How a four-leaf clover is like a target audience

How a four-leaf clover is like a target audience

Four-leaf Clover

There are fields and fields of clover in the world. The prize of luck is to find that one four-leaf clover. You must search for it or be lucky enough to discover it by accident.

What are the odds of finding this lucky charm?

All agree that the four-leaf clover is one of the most auspicious good luck symbols. Chances of discovering a four-leaf clover are 1:10 000. For that reason alone, we see it as lucky indeed.

For more information on 4 leaf clovers! 🙂

Target Audience

The world is your oasis of viewers, just like the fields of clover. To find that niche target takes research and other times it can be a lucky hit.

I believe that AtomyGates is for everyone; any age, any gender, anywhere in the world. Realistically, not everyone is going to engage with AtomyGates. To maximize efforts, it is essential to target an audience that will engage with the messaging.

Hence after searching and listening to others in the vast field of network marketing/ health and wellness; I have discovered my niche market.

AtomyGates markets to a female audience that is between 30 to 35 years old, with busy lifestyles. The audience is also health conscious; practices a skincare routine and wants to simplify their life. Offering quality cosmetic products and financial savings in the process is a fundamental concept that I provide.

I feel that I am the luckiest person! In summer 2015, I found a 4-leaf clover in the backyard of my house. I also count myself fortunate to have found my target market, one that works well for AtomyGates.

Four-leaf Clover found in Summer 2015


Change your luck the next time you are in a clover field, or just join AtomyGates in a life-changing skincare routine.

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  A target audience is like a 4leaf clover



Who said that?

How would you interpret this tweet?

Screenshot 2018-01-30 22.26.05


How would you interpret the same tweet knowing that Trump wrote it?


Screenshot 2018-01-30 22.27.35

I am aware of the need to be cognizant of who is telling the story. Are you?

Bombarded with news about the USA and North Korea’s turmoil, South Korea culture is left by the wayside. Trump has social media painting a poor picture of Korea and has influenced the thinking of some readers with his tweets. This type of social media leads to people basing their opinions of culture on overgeneralized ideas or even very narrow views expressed by influential people.

In social media, it is to your marketing advantage to be sensitive or aware of cultural diversity to capture your audience. Tell your story, but be sensitive to difference. Remember, social media is worldwide.

How a Vacation in Italy made me a Minimalist

This holiday had no plans it was to be fun and easy.

I was to be toured around by a friend who is the owner of a vineyard in Alba. He had warned that the itinerary would dazzle me. I dreamt of days spent touring the art galleries, theatre at night, musical productions, and formal evenings spent tasting wine and food. Thirty days in Italy and the sky is the limit.

I packed a huge suitcase and had a maximum weight of 32KG. I had everything except the kitchen sink. I was ready for this incredible vacation.

All this changed after arriving in Torino only to discover my luggage did not reach Italy and would not. I had in my possession, just the clothing I wore and what I carried in my purse on the plane.

Next item on the agenda was to go shopping in Italy. I was escorted by the family lawyer as she knew all the hot shopping spots. My jaw dropped at the prices of clothing. Sure, I could afford the wardrobe, but I could not bring myself to purchase more than what was necessary. My shopping spree was a pair of jeans, walking shoes, two sweaters, socks and some undergarments.  I spent the next 30 days with total twelve pieces of clothing and two pairs of shoes.


My host was very understanding and here started our whirled wind holiday of food and wine. Each day we would rise around 11.00am and out for the cappuccino, and something light. We would then plan the day around visiting friends or markets to gather the items for the evening meal. Leading me on the adventure of discovering the beauties of Northern Italy. Late afternoon we would deliver the food and wine we had accumulated during our days to the Trattoria.  Early evening, we would have a nap, refreshed and ready to go. Late evening to early hours of the morning we would enjoy the company of friends. Usually, around twelve guests that spent the time talking about food and wine. I experience meals that were served in sixteen settings and paired with wine. Every meal was a celebration of food, wine and friends.


The best meal was simple but unique because we had spent the morning in Langhe a hilly area to in the province of Cuneo in Piedmont. It is famous for truffles, particularly the white truffles of Alba. We walked this old forest and found two truffles one small black truffle and one sizeable white truffle.

White truffle mushroom

White Truffle

We went straight to a local restaurant, and then I understood the exhilaration of my host, the white truffle was worth approximately one thousand dollars. That evening we had a simple meal of spaghetti with a white sauce made with the white truffle we had found that day.

I experienced first-hand how proud the Italians are of their food and wine. The chef had joined us and shared our meal. The emotions were elevated while they spoke for hours about where and how he had found the white truffle.

Cinque Terre Italy the gateway to Via Dell'Amore

Gateway to Via Dell’Amore

We visited Alba, Barolo, Barbaresco, Torino, Portofino, CinqueTerre.

The next unforgettable experience was a train ride to Cinque Terre place on the Via Dell’Amore, a path connecting the towns of Manarola and Riomaggiore. The pathway’s legend holds that it was a meeting place for lovers from the two cities, and is now a favourite site for tourists to place their locks and throw the keys into the sea. That day we bought a huge fish off the fisherman’s boat and proceeded to go to the local Trattoria. The chef was pleased to see us, while we drank wine and enjoyed cheeses local to the area our fish was cooking. What a dreamy kind of day.


Strange enough I did not visit any of the tourist spots that is traditional of a trip to Italy.

The memories of this holiday can be sum up as some of the best life experiences I have had. All of this was with twelve pieces of clothing and no camera. I am grateful that I had lost my suitcase because it gave me this excellent life experience.


Turnstyle: WI-FI Marketing

Thank you for accessing our free WI-FI using your Facebook/Twitter account.
We know exactly who you are… and what you like… and where you go.

Your online personalized experience waits but two things need to be considered: consent and privacy.

Turnstyle: WI-FI Marketing via social media account access

This new tool, Turnstyle, is appealing to any business that wants to personalize their client’s experience, build their social media presence and encourage loyalty using technology instead of plastic loyalty cards/paper coupons.

Clients can log into a company’s WI-FI using their social media account in place of an assigned password. From this single sign-in the client is consenting to sign-up for this personalized experience and disclose their personal information to create that experience.

Image of a cell phone, login page for Free Wifi

Turnstyle Website

This personalized experience could include messages (via SMS, Twitter, Email) pushed-out to clients when they enter a “Hot Spot” location and again when they leave the location to ask for feedback on their experience. What a great concept for businesses, but what about their clients?

Terms of Service: fast scroll down, scroll down, scroll down… break (catch breath) … fast scroll down and consent.

Does anyone actually ever read those terms and conditions? Get your binoculars out to read the small font, 10 page terms in order to access free WI-FI at your local café or restaurant.

The Turnstyle terms of service are actually only 5 pages single spaced = 16 sections = 2611 words.

Oops! You just agreed to give them access to your social media account and signed-up for marketing pushes via SMS/Twitter/Email…

HAHAHA you thought you scored free WI-FI.

Privacy: Is this allowed? Well, you did agree to it.

There are a few methods to login to access free WI-FI via Turnstyle, but the most encouraged methods are Facebook/ Twitter.

In Section 2 of the Terms and Conditions, by agreeing, you allow the company access to your social media account when you login using Facebook/ Twitter:

“By authorizing Turnstyle to access your Facebook account, you hereby grant Turnstyle access to certain information in your Facebook profile, including but not necessarily limited to: basic information including (but not limited to) age, birthdate, name, gender, location, email address; extended profile information including (but not limited to) events, check-ins, “likes”, interests, friends, friends of friends, groups, etc.; and, other information which the OAuth procedure allows Turnstyle to access. By authorizing Turnstyle to access your Twitter account, you hereby grant Turnstyle access to certain information in your Twitter profile, including but not necessarily limited to: screen name, name, location, profile picture; and, other information which the OAuth procedure allows Turnstyle to access.” Turnstyle, Terms of Service.

The Turnstyle dashboard can collect the following information for companies to make their marketing campaigns more personalized:

– Overall foot traffic
– New visitors
– Returning visitors
– Outside opportunity
– Repeat distribution
– Gender
– Age
– Network trends
– Visit duration
– Social Wi-Fi users
– Favourite colour of underwear

That last one was a joke, but seriously… do you think your privacy is worth getting a personalized experience?

Turnstyle, Terms of Service. Website:

Turnstyle, WI-FI Analytics. Website:

Twitter Turnstyle WI-FI Marketing #subwayknowswhatyouatelastsummer

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Testimonial for sale

Ask clients for authentic testimonials

Like many other social media entrepreneurs, my online marketing business is built on sharing good news about the brand, be it about myself and or the product via social media.

Just having me promote the products day after day as “amazing, life changing, best thing that has ever happened to me” is not enough. Of course I think they are amazing, blah, best thing ever, blah… what I really needed was others to share good news about the brand.

I needed client testimonials that I could share via social media.

With this in mind, I sent requests out to the loyal consumers of Atomy asking them to share their experience using Atomy products. Facebook Live makes it easy to share a video.  Youtube is available for those inclined to use it.  The responses varied from “I am shy” or “I am not tech savvy” or “I love the product: but…”

Adobe Stock

Got rejected a few times and flirted with the idea of paying for testimonials

After a few rejections, in an effort to save time, I looked to Fiverr for paid video testimonials. I discovered it was super easy and super inexpensive.

But, the word fake kept haunting the process and in the end I was not able to pay for deceptive marketing. I was not selling my brand out for the easy way.

To build relationships with social media marketing one must build trust and be honest to the brand and product. The platform base in social media would have to be one of real and sincere consumers.


But the Dietitian from the Kennedy Health Institute said I would lose weight. She is wearing a lab coat… it must be true 

The testimonial for sale was forgotten until I came across this CBC article on Sanpan, an entrepreneur from Fiverr, that specializes in making testimonial videos. So busted.

CBC Marketplace news – Sanpan

“Dressed in a lab coat, a woman speaks to a camera and says she’s a licensed dietitian from the Kennedy Health Institute in Washington — and that the she has information on a “great and healthy” weight loss supplement. It’s a glowing testimonial. The problem? It’s fake. The woman is not a dietitian and the Kennedy Health Institute doesn’t exist.” CBC News- Marketplace

The lights are on companies that took or take part in the business of Testimonials for sale. This type of marketing instills a sense of skepticism within the consumer; making it even more difficult to compete with these polished testimonials that are totally fake.

No one is ever going to believe that our Atomy testimonials are true. How can they after reading that article? Thanks Sanpan…


How to spot fakers

The tone of the review: John Falcone, an executive editor of, says that: “a real review is typically more moderate in its praise.” Real Simple, How to Spot Fake Online Product Reviews. A fake review in most cases will have an exaggerated and hyped tone. If it sounds too good to be true, it is probably not true.

Example, I look 20 years younger when I use Atomy = fake review.

Sounds like a marketing brochure: Christina Desmarais, an contributor, believes when a review sounds more like a marketing brochure, with so much product details and jargons, there is a high chance it could be fake.

Example, The advanced skin care set with Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute, special high purification technology and fermentation technology changed my life; making my skin look 20 years younger = fake review. #saidnorealconsumerever

Atomy Canada


How to report fakers, Competition Bureau

I was amazed when I discovered this website, Competition Bureau. Especially the Advertising Do’s and Don’ts, great information for any business. I’ve never even heard of this governing body, in place to police fake marketing!

As entrepreneurs, we have a responsibility to uphold advertising standards.

As consumers, we have a responsibility to be aware and report deceptive marketing.


In the end, force your family and close friends to do testimonials for free (just kidding)

It is clear that testimonials do not come easy. You have to earn them. One must build trust and strong relationships before consumers will agree to complete video testimonials.

The biggest call to action: share your power – make a testimonial if you like the product. Testimonials are the best marketing tool if done in earnest.

Have you ever completed a video for social media marketing? Or have you ever seen a video testimonial you suspected was fake?

  Testimonial for sale, fake testimonials exposed!

 #fakemarketingforsale #sanpanlovesatomy 


Competition Bureau. False or Misleading Representations and Deceptive Marketing Practices. (November 2015) Website:

Demarais, Christina. How to tell if a review is fake, Techlicious. (August 2014) Website: 

How to Spot Fake Online Product Reviews, Real Simple. Website:

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If I try something crazy with my hair again, slap me.

Heart hair- love my hair

Adobe Caption

Our hair is as individual as each of us and is truly an expression of ourselves. As the seasons change in our lives so does our hair. It is our history expressed in captured moments of hair evolution.

Me at 1 years old

Family photo album, Martine 1985

We have all played hairdresser on ourselves at one time; even went far enough to start cutting our sibling’s hair with childproof scissors. A little on the top for me, a little on the top for you, sister. Every parent’s nightmare =  your first haircut is compliments of your older sister.

Me and my sisters

Family photo album, Martine and sisters 1988

That is me to the right…and THAT was not a planned hair style. I cut a chunk of hair out of my sister’s bangs and then proceeded to do a job on myself. This was not the cool style of 1984. So like all things, time corrects it all.

Picture of me with a mullet

Family photo album Martine, November 1993

The next hair event was the home haircuts my mother gave us. I was cool in 1993 and did not think anything of it. Till now, this is a picture my mother shows a potential boyfriend. We shriek with laughter. You know the line you tell your mother: how could you have done this to me?! My mullet hair cut just kills me now.

Once I was old enough to know that the fairy hairdresser existed (but was way too expensive) or started questioning the home haircuts; my friends and I would experiment with hair trends.  It was hair dye: bleach, bleach and more bleach. The local pharmacy and voila, buy hair dye and magic I am a blonde. During this phase of self-expression I never had my haircut.

I wanted long flowing hair, but immediate long hair.

This would have been me, had I taken pictures.

Adobe Stock

This lead to my best friend adding hair extensions. Gaelle would spend hours, braid after braid. It weighed a ton and O.M.G. did my head itch, pure torture. I was so cool.

In my later teen years, I demanded salon quality hair products from my parents and treatments to help my damaged hair. Only to forget the consequences of the last experiment and try another trend.

Then came the pink hair. I was offered a gift from my mother. A trip to a real hairdresser. Wow, sure I will have a haircut and pink highlights. Once at the cash hours later the price for beauty was $300.00. Yes people stopped me on the street to comment on the beauty of my hair. Keep in mind I could never afford to maintain this hairstyle.

Lady Gaga- Hair

Now I have come to a full revolution and I am back to where I started.

Back to the start- full circle

Family photo album, Martine 1987

We are 2017, and I now keep my hair shoulder length and natural colour. I use quality shampoo, conditioner and visit the hairdresser for regular cuts. If I try to revert to my old days, please slap me.

Atomy Hair products keep my hair healthy and beautiful. Just like I was back in 1987. Look at that cutie!

Picture of my shampoo/conditioner


Just saying…

Invest in your hair. You wear it everyday

Very smart woman


  If I try to something crazy with my hair, slap me. #breakup=britneyspearsshavedhead


Why is social media like skin care?

As a wellness ambassador for healthy skin, I have discovered an incredible product that keeps me feeling natural and radiant. Skin care, like social media, can be helpful or damaging. You will find that there is so much to learn and mistakes can be costly.

Skin care and social media have grown since its humble beginnings, and is now overwhelmed by its own greatness.

Overwhelmed with product choices?

  • Night Cream
  • Day Cream
  • Sun Cream
  • Eye Cream
Picture of various types of creams to demonstrate how it can be overwhelming

Check out this helpful Facebook page, Spa Passion by Rachelle, that I follow to demystify skin care.

Overwhelmed with social media platforms?

  • Blog
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
Picture of social media outlets and key terms to demonstrate how social media can be overwhelming.

Adobe Stock

Finding time to establish a daily routine and taking a consistent approach will give you gratifying results and decrease that sense of overwhelmingness. Finding what works best for you, will entice you to be loyal to your routine.

Seek and you will find what resonates with you and your lifestyle.

Skin care consumers will try different products. Hence, that drawer of products that have never been used, or half used, or expired in 1999. Be assured, once you have found a product that works for your skin care regime, you will be loyal.

Social media is similar in that we try different social media sites seeking community, friends and interactions.  We are also guilty of having drawers of social media content that have never been used (2000 “friends” on Facebook – and we only connect with 10 of them), or half used (my poor linkedin account), or that we have been locked-out of since 1999 (instant messenger: MSN, ICQ). Be assured, once you have found your community, topics and/or people who you are actually interested in, you will be loyal.

Time to clean out your drawers. 

Once you are loyal, you will want to create a routine that fits your lifestyle. I use a 6 skin care system twice a day, consistently. The results are amazing! I have discovered a balance between the product I use, the skin I have, and the results that I want, to ensure that I’m maximizing quality (versus quantity = putting on cream every 5 mins like my sister who will not be named – #productjunkie).

To avoid the black abyss of “creeping” people all day, you have to a discover a balance between the social media tools you use, the time you have and the level of engagement you want, to ensure that you are maximizing quality (versus quantity = liking every post on Facebook – #mydogdiedandyoulikedit).

Quality vs. Quantity.

Check out what Steve Cartwright has to say about Quality vs Quantity.

Social media users, just like skin care product users, need to clean out their drawers and commit to a routine that produces quality. Are you in the habit of an amazing routine? Share what works for you?

facebook Why is social media like skin care? Time to clean out your drawer & commit to quality. 

Twitter Why is social media like skin care? Who knows! #atomygatesknows