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My name is Junzhuo Li. Four years ago, I moved from Beijing to New York State and spent my college time at the State University of New York. This summer, I moved to Toronto to start my first job after graduation. In fact, I used to study Finance at college, but when I started a new job, I found that social media is very powerful, so I come to this course and hope to learn something new.

I love animals, I have one yellow Labrador Retriever and one cat . They have spent a lot of hard and happy times with me, I love them so much.

What is KOL Marketing?

KOL(Key Opinion Leader), is a new brand testimony developed along with social media. As consumers’ attention thresholds are getting higher and higher, KOL is one of the means by which brands attract attention. KOL is not the same as the influencer. KOL needs to have more professional knowledge. The fan group has certain special attributes and has a certain degree of trust in him. The influencers are more focused on entertainment, and the audience has a relaxed mood to see. KOL is more likely to get the trust of its fans.

The reason KOL is concerned is because they can provide some guidance to fans in the vertical field, or play a role in guiding consumption. KOL is growing up with social media. With the verticalization of social media, each social platform will have its own KOL.

Image by EVG Photos via Pexels

In fact, the most successful country to use KOL marketing is China. The KOL marketing is so effective in China now. The variability and diversity of the Chinese brand marketing market has always been a very important research direction in brand strategy marketing research. With the rise and development of social marketing, KOL’s marketing is gradually regarded by the brand as the top priority in social media communication.

The reason why KOL Marketing works in China is because KOL interacts with its followers. They have the ability to make things trend, and this is the power that brands should seek to invest. Many Chinese do not trust the information published through traditional marketing channels, and the solution to this problem is KOL. The products they recognize represent their personal brand, so they don’t make decisions that harm their image. Therefore, more and more Chinese people choose to trust KOL, and there are a lot of successful cases.

Image by Pixabay via Pexels

The influence of KOL is closely related to their position in the market. KOL is the leader in the social closed loop, and their opinions not only can influence consumers, but also provide strategic guidance for branded products. Therefore, the role of KOL in brand marketing cannot be ignored. Would you consider using KOL marketing to promote your products? What do you think about the future of KOL?

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How to Protect Teenagers from Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a problem that the public pays special attention in recent years. It can happen when you play with your phone or play with your tablet and computer. You can also be “forced” to be part of it by text message, social media, or games. This includes sending, forwarding, and sharing some erroneous, negative, hurtful, or mean content for others. Sometimes it involves private information disclosure, even behavior that breeds illegal or criminal.

Although cyberbullying occurs in the network, the current cyber world is not “virtual” at all, and the damage it brings to the bullied can sometimes exceed the physical bullying. Youth is one of the groups most vulnerable to cyberbullying. How can we protect teenagers?

The role of the guardian is indispensable. As a guardian, you should observe more about your child’s online activities. Because the more exposure to digital electronic platforms, the more likely a child is to experience potential cyberbullying. Parents have a responsibility to learn more about children, but this does not mean restricting children’s access to the Internet or the privacy of their children. If you think your child may be involved in cyberbullying, try the following steps to help your child get rid of cyberbullying.

  1. Observe your child’s emotional and behavioral changes and identify possible causes. Try to find out if these changes in your child are related to the use of electronic devices.
  2. Once you have confirmed that your child has been involved in a bullying incident, find out what happened, how bullying started, and who else was involved in the bullying incident.
  3. Keep track of where and how things happened, and make screenshots of harmful posts or content, if available. Be aware that bullying is a repetitive act, so recording may be helpful.
  4. Most social media platforms and schools have relevant reporting policies and procedures. If it is a cyberbullying incident at school, report the incident to the school. If it’s bullying on social media, you can report the offensive content and ask for removal by practicing the platform administrator. Report to the police if the child is physically threatened or if potential illegal and criminal acts are about to occur.
  5. Peers, mentors, and trusted adults can sometimes openly intervene to reverse bad things. If possible, try to determine if the child needs professional support in addition to the comfort and companionship of the parents.

Adolescents, especially middle and high school students, are in a critical period of physical and mental development, and it is precisely this period that is most likely to be involved in bullying. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, be sure to keep an eye on your child’s changes after using the Internet or digital devices.

How do you think you should protect young people? Please leave your comment.

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How to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing marketing tools of this generation. With a little patience and basic entrepreneurial skills, anyone can make money with Instagram.

1.Work with sponsors/brands

There are a lot of influencers on Instagram. They are followed by a lot of followers and most of them focus on a certain area to dig deep into users and are easily accepted by the public. Most people make money on Instagram by posting sponsored posts that are images of featured and tagged products or services. If you have a large and dedicated follower, the brand will pay a generous price for your promotion. One example is @kimkardashian, she often publishes some products in her Instagram or stories and then marks the brand’s name or the website links.

2. Sell your account

If you have a very successful account, you can even sell it to make profits. An account of millions of followers even worth million dollars.Of course, the premise is that you need to have an attractive account. Here are some successful accounts could imitate. @jenselter @ ireneisgood

3. Sell products on Instagram

Now, in order to more directly guide the brand e-commerce, Instagram support brands sell products directly through photos. Specifically, when a user browses photos in some brand accounts, clicking on the photo will display the label of each item in the picture, and the price is simply indicated in the label. If the user has further interest, click on the tab to view the details of the item directly on Instagram (such as material and size, etc. Currently, Kate Spade New York, Tory Burch, Abercrombie & Fitch, Levi’s and other brands have started trials. This new feature, which they believe will help them sell online in a more concise, story-like and visually rich way.

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Be careful that Instagram is hurting you!

Do you have similar experience?
After you post some content on your social media account, you start to think about whether this post is appropriate, what your friends will think, or if you worry about deleting or re-editing it. Or have you ever felt inexplicably bored, anxious and empty after browsing social media?

Your Anxiety May Be Due To Instagram

Research indicates that Instagram is a visually oriented social media. The social world in which photos are piled up places great emphasis on looks, dresses, lines, luxury goods, and other things on the surface of life. This kind of direct, shallow, and superficial socialization is more likely to cause young people’s inferiority and anxiety.

To a certain extent, Instagram forces users to compare their unrealistic, well-crafted, filtered and modified lives with others.This kind of pressure to show perfection is the source of anxiety, because Instagram brings the illusion of “beautiful life.”

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom also found this problem, in order to solve the pressure on users to feel that their lives are not glamorous, so Instagram launched the Stories function two years ago. The emergence of time-limited dynamics, although reducing the pressure on posting, but because the release becomes easy and time-sensitive, users share life more frequently and more trivial.
We have turned the desire to “present ourselves” from post to time-limited dynamics. Does the pressure really disappear? Has the comparison really disappeared?

How to save yourself from Instagram

When browsing the lives of others on Instagram, we will improve our self-expectation and expect ourselves to live the same life as others. But in our real life, we are not expecting such an expectation, so anxiety will only increase and will not decrease.

Psychologists have suggested that a person’s self-esteem is equal to the ratio of actual achievement to self-expectation.And as the gap between self-expectation and actual achievement grows bigger, our self-esteem will be severely frustrated. Therefore, the core of eliminating anxiety is:

In each stage of life, you must set goals that are consistent with your actual ability, and accept the luck components of the results, thus protecting your self-esteem and staying away from anxiety.

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