Toronto Transit – Tourist Guide for Riding the Subway



Hello  and welcome!  My  name is Alex Funduk and I am  a Special Constable with the Toronto Transit Commission.  I  can say that  in my 9 years working for the TTC,  I most likely answered every  question that you think you might have about riding the subways in Toronto.  You can often find me at many stations, mostly downtown where  most  visitors to the city are, helping them get where they want to go .  With this post my goal is to make your subway trip an easy one and to get you on your way when you visit our BEAUTIFUL city, safely and efficiently … And yes, Toronto is BEAUTIFUL! So if you are going to see the CN Tower, catching a Blue Jays game at the Rogers Centre ( which I still call Sky Dome), going for a bike ride on Center Island or shopping at the Eaton Centre we can get you there! Here  is my first post and my “most asked questions – answered” in a blog!



As I am standing at Union station, someone will approach me and say : “Excuse me, how do I get to the green line?” …or the purple or the yellow. At that time, I have to stop and think, because even though they are showing  as four different colours on the map, we at the TTC do not refer to them by colour. We refer to them by numbers.

In 2013, to simplify the subway experience, are subway lines became numbered. In my photo above, you can see that Y-U-S line was renamed Line 1 , B-D Line 2, Scarborough RT Line 3 and Sheppard Line 4.  The order in numbers is order of their construction.

The main  thing to remember is that Line 1 goes NORTH and SOUTH and that Line 2 goes EAST and WEST. 

To put this in perspective. Yonge street THE LONGEST STREET IN THE WORLD goes North and South and is on Line 1. It is important to remember that the Yonge line is on the right side of Line 1 , and University line on the left side of Line 1 ( see map ). This will be important when I talk about the Union Station.



Oh hi there, welcome ! How much does it cost to ride the subway?  Simple answer is that cash fare is $3.00 for adults, $2.00 for seniors and for children 12 and under is FREE.

If you ask me that question, I am going to ask you how many times will you be using the subway today?  If your trip consists of a simple “there and back”, cash fare or a token is good. However if you  will be making more then 3 trips that day you might want to get a Day Pass. The best part of the Day Pass is that on weekends becomes a Family Pass! On the other hand if  you will be staying in Toronto for at least a week, you might want to get a Weekly Pass, but here is the important thing to remember  – it starts on MONDAYS.  So if you buy the weekly pass on Saturday, it is not valid until the following Monday.



Exact CASH FARES or TOKENS are deposited in the fare box .  Only the collector at a booth can provide change.  You can also purchase other forms of fare media from the collector such as DAILY, WEEKLY or MONTHLY  passes. You can also purchase tokens and weekly/monthly passes from the machines in the station before you reach the collector booth.

DAY PASS might be a great option for you and your family and here is why. It will get you on the subway, buses and streetcars as many times as you want on the day you start using it.  On the weekend it becomes a FAMILY / GROUP DAY PASS! Day passes can only be purchased from the collector. They do not scan or swipe when you enter. They have to be displayed to a collector.

Family / Group Day Passes are available for use on Saturday, Sunday, or statutory holidays. Passes are valid from the date shown on the pass until 5:30 a.m. the next day.

1 adult and not more than 5 youths 19 years of age or under;
2 adults and not more than 4 youths 19 years of age or under;
2 adults.

REMEMBER: When you pay a cash fare or a token make sure you get your transfer from a transfer machine  ( metal red box) , which are found just inside the paid area.  A transfer is your POP ( Proof – Of – Payment ) 

TTC Transfer Machine

TTC Transfer Machine

You MUST obtain a transfer and keep it on the duration of your trip if you plan to ride a POP Streetcar line. Our Fare Inspectors check for POP, and will issue fines if you board the streetcar without your transfer.  As I mentioned a transfer is only good for ONE CONTINUOUS TRIP. You might want to read the rules and regulations ( also known as  “fine print”) on the rear of a subway transfer.


TTC Transfer -back

Remember, if you have a question ASK any TTC employee. We are all there to help get you where you want to go. In addition to the maps inside the stations, you can get a free TTC map at the collector booth or at any of our information desks.


TTC  Website has a great  Trip Planner 

TTC Twitter account @ttchelps

TTC Customer Service  (8am-6pm) 416 393 4636

You can also find me at @transit122 ,where you can  send me a Tweet and say hello!