Assignment 1 Blog Post 4: Out of the Box


Chris Price

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One of the most important social media platforms Facebook messengers use to connect with people world wide. FaceBook Messengers is Facebook’s instant text Messaging app and platform. Facebook Messenger also feature voice phone and video calls for no extra costs and connects with all contacts on Facebook. Facebook messengers Messenger is preferred way to talk to 65 percent of people of all different age groups. Business found that clients prefer to text message them for quick chats instead of having long length phone calls about business. 20 billion messages are exchange each month on messengers. Messenger allow people to interact with people on both the computer (the website) and on the IOS and Android (smart phone app). Instagram have a Messenger feature on the right top corner of the home page of the app when instagram is open. Messenger supports both single and group text, voice and video calls.

Some features For groups the users will create a room on facebook messenger for chat space and group video calls. Time stamp to tell when contacts are online and when the last time they were online and how long they are messengers. Messenger has a shares locations feature that would let contacts follow the user’s location up to the hour works with a smart phone. Messenger have a send money feature and facebook pay great option for business to have for clients to pay for service and pay from the company as well for friends and family send money to the users bank account. Facebook pay works with messenger along the person is a least 18 years old and lives in the United States and eligible of a debt card and PayPal account. Facebook messenger all users to create event reminders to help send messages to remind the user of an important up and coming events.


Assignment 5: Event Participation

Music Video Production


By Christopher Price

The Event I have participated in Music Video Production with Chrystopher Rhodes on eventbrite.

The event was hosted on eventbrite and sponsored by Socality, Canon Creator Lab.

I chose this event for it being a photography and video post production lecture talking about lighting for music videos and photo shoots.

I chatted with a few people in the chat box on the side of the main screen during the event. I learned about lighting and composition for a photo and video shoot and production costs. The ideas I walked away from event that the similarities for lighting between music video productions and photoshoots portraits photography.

A quotable quote from the event Chrystopher Rhodes “The first thing is developing your eye for appealing shots.”

I will attend another event similar to The Music Video Production in the future because i have an interest in cameras and photography and video productions and how they tie together with social media.


Chrystoper Rhodes:

Assignment #1 Blog post # 3 Professional Networking Now and in the Future


Chris Price

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My Strategy for developing a professional network online and in person for myself. I would look through all of my social media history on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram are showing a professional impression for me to potential employers and clients. Get connected with business professionals on social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


Facebook is often consider as a personal social media site. Facebook have marketing tools that are good for business and connected to a target audiences where I can make a social media marketing campaign for connecting to potential contacts.

Facebook Contacts can help me connected with other people to find new leads to network. The Facebook contacts will know people that might have a business and or work.

Facebook business pages would allow customers or clients to send a likes and comments to my page. Facebook group are pages that people with similar interest can come together connected and help each other on a project for work or a pastime hobby. Facebook groups have the option for privet and public groups.


Twitter is great tool for social media networking that allow communication with 140 charters. Short messages of information to display potential work and can be use as a marketing tool for business. Twitter is great platform to give followers quick updates and news about the business. Twitter is a great tool for networking with follower and also using links connected to the company on twitters helps increase the number of people visit the website. Twitter #hashtages can be use for posting any messages for any group of people allow the tweet to be reposted by any other person that would want to send the post to another person or group people to creating a chain of post and a network of people that will indorse the messages on twitter to other followers for example about a great photography business they found.


One of the top social media sites for business professionals Linkedin is a great tool for making connection with other business professionals in the field of work I would be interested in finding a job or create a network. Linkedin social media site helps companies to connected with clients and benefit from finding high skilled employees and freelance independent contractors that would help the company grow to the next level.

Internal Networking

Companies would take full advantage of an internal social media networking to connected with people in the office and the company. An internal network companies can reach out to social media networks and building their own social media network for their employees to connected with each others while working on a project. The internal social media network would use person to person chat instant messages, Facebook messenger to be shared by the project team members. Employees working remote at home can feel they are in the office and are not being excluded from meetings and important discussions. Exchanging shifts online on the social media network will allow employees exchange shifts with other employees. The Internal social media network will have subgroups for employees forum where employees are invited to freely post comments on a discussions board with each other about work related issues and concerns, employee welfare and the shape of present and future company policies.


Blog post #1 Tools and Sources


Chris Price

Two social media tools and sources that are good for listening and monitoring trends and news updates for business on the internet are: Google Trends; and Hootsuite. Both sites monitor activities on the major social media sites including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; youtube. Both have analytics’ pages for activities on social media sites.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free social media tool that helps users to follow and search for trending topics online. It tracks and monitors the development of trending activities online. Google Trends can keep track of news stories that are trending in the world and compares them to how they are trending in Canada. Users can monitor the latest and most popular blogs and news stories on social media. Google Trends can monitor keywords for the users’ business to see how well they are trending online. Businesses can use Google Trends to search for key words related to their business strategies. For example, they could input their brand names into Google Trends and compare their trending results data with those of other companies. This information provides a company with feedback on the on-line acceptance of their products and guidance on how to grow the business with a better online presence.


Hootsuite is a social media analytical tool that collects and tracks data from social media sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram. Analytical tools are good for monitoring the popularity of specific topics such as: products, brands, important people and the activities of people and potential customers following these subjects. Hootsuite helps the user to build a dashboard for business that will monitor and compare on-line activity. It can count the number of visitors, likes, views, and comments for all social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and youtube). Hootsuite can help users to keep track of activity for social media campaigns and provides data that can be used by businesses to set long term goals for their social media accounts. The data can be used to set goals and determine the impact of their business’ social media presence and engagement with the user-audience by seeing the progress of the company’s growth on all of there social media sites. The business can visit and monitor all there social media sites activities (views, likes, comments and visitors) regularly over the course of a year.


What Is Social Media Analytics? (Plus Free and Paid Tools)

What Is Social Media Analytics? (Plus Free and Paid Tools)

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COM0015 Blog Post #2 Strong and Weak Organizations


By Chris Price

Strong organization on social media

Sony PlayStation is one of the most followed brand on social media and a strong organization. PlayStation has seen a large growth on twitter of 12 million followers and 376 percent for the last five years (between 2014 to 2019) with an average of 6833 followers per day. PlayStation uses Twitter to promote their new games and new consoles. One of the reasons that PlayStation is always posting a mix of content on social media to engage their fans to buy new games and new consoles include new games trailers, game play footage and streaming events. PlayStation has recent revived positive on twitter with #playathome initiative to encourage players to stay home by downloading the video games “Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection” and “Journey” for free. More than ten million people have download the free games.

PlayStation has ran ton of successful campaigns in the past that won them a lot of engagement. One campaigns from 2018 #PlayStationClassic, comeback of a collection of classic games garnished them the most engagement from the gaming community on twitter and social media.

Weak organization on social media

Adidas sports apparel and shoes company in 2013 send email message for some of the runnier the Boston Marathon You survived the Boston Marathon post on twitter made them a weak organization. The emails and twitter post by Adidas were meet with backlash after three people dead and 260 injured during a terrorist bombing attack that happens during the race. The message on social media come across as tone deaf. Some marathon runners questioned Adidas that they sent the emails without realizes the aftermath of the events that took place during the end of the race. Promoted the Adidas spokesperson had to make a public apology for the “insensitive” email that were sent out to all of the marathon runners that were running in the Boston Marathon for that year.

The Adidas spokesperson statement (“We are incredible sorry, clearly there were no thought given to the insensitive email subject line we sent Tuesday. We deeply apologize for our mistake. The Boston Marathon is one of the most inspirational sporting events in the world. Every year were reminded of hope and resiliency of running community at this event.”)

The different a strong organization and weak organization social media are that the organization or company have a successful following like PlayStation or they are wise to the marketing and events and post on on social media twitter to help gain interest and you can trust them as brand names companies. Adidas sending out emails after the Boston Marathon that were a mistake that could be easily avoided by the company holding back the emails that all the marathon runners. That adidas company had to make a public apology to every one that ran in the Boston Marathon and the families of the victims that weekend.

COM0014 Blog Post #7 Personal Refection

By Chris Price

Photo by Pixabay on

This Digital Communications course taught me several concepts about developing personal recognition on social media. It is really important to develop a recognizable brand and to gain a target audience. One of tools for doing this is storytelling that can be done in blogs, podcast or on videos. 

Storytelling is an important tool for creating great digital content for social media because it creates intrigue for the audience and it is more likely to make them regular subscribers to the media. On my social media accounts I will endeavour to tell interesting stories by using blogs articles, pictures and videos to help gain and build my target audience and my brand. My digital content on social media sites and blogs will be guided by stories that I find interesting. The stories I would want to relate will be my personal experiences and opinions about my interests which include travel, entertainment, photography, and developments in technologies, and consumer products. Good storytelling gives great content that can be read in blogs, and can be listened to on podcasts, or viewed on Youtube. Storytelling would help gain the interest of audiences for my services on the internet. It will be important to continually create new story-lines and new digital content for my social media websites that connect to my target audience and will encourage them to become repeat subscribers. This will enhance my profile to grow on social media websites that will include Facebook, Instagram and youtube. 

COM0014 Blog post # 6 – Do people know my story

by Chris Price

I am Chris Price and I aspire to be a photographer. For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in cameras and taking pictures. I have always been taking pictures, especially when our family went on vacations and trips. Often we would go out west to visit my Grandmother who lived in Calgary. My family would go out on camping trips in Banff National Park in the summer time and times my grandmother, my aunt, uncle and cousins would join us. I enjoyed taking photographs of our relatives during out hikes on nature trails as well as taking nature and landscape photos. Banff National Park has rocky mountains, many wild animals, and spectacular canyons that are ideal for nature photographers. 

One of my challenges is that I have a learning disability. I am dyslexic and I have found it difficult to learn from just reading books and texts. I needed a lot of support from my mom and dad when I was going through school. I discovered that I am more of a visual learner and that I can overcome some of my dyslexia by learning from blogs, pictures and video demonstrations. When I was young, I learned how camera settings such as focus, F stops, shutter speeds, and white balance can affect picture quality. Later, I successfully completed a photography course at Algonquin Collage to learn more technical skills in digital photography, photoshop and printing. I also have interests in computers and other technologies. I am always trying to discover new skills and to improve and strengthen my skills.

Some of the advice I would like to share is: Work at your interests and passions to achieve your goals and find alternative ways to learn and overcome your difficulties.

COM0014 Blog Post #5 Personal Branding

By Chris Price

My personal brand is that I am an active person that enjoys the outdoors with a special interest, skills, and training in outdoor and aerial photography. My personal qualities and characteristics as a photographer are that I have over 10 years experience and three years of college training in many types of photography including landscape, nature, architectural, portrait and travel photography. I have submitted photos to many competitions and have won several awards including first place.

Photo By Chris Price Walter Baker Park Fall 2020 DCIM\100MEDIA\DJI_0036.JPG

I have enjoyed taking photos of people and their surrounding as I have traveled through many countries including Canada, United States, England, France, Italy, Scandinavia, Russia, Latin America, Central America and South America(Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia). I enjoy taking both photos, videos and aerial photography with my drones. I am certified to fly drones in Canada and have a restricted drone operators licence, a requirement to officially fly drones in Canada. 

I have several social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. I have created a lot of digital video content for my own You Tube account, mostly drone videos, aerial photography and video blogs that I have filmed in Ottawa and many nearby small towns in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. I have done film and photoshop editing and posted many of my pictures and videos on instagram and facebook. I have received many favourable comments and likes for my work.

Some of my best traits are that I am a visual learner, good with details, and good at solving puzzles. I am interested in technology (Cameras, Computers, Cellphones, Tablets), Architecture, Travelling to see new countries and cultures, I am interested in seeing nature and animals. I enjoy living a heathy and active life style.

COM0014 Blog Post #4 Case Study

The Video Game Industry in 2020

By Chris Price

Reference Image:

The year 2020 was a hard year for most industries with the covid-19 pamdemic and the lockdown of business. But The video game industry had one of their best years financially. Not only that, video games became an important activty in people’s lives. The Nintendo Switch console sold out at the very start of the pandemic; Playstation 5 and XBOX series X which were released at the end of the year sold out online and at all retail stores. While other entertainment industries such as movies had major financial losses the video game industry had a massive growth around the world.

Fifty-five percent of North Americans played video games in 2020 and approximately twenty-seven percent of them used games to stay connected with family and friends or to make new friends by playing online video games like Fortnite, Call of Duty: War Zone and Fall guys.

Mobile games that are played on cellphones and tablets are massively popular and make up a huge portion of the video game market. Mobile game developers benefited from a very lucrative year. It was a seventy-three million dollars business in 2020. Although Mobile games are more popular in Asia than in North America, their popularity continues to grow worldwide. 

Subscription services (such as Playstation plus, xbox live and Nintendo Switch Online) have become more prominent in the past year with Call Of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and Sports game titles such as NHL, NBA 2K and FIFA. The post launch support to play many of these games on line can be very successful for long term revenues. 

High quality single player games also did extremely well in 2020 and brought a lot of money to the game developers. A prime example of this is Cyberpunk 2077. This game became a big success because, not only did it sell this game, it helped to launch the next generation of game consoles (Playstation 5 and XBOX series X).

Video Games are being enjoyed by more and more people and during this past year the sales of these video games have increased so much that video game companies are having a hard time keeping inventory of both games and consoles in stock. 


COM0014 Blog Post #3 Target Audience – Members of Fitness Gyms

By Chris Price

reference: stock social media image Yoga woman and dog

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to threaten the world and impact people’s daily lives, their mental and physical well being. We have been told by government leaders to stay home and physically distance from our friends and neighbours. However, staying at home can lead to low levels of activity that can seriously impact our mental and physical health.

A lot of businesses including gym’s have been forced to close to stop the spread of Covid-19. Gyms, personal trainers, fitness and yoga instructors have turned to zoom and social media accounts to make a living and to reach out and connect with former students and perhaps people working from home – a new target audience. They are now using zoom, video conference calls, and Facebook live stream to reach out to their target audience and to perhaps attract new clients. 

The challenge of working-out at home is to stay motivated. At home, there is limited access to gym equipment (weights, treadmills, elliptical machines) as well as facilities such as saunas, whirl pools and swimming pools. Also, there is the huge loss of personal encouragement and social inter-connection with classmates and instructors. Virtual classes are not the same as attending classes at a gym because it is harder to stay motivated to continually work-out by just watching a fitness instructor on a TV, computer, or mobile device. It is important that physical fitness instructors keep their audiences engaged and motivated by incorporating new routines and ideas into their work-outs. Some trainers and yoga instructors have reached out to their target audiences by taking their classes outside to keep in touch with their clients in this trying time of covid-19. However, this can only be done if the weather is good. Some fitness blogs have included hiking and cycling trails into their workout videos. This focuses on interesting out-door activities to encourage and motivate their target audience to promote a healthy life style. 

It is important to stay active. Other ways for keeping active is to go outside daily for exercise and a mental health break- This could be brisk walks, runs, bike rides, and in winter months skiing, skating, or snow shoeing. 

But – Quarantining or Staying at home with low levels of activity will cause stress. It will have a negative impact on one’s mind and body. Physical activity and relaxation can be a valuable tool to help protect peoples’s physical and mental health. Exercise can lead to a decrease of depression, stress, anxiety and help manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.


Exercise During Coronavirus: Tips for Staying Active