Social Media Can Help With Mental Illness?

There is a lot of negative talk about social media and how it is not healthy and how everyone is always glued to their phones, iPads, laptops etc. but there are positives that people don’t always recognize.

Mental health

Now I am not saying that social media always plays a positive role on peoples minds all the time but there are some ups of using it. People with anxiety or people that just have a tough time speaking to other people in person or over the phone benefit greatly. All they need to do is send a message online over an online chat or send a quick email with a question or concern.

Another great thing is people can go online and find different ways to cope rather it be depression, anxiety, eating disorders etc.


50 ways to help cope:

People usually hide mental illnesses from their friends and loved ones because they feel like they are alone, embarrassed or don’t want to worry or disappoint them. So instead of talking about it people tend to hide it and reach out for help online, they can watch countless videos, search many websites, and could even find pictures. Looking at Instagram and tumblr accounts there are lots of depression and recovery accounts, people will make up a username and post about how they are feeling and people may respond with advice and with a positive outlook.

I skimmed threw this site quickly and they talk more in depth about different sites and coping.

If people are having too much anxiety or just a really rough day but still need to go to the store for groceries or something Walmart has the Walmart pick up where you can shop the aisles and pick out what you need right down to the brand you want. Its an easy in and out job where you barely need to see anyone or talk to anyone.


So as much as people don’t want to admit it social media does have its positive affects on mental health at least in my opinion, what do you think?  Can social media have a positive side to mental illness?

Click this link and get more information on mental health issues.

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DIY Valentines Day

In the spirit of Valentine’s day coming up next week, I thought it would be a good idea to help you think if DIY (do it yourself) gifts you could give to your loved one if you’re a little low on cash or feeling crafty! If your feeling stuck look no further, I have some great ideas that I tried out myself!

Because I am going for a super cheesy Valentines gift theme I thought these ideas would be great

Date Jar

When making my date jar I followed this tutorial by The Realistic Mama. It was very easy and fun to make. All you need:

-Paper or Popsicle Sticks (multi-coloured if desired)

– Sharpie

-Mason jar

Basically all you need to do is cut your paper into strips, write your date ideas down (I think I did around 36 and that filled my little mason jar), fold your idea in half and stick it in the jar! If you are using Popsicle sticks just throw them into the jar. It’s a quick and easy gift and its fun for the both of you! After you are done that you can choose if you want to decorate your jar or leave it plain.


Love Coupons

I chose to take my time and make the coupons myself rather than printing out coupons (if you would rather that here is a link for coupons.   What you need:






DIY Scratchers

This was fun because you can really get creative with the prizes, I made one that said 10 reasons why I love you. Tutorial

What you will need:



-Dish soap

-Silver Acrylic Paint

-Clear Packing Tape


Cheesy Sayings with Candy

This idea is super cute and cheesy and I just love it. You can write what ever you want or use some of my ideas.

What you need:




For me I picked up; gummy worms, suckers, a FANTA drink, skittles and pop rocks.

My sayings I wrote and stuck on them were:

Gummy worms- “I’m hooked on you” Suckers- “I’m a sucker for you” Fanta- “I think you are FANTA stic” Skittles- “You colour my world” and Pop Rocks- “You Rock!”




Can’t think of what to get your boyfriend/girlfriend for Valentines Day? Make his/her day with some some super cheesy homemade gifts!


4 quick and easy DIY Valentines Day gifts! #FeelingCrafty #CheesyVDay



Effects of social media on society (com0011)

No matter where you go in the world there is always somewhere you can connect to social media. Rather it be a restaurant, shopping mall or basically any building free wifi is everywhere. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I think it can be both good and bad.

There are many good things about having an instant connection at your fingertips, if you are working and need a connection to write a paper, or post on your website all you need to do is stop by a local coffee shop, a McDonalds, library or basically any building now a day, and boom your connected. People all over the world use social media to:

  • connect with family and friends and use it to meet new people
  • get different opinions on things
  • can help you find things (locations, hotels, houses for sale etc.)
  • bring people with the same interests together
  • can make a name for yourself
  • instant messaging (email rather than send an actual letter that would take days)

With all good things, there are also bad things that come along with it. Streets and parks used to be filled with kids of all ages running around, screaming, and laughing and playing, but now if you look outside your lucky if you see a few. Kids now are getting so involved with video games, playing on their parent’s phones that they aren’t even leaving the house. They are being introduced to social media at such an early age that they are growing up to be glued to technology. More negatives are:

  • cyberbullying
  • catfishing (when people pretend to be someone they are not and pursue someone)
  • hacking
  • once you say something it can be posted all over social media in minutes
  • people are losing their communication skills in person
  • putting children at risk of meeting online predators

The pros and the cons are endless and different for everyone so its up to you, do you think social media is having a good or negative effect on the world?

(COM0011)Charities Taking On Social Media

Ever wonder how charities use social media?

We’re living threw the age of technology where social media is less a source for information and more of a place for coordination. With 80% of 18 to 24-year-olds and 73% of 25 to 34-year-olds using Facebook and Twitter respectively, these platforms are relevant to charities keen on engaging with the younger generation of supporters. The most commonly used social media site is Facebook 75%, Twitter usage is 48% and YouTube 24% than Flickr and LinkedIn are low with 9% and 5%. Collaborative groups are now larger and more distributed than at another time. By using social media these charities are gathering and making people more aware of their cause from all around the world at a push of a button.

Steps charities take:


Visual aid

Social media gives a charity the chance to make emotional connections. Text on a page is povertygreat for getting information across, but images, videos and human reactions are what really bring the charity work to life. Potential volunteers are more likely to get involved if they can picture the people they will help. Donations will be anticipated if people can see the human angle. The idea that it could help somebody just like them/their family and / or their friend will encourage them to donate. Human stories make charity work real and help make deeper, more emotional connections with supporters. It’s useful if you want to boost donations, publicize your targets and show what donations will do in real-life.



listeningWhat’s the point of having a conversation if you’re not listening? Active listening can help organizations find out what others are saying about them, what other charities in the same area are saying, and find relevant conversations to join in with. It’s worth pointing out that the hugely successful #nomakeupselfie campaign was only possible because Cancer Research UK were listening on social media and noticed people engaging with all the posts. It was dominating Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Its easy to use social media to broadcast a one way message about events, campaigns and other information but the best campaigns promote participation. Charities can promote participation from campaigns by making a slogan people will remember and talk about. In a world of people begging for ‘likes’ some play it safe while others play it bold, the organization UNICEF directly called out their followers. By telling them “Hey, a ‘like’ does nothing. So donate.” I don’t know about you, but the campaign certainly made me want to act.unicef-pic


Have you ever wondered How Charities Use Social Media? What steps they use?


Have you ever wondered why or How Charities Use Social Media? Ever wonder what steps they make sure to use? Your answer is only one click away!