Smart Parenting:Kids Edition

With today’s day and age technology growing so fast, it’s hard to keep up parents need to be involved. It’s stated that children from ages 13-19 kids spend on average 9 hours a day in front of a screen. Things have definitely changed since our parents were kids and that means we have to adapt.

Before suggesting some tips for parents on what to do to stay informed, there are a few things id like to bring to light on the subject. A lot of children in today’s generation have social media accounts…go figure. But some kids might have more than just 1 account on Instagram and or Facebook for example. They might have a spam and or second account for a different reason. Another thing is that kids that might have their accounts in private are still at risk. Kids see a follower as just another number to increase their follers but you never know who that person might be.

The first thing that Might be a good idea would be to get your own social media accounts and monitor your children. I’m not saying you have to look at every conversation all the time but don’t be shy to look at their accounts and see what they’ve been up to. They shouldn’t be afraid to post and or say anything that their parents wouldn’t approve of. Another thing that could help you stay in the loop is to make sure they’re using it wisely. Anything that is posted stays on the internet even snap chat one screenshot and its there forever.

Feel free to read more on a study done in the article below:

Feel free to leave a comment below let me know some cool tips you feel parents could do to help monitor use of social media for kids.

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COM0011 YouTube>Facebook

A survey was taken Pew analysis asking parents and children on which social media site their children(age 13-17) used the most. As determined by the survey Youtube ranked first with Snapchat and Instagram coming in close behind. Facebook with only 10% coming in fourth, yet Facebook does own Instagram and Instagram had been shown to be slightly more popular then Snapchat.



Above you see the results of the survey taken by PEW research center and the top close four. Three years ago today Facebook was at the top of the charts with a 71%, but this being said Facebook still bringing in a total of almost 24$ a user. This is crazy to think of how many people own a facebook about.

This taken into account facebook is still used as a planning site for events and such and with the less tech-savvy older generations is still the go-to site. Younger generations might end up changing social media platforms to something more recent. A great idea would be to make a platform that incorporates it all, instead of having to log into each one separately have it all under one roof.

Here is a link to the article below be sure to check it out for more specifics.

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Social Media Influencing Gang Violence

There are always two sides to social media, the good side tends to be the one we talk about the most. Yet, there is still a dark side to is in which we tend to shy away from. Lamanta Reese was a 19-year-old boy/gang member in Chicago, Illinois. He passed away shot 11 times o0n his front porch over something he posted on the internet.

Such a tragedy that a young person must pass for us to learn our lessons. This is a great example of people should be very careful about what they post online. Doesn’t mean you’re going to die over what is said but it could inevitably hurt your overall career and how people look at you as a person. There are certain ways in which to use these platforms and these topics should be brought up in school.

One way in which these platforms are helping people deal with the death of Mr. Reese is by commemoration him online. People from all over are going to remember him due to a Facebook page being uploaded where friends and family can remember him.

Here is the link to the article if you want to find out more about Lamanta.

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Blog Post #1 Facebook Scandal

The Facebook privacy scandal sent shocks around the world with everyone worried about their personal information being seen. Below will be a breakdown of some scandal specifics, what Facebook has done, as well as an opinion by yours truly. All the information below is based on an article by CTV news, and I encourage you to look for more information, the link is posted at the bottom of the page as well as a poll on your opinion.

Scandal Specifics

The Facebook scandal took place on March 17th, where 87 million Facebook accounts might have been accessed which is up from 50 million in previous reports. It has been said by Facebook that up to 2.2 billion people might have had their information scraped by malevolent actors. Since then Facebook’s stock has dropped an increasing amount by about 14%, taking a big hit on the company.

What’s Being Done

Currently, Facebook has released a statement saying that a new privacy policy will be put into place. This should allow users to see what information exactly the new app you want to have is accessing.

My Opinion 

Honestly, there isn’t much more Facebook could have done. Something happened, and they fixed the problem, it’s that simple. The fact that people’s information got hacked can happen anywhere at any time. You go online and put in all this information everywhere to make accounts on 20 different sites for social media or business or even leisure. Putting in your information on the web is your choice and once it’s up there once it’s up there for good. Facebook won’t see much change and it won’t be the end of the site because everyone uses it and it has too much of an impact on communication in today’s society.

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