Social Media Can Help With Mental Illness?

There is a lot of negative talk about social media and how it is not healthy and how everyone is always glued to their phones, iPads, laptops etc. but there are positives that people don’t always recognize.

Mental health

Now I am not saying that social media always plays a positive role on peoples minds all the time but there are some ups of using it. People with anxiety or people that just have a tough time speaking to other people in person or over the phone benefit greatly. All they need to do is send a message online over an online chat or send a quick email with a question or concern.

Another great thing is people can go online and find different ways to cope rather it be depression, anxiety, eating disorders etc.


50 ways to help cope:

People usually hide mental illnesses from their friends and loved ones because they feel like they are alone, embarrassed or don’t want to worry or disappoint them. So instead of talking about it people tend to hide it and reach out for help online, they can watch countless videos, search many websites, and could even find pictures. Looking at Instagram and tumblr accounts there are lots of depression and recovery accounts, people will make up a username and post about how they are feeling and people may respond with advice and with a positive outlook.

I skimmed threw this site quickly and they talk more in depth about different sites and coping.

If people are having too much anxiety or just a really rough day but still need to go to the store for groceries or something Walmart has the Walmart pick up where you can shop the aisles and pick out what you need right down to the brand you want. Its an easy in and out job where you barely need to see anyone or talk to anyone.


So as much as people don’t want to admit it social media does have its positive affects on mental health at least in my opinion, what do you think?  Can social media have a positive side to mental illness?

Click this link and get more information on mental health issues.

Twitter: Can social media really have a positive affect on mental illness?

Facebook: Does social media really have a positive affect on peoples mental illness? Click the link and find out.

One thought on “Social Media Can Help With Mental Illness?

  1. Wow Olivia, this was an excellent post. Very helpful. My friends and even myself have been in situations where life is just too much at sometimes. The 4 coping methods you posted are great, what me and my buddies do now is check out something new if we are feeling down. When I was in Toronto for example living in a basement apartment and I would have the winter blues going on, being stuck in a tiny room. So I would force myself to get out of the apartment no matter what, since even a simple walk outside can clear your mind and even distract yourself from whats going on. Maybe good get some I love me food lol. (sushi) Look forward to reading more of your blogs.

    P.s Yes social media can be used for a positive affect if it was promoted more and easier to access.

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