The “Summer” Vacation?

So hello, if you think that this is what I did for my entire summer vacation, you would not be too far off. Do not get me wrong, it’s not because I do not enjoy having downtime, but my idea of summer is definitely NOT THIS..

This is my summer time..leaves vivid on the trees, cascading to the ground and then the cool, crisp air swirling them up from the ground. A full bloom colourful whirlwind.

I know that there is a lot that I should be talking about with respect to my vacation. Quite frankly, there has not been a summer vacation for me. Mainly because I am NOT a summer person. Give me the fall, bring not the winter. I am NOT tropical. Remember that video of “’s hot!” on YouTube? I laughed non-stop at the “sister” because I identified with her. For those of you who have never seen it…

please excuse the language…but she is so “bang on”..

So for now, that is all that I can tell you about my vacation. It was non-existent. As well, I am a true “newbie” when it comes to social media and these things called blogs. I have a lot of ideas, but now the execution is new to me. I will try to get things moving a little to the curriculum, but there are times when you have to test the boundary before you are reeled in.

Until the next time…