Wellness Workshops

I attended the Wellness Workshop online event. I chose this event as I would get some valuable information that can benefit me as I eat unhealthy food most of the time. I usually eat fast food because i do not enjoy cooking.

Proof of attending

I did not really interact with anyone in this event. I walked away with how important it is to take care of your diet as it can change how your whole body functions. I also learned that a healthy gut can boost the mood and keeps bowel movement which is very important. Vegetables and fruits are a good source of fibers.

I would love to attend a similar event as it was very informative. I personally think that being lectured about diet and what to eat is very important as it can be forgotten. I will definitely attend a similar event soon.

Here is the link to the event : https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/virtual-august-wellness-workshops-tickets-344728451077?aff=ebdssbonlinesearch&__hstc=58577909.503d6d14d6c22233f75f9ff39124a3ae.1661803049443.1661803049443.1661806571817.2&__hsfp=1766956672&__hssc=58577909.1.1661806571817&keep_tld=1.

New Social Media

I would personally choose TikTok. I do not have TikTok and I do not like TikTok. I find it very annoying, but I can’t deny that this is the future. And just when I thought we have reached everything in terms of social media. TikTok was able to build a huge user base in a very short time. Of course, this is justifiable by the amount of people with cellphones. But again, I did not expect that any other platform can get as popular as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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TikTok is based on short recorded videos. While the idea is not very new as there was “vine” years ago. It somehow worked as people missed these days. I would also argue that now it is not just the funny videos. There are motivational videos too. Aslo, the usage of “trends” as the main theme for the app. Almost every week there is a new TikTok trend that everyone is doing. It keeps people engaged with the app. So using this application as a way to market your product. If done right, you would not need any other marketing. You will sell for good as it would reach almost all the younger generation with the click of a button. As for me not liking the app, is a matter of personal preference. But I do understand how important it could be for online marketing.

Professional Networking Now and in the Future

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My parent strategy for developing my professional network online and in person I am reading excessively about marketing in social media. I believe that using different sites and apps are the key to making a good portfolio. So I can not rely on one source. I use Instagram and Facebook to follow influencers who share their stories on marketing. Usually these are short videos with “tips” to help me in marketing through social media. Of course, some of these videos are not so useful.

As for the activities and commitments I am making for the next 6-12 months. I am willing to do marketing jobs for free. I have not yet chosen a specific company. But I am willing to learn without making any money. So my plan is to make a few projects for different organizations in order to gain some experience. I can then use the experience I have gained to apply for more marketing jobs. I would like to work multiple jobs in marketing. I also have a brother who works with an organization in Australia. I will start taking notes and advice from him as to how he does his job. I believe nothing can beat a real life scenario. So by taking my brother’s experience and working for free I think I will be able to land a job in marketing. Which is my goal as it is a very rewarding career. I know it will not be easy in the begging, but even walking was once hard.

Personal Branding

I would say that why I would stand out is because I like to follow the rules in what I am doing. I believe rules are very important in the success of anything. Same thing goes for work, if I follow the rules I would not have to correct any previous mistakes. So I believe that following the rules or let’s say being strict is one of my good qualities that stands out.

Here's how benefits of working hard shall ever remain vital for anyone who  wants to be successful- Edexlive
Taken from : Edexlive.com

I have lately started reading, which is something I never really did before. As I believe it would help me in writing blogs. It would also help me in storytelling which is what marketing is mostly based on. So I think by reading I am gaining experience on how to deliver a story or an idea.
I would say my colleagues would say that I am a hard worker. Hard working is very necessary in any job. They might say that I am determined as well. In that I would get things done. Which might be similar to hard working as the result is the work being done.
I am most proud of how others view me. It might be because I am hard worker so that I do not let anyone blame me for undone work. As the work is always done. My friends would day that I have a ‘stiff’ mind but I believe that is also why I get things done. I also help newly hired people in a friendly manner which is also something I am proud of.

New Orleans was much fun.

For this summer, I only went to New Orleans. I visited New Orleans for a week. My dad is a doctor, so he went for a conference. I obviously went just to have fun.

Photograph : Shutterstock

I had fun in New Orleans, although the humidity was a bit high. This was my first time in the U.S.A. I had a feeling before landing in New Orleans that it was going to be similar to Canada. I was right, Canada and the U.S are similar in the overall culture and vibe. I really enjoyed the food in New Orleans, we tried 5 different fried chicken restaurants. In all honesty, I would only re-visit two of them.

Overall, there was not much to do in New Orleans. I visited Jackson Square and took a few good pics. We went on an airboat ride to watch the crocodiles, which was my first time seeing a crocodile. We also went on a night cruise which was super fun. We visited the Museum of Art, my dad loves painting and it was fun to hear his opinion on the paintings. It was also great to spend some time with my dad as he lives abroad.

How to tell a story?

Remember any story that had an impact on you, what exactly do you remember? Is it the details of the story? Is it the moral of the story? Is it the characters of the story? What is it that had an actual impact on you? what is it that you got out of this story?

We have all experienced/known stories in different forms. If it is a book or a film, they both tell a story. But the outcome would be different. For instance, in books the story is told in much more details than the that of the film will ever be. Directors can narrate 10 pages of a book in one scene. You will experience the details visually but it might not affect you the same as if you read the book. So although they are both the same story, it is perceived differently.

In my opinion, storytelling is all about using the right words. The difference between a child and an adult, other than the physical features, is the usage of words. Words can stay with us a lifetime. So the key to a good story, is the usage of the right words to elaborate what is needed to be taken from that story. Even when you browse social media platform, there are many pages which only post quotes. Quotes are beautifully finished sentences that are admired by almost everyone. And it stays in the reader’s mind.

Some people are gifted in how they tell stories. Which to me is as being a good director. Two people can be together in the same exact situation, and when you hear from the gifted in storytelling person, it will have a greater impact on you. This impact is achieved by forming a scene and using the right words to grab your attention.

What to believe?

As of today, most of the news are to be acquired using a social media platform or an online website. For me, I only use Facebook and Twitter as my two sources for news. News is being reported as soon as it happens. Which makes us updated all the time.

My dad, for instance, tells me when he was young he would have to wait till the next morning to get the newspaper where he can read the score of our favourite team. I can not relate to this in anyway, I can watch the game while it is being played. Even if I missed the game, I would open twitter to check for the score instantly.

In “The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth”, Mitchell Joel sheds light as to what is considered real news. As now anyone can type anything and it might get to a lot of people through social media. I can relate to this as the Egyptian media is highly questioned. Pages with the names of actual news papers share news that are always proven to be wrong. For instance, every now and then they would share that an Egyptian actor has died. A couple of hours later, the actor himself states that he is “alive”. Which gives you an insight about how corrupted social media news can get.

I believe that social media news is to be taken as part of the truth. With everyone being able to share news nowadays, it is important to not share anything you read. Yes people share false news, but it is our duty to not keep sharing these news. Only when we are 100% sure that this article is true, we can share it so that others can engage with it.

Goals to be achieved.

Hi everyone, my name is Youssef Ayman. I came to Canada in 2016. I am currently a student of psychology at the University of Ottawa, I am in my fourth year. I am planning to finish the Social Media Certificate program at Algonquin College. It is an online program including five courses. I am taking four courses this summer as I finished the introductory course. So this is not my first time using WordPress. I am looking forward to learn more about blogging and social media as I finish the four courses.

A car selfie.

I consider blogging as a fun activity. It does not seem like a “task” that i have to finish as I enjoy it. It is not like a typical “assignment” that I have to finish. I feel free when I blog, I feel that I can write anything I want. I like the design of the blogs, it is not similar to a Facebook post or a tweet. It is very unique and I would argue that it is more engaging.

I will be using WordPress to post about how social media is affecting the world of marketing. I will be applying specific points that I am looking forward to learn in the course. I hope I learn a lot of useful information through out this course.

The reason I took this course is to pursue a career in marketing. My brother had some experience and so was able to get a job in this field. He works with an agency based in Australia. I am hoping I can also get a job, not specifically with the same agency. I believe pursuing a career in marketing is important and beneficial. It is important as almost everyone I know uses the internet on a daily basis. So mixing marketing with the internet is vital for the success of any company. It is beneficial as companies are able to attract more customers. I am hoping I can play a role in that one day.

What to use in monitoring and keeping up to date?

The usage of listening/monitoring tools is vital as of today as any company or organization can attract many customers through social media. The key to success as a company is to satisfy the customer. By knowing the needs of your customers, you can adjust your way of marketing your products to attract more customers.

“CreativeTools.se – Twitter bird standing on branch – Close-up” by Creative Tools 

My two favourite listening/monitoring tools are Tweetdeck and Facebook insights as these are two of the three social media apps that I use. Tweetdeck, which is owned by Twitter, as it allows me to post from many accounts and manage many accounts without logging in and out to reach the accounts. Facebook insights gives you a clear view of how people are engaging with your page. As well as how other organizations are performing. I have not tried Instagram in that regard but I would love to someday use it to monitor a page.


My two favourite sources of news update are Twitter and Facebook. I use Twitter to look more on what is happening worldwide. Twitter is much easier to use than Facebook in terms of getting news. I use Facebook to get updates on what is happening in Egypt, my home country. I also see what my friends are posting about through Facebook and get an insight of what is considered to be “breaking news” at the point. I feel like my friends in Egypt use Facebook more which is probably why I also use it more to keep in touch with them as I currently live in Canada.

Facebook : Favs in monitoring/listening tools? Read this blog : https://wordpress.com/post/algonquincollegesocialmedia.wordpress.com/123788

Twitter : Favs in monitoring/listening tools? Read this blog : https://wordpress.com/post/algonquincollegesocialmedia.wordpress.com/123788

Twitter in my generation.

I will be mostly talking about me and my friends here. You know when you feel down sometimes? and you want to vent out but you do not want to bother anyone? Well, twitter is here for you. Twitter is a great way to write exactly how i feel.

“CreativeTools.se – Twitter bird standing on branch – Close-up” by Creative Tools 

Most of my friends use it for the same reason. I am not sure wether we use it to talk to ourselves or to seek attention from others ! It happened a few times that a friend of mine would write something about feeling down or having a bad day and I would contact him to ask about what happened or what is he going through. I use it mostly to write my thoughts down without really wanting the attention of my friends. It is a way for me to express how I feel somehow. I am not sure why .. but writing down that you are happy or angry makes it all better.

If you ask me “what is your favourite social media platform?” I’ll send you a blue bird. In twitter you can “tweet” which doesn’t happen in any other social media platform. Even the word tweet is so inviting to share my thoughts. You can write a post on Facebook but it does not feel the same. Twitter is the way to go if you want to vent out. But that’s just how I feel ! let me know what you think?

Facebook : why do you like twitter so much? Blog : https://wordpress.com/post/algonquincollegesocialmedia.wordpress.com/119675

Twitter : Here is why we love twitter. Blog : https://wordpress.com/post/algonquincollegesocialmedia.wordpress.com/119675