminder to try this practice.

This is just beginning of my new wellness journey! I had lots of excuses as to why I could not practice using limited mobility, or I am to big to do yoga but once I decided to leave the excuses behind and jumped on the board, the rest is history. My favorite time is the sunset practice on a summers eve, at the end you float on your board listening to the water and taking in the fragrances in the air. This is the most relaxing and rewarding experience I have encountered.

Please feel free to visit AWE Yoga’s website at You may see me in some of the pictures!

-Sheri Proulx