COM0014 Blog Post #5 Personal Branding

By Chris Price

My personal brand is that I am an active person that enjoys the outdoors with a special interest, skills, and training in outdoor and aerial photography. My personal qualities and characteristics as a photographer are that I have over 10 years experience and three years of college training in many types of photography including landscape, nature, architectural, portrait and travel photography. I have submitted photos to many competitions and have won several awards including first place.

Photo By Chris Price Walter Baker Park Fall 2020 DCIM\100MEDIA\DJI_0036.JPG

I have enjoyed taking photos of people and their surrounding as I have traveled through many countries including Canada, United States, England, France, Italy, Scandinavia, Russia, Latin America, Central America and South America(Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia). I enjoy taking both photos, videos and aerial photography with my drones. I am certified to fly drones in Canada and have a restricted drone operators licence, a requirement to officially fly drones in Canada. 

I have several social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. I have created a lot of digital video content for my own You Tube account, mostly drone videos, aerial photography and video blogs that I have filmed in Ottawa and many nearby small towns in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. I have done film and photoshop editing and posted many of my pictures and videos on instagram and facebook. I have received many favourable comments and likes for my work.

Some of my best traits are that I am a visual learner, good with details, and good at solving puzzles. I am interested in technology (Cameras, Computers, Cellphones, Tablets), Architecture, Travelling to see new countries and cultures, I am interested in seeing nature and animals. I enjoy living a heathy and active life style.

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