Google Analytics As a Tool for Business ?

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As social media rises in today’s society as a tool for businesses to grow it seems easy right? post, click liked post, @Instagramuser has begun to follow you notification, another sale.
Social media is marketed as easy to use it may be easy to post but to gain a following, promote, and grow your page and business is not an easy task. For many people, self-doubt takes over they create an Instagram page in hopes to gain a following and promote their business. Months go not a huge following no products sold and they are unsure how they are supposed to promote their page. They give up or they research ways to get their paged visited more and get business booming.

One great way to help create a plan to get your page promoted is Through Google analytics. Google Launched this program in November of 2005.i Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic.ii This program is used by business owners and can be used across all platforms of social media used by your business/company. It helps with the promotion and growth of your business by gathering and tracking Information that helps create a social media plan. It will automatically create and report data on your website that you can customize. The Data generated will give you information such as the age, gender, interest, of your Audience. Google Analytics will also give you information on what social platforms to target and plenty more useful data for your business. This information can be a huge part of the puzzle piece in success for your business.

As the reports come through you or your team can then start asking questions. Am, I am marketing my product correctly? To the Right Audience? Am I promoting my business on the right social media platform to leverage success? As you sit down and analyze these questions and reports you can then make a clearer social media plan, SWOT analysis, and create better SMART goals that can even be monitored for success with google analytics.

Would you use this as part of your social media plan? 
With Google analytics, easily accessible you or a member of your team would take time to learn the program?



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Is social media affecting your mental health ?

Is social media affecting your mental health ? a question I find myself asking all the time. After watching Bailey Parnell’s TEDx talk – Is social media hurting your mental health. It made me self reflect on the countless times I have spent scrolling through Instagram asking myself the same questions Bailey Parnell asked herself . Why am not that successful? , if only I was that beautiful , doubting my self worth over others instagram posts and instagram highlights . I really have been so sucked into the social currency like talked about in the TEDx talk I had forgotten just like me those perfect posts and highlights were only the best of a persons life not reality . I have noticed as my social media use goest up it does affect my mental health. I get anxiety over the way I looked over a post , anxiety over of missing out if I took time to social media detox . With 70% of Canadians on social media I know I am not alone , Has social media affected your mental health if so how?

Reference used “Is Social Media Hurting Your Mental Health ?” Performance by Bailey Parnell, Youtube, Tedx, 22 June 2017,