COM0012 Blog # 1 – Self Introduction

Hi everyone, 

My name is Jessica Khural but you can just call me Jess. I will introduce myself a little.

I was born in Canada. My favourite hobbies or things that I like to do are painting, drawing, dancing, and fashion modelling. Fashion modelling started in January 2020, during this time I was a bit nervous as to what I was going to pose as but once I got the hang of it I got the habit of making a lot of different unique poses.

I am an undergraduate student doing social media as of my program. The reason that I have chosen this program is that it is interesting to know how social media could work in different unique ways. For example, business-related or it could relate to strategizing social media features displays. 

This fall I will be at Ryerson University for my master’s degree in digital art production where it will allow me to learn technology-based arts that are combined with social media. 

I hope you like this blog, there will be more to come during this semester!

COM0015 Blog # 1 – Tools and Sources Assignment 1

Social media monitoring is also known as “Social Media Listening”, it is the process of identifying and assessing what is going to be said about any company, individual, product, or either brand on the internet. In this blog, I will discuss two tools that are Pexels and Facebook Live which then I will introduce to you a new update between the two tools.


The meaning of pexels it provides high quality and completely free stack of photos that are only licensed. All of the photos are nicely tagged, searchable and also easy to discover through their discovery pages. Using pexels, I can easily upload any photo of mine and I could also search or scroll down other people’s photos. 

Pexels - Free Stock Photos with API Available | Web Resources ...

Facebook Live

The meaning of “Facebook Live” it’s a feature that a social network uses the camera on either computer or mobile devices to broadcast real-time video to Facebook. Using Facebook Live, I can easily create videos on what I am doing and add friends in the same video that is being created. Facebook live is also able to engage their audiences during the important events that are occurring.

Facebook Launches “Live” Streaming Video Feature, But Only For ...

New Sources

There is a new update between pexels and Facebook live. The company originally is named “Facebook Live Pexels”. This can collect data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have or ready taken some kind of action on your website. 

Using this it allows me to create different videos that could be business-related for instance “The Keg” they create live pexels videos to capture people’s attention.

500+ Beautiful Live Photos Pexels · Free Stock Photos
A live pexel example

References –

COM0014 : Blog#7 – Personal Reflection

In this course, I have learned a lot about the importance of storytelling to create great digital content. The reasons behind each and every storytelling is because there are many things to consider when defining your own style approach to creating great content. For example, creating a live video of your vacation stories, or writing them on your blog or twitter accounts about your experiences.

Related image

The kinds of stories you should consider telling would be the kinds of sharing your message with others or put together their own content to share. However, you could ask them to share their own experiences by telling their own story.

Related image

COM0014 : Blog # 6 – Do people know your story?

Have you ever ask yourself the same question over and over again until you figure it out. “What have I achieved this year or What have I experienced as a disappointment to myself?”.

Related image


There are several things that I have achieved over the years but one specific most important one would be achieving a certificate for “Student Accessibility Services Office” known for volunteering as a note-Taker.

Related image

The reasons as to why I have achieved this certificate is because I am responsible for giving my notes to disability students who have trouble reading and understanding the professor’s lecture slides.

For example, each lecture notes you have written in your notebook or binders will always be there so you could either refresh your memory or give it to someone who has a better understanding from you only.

Each and every student who has a disability could learn from you instead and become as successful as you are.

COM0014 Blog # 5 – Personal Branding


There are four main characteristics that would describe me as to who I am personally. 1) Hard worker, 2) Adventurous, 3) creative, 4) helpful.

These four characteristics have a big impact on my successful life.

Recent Accomplishments

Learning to strive for new things in life. Recently I have learned new ways of cleaning my closet and learning how to match clothing by clothing. The ways of me cleaning my closet is by removing the top shelf which had contained textbooks and other main loosely papers. So I figured why not keep them all downstairs to make room for the two boxes filled with pencils and other school materials. The way that I have learned to match clothing by clothing is by organizing them by color like all blue shirts goes together or all whites go together at once.

The Compliments that I receive are:

“I love your new look!”
“You Look so pretty! Where did you get your hair done?”
“You look really smart person to be around with”
“You have a nice clean room!”


The one trait that I am proud of having is me being nice to others but only if they deserve it. This had made me have nice and kind friends to be around with all the time.


The first question you will probably thinking “What is a hashtag” anyways. Well, the answer is a word or phrases by a hash sign (#) used especially on social media websites and applications. For example, Twitter is to identify messages on a specific topic.

Image result for hashtags gif


Each and every Twitter users put hashtags in their own personal tweets just to categorize them in such a way that makes it easy for other users to find and follow tweets about a specific topic or theme.

Image result for twitter hashtags

There are several ways to use hashtags:

  1. Use specific phrases hashtags to tone in on the particular topic

An example would be like – #BorderColliePuppyTraining it will eventually turn up better than #Dogs because it would represent better-targeted users.

2. Avoiding using too many hashtags in a single tweet –

End up cramming multiple hashtags into your tweets which will leave you minimum room to put your real messages within the space provided.

3. Use twitter trending topics to find hot and current hashtags –

To find different types of trending topics on Twitter use the “Search Tap”. A search tap is mainly trending topics that are a mix of hashtags and regular phases according to your geographical locations. However, using these specific taps will create a great and interesting tweet or conservation among other users you follow.

References –


Blog # 3 – The Privacy Of Social Media Platforms

Have you ever wonder if all of your social media’s have the best privacy platforms so that no one could either hack into them or create a virus. The meaning of Privacy Platforms often would refer to some sort of software or systems that are designed.

Image result for The Privacy Of Social Media Platforms

Privacy Concerns With Social Networking Services

One of the hugest privacy concerning social networking services would be “People Concerns”. It also refers to “Privacy Paradox”. The meaning on privacy paradox is a phenomenon that only occurs when each individual, who would state that they have concerns about their own privacy online, but won’t consider on taking any action to really to secure their accounts. However, some may attribute the lack of action towards “Third-person bias. This would only occur when people would be aware of any risks, but don’t actually believe that these risks apply or relate to them as individuals.

Steps To Protect Your Online Privacy

There are several steps that could make sure that your own social media’s are save:

  1. Be Sure To Choose Your Online Friends Carefully:

For example, Facebook Friends. These are the people who will randomly give you a friend request to be able to seek through your photos and your main friend groups.

2) Don’t Connect Your Social Media With Other Accounts:

For instance, adding additional social media(Instagram) towards Facebook. It will eventually lead you to reveal other personal information anywhere.

3) Don’t Share Information That you will regret:

Sharing information among other stranger isn’t a great idea because for once it’s not only your privacy online will be at risk but also it will potentially trigger for ruining your own online reputation.

4) Don’t Follow Any Links On Social Networks:

A lot of links might sometimes lead you to potentially dangerous websites or even phishing websites.

5) Change Your Privacy Settings:

Changing your privacy settings is a great idea because you can also choose whether you want your social accounts to be visible on search engine or not.


Jay H Simmons, “5 Simple Steps To Protect Your Online Privacy In Social Media Platforms”.

COM114: Blog # 4(Assignment 1) – Starbucks On Social Media!

Engagement of Strategy

 Starbucks has serval strategies that bring more customers to drinking coffee. The ways that Starbucks positions strategy on social media is by making sure that they are at the right and convenient location for their target audiences. The second strategy would be creating new tasty drinks to post on each and every social media to engage with other audiences just by having different choices of choosing a drink/coffee. There profit-driven strategy which would mean that each post they do on social media the company evaluates it’s a success at price management by it’s earning relatives into alternative investments.

Image result for starbucks

The Style

Starbucks has different styles within promoting there won business. 1) Creating an advertisement for the new drink with colors, big text and the price of the drink. 2) The most social media that they post would some special deal within those drinks to make the audiences much bigger. 3) Twitter and Facebook are the two most popular places where Starbucks promotes there drinks.

Image result for starbucks the style promote on Facebook

The Audiences

At any Starbuck location and on social media the audiences are huge. For example, near Walmart, there is a Starbuck right next to it so you will always see a huge line cause it’s very well known. In social media 1) Facebook and Twitter(these two are the most common ones), 2) Youtube(Making a video of someone drinking coffee at the library), 3) Instagram(This one is new to the company because they are still developing new ways of how to promote the coffee).

Related image

The Voices

   A lot of Starbucks companies promote their drinks by reaching out in the world and telling everyone about the new coffee. For example, promoting it on TV ads which makes the viewer think to buy the same drink. Or a friend of yours saw it on Facebook about the new drink and wants to try it with you. Sometimes you will see it on those banners while driving.


May 2016, Rachel Madigan. “How Starbucks are killing it on social media”.

COM0011- Blog # 2 : Desserts related to social media !

Desserts are the best thing in the world to have after dinner or before dinner as well.

There are many several types of desserts companies and restaurants to visit around the world. But the most different restaurant you should defiantly visit sometime would be called “The Cheesecake Factory”. You are probably wondering what type of fantastic desserts they have provided for you to taste, well there are different kinds of cheesecakes! For example, 1) Chocolate cheesecake with vanilla ice cream on top, 2) Red valvate cheesecake, 3) Strawberry or blueberry cheesecakes.

Related image

 Several of more desserts could be made simply at home. For example, making brownies I tried to make a batch of them and they tasted great. It was basically dark chocolate brownies with no toppings on top of them. Another example would be I made small cupcakes which were almond made with blueberries add into it. I know you all be thinking wow these desserts sound tasty but where could I find these wonderful recipes? Well, the real answer is among searching through google or maybe your grandma has the recipes into making them.

The website that I use which is very easy to follow the instructions is called “”. This website shows a lot of kinds of dishes to make at home but the main topic is desserts so they have a lot of kinds of different cakes to bake and cupcakes as well! The ways they represent each recipe is two ways 1) “Ingredients and steps on making the desert” 2) “just combined the instructions and ingredients together. These two ways are very understandable to read and follow while making any dessert of your choice.

How to make a Chocolate Brownies!!

Learn more by using this website –

COM0014: Blog # 3- Targeting Food Lovers !

Target Audiences

The target audience that I have chosen is people who love eating food.
I have researched some groups on google and on youtube to target each audience.

Image result for food lover


Any age group is associated with this target audience, but mostly the age of 20 they really think about health concerns and healthy eating.

Yes, there are several food groups that could simply make into recipes. For example, there is a group called “Delish”. This group is related to different varieties of flavor, color, and different kinds of tastes involved to create something which could target people into eating them.

For example, cakes are the main target audiences because they have a lot of different kinds of flavor, taste, sizes, and shapes. However, these cakes would be used in any association of any kind such as; graduation, birthday’s or weddings.

Image result for delish food
Example of delish food (Greek Stuffed Chicken)


  • Most people are health conscious and get concerned about there own appearances.
  • A lot of people want to have a healthy lifestyle but don’t have time for it.
  • Some people tend to care less about what people say to them about there own healthy eating.