Real life gone viral: Memorable quotes


Ever been watching TV or listening to the radio and someone says something that catches your attention? well  here’s 4 quotes gone viral and the stories behind them.


1.Danielle Bregoli – “Cash me outside, how bow dah?”

Danielle is the 13 year old who appeared on the Dr Phil show back in Sept 2016. She was brought on the show by her mother, who claimed Danielle was out of control. At some part of the show, audience members were laughing  and Danielle took offense uttering the phrase  that would soon spread like wildfire. It soon went viral with memes and even music videos being made around it.



2. Kimberly Wilkins aka Sweet Brown- “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!”

Back in 2012, Ms. Wilkins was interviewed by a news station in Oklahoma City, covering a fire in her apartment building. She was describing how she escaped when she dropped the famous line that would gain her internet notoriety.


3. Antoine Dodson– “hide yo kids, hide yo wife…”

In July 2010, Antoine Dodson was being interviewed by the news after stopping the attempted rape of his sister. “Well, obviously we have a rapist in Lincoln Park. He’s climbin’ in yo windows, he’s snatchin’ yo people up, tryin’ to rape ’em. So y’all need to hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband cause they rapin’ everybody out here”. The video clip soon went viral and Antoine was  a hot ticket for media, even being interviewed by The Today Show. The clip was remixed by the famous “Gregory Brothers” and known as “The Bed Intruder Song” reached number 89 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 list.



4. Chris Crocker– “Leave Britney alone!”

Chris was an openly gay man from in the south. Being gay and living in the “small minded” town near the  bible belt, his sexuality was never openly discusses but never accepted either. Chris was vlogging and had a top ranked YouTube channel prior to uploading the now infamous Britney video. In fact, MSNBC described the channel having a “cult” following. It was after the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas in Sept 2007 that the video was released. In the two part video, Chris defends Britney Spears performance, which had been criticized by many including Simon Cowell and blogger Perez Hilton.


Do you remember these quotes? What do you think makes something (picture, video, quote etc) go viral?



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Social Media Age Limit : Yeah or Nay?

Social media is booming and can be a innovative and helpful way to connect with people, either in  a personal or professional manner. It can be entertaining and fun, however we must also look at other aspects that might be concerning.One of these aspects is the ages of people using social media. How young is appropriate to be online?

As of today, the minimum age for social media ranges depending on the media platform but for the most part, 13 seems to be the set age. This doesn’t stop alot of people ages 10-12 from creating profiles anyways. There seems to be easy ways to fake your information in order to sign up. In fact, in 2014 a survey completed in the UK showed that more then half of children used social media by the age of 10 and 52% ages 8-16 ignored minimum age restrictions in place.


There are risks in everything around us, however with the internet and social media it can be far worse off. This is especially true with those under the age of 13 who may not realize the risks they are taking by posting online. With everything from cyber bullying which includes generalized harassment, threats, exposure to sexually explicit material (unwanted pictures received)  pressure into sexual behavior (sending pictures to others of body parts) to potential stalking , the risks for youths are that much higher then with the vast majority of social media users.

Cyberbullying has become a new statistic in the world today. It seems like alot of people figure that if its not face to face, they can say whatever they want and there is no consequences. They dont realize the harm they might be doing to the person on the other end of the comments. In 2016, 42% of youth reported being harassed online and the number of suicides of youth linked to cyberbullying is on the rise.

People also dont seem to realize that what they share online  can be potentially dangerous. Information such as phone numbers, emails , sometimes even addresses  can fall into the wrong hands and therefore create a dangerous situation. Sometimes you may not even realize that you have shared online.  For example:When you take a picture the location where you took that picture is embedded due to your phone’s geotracking function. If you post  the photo online ,someone with no so good intentions could find you quite easily.

Even with all the risks, it has been reported that in 2011, Mark Zuckerberg wanted the age limit for Facebook to be done away with completely. He claimed that it was for “educational” purposes and that they would do whatever it took to keep kids safe.As of today,  the age limit still stands at 13, so I guess his plans didn’t work out.

I personally think that even 13 can be young as some 13 year olds are not as matured as others and might not be able to handle social media and the possible scenarios that comes with it.

What do you think? Is there a point to having a age limit with social media if kids can just sign up anyways?


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What it’s REALLY like to work in retail…

There are many different reasons why people might be working in retail. Some are putting themselves through school, others have no choice; needing the money as a source of income to support themselves and families. 

People like to think, sometimes even say to your face, “whats so hard about working in retail, Its so easy, anybody could do that” etc. What they dont know is what working in retail is really like, the horror stories people could tell you and how workers can be treated.

The customer is always right

This is the most dreaded line to be heard by retail workers. While I personally have not heard it that often, it is the most used line in the retail industry. Usually used by customers who are not right but trying to bully their way into ether a free item, a refund not entitled to or other unreasonable requests. 

The worker is responsible for everything/anything

It seems to be the assumption that workers in retail can control everything around them, policies and prices are their doing, nothing to do with corporate decisions at all.So when something is not right in the customers eyes, it is all the workers fault. I can’t even count the number of times I have been screamed at over the stupidest things. Things  like something ringing up 5 or 10 cents more then what the customer thought it was or the customer not reading the sign properly and demanding that price even though it was a different product. But of course I must have done something to the computer to “wrong” the customer-because I control it all, right?

The jokes are not funny

Oh the jokes, first and foremost, the classic, “won’t scan, must be free, hahaha”- I  must have heard that one a thousand or more times. Other ones included ” working hard or hardly working?” “you look bored (when there was a line up that I had non stop for 2 hours)” and many more. Of course, being in customer service, you politely laugh or smile while, silently cursing them or gritting your teeth. 


The dark side of retail

Usually, when dealing with a upset customer, the worst you will get is the “I’m never shopping here again!” line or a bad review threat on Yelp. However, over the last few years, reports of customers turning violent (verbally or physically), is on the rise. Stories such as, a man drove his car into a gas station building, severely injuring two workers by pining them under the truck and then getting out of his vehicle and punching another female worker in the face. The reason for this? He had trouble using a pre pay machine and believed the gas station was trying to rob him. He has recently been sentenced to 6 years in prison. 

The retail stigma

As I mentioned before, there are many different reasons why people are working in retail. That doesn’t stop people from making judgments or assuming things about retail workers. Mainly that we are all high school drop outs, or are too stupid to be or do anything else. We get treated as if  we don’t matter, not real people. An example of this is  when they linger past closing time because of COURSE  we dont have anywhere else to be.

Now let me just clarify that I am not saying all customers are like this, I have encountered some great and friendly customers in the past. These are just some things that I have witnessed in my past and present working in retail. Of course I also know that not all workers are great either, I have been witness to that from the other side as well. 

Anyone else working in retail? What has your experience been like? Please comment below…


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“Discovering” new music: How social media is credited in the world today.

Music is a huge part of the world today. However, the music industry is a lot different now   than it was even 10 years ago. Gone are the days of musicians sending in their demos to the A&R (Artists & Repertoire)  department with high hopes of being signed.These days they are taking on the future and making things happen for themselves.

How,  you may ask?


Shawn Mendes

In today’s new technologically advanced era, artists are now promoting themselves and releasing their music independently. This is where social media seems to play a major part in their journey.

I personally have friends who are using social media to promote themselves. They have been able to  use these resources to their advantage, showcasing their music through video clips and advertising upcoming shows. Linking specialized sites such as Soundcloud to a generalized ones such as Facebook or Instagram helps to expand their brand to the public.

I have linked my friend’s Sixteenth Ave Band YouTube page below.

This new way of promoting music has not gone unnoticed . Even high ranking individuals in the music industry are taking notes and trying to incorporate  these strategies into the mainstream music sector as seen by this seminar at the Canadian Music week 2012.


Social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Vine are responsible for the discovery of some of the biggest stars today such as Justin Beiber, Shawn Mendes and Carly Rae Jepson. Even Adele, one of the biggest stars in the world, was discovered through MySpace!

How many of you have discovered a new artist or music that you enjoy through the internet or social media?

If so, please comment below and let us know  who you discovered and what you like about them:



Justin Beiber












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