Eat The Food – Don’t Just Take The Picture

How to choose our priorities ?

When did living your best life in the moment get pushed down the priority list? Do we choose to make it look like everything is perfect instead of enjoying the actual moment we are in.

The meat of it

What  goes in to the perfect  Instagram worthy “foodie” pic at the trendy of the moment restaurant.  A team worth of cooks, hours of prep and countless burns and cuts. I have worked hard to get the effortless look of the swish of caramelised cranberry, apple and cardamom puree with go with that  seared bone in wild boar chop. Oh, it looks pretty on the plate, the golden brown of the meat, the deep purple reds of sauce, the greens of the broccolini, on a bed of sweet potatoes. I take pride in this plate and every time its been put out as the Saturday night special.  Moments later when the board is full of new orders, the server comes back with the plate and complaints the food is cold… the plate when out about 15 minutes ago. Of course I blame the server, “What took you so long to get the food to the guest?” She replies that the guest was taking pictures of the food before they had a chance to eat it.  My heart sunk. Cold and reheated food is not what I want to serve or take pride in. It’s not about the food anymore, It is about getting likes and comments. This does not only happen at restaurants, this happens everywhere, stop and take a look, what is happening around you, its is less and less about human interactions more about the connection to the digital world. I am guilty of it too,  on the occasion of trying to get that one image forgetting about what the purpose is. 

The Likes vs liking the moment

Trying to get that great food pic or the photo of children poised and perfectly coiffed. We are missing out on the moments that we could be living. Food is going cold. Children are getting cranky while we are striving to get the likes, comments and shares. 

Social media is a part of life, but to find balance in the reality and digital world, is becoming more and more difficult.