I’m Sweet Enough

Patterns from our past

A discussion came up this week on the topic of social media, and in particular, its future here, and what we will make of it as a grand collective. Currently, we swim in it, and credit all our good fortune to it, and all our bad luck to it as well, but is there still a world beyond it? Well, there is no debate here. Yes, yes, there is.

So what will be the future than, of social media as a whole, and what will we make of it next? Well, I think personally, and positively, that we’ll get a grip on it, that we’ll use it well, and that we’ll stop overusing it. I think as well, that the participants in education regarding to the subject, are the proof in that.

What good is all this human garbage?

Up until now, we each have had little to no formal training on social media and its use, and up until its formal inclusion in education programs and at colleges and universities, we’ve all just been winging it, doing our best, and hoping that it’s been good enough, but as a man of history, what has always worried me, is what we’re leaving behind for the future to find. Ironically, so many worry about garbage and environmental pollution, and, well, they should, but archeologists and historians agree, that garbage call tell us more than discovering bones and buildings can. It’s in the garbage that we truly shows the truth about our daily lives and habits, so in that way, the garbage we leave behind, will eventually help humankind. It’s a nice thought.

Historical Royal Palaces on Twitter (@HRP_palaces)

Too sweet!

In history, we traditionally used sugar medicinally, but in the late medieval period, its rediscovery was something that Europe was completely unprepared for. In Tudor England, at the palaces of King Henry the VIII, it was abused in the King’s court, as it was added to every dish, with every course at extravagant royal feasts and banquets. To read the recipes of King Henry, are to read every kind of treat imaginable, and this caused aristocratic adults and guests to act like children misbehaving after too much candy. To study food through the ages however, is to realize that by the time of Georgian Kings, sugar had been reserved for dessert. Likewise, I think that social media is sugar to us, but the internet has so much more to offer than just these forms of online medium, and that we, like our ancestors, will learn a little logic and tolerance, once we ride out the sugar high.


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At a Loss🔎

The further we move forward into an online world, the greater my longing for texture, for nature, for books, and for scenery. I’m not going to debate that the inevitable progression that is taking place is wrong, as I am not smart enough or dumb enough to make that kind of an argument. I simply want to generate some thought in the direction of our material world, as I utilize the digital world to get this message across to you.

The dopamine releasing distraction that we are all now subject to


Addiction can come in many forms, and is used as a supplement for many things. Typically, it’s related to childhood pyschology, and deep seated beliefs and traumas that cause serious irrationality. We are all aware of the addictive nature of certain foods, drugs, and other ingestibles and injectables. What we are far less aware of are the mental addictions, often accompanied with physical afflictions, which tend to be born out of out of one’s individual pain.


I know from experience that social media can be incredibly addicting, as I have participated in it far beyond what is considered healthy for anyone living with a firm grip in reality. Well, what is reality exactly? It is what we do our best to represent online, but fall short of all the time. Namely, unintentional arrogance, usually related to virtual distractions that are typically outside of the realm of our control. This could come in the form of political or religious debates, filtered and carefully planned posts to built an online image that is alternative to a physical reality, or in my case, reaching out again and again, simply because I’m so damn lonely.


If there is one thing I’ve learned in life the hard way, it is that everything is seen. What we think the others don’t see, is actually quite often, apparent to them completely. From the way we wear our clothes, to the posture we take and why, it is all seen, or in the least, felt, if not immediately identified. Yet we think we hide ourselves so well. Ironically, this blatancy is all the more apparent to our online world, where there is more time to register the vocabulary we share.

Looking into the mirror. The posture of modern people, and what we can do about it. (Thomas Frank, YouTube)


With that in mind, it’s worth taking note, that we should all be a little more careful with the dangers of social media addiction, as we can be drawn away from the present day, where we need to be living actively, in order to have a better tomorrow. The extreme distractions of social media platforms can not only halt our personal progress in live, but also, can hinder our ability to progress altogether, once we are invested completely in the digital world mentally, and ultimately distant from the true reality outside, and immediately, in our own lives.


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Hello fellow dancers. I hope you feel light, fast, and ready. Every day, we dance together, knowingly, and often unknowingly, moving both crazily and beautifully. We come together when we find our floor, and on that floor, we strut our stuff.

Now, the essence of the dance, it’s attraction and recognition, so, to come to any common understanding, we must all acknowledge the honest motivation, as there is simply too much information, and not all of it can be good or true, at least in its entirety.


Humans, individually, are incredibly complex creatures. So much so, that I can’t immediatly think of any animal in the worldwide kingdom that can be so many things beyond it’s own natural state, as we can. It’s been said that “we are the only animal here with the power to destroy everything, or save everything” and that is obviously incontestable. My goal than, as a good human, is to do my best to contribute to what is good and what can save us, as destruction is harmful, and amputation need not be necessary when we apply the right medicine unconditionally.

Yes, if you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m optomistic, and you’re just going to have to accept that.

Andrei and Natasha dance together in War and Peace (2008) – Image courtesy of NPR.org


Napolean said: “Leaders are dealers in Hope”, and althought he was not a perfect person, he was a human, meaning we too can educate ourselves about the truths he applied, while recognizing the errors and behaviours we now identify as unprodutive to the grand collective. Beethoven was his fan until the French Army took Italy, and by the time that had happened, the Emperors ego had manipulated his vision, and we all know the conclusion, and his end. Well, we all don’t actually, do we? That’s the sad part. We have not been as educated as we think, and it is only through independant study and the expansion of our mental abilties that we will ever create a greater human story.


This here, is all from the heart. I do know that in order for me to formulate any kind of theory into practical reality, I must cite for you real world examples. I assure you, I will. Stay tuned, stick with me, I’m working hard on fair solutions, as we need not be ruled over, when we have the strength to communicate together, reasonably and patiently, with one another.

Isn’t that a beautiful thought? Have a great a day, and remember, this old Soldier loves you. I am programmed to do so, and I’m updated regularly to ensure my commitment to you remains honest and true.

Feel free to leave a comment. I will respond as I can and look forward to your valuable input!