Lazy Day Part 2

I was too lazy to even write the first part, but I guess I’ll just jump to part 2. At the moment I am on Christmas break for college, and sadly I was unable to find a job, also I have no money to spend, so all I can do this three week break is to do absolutely nothing at all. My average day will start off with me waking up at 9:30 in the morning, typically during the school year I have to wake up at 7:30 so 9:30 is amazing to me. After laying in bed looking at my phone (social media) for half an hour I’ll get out of bed and cook a great breakfast, usually eggs and bacon with toast. After that I will go shower and freshen up. After that I will go to the gym, spend about two hours there, I loveeee the gym so I spend as much time there as possible. After the gym It’s about 2 in the afternoon, which means all of my friends are still at work, so some days I’ll take my dog out, other days I’ll take a nap. long story short, I am doing nothing until my friends are done work. By the time supper time comes around, I am starting to make plans with all my mates, lately we have been playing pool a lot, which is nice because i really enjoy playing. After pool we usually go get a beer, shoot the stuff, then go home. Once I am home for the night you can find me located on a big black chair wearing the comfiest PJ’s imaginable while playing video games. Recently I am really into this once online computer game called League of Legends. After killing it, I’ll go to bed around 1 at night. Rinse and repeat.

I know some of you disgusted by how lazy I sound, personally I am disgusted too, I really miss working everyday, but at the same time, this is literally the last time I get to be lazy for the next 30 years so I’m taking it while I can. Happy Holidays everyone!


One thought on “Lazy Day Part 2

  1. Hi Monty (Will) – you don’t disgust me, you make me long for retirement! I haven’t ever had a period of unlimited free time. My own experience of the kind of stretch you’re in makes me remember a recipe for happiness: Something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to. You have your lazy day schedule, your dog and your friends in the evening.

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