Lazy Day Part 2

I was too lazy to even write the first part, but I guess I’ll just jump to part 2. At the moment I am on Christmas break for college, and sadly I was unable to find a job, also I have no money to spend, so all I can do this three week break is to do absolutely nothing at all. My average day will start off with me waking up at 9:30 in the morning, typically during the school year I have to wake up at 7:30 so 9:30 is amazing to me. After laying in bed looking at my phone (social media) for half an hour I’ll get out of bed and cook a great breakfast, usually eggs and bacon with toast. After that I will go shower and freshen up. After that I will go to the gym, spend about two hours there, I loveeee the gym so I spend as much time there as possible. After the gym It’s about 2 in the afternoon, which means all of my friends are still at work, so some days I’ll take my dog out, other days I’ll take a nap. long story short, I am doing nothing until my friends are done work. By the time supper time comes around, I am starting to make plans with all my mates, lately we have been playing pool a lot, which is nice because i really enjoy playing. After pool we usually go get a beer, shoot the stuff, then go home. Once I am home for the night you can find me located on a big black chair wearing the comfiest PJ’s imaginable while playing video games. Recently I am really into this once online computer game called League of Legends. After killing it, I’ll go to bed around 1 at night. Rinse and repeat.

I know some of you disgusted by how lazy I sound, personally I am disgusted too, I really miss working everyday, but at the same time, this is literally the last time I get to be lazy for the next 30 years so I’m taking it while I can. Happy Holidays everyone!


Christmas shopping

It’s that time of the year again, Christmas is in the air, some claim its the best time of the year, others not so much, but one thing we must all do during this great season is Christmas shopping. Personally I don’t enjoy doing present shopping, so christmas time is stressful for me because I already struggle to buy for one person, now I have to buy for six….. I don’t know what it is about christmas shopping, I just don’t like it, partly because it hurts to spend money when I don’t have the money to spend. also i can’t bare get someone a bad gift, it has to be something nice.

Anyways, i struggle a lot to find presents suitable for people, I don’t like just buying a gift card or socks, if I’m getting someone a present it’s gonna be something good. Since this is my first year in 6 years I am not working during the christmas time, money is tight. I think it is just I’m not creative enough like other people when it comes to gifts, I see some people will give out a full basket of clothing, chocolate and other cool stuff, meanwhile I bought my mum a CD. At the end of the day I still love christmas and all the loving that goes with it on christmas day.

Friendship never dies

This week I unfortunately had to learn the harsh cruelty of death. I had two close mates pass away due to a car accident. As I grieve I start to reflect on all of the memories I had made with the two great friends. And I start to think of all of the impacts they made in my life. There are some certain friends you will make in life that really stick to you, and really change your life. Friends help teach you life lessons too, whether if they are there for you comforting you after your first big breakup with your former partner, or teaching you how to skate. Friends are always there for you. Even after passing away these two friends are teaching me the lesson of cherishing every day you have with your friends, because one day they won’t be there anymore. Be sure to let your close ones know how much they mean to you. I sit here now wishing I could remind them one more time face to face how much they meant to me.


Body Image

Growing up in this day and age, teenager in high school are feeling the pressure to have the “perfect body”.

When I was in high school years back, one of the biggest things I noticed with my friends was that my friends would constantly judge body types. They would say, “Man she got fat.” or, “That guy is so ugly.” These kinds of comments make everyone feel a little self conscious and almost a struggle to be accepted by your peers around you. As a personal experience, I was slightly overweight starting high school, i got the names called at me, fatty, ugly, the usual, but it really stuck with me. Then during the middle of high school I hit puberty and completely changed everything. Me after puberty felt way more accepted with everyone in the school. The main thing I’m getting at is, why does body image define people in high school. Obviously some people don’t just look at body image, there are some people out there that look for personalities over image. But the majority of teens are looking at body types, faces, hair, ext.

One of the main issues out there is, you will see in movies, and television shows,  the main teen  protagonist is typically some 10/10 looking guy or girl, with a great body and all. It shows everyone watching what the perfect looks like and now they want to see the perfect, thus body discrimination to people who aren’t a 10/10 in their eyes.

Body image shaming is easily one of the biggest struggles in my high school life and it really shouldn’t be because who the heck cares what you look like at that age, the age of growth and development. Hopefully the constant need for the perfect body to fit in doesn’t last forever and people become more understanding and accepting of one another.

The Dominican Experience

Two years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic with my family. We spent a full 8 days there and it was such an amazing experience I just have to share with you all.

Prior to the trip

My family likes to travel, before the Dominican we travelled to Cuba! Cuba is a place people perceive has a beautiful getaway, yes it is a gorgeous place to be, but there was many flaws to Cuba, mainly the food. When we spent our trip in Cuba I lost around 10 pounds because the food was either terrible, undercooked/raw, and it was all drenched in salt. Also I got food poisoning for 2 full day, which was terrible. All in all I didn’t enjoy myself in Cuba; hungry me means unhappy me.

Dominican planning 

When my parents pitched the idea of us spending our March break in the Dominican I was pretty scared. Since Cuba left such a salty taste in my mouth(pun pun) I was really resilient of the idea of going to somewhere else other than North America. I asked around for reviews of the Dominican and everything I was told was positive so that made me happier with the trip.


When we arrived to the Dominican via plane, first impression was very impressed. Visually  it is amazing. The trees are tropical, with a few mountains in the background, it was very beautiful. Then we arrived to the resort we were staying at, this was the cherry on the cake. The year we went to the Dominican was the same year I started to really enjoy alcohol, and with an open bar 24/7 on the resort, it was very intriguing. The resort was an amazing design, the main lobby is a sort of chill area were you can just sit down on comfy chairs, relax and enjoy the music and view. The architecture of the builds are different than from here in Canada, everything seems to be a lot more open, no matter where you are you are feeling a nice warm breeze. Now the biggest test of all, the food. This is what I was looking forward to the most, it was a buffet style and it was probably one of the best buffets I can remember. Excellent food for everyone, and fully cooked to boot! On the second day I decided to explore the beach, and of course drink. The beach is great, very nice sand and water, but when you walk far enough to get off the resort area, thats when it gets interesting. There are the locals that are just the most interesting people ever. Walking on the beach and out of no where you will get approached by one of the locals, and they will try with every ounce in their body to sell you something. I was taken to the very amazing Walmart of the Dominican, it was a shack with some random stuff in it. Although I did receive a very good cigar for free while looking around. For the whole trip I basically sat around, and it was the best/laziest trip I’ve been on. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a tropical resort to look into the Dominican. I rate it a 9/10. It would have been a 10/10 if I could have some mates there with me.


Junk Food vs. Healthy Food

As a child growing up, you never really paid attention to what you were putting into your body, typically you loved the sweet, salty and fatty foods because they were tasty right? Now I am years older, matured and very interested in health, I began to look at everything I am consuming. And the sad truth is that we can survive day to day eating the worst kinds of foods way cheaper than paying for healthy foods and ingredients. For example, the TV dinner known as Hungry-Man, this is a meal in a box, one in specific I’ll talk about is the Hungry-Man Boneless Fried Chicken 16oz. Box; in this so-called “meal” it includes the following: Tender white meat chicken patties, homestyle mashed potatoes, and sweet corn, and for desert a chocolate brownie. To some people they see this meal and think, “Hey this meal has everything! Protein, carbs, veggies, and a desert for a total of $2.67!” This is how these companies catch some people, they make their foods look as if it’s a steal for someone, all this food for cheap, and without thinking or checking the nutritional facts, they buy this stuff. The meal I mentioned contains 39.0 grams of fat, 12 G of trans fat, 1120 Mg of sodium!!! 25G of sugar. Needless to say, this meal will kill you slowly if you were to continue to eat it.

So why is junk foods so cheap?

In my eyes the biggest reason is, the junk food is processed food. Processed foods are factory made food, factories filled with machines and whatever else may be in there are constantly pumping out product for the consumers to buy. The prices are so low on these junk foods because it isn’t taking very much effort to be made, if they are able to pump food out of their factories at an alarming rate, there is no need to have a high price on them, thus attracting people to buy the food because it is cheap. Now I’m not saying everyone is being forced to buy these foods because they are cheap, but some people aren’t making enough money to buy steaks and full chickens, they can only afford the Hungry-Mens.

Why buy healthy food?

The number one excuse people give for not buying healthy food is that it’s expensive. Now that is a reasonable argument. But that excuse right there is one of the biggest problems. Most people are out to find ways to save money, whether if its coupons, sales, they will try to save their money; so if you see the cheap packet of deli meat, all wrapped up in plastics and sealed so it can be edible for the next year, you think hey its less money compared to the chicken that is $4 more. When the fact of the matter is that the chicken you’re spending the extra money for is way more nutritious for you. Another reason why people aren’t buying real foods is that it takes preparation to cook a meal. Today we live in an age of rush, we are all in a rush to get somewhere or do something, sometimes we can’t find the time in the day to cook a wholesome meal, so we settle for the lesser of food. Another reason why cheap junk food is appealing for people living in a rush.

One thing I was told that really stuck with me, while reading the ingredients on whatever you’re looking into buying, the more ingredients, the probability of it being bad for you goes up.