SnapChat bonding with the FamJam!

Last night my husband and I decided to light a fire in the back yard. An end of year, last time before the heavy snow comes, here in Northern Ontario. (We got an unusually warm week)

But trying to get our teenagers outside to enjoy it with us was another story! I feel like we are constantly begging for their time and attention. Why??? Because they are always on their electronics!!!!

Old school parenting

Now, my husband and I are not the typical parents of this new age. We are constantly getting our teenagers to do stuff around the house. (Cleaning, bringing in wood, laundry and yes they have to cook for us during the week)

Why you ask? Because we believe that they need these very simple life skills, and that there is more to life then electronics. They are also very involved in sports. 

So, getting back to last night.

We finally got them outside but they both had their phones and were not paying attention to us!

So I say,

JAKE what are you doing???

Mom! I just got a 19,000 SnapChat Score!!!


He laughs and goes on to explain about “streaks” that friends exchange photos back and forth to increases their streak score!

And then, he goes on how I don’t help him with this! How am I in trouble with my teenager because I don’t increase his streak score on snapchat???

So for the next hour, my husband and I got a lesson in snapchat!

  • How to make stickers
  • Messaging
  • Photos
  • Photo filters
  • Bitmoji
  • Streaks
  • Stories

Our daughter even showed me how to play games together on snap chat.

How To Use Snapchat For Beginners [2020]

It was a very interesting and engaging evening with our teens. Hey at least we got to spend time with the kids even if it was over snap chat!

Photo by: DiannaSanch

Google search time!

The next morning I googled Snapchat and it stated,

“Snap Inc. is a camera company.

We believe that reinventing the camera represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate.

We contribute to human progress by empowering people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together.”

I am not entirely sure that my teens and their friends are using Snapchat for this reason. As all they care about is their streak score! Now yes they are sending picture back and forth but I have seen where their friends just send blank, black pics because that’s easy. So where is the creativity?


Now, I trust my teens but I always do random checks on their devices. I see who and what they have been messaging and who they are friends with. A few times I have made them delete people from their Social Media because they had no idea who they were! “They just added me!” well if you don’t know them, DON’T add them! That is our rule in our house. You never know who is out there to stalk young teens, posing as a teenager.

A Parents Cons on SnapChat

So getting back to Snapchat! There is one reason I don’t like it. Because the messages and pictures are automatically deleted. Although you can change the setting for each person to delete after 24 hours.    So I cannot see what they have been messaging.

Also, there is a built in feature called SnapMap! If you don’t have your settings set correctly, anyone can see exactly where you are! OMG!!!! Do I need to talk about pedophiles again?

What are your tips and tricks with Snapchat?  Help a mom out!

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