Do You Have A Stalker? Social Media Security—Are You At Risk?

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Recently, my Facebook account was hacked because my password wasn’t strong enough. Something I intended to change, but never got around to it. After that, I was under attack as this person or persons attempted to log into every account they could find or suspected that I had—including sending me a threatening email asking for Bitcoin. I changed all my passwords to the point that now I don’t even know what they all are. It was extremely stressful, created a lot of anxiety and I had difficulty sleeping. It is unfortunate, but this is the world we now live in and even if you have no money for anyone to steal they can steal your peace of mind.

To make matters worse I went to a movie not long after all this happened, but I got my movie times mixed up and instead of ‘Mama Mia 2’ I ended up seeing ‘Unfriended: Dark Web’ (a movie I didn’t know much about). The movie showed a group of friends getting together on Skype to play board games. But, one of the characters kept receiving Facebook messages from the previous owners account on a used laptop he picked up and before you knew it they were all sucked into a terrifying journey, including me. What I normally would have found terrifying about this horror film I did not, what made me squirm in my seat is the people watching/stalking the bunch of friends using the internet, Skype and social media.

Ways To Protect Yourself When Using Social Media

Protect Yourself Using Social Media5 Threats To Your Security When Using Social Media

I worked at an alarm security company for a few years and one of the things they warned against when using social media, was not to post pictures in real time when you are travelling and away from home. This signals to a potential burglar that you are not home and that your house/apartment is fair game. I found this article ‘5 Threats To Your Security When Using Social Media’ that offers some excellent information about protecting yourself. Interestingly, enough the article also talks about being wary of clicking on shortened URL’s, which is one of the tools of the trade as a social media marketer. But, luckily it does explain how to get around that such as hovering over the URL so you can see the full URL, checking the shortened links or using a link scanner.

Has anyone else had this kind of experience? Do you have any advice to offer? If so I would love to hear from you!

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Facebook LogoDo you know if you have a social media stalker? Are you at risk?  My latest blog will share with you five threats to security when using social media.

LinkedIn IconDo you know if you have a social media stalker? Are you at risk?  My latest blog will share with you five threats to security when using social media.

My First Time…Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge, Say No More… Just Kidding! I’m Talking About Facebook

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Throughout my life, I’ve had a lot of first times. I’ve been lucky enough to experience an extreme shift in technology advancements. The year I was born the digital wristwatch was launched. That blows my mind. Think about it—up to that point you didn’t just look at the time you had to tell time.  I was probably only five or six when companies started using the modern technology of a fax machine (but now it’s becoming more obsolete by the day). I still remember going to the store to buy eight tracks. Lord only knows where all my Beatle albums landed after I had to replace all my albums with cassette tapes and then replace all my cassette tapes with CDs. Any guesses what year I started using my own personal cell phone? 2010. I was 40 years old when I got my first cell phone. How crazy is that? Now I don’t even have a landline. And somewhere in between cassette tapes and cell phones I started using a computer and guess what? There was no internet on that computer! But, the internet finally popped up on one of the computers I was using. Suddenly, there it was, Facebook staring me right in the face (pun intended).

Having Fun With facebook, having fun with facebook

I remember how fascinating Facebook was. In fact, not many of my friends knew about it and I was the one that encouraged them to join and become friends on my page. It must have been early 2007 and I was doing a temporary job where I didn’t know anyone. Luckily, I was still able to feel connected because my friend Keith and I would message each other throughout the workday (on our breaks and lunches) using Facebook Chat. It felt great to be connected. So much fun! When I went to Vancouver on vacation I could message my friends in an instant, easy peasy. Does anyone else remember playing the very first game on Facebook? That’s right! Pirate Ship. So many major advances in my lifetime, too many to count really. But, I do remember my first time on Facebook. How fantastic it has been to stay connected with people, especially ones, that are far away. One of my best friends lives in Vancouver and she posts pictures and videos of her life and her son all the time on Facebook. Her son is only five years old and it’s so fantastic to be able to stay connected and not feel like I’m missing out. I’m literally watching him grow up on Facebook. (I’ve only met him once)!

 The Evolution Of Social Media:

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History Cooperative |

I did a little research and found some interesting tidbits. I always thought that Myspace was the first social media site where you could add friends, but turns out that happened in 1997 with a site called ‘Six Degrees’. In fact, it was the very first social media site. To see more of what I learned about the evolution of social media check out the history cooperative. Has anyone else found some interesting tidbits about social media or remember their first time with social media? Was it good, was it bad?

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Google Plus IconAdvancements in technology since 1970, the evolution of social media, and having fun with Facebook are the topics discussed in my latest blog. To learn more about these topics including my ‘first time’ check out my blog! #1970s #socialmediahistory

I Need A Job Like Yesterday! Did You Know Social Media Can Help With That? (And Not Just LinkedIn)

Looking For A Job, Using Social Media To Find Employment

Looking for a job is difficult and nowadays ‘pounding the pavement’ has a whole new meaning. Sometimes I wonder if it may have actually been easier, back in the day, when in order to get noticed by an employer, you would just mail, fax or deliver your resume by hand. Simple. Yes? Perhaps, but there is a lot to be said about the excitement of building your own brand, getting noticed and getting a job that is a good fit not just for you, but for your prospective employer. I’ve recently come to the realization that social media can play a big part in a job search. Whether you’re rejoining the job force after a long absence, an entrepreneur looking to acquire more clients, a student fresh out of school, or perhaps you’re ‘in between jobs at the moment’. Any of these would be a good excuse to have a closer look at yourself, who you are and what you’d like to project to the rest of the world. Social media can help you do just that in order to get noticed, stand above the crowd and shout to the rest of the world “Here I am, I have passion, I have skills and I can help YOU.”

Looking For A Job, Using Social Media To Find EmploymentHaving said all that, the goal isn’t to stand out to every employer or customer. There’s no point in having a company that has a dairy farm calling you and asking if you’d like to milk their cows (when the mere thought of doing such a task makes you want to hurl). The goal is to find where you can make the most impact. To know who it is you would like to get noticed by and cater to that audience. Just an interesting little side story I’d like to share—during one of my job hunts I applied to work as an administrative assistant at a dairy farm. During the interview, it was mentioned that if I got hired they would want me to ‘shadow’ the workers in the barn for a week (in the middle of winter too!). I smiled, nodded and maintained a professional manner for the rest of the interview, but really my heart was sinking at the thought of such a task. I started picturing myself wearing my Johnny Fluevogs standing out there in the barn, shivering/sneezing (allergies) on top of a cow patty. I thought, “I applied for an admin. job right?” So, as you can see it’s not just about honing in on a specific field, and like I said, social media can help you stand out to the right people.

Let’s Get Down To The Nitty Gritty:

As I said before, I’ve only just come to realize the potential of social media and how it relates to a job search and building your personal brand, but I have thought of some ideas and gathered some resources of where to start. Firstly, if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile I would suggest building one. I’ve literally been asked to come in for a job interview on more than one occasion by prospective employers looking for someone to join their team/company. Also, I personally know people who have found a job that way as well. Additionally, if you do have a specific company or companies you’d like to work with this would be a good time to do some research, see what social media channels they are on and then follow them. Not only will this let you see what the company culture is like, but it could give you some ideas of where/how to create your own marketing campaign to get noticed. If you don’t have a specific company in mind, that is fine too because you can apply the same strategy, search different companies and learn about them.


I’ve recently been reading some excellent articles that will give you some fantastic ideas about using social media for your job hunt.

Well, I hope this will get you started and land the job of your dreams! Good luck and please let me know if these tips help. Also, if you have any thoughts about how the job search has changed over the years, I’d love to hear about it! Do you think it’s better, easier the same?

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LinkedIn IconLooking for a job is difficult and nowadays ‘pounding the pavement’ has a whole new meaning. Social media can help with that (and not just LinkedIn). To find out how social media can help you, please read my latest blog:

Twitter LogoLooking for a job is difficult and nowadays ‘pounding the pavement’ has a whole new meaning. Social media can help with that! To find out how social media can help you, please read my latest blog: #jobtips #jobseekersSA #jobsearch

Looking For A Job, Using Social Media To Find Employment

Is Social Media Damaging Your Company’s Brand?

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A few years ago I was employed by a small business who had a customer/client that was running their own small business as a social media expert. My employer and this particular client decided to swap services. Seemed like a good enough idea at the time. I was brand spanking new to the social media industry, but it became worrisome to me when I started wondering if I knew more about social media than the social media expert that my employer had exchanges services with. Things went from me having thoughts of “funny thought they’d have known that,” but not a big deal. To “how the heck could they NOT know that?” I started to wonder why I wasn’t running my own social media business because I would at least stand a better chance of doing things like…oh…let’s say not ruining my customers business and reputations.

Initially, the social media expert didn’t know small things like that you could create a username for Twitter with capital letters in it. It seems like a small detail, but having customers who can easily read your Twitter handle (as Martha Stewart says) ‘is a good thing’. For example, which is easier to decipher? @marthastewart or @MarthaStewart (you be the judge).

The next thing I noticed was the social media expert using a program that would automatically grab images from the internet when a search string was applied. I thought that seemed really odd, so I went online and did a search for the image that had been posted on my employer’s social media page/s and low and behold it was just a random image with obvious potential copyright infringements. So, I immediately removed the image and replaced it with one from a free image site that I commonly used (I sometimes create my own unique images by drawing, cropping or combining multiple images, as per the image above). Also, it’s important to note that with some of the free image sites, you still need to read all the terms and conditions because often in order to use an image you’ll need to give accreditation to the author. Okay, now on with my story… I then notified my employer of my findings and told the social media expert that he could get fined for such things—I’ve heard of people getting fined $5,000 (although I don’t really know too much about fines and consequences). Perhaps, one of the peeps reading this blog does?

Here’s A Fantastic Site For Free Images:


Finally, bigger, embarrassing and loss of potential customer issues starting popping up on my employer’s Twitter feed. For instance, an image of men wearing no shirts with the Twitter message saying something to the effect of ‘when you get caught doing lines of coke in the bathroom’. This happened because the social media expert was relying on a program to do all their work and that program operated by using a string of words/word to do a search and then automatically posting. My employer immediately asked the social media expert to post our apologies and that an error had occurred. Luckily, these string of mishaps did not damage my employer’s reputation or brand. Their reputation/brand remained in tack in part (I’m assuming) because their Twitter account was so new they only had about eight followers. Also, they sent out an apology tweet within 24 hrs and finally they had an excellent reputation in the community, to begin with. Again, perhaps one of the peeps reading this has additional input?

One of the takeaways I learned from that experience is that you can do a lot of harm if you use social media incorrectly. It takes a long time to build up a company or person’s brand and only moments to tear it down. Has anyone else experienced the incorrect use of social media, be it business or personal?

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