COM0014-Blog#5: Personal Brand

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Due to the highly developed mobile Internet, each of us can easily show our talents to others, build a personal brand, and grow into an expert in a certain industry.

For me, I am a person who is good at housework and organize, and I know how to make my home look simple and tidy. Although it sounds like it is a very common skill to do housework, nothing special. But in fact, many people don’t know how to tidy their home up, There is a famous TV show on Netflix named Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo is a world-renowned tidying expert , and she helps clients clear out the clutter. She relied on such a simple thing and became very successful. So I believe that my personal brand will also be successful.

The organizer is a professional who provides consulting services for individuals, families and businesses. As a medium, we will export the negative energy of our customers and regain our positive energy. We will be responsible for helping those who are not clear enough in terms of items, environment, ideas, and planning. Balance by coordinating items, people, and relationships at work. People are very busy now, we are very tired after going home from work, and we are not willing to spend time doing housework.  My philosophy is to teach you how to do housework and organize with the most labor-saving and time-saving methods. I think people in today need this knowledge and service very much.

My current idea about my personal brand is to create a service brand that helps everyone organize their home. Promote myself by joining the community and social media sponsorship. This is an industry that modern people need, and I believe everyone will like it.

COM0015-Blog#2: Strong and Weak Organizations

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When it comes to social media marketing, you have to mention Starbucks. Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram, Starbucks have not been absent. Starbuck is quite keen on the use of hashtags. In addition to using the #TreatReceipt hashtag on Facebook to promote “buy coffee in the morning and enjoy special offers in the afternoon”, Starbucks also makes good use of other tags to deepen its tentacles into consumer discussion threads. For example, Unicorn Frappuccino, Unicorn Frappuccino and its tags generated nearly 155,000 posts on Instagram during the promotion period.

Starbucks also makes good use of social media to strengthen its corporate social responsibility image. Starbucks cooperates with Foursquare to promote anti-AIDS charity activities. As long as consumers go to any Starbucks in the United States and Canada and check in on Foursquare, Starbucks will donate $ 1 until they donate 250,000.


The famous Self-Esteem Campaign is undoubtedly the representative of Dove’s successful social media marketing strategy.In this more than 10-year-old marketing campaign, the advertising industry has been changed. Dove diverts consumers to e-commerce platforms through viral video transmission and the linkage of various digital media platforms to drive overall brand sales. Second, the brand and the target audience In-depth communication, conveying the emotional core of the product in the event touched the consumer, while promoting product sales, conveying the core concept of the brand.

Better Living Products

This is a brand that was founded in 1991 to produce bathroom products. Although they also have social media accounts, they have very few followers. They have almost no interaction with consumers on social media, and this needs to be improved. I think their problem is that they are blindly committed to putting product links on the homepage. They just want to promote the product, but they don’t introduce the product. And when followers give comments, they don’t even reply. I think the brand should be like Starbucks, send more Instagram Stories, or interact with everyone through Facebook Communities.

COM0014-Blog#4: B2C Case Study


Uniqlo has its own social media strategy in each country. Since the social software popular in each country is different, they will also make adjustments. Uniqlo’s official website in all countries allows users to directly access local social media. In the US and UK, they have Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. In China, Weibo is the social media with the most users, and Uniqlo will choose to cooperate with Chinese influencers to publish their latest series on Weibo. Also, I noticed that Uniqlo USA had 317,000 followers on Instagram, while Uniqlo UK had only 133,000. And the contents of posts for different countries are also different. In North America, Uniqlo has promoted their cooperation with North American designers on social media, and the ads displayed are more biased towards North American styles. In Asian social media, Uniqlo will show more Japanese designers’ work, and the content of the advertisement will be closer to the lives of Asians. Obviously, each subsidiary takes a different approach.

Uniqlo knows how to use influencers and celebrities for marketing. Over the years, Uniqlo has often collaborated with well-known artists such as Kaws and Takashi Murakami. Before releasing products, they will send new products to celebrities and influencers in advance and let them promote on social media. Therefore, on the release day, the new series will be sold out. Many people even resell on the website at high prices. This is undoubtedly a successful marketing method.

Please leave your comments and share the successful B2C cases you like.

COM0014-Blog#3: Target Audience

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For the cosmetics industry, in the past, their target audience was limited, especially age and gender. However, with the development of the times and our tolerance for diversity, men and women of different ages can become the target audience of makeup brands. Cosmetics sometimes encounter the limitation of color number, such as liquid foundation. In the past, many brands only launched liquid foundation suitable for light skin tone. However, the advent of Fenty Beauty has made people with different skin tones a follower of their products. The launch of Fenty Beauty underscores the importance of inclusive marketing, which has greatly shaken the industry and changed the field of beauty, especially the most successful “40 shades foundations” campaign.

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In fact, Fenty Beauty is for everyone, all skin tones and races. But obviously, the brand wants to attract consumers who are hard to buy the right color cosmetics from other brands. Of course, Rihanna’s fans are also target audience.In order to attract these consumers, the brand has made efforts in the promotion of social media. Rihanna took advantage of Instagram and she actively promoted the product in her personal account until the official release date. She also uses her posts to draw consumers to the Fenty page or website. These behaviors are attracting fans who care about her. The brand invites influencers of different skin colors and models to promote, is to attract those who are colored. Fenty Beauty also knows how to make young people like the brand, for example, they will use more interesting ways to introduce products, rather than a very official tone. In addition, they will listen to the voice of consumers in social media and actively interact with consumers, which is also attracting repeat customers. In addition, the brand encourages everyone to post makeup videos on social media, which also gives interest to people who don’t know how to make up. These are potential consumers.

Do you like the campaign by Fenty Beauty? Please leave comments and share your ideas!

COM0014-Blog#2: Storytelling

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Although we may not realize it, storytelling is everywhere. In the past, storytelling was limited to books or movies, but now it’s more on the Internet and social media. They are everywhere. Stories are a powerful tool that can be of great benefit to marketing and brand growth. If your marketing and business are full of engaging stories, then social media is the platform to tell customers and users.

The most important thing in storytelling is to attract readers, so how do you attract readers? First, the tone of the story is important, and readers will love individual articles. In addition, good ideas are important. Recording ideas at any time with some tools, such as Evernote, can help capture ideas and turn them into web content. Finally, we need to encourage people to read, such as asking questions to interested readers. Of course, the end of the article can also encourage readers to share experiences and encourage users to share the article, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing and communication. Also, be sure to check spelling and grammar before publishing a story, good grammar is a symbol of professionalism.

What do you think of a good story? Tell me in the comments!

COM0015-Blog#1:My Favorite Social Media Tools

My favorite social media trend listening/monitoring tools

Through social listening and monitoring, corporations and brands can better understand everything, from big industry insights to how to better serve individual customers. Monitoring helps place interactions such as shared reviews in an environment that helps brands grow.

My favorite tools are Google Alert and Sprout Social. Google Alerts can help you understand the latest developments in the niche market. You can use it to follow the latest news of any specific keyword on the Internet and create email alerts.For me, the biggest advantage is that it is totally FREE! Despite there are lots of good monitoring tools now, why don’t you choose the free one? For businesses, Google Alerts’ biggest function is to allow users to quickly and easily access the information they care about. Google Alerts can actively push valuable information to users, greatly reducing the time for users to obtain information.

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The reason that I love Sprout Social is that it is perfect for Instagram users. One of the most important features in Instagram is tags. More powerful monitoring through Sprout can help brands with labeling strategies. We can use the tag analysis function in the tool. Brands can see which tags can attract people to talk and which tags can help them expand their coverage. Key indicators related to community engagement include audience growth, engagement, amplification, bounce rate, and conversation rate.

Two best sources of news and updates of interest

First of all, I use Twitter to get News and updates most time. I like it because it is convenient. With the popularity of the Internet and the massive increase in its use, In recent years, Twitter has been one of the main news sources. Traditional news sources and media use Twitter accounts, so this is one of the ways Twitter becomes a news source. Twitter also edits “moments,” which are a collection of tweets posted by the news media and citizens that accumulate into a tweet slide to highlight the dynamics of a particular event or topic.

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Nasty is another great resource. This is a mobile app. If you want to get to know the headlines quickly, it is a good choice. This software uses artificial intelligence to summarize the news summary of 6-10 most important latest news in the news summary that you should know every day, so that you can know the most important daily news at any time. Its advantage is time saving.

These are some of the tools I recommend. Please leave comments and share what tools you like to use.

COM0014 – Blog 1: My Last Vacation During The Coronavirus Epidemic

In January, I had a two-week vacation and I planned to return to China to celebrate the Spring Festival and travel with my family. Because I’m busy at work, and I haven’t seen my family for a long time, this should be a relaxing vacation. Unfortunately, as we all know, the Coronavirus outbreak began in China in mid-January, but I was already in China at that time, so my travel plan was forced to be cancelled. This is not an interesting experience, but it must be one of the most unique vacations in my life.

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I returned to Beijing on January 16th. At that time, people did not know about the virus, because only a small number of people were found to be infected with Coronavirus in Wuhan, so people didn’t pay much attention to it and no one wore a mask. Because January 24th is the Spring Festival, which is the most important festival in China, everyone will return to their hometown. Wuhan is one of the most important transportation hubs in China. This is a large city with a population of 11.8 million, and 3 million non-locals will take transportation before the Spring Festival, so you can imagine why the virus spreads fast.

On January 19, I began to see news about the epidemic, and everyone began to realize the seriousness of the problem. Therefore, I went to the pharmacy to buy some masks and disinfection supplies. It was also on this day that I cancelled my travel plan. The next few days, as the epidemic became more and more serious, masks and disinfection supplies began to run out, whether at pharmacies or online shopping sites. Around the 25th, the government officially asked everyone not to go out. Therefore, I stayed at home for the next week until I returned to Canada. So it can be said that I spent this vacation at home.

My flight was the last Air Canada plane to take off from China, as Air Canada announced that it had stopped flying to China. Everyone, whether at the airport or on the plane, wears a mask, including flight attendants. Some even wear goggles and protective clothing. The picture below was taken at Beijing Capital Airport.

Overall, I’m sorry I didn’t share a positive and enjoyable vacation, but this is my real experience. After I returned to Canada, I was quarantined at home for 14 days before returning to the office, and my work was affected. As of today, Coronaviruses have now affected the world, including Canada. I hope everyone can take this virus seriously, and it spreads faster than you think.

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