Dont Knock It…

I have always been interested in media in a more traditional sense. Television, film, books, magazines – those were my passions growing up and still are today. Diverting to a career in retail, I was disconnected from these passions for an interim. And recently looking to ignite those fires again, I was faced with the prospect of the world of Social Media. This is where people go to discuss, to learn, to teach. My only experience was Facebook (which I laid dormant 3 years ago, and funnily enough has recently been hacked, and has me selling “ugly Oakley sunglasses” to quote my sister) and Facebook for the professional, Linked In (which I really should update).

Needless to say, I was feeling disconnected. It seemed everyone was moving forward, leaving me in my archaic bubble, population one. Even my mother was tweeting, and as her number of followers slowly increased, I decided to shift my view. Yes! There are people share way too much on social media. Yes! The same people have no boundaries and cross the line with TMI far too often. And Yes! We are far too dependant on our FB and Twitter feeds as a society… but the IKEA hack I found for a coffee table turned ottoman was pure genius!! It added value to my DIY skills, my living room, and my wallet! (Far too many exclamation points, I know, but I feel strongly and need to convey it you all!)

Fast forward six months. I have yet to re-activate my Facebook account. And I am not on instagram, twitter, or any of the other apps. But… drumroll please… I did enroll in this course. I am invested in learning more. Everyday I explore, looking for new and exciting content. There are so many intelligent and creative people who are contributing to the world of social media. They make me laugh, cry, think. I am planning a new IKEA hack for a built-in bookshelf that excites me more than my ottoman.ikeabookcasehack

For the first time in a long time, I feel like this is where I need to be, so hello world of social media!!!