Professional Networking now and in the future

What is your present strategy for developing your professional network online and in person?

The present strategy for develop a professional network online is as follows.

1) Involved network events

It is very important to attend networking events to be in contact to competitors, and audiences. This will increase the number of clients and increase brand.

2) Volunteer

Volunteering for a position in front of the attendee’s like sign in person, list builder, event planner, marketing person, etc. Beside been in front of the audience and been a spotlight, it will connect you to meet people who care about similar things and most likely work in different industries.


3)   Social media connections.

Using social media as a forum to engage and expand; and join community. Also, help you to connect to the audience and competitive audience and listen to questions and concerns.

4) Create partners online

Having partners online will benefit entrepreneur and partner by either having a link placed of each other websites or mentioned about the entrepreneur link, endorsing you, and offering a wonderful incentive etc. This will increase new network of potential clients.

5) Connect to alumni networks.

It is a great way to be networking outside the company because this feature allow you to connect to graduates from school, university, etc., it is a way to interact with new people and to show what the business products.

6) Approach an investor for recommendations.

Ask investor feedback about business that they are interested. Investors have a wide portfolio of companies they work with, and they are able to connect with other entrepreneurs.

7) Use Instagram and Pinterest.

Instagram and Pinterest help to attract audience with beautiful photos, it is easy follow audience on both Instagram and Pinterest.

What activities and commitments are you making in the next 6 – 12 months to continue the development of your networks?


We have some activities that we plan to do in the next 12 months.


Participate in events of our community. Specially, events and charities that people are involve and for a good cost. Our commitment is to be present in each of this event once a month. This  will  be advertise in radio and social media, Facebook, Tweeter and YouTube.


Our business will be involved in connecting to LinkedIn to entrepreneurs to learn about their business and competitors.

Using Facebook will connect to former students at school, college and university, this will able us to learn about new customer, and it will helps to know who is interested in our products and services.

Partnership to other entrepreneur is ideal to learn whose investors think about the other entrepreneur, it will helps us to learn what they think about competitors and their audiences.

12 months to continue the development of your networks?

Connecting customers with social media for the next 12 months will increase the number of customer and new customers. Also, it increases the brand of the company and products. Social media is practical and convenient and many people are in connectivity.  It will help us to learn about competitors and their audiences.



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Industry Specific Trend Report in social media

Monitoring trends online help users to capture audience attention, write a blog post about a popular trending topic and can help user websites to have a large traffic.

These tools monitor online trends are free and friendly use. People count on the Internet to do anything in business and it is changing the way how companies research new trends and provide them to use search trends to predict their business future. Below are some of the best tools.

1.- News Map

This tool monitors popular headlines by displaying media, it also monitors popular headlines by displaying in their front page. If you want to create a new blog post something related to a trending news topic. Here is a link of News Map

2.- Google Trends

Google Trends is a public web site, and it is a useful tool for monitoring search-related trends. It provides a graph showing how search keywords are trending over time, connecting trend spikes with important news items and breaking the data down into regions, cities and even languages.

Here is a link of Google’s Hot Trends.

3.- Twitter Trending Topics

It provides a window into allow people to post their real-time web. It allows to search for keywords and see what topics are trending related to those keywords. Here is a link of Twitter’s trending topics


4.- Google Insights for Search

This tool is also provided by Google Inc. The Google Insights for Search provides all the features of Google Trends, it display related regional interest, search terms, rising searches.

5.- NowRelevant

It is search engine that shows you everything on a subject from the last two weeks. It provides a handy slide to choose only how many days back in time you want to search.

Here is a link of


Tool and Sources What are your two favorite social media trend listening/monitoring tools and the two best sources of news and updates of interest to you? Explain why you prefer those tools over others and the significance of the sources as they relate to your professional development or organizational interests

Twitter allow informal collaboration and quick information sharing that provides relief from rising email and IM fatigue. Twittering is also a less method of communication, follower can share information with people without normally exchange email or IM messages. The richness of the information is amazing. Below is mainly two companies that uses Twitter.

On Dell Outlet, I learned about their profile page, on the home page, product and price. This company get email and blog about products. Twitter Training and Tutorials, I learned about training about computer software and Twitter Followers get information about software and training.


LinkedIn – This social platform, lead professional and business people to be connected. Professional and experts share curriculum and other documents.

Coca-Cola’s LinkedIn Page regularly highlights content from Coca Cola Journey, the company’s digital magazine that’s churned out over 2,000 stories. Though 59% the magazine’s audience is in the 18–35 year-old demographic, they see a lot of interaction with the company over 917,000 followers on LinkedIn.

Remax have highlights about home company news, job opportunities, connection with employers, renovation, sales and legal information. It is important for future and former buyer. Photos of home and buyers to be online


My favorite social media trend

I love Facebook and I enjoying every time because I can put anything that is on my mind and I am in touch with family and friends. Privacy issue is important for users and they are responsible for his or her own content.

The important for using Facebook is the follow.

  1. I can share personal updates to friends and family.
  2. I can reconnect with former friends from school and work.
  3. I learn about relative and friend celebration for instance birthdays, anniversary, ceremonies etc.
  4. I can promote news and articles around world, leave comments and opinions.
  5. I can share video and photos and leave comments and opinions.
  6. I can search for new people.
  7. I can chat with friends through Facebook chat.
  8. I can select my own community of friends and block the people I don’t like to be in my community.

YouTube is a social media tool that provides a forum for people to connect, inform, advertise and entertain across the globe and acts as a distribution platform.  I love this tool because I can watch music, movie, programs, tutorial, add, speech, meetings, etc.

Below is a list why YouTube is important to me.

  1. I can put video to share globally.
  2. I can put comments and information to share.
  3. I can find tutorial of anything. Offering tutorials about your products or services.
  4. I can advertise anything.
  5. YouTube is a low cost advertisement and friendly use.
  6. It is searchable, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.
  7. YouTube offers free easy to use analytic tools. I can track the number of views a video has received, the demographics of the viewers and how viewers found your video.

Baby dies when left in SUV in Florida school parking lot

After all the articles and a few dead child in the last months, why does this need to happen again. Don’t people think or learn! Why we have more children dying in car and law is too soft with them.

Are people so distracted that they simply forget they have a child in the back seat. When will we learn?

17-year-old stabbed to death, 2 men in custody

Ottawa have very little violent death compared to other major cities, why we has more much victims  who are younger. What are we failing, there is no communication between parents and children. Why parents try to protect children in crystal bubble and no to talk to them in details about how to protect themselves.

How can we as parents stop our young ones from having the bad friends?

There is a need of awareness for children to be alert of bad people and danger. I hope someone can post something in social media to protect our children.

Ottawa teen pimp arrested in crack bust

It would be nice to live in a world where does not exist this kind of people who hurt children.

The Ontario court is too soft about crimes with human traffickers and pimps. A pimp who was sentence into a youth correctional in Ottawa for 3 years and went into parole after 11 months, the sentence was not enough for someone to change. Anybody can fake personality in 3 years. Why the government help them and forgive them for what they have done. Why the government don’t help the children who are abuse in prostitution with the trauma that will stay forever.

I hope social helps to children and teen get wise in not trusting bad people.

Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey ‘critically ill’ after condition deteriorates

Doctor and nurse risk their lives to save other people live. Sometimes, doctors travel overseas where areas are in quarantine without a protection like a vaccine.

When doctors volunteer in a quarantine area, they may get contaminate. Then, they have to be return to the country where they came from.  How can we solve this problem, when researcher cannot find a solution and military and government don’t spend any effort in finding the person who invented the Ebola disease and get the antidote.

So, why doctor and nurse are send overseas with the risk of losing their lives, and they return to their country to be treated and no chance to recover, why they are not treated overseas instead. When there is chances to start an epidemic disease in hospital and town, etc.

Vancouver’s first-ever cat café meow hiring

We have seen all kind of businesses but this one it bring awareness to people who owns cats. Also, people will be more affective to cats and may bring ideas for adoption and tips about cat care. The café is located in Vancouver and is the first business allowing cat in Canada.

I assume the café have litter box available, and I wonder if customer don’t mind the smell of cat using the litter box in café. I is a great ideas as long it has the proper ventilation.

In many store animals are not permit for “hygiene” reasons, and sometimes it is over reacted to anybody including pet owner carrying their little dog or cat in a carry bag pet.

I hope this idea would bring to entrepreneur to open more businesses allowing dog and pets owner to consume in their store.

Below is a link to the MSN article.

Nike’s self-lacing shoe comes to life on “Back to the Future” Day

Nike create variety of running shoes in the world. Nike mission is to maintain their brand recognition. Loyal customer look for latest product that is fashionable and pay high price for their runners.

Social media channels helps people to put their ideas socially, like awareness to express what they want.  Nike uses social media tools to promote products like the new self-lacing shoes special edition “Back to the Future”. These shoes are designed to bring attraction to many Back to the Future’s fans. Michael J. Fox is the first person who tried the shoes and he put it on Twitter a video of him wearing the shoes.

The shoes is low high and it comes with lights and no laces and Velcro around ankles. The design of these shoes are unique to one edition, it won’t be available in stores. The Nike’s self-lacing shoe comes “Back to the Future” will be only in auction for the highest bit who is willing to pay lots of money for the shoes. The money collected in auction will be donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research Alzheimer. The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson have already 59,695 followers.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation is dedicated to finding better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Social media help research and entrepreneur to put any product worldwide.