Using Social Media to Connect Locally

Spring is here and with it new opportunities to bloom with nature!

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Now, I am sure you have seen posts out there on how to create a trail-blazing social media campaign or ways to build your online presence – and they all can have their place in your social media marketing strategy. However, I would like you to take a moment to slow down, grab a cup of tea, and think smaller during these pandemic times. Like the limits of your city block small.

The goal here is to market to those surrounding you – to encourage local business as well as getting to know your neighbours. As we all emerge from our homes (with masks!) once the pandemic is lowered, getting reacquainted with the people around us will be even more important.

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How do you market small via social media?

Depending on the social media platform you are using already, the steps will vary:

  • Use personal (well lit!) photos of your local store-front, signage, business products, or even YOU instead of stock photos or quotes.  Try to capture some of the local areas in the shots.  You want to be personable and approachable, not hiding behind a ton of filters!
  • Offer a local promotion (ie: not available online) and partner with a nearby business or two that share your desire for community.  Tag each other in the promotional material online to double the exposure!
  • Post tidbits of information about your local area as #TuesdayTrivia or #FeatureFriday or #SpotlightSunday items to showcase your roots, get others involved in the community, and be supportive!
  • Consider hand-written thank you notes to suppliers and employees during this time.  Acknowledging the tough times and showing your sincere appreciation goes a long way.  Gift cards towards other local businesses would also be a good idea.
  • Support local – put some of your marketing budget towards sponsorship this year.  Pick a local team, not-for-profit, or help the community garden in your area.  Make sure you also show your support on your social media to get others involved as well!
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Whatever steps you choose, make sure you are authentic in your approach.  The main goal of this type of marketing should be to support your local community and become known as a business within it.

“If you support the community, they will support you.”

-Jerry Greenfield

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Bring your local community into your marketing – and give back in the process!

Spring marketing goals – think smaller! #supportlocal #community #(insertyourtownhere)

How to Take a Social Media Vacation

Have you ever calculated how much time you spend online (or on your phone)? It is an eye-opening experience. For something that seems so ingrained in our lives, it was not that long ago that social media did not even exist. No Facebook, no Twitter, no TikTok, no internet even. And, as someone who lived their childhood without the internet, I can tell you that you can survive – and even thrive! – without it. Now, I am not trying to convince you to cut ties with all technology, but I am pushing the idea that we could all use a social media vacation at least once a year. I would recommend a month-long break to disturb some of the habits that technology creates, however even a week will help you to see your life in a different light.

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Start by making a list of your “cannot live without” items and finding old school options for them:  

  • Do you carry your phone as a camera? Borrow an actual camera from someone.  
  • Do you use your social media to keep in contact with friends? Find some cute stationery for hand-written letters to those far away, meet friends in person for catching up (with a no phones rule), or get on the phone at a set time each week.
  • Do you use social media to advertise your business? Set up postings ahead of time and spend part of your vacation making plans (on paper) for future campaigns. Do not forget to consider non-social-media-based options. Local advertising can work wonders!
  • The apps you use for games usually have a non-app comparable to try.
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By taking steps to free ourselves from the grasp that social media has over our regular lives, we can discover how much living we can achieve!  Or at least catch up on some of the projects we thought we did not have time for.  What are you waiting on – disconnect and plug into life!


Need a vacation during COVID? Try a Social Media Vacation!

Disconnect from social media to reconnect with life. #reallife #disconnect #socialmediavaca

Using Pinterest for Home Renovations

An odd thing has happened during the pandemic – people are spending more money on their homes. As the stay-at-home orders have been in effect for over a year now, the money many people would spend on vacation and travel is now, well, sitting there. And when you are required to stay home and stare at the walls for days and months at a time, you start to notice that they could use a coat of paint. Or that the kitchen could use an update. Or that the backyard is looking a bit neglected. So that banked holiday money is now being spent on making our homes better so that we can enjoy the time spent within them more.

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That is where the Pinterest app can be your best friend.  With the built-in search tool, ability to “pin” photos found online for inspiration, and the app’s ability to create and separate categories, Pinterest is a virtual scrapbook and vision board that you can keep in your pocket.  Once signed up, you can adjust your settings and notifications for the app to prioritize what you see and what the home feed chooses to display.

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Once you have pinned images that bring you joy, you will start to see a pattern emerge of your tastes and the look of what you seek for your renovated space.  It is quite an exercise!  Using visuals to select styles, colours, and options helps identify items you may not have considered as important – such as storage locations and lighting.  By narrowing options down before shopping, it helps bring a home renovation into perspective.

Have you used Pinterest – and for what purpose?  Feel free to share your home renovation before and after photos to help inspire others!


Banked holiday money is now being spent on making our homes better so that we can enjoy the time spent within them more – Pinterest can help!

Home renovations on the horizon? Check out the Pinterest app to help make take the work out of the homework. #PinterestReno #StorageInspiration

Is Social Media Making You Anti-Social?

In society today it is hard to find anyone who is not on at least one social platform. The options available are varied, from conversation apps to picture-sharing apps, to niche apps for hobbyists, there is no shortage of social media apps to join.  Even the older generations are joining the likes of Facebook and Twitter to keep up with family updates and the latest news. Yet with all the so-called progress towards social apps, more of the population is feeling isolated.  

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The goal is to find applications that enhance your life and not pull you away from it. Do you like to be plugged in on the latest news? Join Twitter and get updates to your mobile device to be reviewed when convenient. Do you love yarn arts? Join Ravelry and get unique patterns and tips to keep your hobby flowing. An app that brings more to your life rather than sucking your time into it is getting harder and harder to find as advertisers pay big bucks to keep your eyes glued to the screens – but they can be found. A timer also works well to keep your social media time to a minimum.

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During the past year in the global pandemic, we have had to make sacrifices to stay home to curb the spread of the virus. The ability to use social media has been a blessing as people are separated from friends and family. Just remember that an app cannot replace the act of being social – get out to visit and live life when you can.

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What are your favourite social media apps? Are there any that you completely avoid? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


Is Social Media Making You Anti-Social? The goal is to find applications that enhance your life and not pull you away from it.

Is Social Media Making You Anti-Social? What apps have enhanced your life? #RL4ever #antisocialmedia #screenblind