COM0014 Blog #3: Who Still Goes to The Movies?


(Photo Credit: Warner Brothers Wonder Woman Promotional Still)

When was the last time you went to the theatre to see a film? What was it? Did the theatre seem packed or almost empty? I hear from friends and the media that theatre attendance is down, but would it surprise you to know that the film industry was up 1% in 2016. The verdict is still out for 2017 as we still have our last films debuting in theatres including the next Star Wars installment this December. In 2016 all films combined earned 38.6 billion dollars, that’s not something to laugh at.

So, who is still going to the theatre?

Out of that 38.8 billion dollars, U.S. and Canada make up 11.4 with international sales of 27.2 billion (with China taking the lead). In 2016 ticket sales where mainly made up by Caucasian viewers and a slightly higher attendance of woman over men. The movie industry has looked at these numbers and saw what were the big draws to the theatres, which in 2016 were action films (Captain American Civil War, Star Trek Beyond, Ghostbusters etc.) Flash forward to now in 2017 and we see a rise in action films, particularly superhero films. Films like Thor 3, Justice League, Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 all debut. The film industry listened and brought the most popular genre of film to the screen multiple times this year. Did they listen to their main movie attendance of a higher female presence in their theatres? Cut to Wonder Woman. It makes sense for the industry to finally release a female lead action/superhero film. Wonder Woman opened at 100 million dollars at the domestic box office, making it the highest opening film of the year until Thor 3 recently premiered. However, Wonder Woman does claim the title as the highest grossing origin superhero film making a total of 821.8 million dollars. This is just the first of many female driven action films to come.


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COM0014- Blog #2 Storytelling and Communication Styles


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I learnt this week how storytelling has evolved through the years and how to compose a story that entertains, informs and captivates readers. With each blog we post, we are telling a story to our readers/viewers and it is our job to deliver clear and concise content. Our content must engage them to continue reading and force them to think and from their own opinions and hopefully share them as well. So, how do we do this?

To tell a good story you need to know your content, what do you want to express in your post? From there, what is you goal? what do you hope to accomplish from your consumers? Make sure to communicate in an active voice not passive, be firm with your views when expressing them. Start with stating the most crucial information in your opening paragraph to catch your audience attention. As you write make sure there is an easy flow to keep them engaged. When finished, proofread, proofread, proofread, make sure your content is spelling/ grammar error free.

Lastly, have fun while you are blogging. If you are enjoying what you are talking about than your content will reflect that, and it will help captivate your audience.

COM0014- Blog 1- My Mini-Vaca to St. Catherines/Toronto


(Me and my cousin’s daughter, Parker on the kiddy roller coaster at Wonderland)

The last vacation I took this past summer was when I went to visit my cousin in St. Catherines for a week. My cousin is 10 years older than me, but we joke that we share the same brain, we have the same opinions and taste in most things. The purpose of this trip was not only for a family visit, but also some fun in Toronto. I traveled by train to Toronto, as I often do, with a connecting GO train to Burlington and then a connect GO Bus to St. Catherines. When I first arrived, I was so excited to see my cousin, her husband and her 10-year-old daughter. Even though we text everyday, it was nice to see her in person. The first thing on their itinerary for me was supper at one of their favorite spots, Pho Ngon for some delicious pho. This is when they surprised me with passes to Canada’s Wonderland for the next day.

It had been years since I was last at Wonderland and was so excited to see what it’s current state was like. The fact that I got to experience it with my cousin’s 10-year-old daughter made it even more enjoyable. We spent a total of 8 hours (no that is not a typo) touring the theme park, riding on various rides, seeing live shows and eating junk food. I managed to do something I was to chicken to do the last time I was there, and went on 3 roller coaster rides… and maybe the kiddy roller coaster 3 times as well. We all had a great time with lots of laughs and mementos from our fun day.

The next night of my stay we all went to the movies to see Wonder Woman, that we were all waiting so long to see. We all enjoyed the movie and spent the whole car ride back to my cousin’s place talking about the film, what we liked the most, what we thought it lacked etc…

On the next night I had a pass to a film/crew party in Toronto for the film Code 8, which was currently filming. My cousin escorted me to the pub that the party was taking place at where we got to mingle and meet people from all over the world and people in the film industry. Later that night we got a surprise visit from Robbie Amell and his wife Italia, who are very nice, caring people. The next 2 days I would actually be attending the set of Code 8 and being an extra in the film, my cousin joined me for every step of the way. It was fun getting to experience everything with her.

For the remainder of my trip I visited with my aunt and uncle, my step aunt and uncle, went wine tasting in Niagara on the Lake, and ate and ate. It was just a short trip, but it meant so much to visit with my family plus do some really fun things in the process.

When was the last time you were at Wonderland? Are you a family trip lover like me?

Fourth Place is Fine with Me


Which of the social media platforms is my favorite? Answer, Twitter. My reasoning, it is a very quick way to inform, communicate and instantly update people. Twitter was the first social media outlet I signed up for, yes even before Facebook, which I actually joined 2 years ago. (do not gasp, don’t judge me) When Twitter first started out it was more successful with celebrities, most common people did not use it. This was the best way to interact with a celebrity that you liked. My main reason for joining Twitter was to interact with celebrities and share my love for their work and ask questions.

I joined Twitter when it was just starting out and it was defiantly not popular in Canada, I like to always say I was the first Canadian with Twitter. When I joined I first followed actress Charisma Carpenter for Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel and Canadian actress Jennifer Finnigan, this way I could maybe interact with them and find out about current projects they are working on. It took maybe a month to have my first interaction with both actresses commenting on roles they have played that I felt impacted me. To this day I still tweet with both of them as well as others, through the years I have started following a lot more people, celebrities and companies.

I got the exciting opportunity to meet Charisma Carpenter when she attended Comic Con in Ottawa a few years ago. How did I find out she was going to be there? A tweet of course. She was a last-minute replacement for Eliza Dushku who had to cancel, she tweeted the day before the convention started that she would be attending. At the time I was working in Ottawa so after work that next day I attended my first Comic Con and got to meet Charisma. What happened when I met her will shock you. We said hello to each other and she saw my name “Eldon” on a Post-it note to use to autograph a photo of herself. She saw the name and said “Eldon? like Eldon Hunter?” I said “Yes” to which she replied, “I know you, we’ve chatted on Twitter a few times right?” Containing my excitement and composure I replied “Yes” with a smile. We continued to chat for about 10 minutes about different things, her career, Canada, future projects etc.. So, you see how social media (Twitter) helped connect a celebrity and a fan, two strangers, that when in person the celebrity would recognize them.

Why the need for my title is because of an article by Priit Kallas that found Twitter to be ranked the fourth most popular form of social media that is used on a daily basis. In my mind Twitter is ranked number 1. Twitter is my most used form of social media and app for that matter, it helps keep me up to date with daily events, world events, and yes keeps me updated on my celebrities.

What form of social media is your favorite? How has it helped you connect with others over the world?

facebook Which social media is my favorite to use? Would it surprise you that it’s number 4? Fourth Place is Fine with Me

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Her Brand is Kindness

Recently we learned about personal branding and I started thinking about different known people and what their brand is and immediately thought of Ellen DeGeneres. Yes, she is a talk show host, yes, she is a comedian, but is that really her brand? I believe her true brand is “Kindness” She lives, breathes and speaks true kindness.

On average 3.9 million people tune in to Ellen on a daily basis. Not only does she entertain us with celebrity interviews, but she also donates to multiple charities and rewards everyday people that do random acts of kindness in the world. She also brings us stories of hope from people who have fallen on hard times and cheers them up whether it be with money or trips, a vehicle, tuition etc.. Her compassion for humanity is shown through her words not just her wallet and she genuinely cares about people.

This year she has partnered with Cheerios and created the One Million Acts of Good campaign where people can share their story of how you or someone you know is doing good in the world. See the video below of the campaign launch.

Through the years Ellen has designed her own brand of clothing, houseware, dog toys and much more that contain the words “Love” and “Kind” For 15 years now, Ellen has been entertaining us, making us feel good and spreading kindness to the world and I hope she will be for another 15 plus.  With so much negative things that go on and happen in the world it is nice to put something on TV that will make you feel good. If you have doubt that her brand is kindness, just recall an episode of her show and you will see that she ends each show with one message “Be kind to one another” A true promoter of kindness by reminding us daily to be better people.

Be kind to one another

twitter Her Brand is Kindness @TheEllenShow #Ellen #Kindness

facebook Her Brand is Kindness @ellentv has been entertaining us for 15 years and spreading Kindness.

COM0011- Blog 2- CODE 8 and I


Photo Credit: CODE 8 Promotions

Over a year ago I was on twitter scrolling through posts of the different people/celebrities I follow and came across a tweet from Robbie Amell. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he is a Canadian actor who you may have seen on Arrow, X-Files Reboot, DUFF and Max to name a few. Also, some may know him plainly as Stephen Amell’s (Arrow) cousin. He tweeted about a new Indiegogo campaign that he and Stephen had just launched called CODE 8. Within the campaign was a 10-minute-long short film. Their campaign is to create a full feature film based loosely on the short, the short was just a teaser of the concept of the film. The campaign offered various perks from, signed postcards, film merchandise, set visits, DVD/Blu-ray packs and even extra spots.

I contacted my cousin and go to fan, tv-holic confidant immediately about the campaign. After we had our freak out moment we discussed the various perks that appealed to us. I was interested more in the extra spot and being a part of the film, where she was interested more in attending the Red Carpet Premiere of the film. We each bought the perk we wanted the most (I may have gone in with her on the Red Carpet Premiere perk too, I mean come on right!) Quickly word of mouth, tweets and posts helped CODE 8 reach its target goal of $200,000in just 2 days. In fact, when all said an done it raised a total of $2,298,96 making it thee most successful Indiegogo campaign in history. How’d they do it?

Yes, their celebrity status helped gain the campaign success but their campaign structure itself was what really skyrocketed it. They choose a variety of various perks that would appeal to different people/fans. Also, they set stretch goals once they hit their target. An example if we hit $800,000 we are adding the CODE 8 Beanie perk. Smart marketing, this had people that already donating to the campaign, donating again. They also posted live Facebook videos engaging with their audience, answering questions, giving teasers, giving away free merchandise to random donators.

Fast forward over a year later and I have already received my perk. This past June/July I visited the set of CODE 8 and was an extra. I would love to share a ton of details with you, but am limited until the film Premieres Summer/Fall 2018. I will share that I had an AMAZING time on set, this however was not my first time on a film set before, but this one was special. Fans and people united to help be a part of something special that they have a shared interest in. It was great getting to find out people’s reasoning behind contributing to the film, some were Robbie fans, some were Stephen fans, some just stumbled upon the short and were hooked. There was more than just Canadians that attended the filming, there were Americans from numerous States, people from Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand just to name a few, it was very impressive.

Watching the success of this campaign made me really consider the structuring of the marketing of their film, why it was so successful, how they did it. Is there a campaign that you have helped fund? Are you an Amell’s (whether it be Robbie or Stephen) fan?

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COM0011- Blog 1- Social Media Helped Me Loose Weight


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Picture it December 24th 2016 and I decide of all days to step on the scales, the day before Christmas. Tis the season to throw out all food restraints and indulge on all those ginger bread cookies, sugar cookies, pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes mmmmm is it December yet? I had not been feeling the best and knew that I had gained some weight. I’ve always maintained a weight of 185lbs since high school, but I could tell things had changed recently. So I get up the courage and jump on the scales and the verdict rings in 210lbs!!! I knew I had gained some weight but I didn’t expect a result of 210. Wake up call, and of all times with all those treats waiting for me tomorrow and the Egg Nog mmmm. What to do?

I decided if I could show restraint during Christmas then I could defiantly make it year-round. Denying myself some of those goodies, I knew would not be good for me. Cutting the cravings out is the key, not cutting out all those goodies, show restraint, portion control. Also, I knew I needed to start a different workout routine. I have always done various workouts and programs, joined gyms, which I find are a waste. The best success I have found is by working out at home with none of those expensive 1000-ton machines. It was a few days later that I started scrolling through Twitter (which I do multiple times in a day, more so than I should) I see a tweet from Tom Daley British Olympic Diver he had re-posted a link to his You Tube channel for a set of 20-minute all over body intense workout routines. I click on the link and watch, and with in 30 seconds I decide I want to try this out.  He has a total of 6 different 20-minute weekly work out instructional videos called #daleyroutine

I start week by week doing the various workout routines and soon I start to feel better, have more energy. This helped motivate me to keep going, so after 6 weeks were up I went right back to week one’s #daleyroutine and kept going through the 6-week program again, and again, and again. All along I am still maintaining portion control, not cutting things out, just portioning it and not over indulging. Here I am 9 months later and I now weigh 160lbs!!!!!!!

So how did Social Media help me loose weight? It was that tweet that Tom Daley tweeted out that helped motivate me on the right workout regimen. That’s what I love about Social Media it has the power to do anything and change lives, keep us informed, educate us, comfort us, connect us to one another. Has Social Media also helped you loose weight or changed your life?

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