Kitty Kitty Kitty

Ok tomorrow is #Halloween tomorrow and it’s one of those weird days that even if it’s not an official holiday it kinda feels like one.  Everyone at work will be a little happier, interested in seeing and talking about who has the best costume, and discussions around the water fountain or in the kitchen is all about what they have planned for the evening with the kids.



I for one, am all about having fun, its just that I hate always thinking of what to dress up as.  Ok I could do a cat, a simple and light approach to #Halloween and may even be seen as a little funny as I found a mouse roaming around at the office just last week 😉  With all the what not to wear to work, what’s appropriate or not, – I think this is a safe bet.  What’s your favourite #Halloween costume going to be this year?

Our office is also coordinating a pumpkin carving competition.  This will provide  a friendly battle to showcase one’s creativity; and I am certain a few will blow me away.  Really? You can do that with a pumpkin!

Dressing up can be fun and it does bring out the child in us, and this will bring a little fun and diversion to a usual serious setting.  What is your office planning for #Halloween tomorrow ? Are you having a thematic celebration? Edgar Allen Poe, or a Wizard of Oz theme? Who will you impression this year?

True memories – days gone by

Once upon a time, there was a teenager, and life was grand.  It was just that, life; fun and fancy free.  I really do have found memories of my teenage years.  Things were easy, I could do what I pleased, when I pleased.  It was easy to  find a part-time job, even in the “sticks”, and work was just down the street, a five minute drive.  On week-ends friends got together for a week-end balm fire. Friends were great, we all would hang out, gossip and drank a few beers. Life was easy;  well at least not as hard as it is today…at least financially.

Minimum wage today is about $11.40, gas prices fluctuate around the $1.04 mark; beer a whooping $40 for a case of 24.  At $11.40 an hour one needs to put in almost of full day of work pay for cacost-of-beerse of beer.  YIKES!  How do college students to it today?  A movie ticket is about $13, and that’s not wth popcorn or a chocolate bar. Did you also notice that the size of the chocolate bars are shrinking and yet the prices stay the same?  I’ve been noticing that this has been happening with other foods, such as Tropicana orange juice down by 7.8 per cent, Häagen-Dazs ice cream by 12.5 per cent, Ivory dish detergent by a whopping 20 per cent (

The rise in the cost of living is getting crazy; just like the new mortgage rules that came into effect last week, where buyers need to have a 20% down payment.  Now that a lot of cash up front, specially for the first time buyers.

Back in the day, I was earning a mere $10 an hour – gas was .50 cents, a ticket to the movies about $5, the transit in Toronto was .15 cash one way, yup and a case of bear (24) was about $15.  We did not need to work as many hours to pay off the grocery bill, or the week-end party.  But then again, things did not cost as much; the cost of living was more balanced – at least from my perspective. Those where the days my friends.

Habs Crapshoot – something good or bad?


Dear hockey fans – the season is officially launched. And with this new season, my question is whether the Montreal Canadian’s have made a wise decision in signing Alexander Radulov for a six millions $$$ for a one year contract. Will there be a good ROI (return on investment)?

From 2004 to 2006 Rudulov played for the Quebec Rempart in Quebec’ Major Junior league. With a total of 227 points in just 127 games, he impressed many national hockey leagues scouts. It was in 2006 that he started his career with NHL’s Nashville Predators. In his first three seasons, with this team, he had accumulated 95 points in 145 games.



His attitude however, was left to be desired. Several clashes with his coach took place during these three years (2006-2008) and left in poor terms with the Predators to go play with the KHL (the National hockey league in Russia).

His return to the NHL with the Habs may be seen as a long shot. Only the future will tell. If you were a betting “man”, would you bet on Radulov?

To be a good righter, do you need to be a good speller?

One of the interesting stresses I have observed while writing my last few blogs is my spelling  15-signs-youre-a-natural-born-writer-even-if-you-dont-feel-you-areand my lifelong struggle with proper syntax.  I also wonder if knowing more than one language may instigate another level of complexity that others may not have e.g. blue versus bleu (French spelling of the colour) Oops there’s another one is it colour or color without the “u”  This is the British way? LOL.  Is this still a crucial skill as it once was taught in primary school?

Does one need to be a proficient speller to be an excellent writer, editor?  As I start my fourth blog, I turn much of my attention not only to themes I could write about, but how to organize my thoughts for ease of reading — and ease of reading, at least for me, is based on flawless spelling. As I continue to build my on-line image, my personal branding, my credibility may be based on a level of  my level of English proficiency.

So, its back to basics from me – what are the basic rules of thumb a few key links to help me out. .   Words that are easily misused, or may not be caught via a spell checker is found here

Allusion / illusion is a noun that means an indirect reference: 
“The speech made allusions to the final report.” is a noun that means a 
misconception: “The policy is designed to give an illusion of reform.”

The use of proper use of syntax in the English language: to better understand the structure and logical flow.  Perhaps I should have listened more attentive to “conjunction junction sesame street”.

Another fun tool and quizzes can be found under the language portal of Canada I’ll try a few out to see how proficient I am.

As I try to be original, interesting, to find my own voice, a particular attention will be required to be cognizant of my written abilities; continue to work towards flawless spelling and immaculate syntax.  Not an easy feat as this is not innate for me. I am hoping that practice will make perfect.

I would welcome you nuggets, tools that you use on a regular basis; any insight is welcomed.  I may never master the art of writing as this is not my natural talent — however pretty good would be fine by me.




Happy Birthday!!!

Who’s celebrating their 150th Birthday ? Do you know?

PrintThe 150 day countdown to Canada’s 150th BIRTHDAY has started. Are thinking of celebrating with your family and friends on July 1, 2017?

As in any birthday – one is granted a wish. And I think this is no exception.  Since this will be a very special birthday for Canada, I am hoping that three wishes be granted. I wish that Canadians:

  1. continue to be an open, tolerant and just society.  Providing opportunities to grow and evolve and prosper in a peaceful, collaborative and creative way.
  2.  have access to a reliable and accessible health care system that is responsive to their needs; and
  3. sets the standards for quality of air, water and overall environmental issues; safeguarding for generations to come.

I am so very fortunate to be a Canadian – to live in a country that let’s you be you! This really is a good life.

Why are you happy to be Canadian? As the countdown has started, perhaps it’s time to start reflecting on what we love as Canadians.  Is it our quality of life; education, one-year maternity leave; the connection with your community?  Let me know why you think we, as Canadians, are so happy.


Health, happiness and much prosperity to all! canada-150-winning-logo-99designs

Random thoughts… (second blog COM0011)


As I settle down in front of my kitchen table to write my next blog, I wonder what I could write about that no one else has already written.  Not certain that there’s any issue, subject, content that has not been uploaded onto the internet.  However, here I sit, typing and deleting over and over trying to come with something, anything that would be of interest.  I start getting nervous about who will be reading my blogs; will they find my blogs interesting, informative?  Why would anyone want to read my blogs?

As this is but my second blog, I’ll wait a bit longer before I start having too much self doubt.   So I continue to hit the computer keys and low and behold, between the clicking sounds appear these random thoughts:

  • Productivity; difference between being busy and being productive?
  • Objective – does one need an objective to be productive?
  • Motivation – How does one increase one’s motivation?
  • Creativity;
  • Time management;
  • Organizational skills;
  • Consistency;
  • Stressed with all the work I have to do…

The more I stare at this list, the more I see that there’s a certain topic that stems from all of these words. A work/life balance – does it really exist?  I have been thinking a lot about that lately.  How one can do more, more effectively, more efficiently.

Take a look at, he has many interesting articles on habit formation, and performance improvement.  I like how he presents the topics and links.  I should go back and reread as my old habits keep creeping back – urgh!!!

What really is expected of me and what do I expect from myself.  I do believe we all suffer from to much work and information overload.  I am so very busy but why is it that I do not feel very productive?

Effective (adj.): Adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result.

Efficient (adj.) Performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort.

If you want an easier way to memorize the difference, remember this sentence: “Being effective is about doing the right things, while being efficient is about doing the things in the right manner.

The above has been copied from 

How does one balance the “crap to fun” ratio of live? And more importantly how does one “escape the agony of crisis management”? (Tom McCluskey intro taken from the book Personal Kanban; mapping work and navigating Life by Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry).

I do believe life is becoming more chaotic, at least for me lately.  I continue to feel that there is continued pressure to perform at a high levels, consistently and this, within a digital world that keeps pushing me to do things faster.  Every key stroke is registered, clicks monitored and we are either being pushed or pulled by someone or something.  Balancing work, life, our physical, mental and spiritual levels requires constant effort and intent. Maybe less is better.

Where has the joy de vivre gone? I sometimes wonder if our European neighbours have a better sense of it all.


“Droning” in Paperwork

I had no idea of what I was thinking when I told my son that I would help him with getting his drone licence.  You see, he’s been so very busy with his new business that, (and being such a great mom), I would elevate some of his stress by getting some boring paperwork out of his way.  What in the world was I thinking!  I should have said “Hey, buddy you know that big box of receipts you been hoarding for income tax time, I’ll sort it all out for you.  Really it’ll be a breeze”.  Yup that would have been easier than  THIS!

As the quote goes, a promise is a promise, and a mother’s word is her bond (or something like that).  So here starts my Drone journey into the nebulousdrne-camer aeronautics world. Aeronautics (from the ancient Greek words ὰήρ āēr, which means “air”, and ναυτική nautikē which means “navigation”, i.e. “navigation into the air”)  (definition found

My first stop: Transport Canada

Link to steps to acquire a  licence:

Bedtime reading: 

  • Review and Processing of an Application for a Special Flight Operations Certificate for the Operation of an Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) System (UAV = drones)

Link to reading:

Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not be hoarding it.  So here’s to collaboration – getting  organized to capitalize in this emerging technology.