COM0014 Blog Post #7 Personal Refection

By Chris Price

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This Digital Communications course taught me several concepts about developing personal recognition on social media. It is really important to develop a recognizable brand and to gain a target audience. One of tools for doing this is storytelling that can be done in blogs, podcast or on videos. 

Storytelling is an important tool for creating great digital content for social media because it creates intrigue for the audience and it is more likely to make them regular subscribers to the media. On my social media accounts I will endeavour to tell interesting stories by using blogs articles, pictures and videos to help gain and build my target audience and my brand. My digital content on social media sites and blogs will be guided by stories that I find interesting. The stories I would want to relate will be my personal experiences and opinions about my interests which include travel, entertainment, photography, and developments in technologies, and consumer products. Good storytelling gives great content that can be read in blogs, and can be listened to on podcasts, or viewed on Youtube. Storytelling would help gain the interest of audiences for my services on the internet. It will be important to continually create new story-lines and new digital content for my social media websites that connect to my target audience and will encourage them to become repeat subscribers. This will enhance my profile to grow on social media websites that will include Facebook, Instagram and youtube. 

COM0014 Blog post # 6 – Do people know my story

by Chris Price

I am Chris Price and I aspire to be a photographer. For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in cameras and taking pictures. I have always been taking pictures, especially when our family went on vacations and trips. Often we would go out west to visit my Grandmother who lived in Calgary. My family would go out on camping trips in Banff National Park in the summer time and times my grandmother, my aunt, uncle and cousins would join us. I enjoyed taking photographs of our relatives during out hikes on nature trails as well as taking nature and landscape photos. Banff National Park has rocky mountains, many wild animals, and spectacular canyons that are ideal for nature photographers. 

One of my challenges is that I have a learning disability. I am dyslexic and I have found it difficult to learn from just reading books and texts. I needed a lot of support from my mom and dad when I was going through school. I discovered that I am more of a visual learner and that I can overcome some of my dyslexia by learning from blogs, pictures and video demonstrations. When I was young, I learned how camera settings such as focus, F stops, shutter speeds, and white balance can affect picture quality. Later, I successfully completed a photography course at Algonquin Collage to learn more technical skills in digital photography, photoshop and printing. I also have interests in computers and other technologies. I am always trying to discover new skills and to improve and strengthen my skills.

Some of the advice I would like to share is: Work at your interests and passions to achieve your goals and find alternative ways to learn and overcome your difficulties.

COM0014 Blog Post #5 Personal Branding

By Chris Price

My personal brand is that I am an active person that enjoys the outdoors with a special interest, skills, and training in outdoor and aerial photography. My personal qualities and characteristics as a photographer are that I have over 10 years experience and three years of college training in many types of photography including landscape, nature, architectural, portrait and travel photography. I have submitted photos to many competitions and have won several awards including first place.

Photo By Chris Price Walter Baker Park Fall 2020 DCIM\100MEDIA\DJI_0036.JPG

I have enjoyed taking photos of people and their surrounding as I have traveled through many countries including Canada, United States, England, France, Italy, Scandinavia, Russia, Latin America, Central America and South America(Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia). I enjoy taking both photos, videos and aerial photography with my drones. I am certified to fly drones in Canada and have a restricted drone operators licence, a requirement to officially fly drones in Canada. 

I have several social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. I have created a lot of digital video content for my own You Tube account, mostly drone videos, aerial photography and video blogs that I have filmed in Ottawa and many nearby small towns in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. I have done film and photoshop editing and posted many of my pictures and videos on instagram and facebook. I have received many favourable comments and likes for my work.

Some of my best traits are that I am a visual learner, good with details, and good at solving puzzles. I am interested in technology (Cameras, Computers, Cellphones, Tablets), Architecture, Travelling to see new countries and cultures, I am interested in seeing nature and animals. I enjoy living a heathy and active life style.

COM0014 Blog Post #4 Case Study

The Video Game Industry in 2020

By Chris Price

Reference Image:

The year 2020 was a hard year for most industries with the covid-19 pamdemic and the lockdown of business. But The video game industry had one of their best years financially. Not only that, video games became an important activty in people’s lives. The Nintendo Switch console sold out at the very start of the pandemic; Playstation 5 and XBOX series X which were released at the end of the year sold out online and at all retail stores. While other entertainment industries such as movies had major financial losses the video game industry had a massive growth around the world.

Fifty-five percent of North Americans played video games in 2020 and approximately twenty-seven percent of them used games to stay connected with family and friends or to make new friends by playing online video games like Fortnite, Call of Duty: War Zone and Fall guys.

Mobile games that are played on cellphones and tablets are massively popular and make up a huge portion of the video game market. Mobile game developers benefited from a very lucrative year. It was a seventy-three million dollars business in 2020. Although Mobile games are more popular in Asia than in North America, their popularity continues to grow worldwide. 

Subscription services (such as Playstation plus, xbox live and Nintendo Switch Online) have become more prominent in the past year with Call Of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and Sports game titles such as NHL, NBA 2K and FIFA. The post launch support to play many of these games on line can be very successful for long term revenues. 

High quality single player games also did extremely well in 2020 and brought a lot of money to the game developers. A prime example of this is Cyberpunk 2077. This game became a big success because, not only did it sell this game, it helped to launch the next generation of game consoles (Playstation 5 and XBOX series X).

Video Games are being enjoyed by more and more people and during this past year the sales of these video games have increased so much that video game companies are having a hard time keeping inventory of both games and consoles in stock. 


COM0014 Blog Post #3 Target Audience – Members of Fitness Gyms

By Chris Price

reference: stock social media image Yoga woman and dog

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to threaten the world and impact people’s daily lives, their mental and physical well being. We have been told by government leaders to stay home and physically distance from our friends and neighbours. However, staying at home can lead to low levels of activity that can seriously impact our mental and physical health.

A lot of businesses including gym’s have been forced to close to stop the spread of Covid-19. Gyms, personal trainers, fitness and yoga instructors have turned to zoom and social media accounts to make a living and to reach out and connect with former students and perhaps people working from home – a new target audience. They are now using zoom, video conference calls, and Facebook live stream to reach out to their target audience and to perhaps attract new clients. 

The challenge of working-out at home is to stay motivated. At home, there is limited access to gym equipment (weights, treadmills, elliptical machines) as well as facilities such as saunas, whirl pools and swimming pools. Also, there is the huge loss of personal encouragement and social inter-connection with classmates and instructors. Virtual classes are not the same as attending classes at a gym because it is harder to stay motivated to continually work-out by just watching a fitness instructor on a TV, computer, or mobile device. It is important that physical fitness instructors keep their audiences engaged and motivated by incorporating new routines and ideas into their work-outs. Some trainers and yoga instructors have reached out to their target audiences by taking their classes outside to keep in touch with their clients in this trying time of covid-19. However, this can only be done if the weather is good. Some fitness blogs have included hiking and cycling trails into their workout videos. This focuses on interesting out-door activities to encourage and motivate their target audience to promote a healthy life style. 

It is important to stay active. Other ways for keeping active is to go outside daily for exercise and a mental health break- This could be brisk walks, runs, bike rides, and in winter months skiing, skating, or snow shoeing. 

But – Quarantining or Staying at home with low levels of activity will cause stress. It will have a negative impact on one’s mind and body. Physical activity and relaxation can be a valuable tool to help protect peoples’s physical and mental health. Exercise can lead to a decrease of depression, stress, anxiety and help manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.


Exercise During Coronavirus: Tips for Staying Active

COM0014 Blog post#2 Sea Shanties have taken over TikTok storm.

By Chris Price

Vlog Sea Shanties have taken over TikTok storm

Sea Shanties, a form of singing and story telling dates back to the 1400’s. Recently, the singing of sea shanties have a come back on the social media site Tiktok, a social media site that is known for bringing dancing, lip-sync, and other trending videos to social media. Videos tagged #seashanties have brought in over one billion views, a number that is growing due to word to mouth.

Sea shanties art image reference historic uk

sing together while they worked and it would help keep the men on task. The singing would keep everyone in sync while pulling and pushing the ropes to raise or lower the sails, to raise the ship’s iron anchor, and to bring in the fishing nets. Most sea shanties would have a main singer also called a shanties man and a crew that would sing along to the song as they worked. The rhythm of the shanties helped keep everyone synchronized. They were used to hold the sailors attention, but it also gave the men much amusement and brought much needed humour to the hard labour jobs that sailors performed everyday on long sea voyages.


Even today if you wandered into a pub in England or Ireland, or wasinvited to a kitchen party in one of our Maritime provinces you may stillhear the singing of these shanties songs. So it’s not surprising that these songs have shown up on TikTok at this time of isolation.  Because of covid-19, people are longing to share community experiences such as the singing of shanties songs.

Reference: The Wellerman – TikTok Sea Shanty


Ben Johnson,

COM0014 Blog Post #1 What I did on my Vacation

My Cruse through the Panama Canal


By Chris Price

I took a trip In February and March of 2019, I took a Cruse with Royal Caribbean through the Panama Canal, starting in Miami, Florida and finishing in San Diego, California. The places we stopped on our cruse were Cartgena, Coloumbia, Panama, Costa Rico, Guatemala, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Cobo San Lucas, Mexico.

Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

On February 25th 2019 we Boarded The Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas in Miami, Florida, U.S.A

Fort Cartagena, Catagena, Colombia
Blue Macaws in the Avery at the ship port Cartgena, Colombia

The first stop was Cartgena, Coloumbia where I went on a tour of the old city and saw the old fort.

Sloth High in the Trees, Panama

My second stop was Colon Panama where I took a Eco Tour where I saw wild birds, monkeys and sloths high in the tree tops.

Locks at Panama Canal

The next day the cruise ship started its passage through the Panama Canal. The passage took a long 10 hours to pass through three sets of locks, started from the Alantic Ocean and went to a large lake in the middle of Panama Canal and then Came out to the Pacific Ocean.

Crocodile in Costa Rica 
Crocodile in the water waiting forBare Throated Tiger Heron come closer to the water. Costa Rico

Next stop was Costa Rica where I went on a bird watching and tropical boat tour, where we saw crocodiles in the wild and many type of birds.

Antigua, Guatemala
Antigua, Guatemala

Next stop on the cruise was Guatemala, where I took a guided tour of the old town of Antigua and visited a Jade factory and saw many small women selling blankets and crafts that they had made.

Great Blue Heron, Mexico Ecotour

Next Cruise stop was in Manzanillo, Mexico where we went on another ecotour into the Mangrove forests and saw many species of birds.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Two days later, the ship arrived at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We took a city tour and walked along the Boardwalk, visited a Market and a few parks. We stop at a hotel where the movie A Night at Iguana was filmed.

Cobo San Lucas, Mexico
Pelicans on Boat, Cobo San Lucas, Mexico
Harbour Seal, Cobo San Lucas, Mexico

On March 10th, the ship arrived in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We had to be tendered by boats into the Harbour. We walked around the Harbour area and took a lot of photos.

San Diego City Scape
Japenenes Garden San Diego, USA
Toucan at the San Diego Zoo

On March 13th the ship docked in San Diego where I left the ship. I walked to a nearby hotel and stayed there for two extra days. I used their local train system to visit many sites in and San Diego including the Navy Pier; the aircraft carrier “Midway”; the famous San Diego Zoo; museums in Balboa Park.

Blog #4

By Chris Price


Starting a Podcast

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A Podcast is a radio show transmitted over the internet. Anyone can produce a podcast with an internet connection and some inexpensive audio equipment. Podcast shows can be on any topic or theme from Gardening, Travel, Cooking and Baking, Entertainment (talking about T.V. shows and Movies), to News and Sports. People host and produce a podcast as a way to share their passion for the subject-line the podcast is about. For example Rick Steves hosts podcasts on travelling through Europe and the hidden secrets most tourists will miss on their own travels . He hosts the podcast to share his experience with other travellers.

There are many talk shows on FM/AM Radio but most people don’t have an opportunity to host a radio talk show. Radio show hosts and producers have to deal with sponsors, commercials, station managers, government and corporate regulations. Podcasts don’t have as many rules and regulations and anyone can start a podcasts. They don’t need to be a formal broadcaster or have permission from a broadcasting corporation (CBC Radio). The cost of starting a podcast is much less than the cost of studio time at a radio station because you can buy basic recording equipment, microphones and computer software starting around a hundred dollars. 

Before starting a podcast you have to choose a theme and category for the podcast talk show, such as News, Sports, Entertainment, Comedy, Health, Music, Business and Politics. “Social Pros Podcasts” hosted by Jay Baer and Adam Brown is an example of a well known Social Media podcasts. The show talks to guests that are working for different companies and they discuss their different social media strategies and ideas that they have used in social media. “Social Media Marketing” hosted by Michael Stelzner is a weekly podcast that also interviews social media experts and successful business people to help listeners learn new strategies to deal with social media marketing. “Well since you asked” is another podcasts that focuses on business and where listeners can learn how to become entrepreneurs and how to start a business.

To be successful, podcasters need to make their podcast interesting, informative and entertaining. If the podcasts is based locally, it needs to receive recognition within the community (town, City)? Podcasters need to decide how many people (and the demographic of people) listening to the podcasts makes it successful by setting goals or targets for attracting new listeners. If the podcast has a topic with wide appeal, a high target of perhaps a thousand new listeners or downloads per episode may be an indicator of success. If the topic has niche appeal, then perhaps more modest goals should be set. Podcasters need to measure their “listener count” at the podcasts networks website to verify that their goals are being achieved. If goals are not being met, podcaster need to either set more modest goals or change the format of the podcast to attract a different demographic of new listeners. 

Podcasts make it easy for listeners to hear from talented people or leaders in industry, to share their experiences and give advice. It provides a platform for information that we might not read or hear about anywhere else.


Blog #3

by Chris Price


Facebook and Instagram adds eCommerce ‘Facebook shops’ to its social media sites.

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Now Covid 19 has Closed down stores and business around the world, facebook help to launched online shopping on facebook and instagram. Facebook for years are trying to find ways to invest in eCommerec stores online with Facebook Market Place. Facebook Market Place is a classified sales site for facebook is the same as kijji and Craigslist. Facebook Market Place like the other Classified Sales sites are not shops but are privet people putting antiques, appliances and other items that may be used for sale.

Facebook has become a standard in developing an eCommerce network for advertizing and marketing for retailers. Now, Facebook is testing out new ways for people to shop online and for businesses to sell merchandise by introducing “Facebook shops”. “Facebook shops” makes it easy for businesses to set up online stores on both facebook and instagram. Businesses can create a catalog of products that they want to sell on their on-line “shop”. Businesses can customize their shops with many different templates and colours. They can add a cover image to show their brand online. Facebook provides the business with a link to “shop builder”, an extension found on the Facebook tool page. The businesses can upload product lists one by one or by connecting and streaming their catalog to existing eCommerce shops such as “Shopify” or “eBay”. 

Facebook makes the process easy for business to maximize shopping options for their brands and to build their shops on facebook and instagram. Facebook shop will make it easy for customers to make contact with businesses from ‘shop listings’ by connecting through “Facebook Messenger”, “Instagram Direct” or “WhatsApp”. The Customers will be able to view and make purchases from “shops” through “messengers” stream.

Also, Instagram has added a shopping section to it’s app to explore different product lines. The customer on Facebook and Instagram will be able to see pictures of the products from the shop’s catalog online. The customer can select the item pictured and a link will appear to the shops store web site where they can purchasers the item. Businesses having a “Facebooks shops” page helps expand the business and attract customers to the web store site. 

“Facebook users” spend more than 40 minutes per day on average on Facebook and other social media networks. Facebook is becoming a powerhouse for Advertising to ‘millions’ of people sharing and communicating information to their friends and families. People are just one click away from “Buying” and “Sharing” on Facebook, a good reason for businesses to have a “Facebook shops” page.


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What Is Facebook’s Future As An E-commerce Platform?;

Blog #2

by Chris Price


Facebook launches a brand new app called Venue that focus on watching live sports and events on television.

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Facebook launches a new app called Venue. It focuses on introducing a second screen experience for more live sportingevents and concerts to make them a more interesting, engaging, and interactive experience for fans. Facebook is providinga Venue for sports journalists, athletes, analysts and commentators to share their thoughts during events. It will provide interactive features like quick polls, commentaries on the game and ask questions for fans to answer. Famous Sports personalties can post “moments” about the game or the streaming event. Fans will be notified when a new moment aboutthe game appears in venue and they can check the app for the latest updates about the game or sporting event. Facebookpartnered with NASCAR to be the first sports organization to use the new platform.  Facebook is looking to partner with other sports leagues including the NFL football. 

Facebook found Facebook found that 94 percent of people are watching sports while holding a smartphone in their hands. Social media apps have been trying to make better second screen experiences for years with both Facebook and Twitter trying to make the experience of watching sports more interactive.Facebook tried to make a live sports feature in their main Facebookapp back in 2016 called Sports Stadium. Its intent was to engage fans with discussions around every sports league and their teams.

Twitter has been a favourite for real time events such as sports for it’s rapid response online. Twitter sees a more than 4 percent from from live sports and entertainment then any other social Media sites. Twitter looking to broadcasting live sporting events, trying to merge both screen and text in one platform. Twitter made major deals with both NFL Football and MLB Baseball to use their platform for broadcasting games. Twitter had more than 19 percent on 2017 Super Bowl game while other social media outlets had a decline during the game. More than 31 percent more Twitter users were more engaged with the sports on Television. 

Facebook Venue is trying to compete with Twitter by improving the experience of fans by providing more insights on the plays of the game by commentators with multiple angles. Initially Venue focussing on sporting events but is planning to eventually expand to other live entertainmenteventsand broadcasts such as liveconcerts, music festivals andeven world news events.


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