Blog #1 Instagram & Beauty standards

By: Hajer Albadri

Social media is currently at its peak with roughly 2.46 billion users, this means that we are exposed to similar content all over the world and especially in the fashion/ beauty industry. Fashion, and beauty posts are mostly displayed on Instagram. Instagram is a social media platform with 1 billion active users making it one of the top platforms in the world. Instagram has users of all ages yet they’re all exposed to the same content. even though theres an algorithm put in place that displays to users what they like to see, you can easily view anyones posts.

Instagram has all sorts of bloggers whether they’re fashion, celebrity, fitness. These bloggers post content that has been significantly photoshopped and displayed to the public. These posts set unrealistic beauty standards, in which people believe that they need to conform to in order to be “beautiful”. Making women, and men questioning their appearance.

The pressure to constantly keep up with what we see online in terms of our physical appearance can be overwhelming. The beauty standards set in social media platforms can, and are shown to have a negative impact on our body image and diets.


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