Friendship never dies

This week I unfortunately had to learn the harsh cruelty of death. I had two close mates pass away due to a car accident. As I grieve I start to reflect on all of the memories I had made with the two great friends. And I start to think of all of the impacts they made in my life. There are some certain friends you will make in life that really stick to you, and really change your life. Friends help teach you life lessons too, whether if they are there for you comforting you after your first big breakup with your former partner, or teaching you how to skate. Friends are always there for you. Even after passing away these two friends are teaching me the lesson of cherishing every day you have with your friends, because one day they won’t be there anymore. Be sure to let your close ones know how much they mean to you. I sit here now wishing I could remind them one more time face to face how much they meant to me.


2 thoughts on “Friendship never dies

  1. I’m sorry to hear of your loss. Having experienced something similar, I understand the pain that it brings. Social media is great to bring all those together that loved them and to share stories and memories. Although it can never mask the pain, it can bring people together to remember the great memories. It is also a great resource to access photos that will trigger memories of time spent with them. Reminding those we hold close how we feel about them is very important and this was a great reminder to let those people know.

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