Keep social media under control

Is it just me or is social media marketing very time consuming?

I have a not that glamourous “office” career which requires absolutely zero use of social media. However, when I opened an online store on the side I quickly discovered that it is essential that I learn the tools and get immersed in social media. I started looking into it and, to my displeasure, find that I spend at least 3 hours of my day on this. This is overwhelming and I often consider throwing in the towel. Blogging, FaceBook updates,Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, replies, Comments, retweets…. the list go on and on. How do we keep social media under control and use our time efficiently and effectively?


Here are some strategy I am thinking I might need:

  • Turn the notice of my mobile phone off so I can concentrate on other task
  • Make a youtube video and blog about the FAQ, hopefully will eliminate answering the same questions over and over again
  • Post to all the channels at the same time and update them automatically
  • Keep a schedule for updates and posts such as only once per week. Start with posting in few sites at least once a week
  • Keep track of daily social media activities – schedule tasks ahead and stick with it. Only work 2 hours and once on it per day
  • Keep my weekend social media free


What other methods do you use to keep social media under control?