The Dominican Experience

Two years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic with my family. We spent a full 8 days there and it was such an amazing experience I just have to share with you all.

Prior to the trip

My family likes to travel, before the Dominican we travelled to Cuba! Cuba is a place people perceive has a beautiful getaway, yes it is a gorgeous place to be, but there was many flaws to Cuba, mainly the food. When we spent our trip in Cuba I lost around 10 pounds because the food was either terrible, undercooked/raw, and it was all drenched in salt. Also I got food poisoning for 2 full day, which was terrible. All in all I didn’t enjoy myself in Cuba; hungry me means unhappy me.

Dominican planning 

When my parents pitched the idea of us spending our March break in the Dominican I was pretty scared. Since Cuba left such a salty taste in my mouth(pun pun) I was really resilient of the idea of going to somewhere else other than North America. I asked around for reviews of the Dominican and everything I was told was positive so that made me happier with the trip.


When we arrived to the Dominican via plane, first impression was very impressed. Visually  it is amazing. The trees are tropical, with a few mountains in the background, it was very beautiful. Then we arrived to the resort we were staying at, this was the cherry on the cake. The year we went to the Dominican was the same year I started to really enjoy alcohol, and with an open bar 24/7 on the resort, it was very intriguing. The resort was an amazing design, the main lobby is a sort of chill area were you can just sit down on comfy chairs, relax and enjoy the music and view. The architecture of the builds are different than from here in Canada, everything seems to be a lot more open, no matter where you are you are feeling a nice warm breeze. Now the biggest test of all, the food. This is what I was looking forward to the most, it was a buffet style and it was probably one of the best buffets I can remember. Excellent food for everyone, and fully cooked to boot! On the second day I decided to explore the beach, and of course drink. The beach is great, very nice sand and water, but when you walk far enough to get off the resort area, thats when it gets interesting. There are the locals that are just the most interesting people ever. Walking on the beach and out of no where you will get approached by one of the locals, and they will try with every ounce in their body to sell you something. I was taken to the very amazing Walmart of the Dominican, it was a shack with some random stuff in it. Although I did receive a very good cigar for free while looking around. For the whole trip I basically sat around, and it was the best/laziest trip I’ve been on. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a tropical resort to look into the Dominican. I rate it a 9/10. It would have been a 10/10 if I could have some mates there with me.


2 thoughts on “The Dominican Experience

  1. Thanks Montymont08. What a refreshing thing a tech-free holiday can be. I still take paper maps on my vacations, and guide books too.

  2. That’s great to hear you had a better experience in the Dominican than Cuba – it would be a horrible waste (of not seeing so many amazing places in the World) if you had no desire to travel due to one really bad experience! What property did you stay at? While you were over there, did you use social media at all? Was finding an internet connection a priority?

    As a travel consultant, I find it quite shocking how many people INSIST that there is WIFI at the property they are traveling to. I know that people are addicted (I’m one of them), but, I find it crazy that some will choose to not go to a perfect property simply because the WIFI isn’t included. Just recently I had a family excited about a property in Jamaica and at the last minute the kids started asking questions about the WIFI connection. At this particular property it was an additional fee. The mother (who I was speaking to at the time), really had to think hard about whether or not this would still be their resort of choice, because she didn’t want her children to be unhappy while on vacation. UNHAPPY while in a BEAUTIFUL Caribbean Country! It’s not like I haven’t heard the question about WIFI before, but it was a little shocking to hear that someone would potentially be very unhappy simply due to not having an internet connection. I also think that since I’ve began this course, it’s made me more aware of the huge impact social media plays on most peoples lives. How a family vacation could be ‘ruined’ due to not internet connection – aka more likely, the inability to post vacation photos and let your friend list know how happy you are. It’s never happened if you didn’t post about it – or so it seems like some.

    A lot of properties have started offering WIFI, however, it is my hope that the Caribbean will leave the WIFI to certain areas of a property. This will hopefully still influence people to fully immerse themselves and enjoy everything the Country they are visiting has to offer – instead of being glued to FaceBook and Instagram and the World of social media.

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