Body Image

Growing up in this day and age, teenager in high school are feeling the pressure to have the “perfect body”.

When I was in high school years back, one of the biggest things I noticed with my friends was that my friends would constantly judge body types. They would say, “Man she got fat.” or, “That guy is so ugly.” These kinds of comments make everyone feel a little self conscious and almost a struggle to be accepted by your peers around you. As a personal experience, I was slightly overweight starting high school, i got the names called at me, fatty, ugly, the usual, but it really stuck with me. Then during the middle of high school I hit puberty and completely changed everything. Me after puberty felt way more accepted with everyone in the school. The main thing I’m getting at is, why does body image define people in high school. Obviously some people don’t just look at body image, there are some people out there that look for personalities over image. But the majority of teens are looking at body types, faces, hair, ext.

One of the main issues out there is, you will see in movies, and television shows,  the main teen  protagonist is typically some 10/10 looking guy or girl, with a great body and all. It shows everyone watching what the perfect looks like and now they want to see the perfect, thus body discrimination to people who aren’t a 10/10 in their eyes.

Body image shaming is easily one of the biggest struggles in my high school life and it really shouldn’t be because who the heck cares what you look like at that age, the age of growth and development. Hopefully the constant need for the perfect body to fit in doesn’t last forever and people become more understanding and accepting of one another.

3 thoughts on “Body Image

  1. I think advertising and like you said, movie actors certainly play a role. But I think at the end of the day, high school is made up of mostly immature young girls and boys who simply cannot fathom the consequences of their actions. They simply have not gone through enough life experiences to grasp the impact of the words they are using and how they are using them. Of course this isn’t everyone but I think the majority of the kids. I was mostly an introvert in high school but I too was not perfect and said / did things to people that I would definitely take back. It really is too bad that its such a widespread problem. As they say, “youth is wasted on the young”.

  2. I agree with Jeff. I think that kids in high school are very immature and don’t think or really care about what they’re saying. At that age it seems like making fun of others is how you seem “cool”. When I went to University i noticed a major difference. For the most part everyone was kind and school became more about making friends and actually learning something.

  3. I remember my two-year-old son’s eyes widen and brighten when he caught sight of a very heavy woman. He said with delight and amazement, “Mummy – that’s a really BIG person.” I think we notice others as a matter of course. What we choose to think and say is a matter of maturity.

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