Stock Markets And Social Media

Not having internet/social media the stock market was a tricky place kind of like going to a casino. Without social media there was no way to be alerted about the changes in the stock market, there was more time spent checking and checking. Social media has also brought a lot more attention to what the stock market is.

When the stock market began on social platforms it has introduced algorithms which has affected the way a trader decides on the stock they want. Now with technology everything happens within nanoseconds, which obviously is a lot faster than a human can do. Social media has introduced so many people into the world of trading. It has allowed for more younger audiences to learn all about the world of trading and how to do it responsibly. There are now so many large groups of at home and institutional traders that share their information with each other, to ask questions and converse about the different plays.

Reddit is huge for people who are investing in the stock market. Everyone posts about what’s going on in which stocks and to buy or sell. Because of social media now being a huge part in all this there are some cons that come along with it. Because of social media teaching newbies how to trade can result in young kids or honestly anyone to be sloppy and put all this money into something they read online and not know how to responsibly sell or buy , resulting in loosing all the money. Some younger crowds may not understand the market fully and just think of it as a place to make easy money, which is clearly not the case. It is always a risk, a dangerous game playing the markets figuring out the peaks or if it’ll drop. You have to have proper knowledge and be careful. So many people use trading as a main source of income and have become wealthy from doing so. That being said just because other people get super rich doesn’t mean it will be exactly the same for you.

If you are considering to get into the stock market make sure you have all the knowledge because you really don’t want to risk losing all your money. Although it is a fantastic and very popular way of making any sums of money, especially when you have peers around you who area so interested in it. Make and join groups of traders everywhere and learn all about different stocks and what’s going on.


Getting To Know The Specifics

So you wanna start a business through social media? It is a great way to get many viewers attention of many age groups, almost everyone uses some type of social platform. Have you looked at the pros and cons for starting a business? Have you done any research on the specifics? Looking into everything you need to know should be a main priority. I am mainly going to get into the pros and cons to start here.

For pros there are many of course being having your business in general but there’s many more that have a role within that. For one and one of the biggest is being able to connect with your customers and viewers throughout many different platforms, being able to see what your customers are saying towards your brand. It is very important to be able to see all the negative and positives about your brand to be able to move forward for your desired public. The main idea of running a business through social media platforms also can bring you many more customers, due to the fact everyone around the world can see it. For example if you have a clothing store that isn’t online and only an in-store experience you will mainly only have locals as to having it online for the world to see it.

My favourite thing about online businesses is that I don’t even need to leave my bed to shop or find out about your business, I can do it right from my laptop without having to worry about getting in my car and going places (especially when I’m really not in the mood to get out of bed). Being online makes it so much easier for people to share the links to your brand/company to everyone they know then everyone that person knows, it creates a chain to get you more and more customers and or viewers. I honestly just think social media makes most things so much easier, you could even hire publishers or editors (depending on your business) and you just pay them and sit back and relax. It is also easier to track the latest trends, use hashtags to get even more attention and use trendy captions when posting about the business.

Unfortunately wit the cons you cannot satisfy everyone in the world.Which means negative reviews or comments, and I for one rely on reviews or comments to know the quality I am getting out of the business. So for that reason being, you could lose customers if they only listen to the negative words being posted and less on the positives. No one will really know what they get until they get it, reviews are not always right or up to someones standards. Someone could leave a horrible review but you get the opposite. It all depends on your personal opinion. You have to be able to come up with strategies for whatever reason to satisfy your customers, everyone is different so your content will have to be too.

Advertising can be very simple, inexpensive and even fun f done right. If there are nay mistakes with the region, audience, or even the language of the advertisement could be costly. Speaking of advertisements, it does take up a lot of time and can be a lot of effort on your part, if that’s not something that interests you a business online isn’t for you. Like I said in the pros you can always hire someone to do that for you so you can have ore free time but it could get expensive if you are not bringing in enough money.

One of the main pros with any business is copying. No matter the business anything with a product or strategy can be copied. Most times there isn’t anything really wrong with copying like for example clothing stores or food anyone can make the same top as you or sell the same brand of food as you for cheaper or more expensive. It is mostly just a foul feeling knowing someone is executing the same ideas as you. Which obviously can make you feel unoriginal. Always watch your competitors and know what they are up to.

This was just a a brief summary of the pros and cons of starting/owning a business though social media, but hopefully was helpful even in the slightest.

In conclusion if you are wanting to start literally anything or do anything always do your research make sure you know all the risks and benefits. If you don’t know much about what you are getting into it could come back to bite you. Ask yourself “are you ready for the responsibilities”.

The New Way To Shop Worldwide

One of my favourite social media platforms is Instagram and I’ll explain why. I have a love for fashion and shopping, with Instagram I am able to see all different types of fashion brands and trends while also being able to shop directly from the app itself!

Instagrams in app shopping makes it so simple for viewers to buy what they see from brands, pages affiliated with certain brands and even small and local businesses. Being a fashion guru on Instagram you are able to post your photo and add product tags on your photos, showing what each item you are wearing is and directly link your website and or detail page about that product. With doing so it makes it so much easier for the viewer to purchase, unlike having to search for it all over the web. Being someone who loves fashion and shopping I am always looking for new trends and clothes to buy and whenever I go on instagram I always find products I enjoy that are suited for my likes. Speaking of likes, using Instagram and liking or saving certain posts creates almost like your own personal genre, when you go and scroll on the discovery page it will mostly be filled with related posts u have liked or saved. Even ads will almost always be related to your personal preferences in some way.

Small businesses and instagram are also a perfect match. If you are wanting to start your own small business wether it is worldwide or local, Instagram is the perfect app for you. A whole page dedicated towards your own brand and having everyone you know have access to it to be able to tell more and more people around them. Selling over Instagram is so simple that anyone could do it, simply just promote your brand, add product tags to your posts and stories for easy access to pricing information and all the product details to checkout. They don’t even need to leave the app to purchase your product! You are still able to see the whole businesses website while staying in the instagram app. many other apps can do this also I just find instagram is the best for me and its the easiest to use.

Everyday millions of people are on Instagram for whatever reason they use it for, even when you are not looking to shop seeing the ads and the posts with all the details right there in the photo sure does make you want to shop. Let me tell you I know this from experience, I am always seeing posts and I think to myself “I want that” and suddenly I have a basket ready to checkout, without starting out with that intention, that’s how brands get to you. It may not be good for your wallet but it sure is great for the businesses.

If you were starting a business would you consider using instagram for your viewers, to get worldwide attention to your brand?