What’s Your Preference?

Networking : In-Person or Online?

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Taking this course has taught me a lot about the business side of social media. With the on going pandemic, many businesses have shifted online. On one hand, you can quickly connect with others all over the world but on the other hand, it has made in-person networking a bit difficult.

My initial reasoning for taking this program was to get into a career in this field. I am hoping this happens sooner than later. With that being said, it’s essential for me to develop a networking strategy both in-person and online.

Online Networking

In order to have a successful strategy, I can’t just dive into different platforms. I need to have goals. What exactly do I want to gain from this? Quite frankly, I’m not 100% yet. This would be the first step for me, creating goals.

From there, I will be more active on different platforms and form my personal brand. I believe having a personal branding strategy will be key to my networking strategy. I will admit that when I first meet someone or find a new company, I go to social media to look them up. Do they have a completely different persona online? I want to see how they portray themselves and how they engage with others. I know this will be something that any future employer or connection will look for.

In addition to my personal branding, I will be connecting with others. I can’t expect to complete my goals without introducing myself and forming connections.

In-Person Networking

Carrying on with the connections, this will play a major role in my in-person networking. Personally, I am more introverted so the thought of putting myself out there and attending certain events isn’t my first option. Regardless, I understand the impact of having that face-to-face connection can provide.

Networking in person will give me the opportunity to show my personality. To give life to the person behind the screen. Ultimately, this can be a true test one my end because I will be able to find out who I want to associate myself with.

Keeping these connections is just as important as starting them. Staying in touch with others and keeping that friendship alive is going to help in the long run. Whether this means meeting others via that initial connection or gaining opportunities, it will pay off to put myself out there.

For the foreseeable future, online webinars and classes will be my go-to in order to gain more skills. Depending on where my future job gets me, I will be attaining skills that will aid in my occupational development.

Before learning any of these skills, I will be updating my LinkedIn profile and putting my networking to good use.

Pre pandemic, I would attend IMATS which is a makeup trade show. Not only did I meet others, but I also gained tips and knowledge about the industry. I would love to attend an event like that again or another show to connect with others.

Which type of networking do you prefer?

P.S. my favourite pre-pandemic activity to meet others was going to concerts (minus leaving the venue).

Is One Social Media Platform Enough?

When it comes to a well-planned social media strategy, I think of companies that are active on multiple platforms. They are diverse, enjoy educating, as well as engaging with their clients. This blog will focus on two companies that have a fantastic social media strategy and one company that needs some improvement.

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

Rihanna is a queen, it’s no surprise that Fenty Beauty has done exceptionally well since it first came out. If Ri-Ri isn’t enough to keep this beauty company at the top, then what is?

Fenty’s social media game is *chefs kiss* on point. Their diversity and inclusivity have reeled in many people throughout the years because they cater to people of different race and gender. This alone makes you feel welcomed like you belong. This can be a big deal in the beauty industry as I’ve seen firsthand when working with clients who often feel left out from certain companies.

A big chunk of Fenty’s marketing strategy comes from influencers (as if Rihanna herself isn’t enough to boost sales). Well-known influencers can be seen sharing reviews, attending launch parties and giving their support and praise for the brand. They essentially allow these influencers and any customer to do the talking for them. When they do talk, (Twitter) they’re relatable and have humour to their voice. All I can say is, Fenty is doing it right.

“The Cosmetics Industry generates 55% of its buzz through influencers.”

Rosanna, Ryan. for Launch Metrics.

Staying along the lines of feeling appreciated, this next company treats you like your BFF. This best friend will be there to get you back out on the dating scene when your ex breaks up with you. Whether you swipe right or swipe left, Tinder has done more than just providing you with eye candy.

Tinder’s social media strategy gets a big thumbs up from me. Much like Fenty, they use different platforms for different strategies. Sticking mainly to Instagram for the bulk of their content while the use of Twitter will be about engagement with their customers.

Although Tinder is mainly for dating, I enjoy that they’ve teamed up with other companies like Domino’s. On Valentine’s Day, they gave you the chance with every swipe to win free pizza or discounts. Talk about a perfect match.

On top of teaming up with others, they like to educate on social issues, including the ongoing pandemic around the world and forced marriages. “For example, Amnesty International Australia used the network to raise awareness about forced marriages with a campaign launched on International Women’s Day. The nonprofit replaced profile pictures with downloadable images illustrating that oppressed women around the world still aren’t able to make important choices about their lives––the kinds of choices that many of us take for granted.” Ohannessian, B. (2020, April 15, para. 22) for Sprinklr.

Monitoring your brand is important, Tinder has successfully listened to the ongoing safety concern that is present in dating apps with new features. Without the use of monitoring throughout the years, they wouldn’t have been able to see the analytics regarding the different safety features of their competitors.

This next company has a few red flags with their strategy. Although they’re on top of Instagram, any other platforms they have need some work.

Workout’s By Katya has been a favourite company of mine for workout plans, tips and attire. When observing this company online is easy to spot some areas that need an upgrade.

The first red flag for me is the inactivity on Twitter. Their last tweet was back in 2018. This threw me off because Twitter has been a platform where companies engage with their clients and express who the brand truly is with their voice.

On top of the lack of posts, I noticed the absence of a few platforms that would increase brand awareness as well as sales. Pinterest and TikTok. On one hand, you have this platform used for inspiration and the other is perfect for companies to give tips & tricks and behind the scenes.

For Workouts By Katya, I would use Sprout Social to increase engagement across multiple platforms. By using this tool, it makes it easier to post on different social media platforms, engaging with clients and monitoring the industry in general which would be used to leverage the brand’s profits.

Photo by Anna Nekrashevich from Pexels

I’d like to see Twitter being used for conversations and monitoring, Pinterest to promote plans, clothing and even nutritional information and TikTok for behind the scenes, workout guides seen from the plans sold and q&a’s.

These few tweaks to their strategy can result in higher SEO, an increase in customer satisfaction and brand awareness.

I’m curious to know if you’ve ever been intrigued by a brand simply for how their brand’s voice is?

Easy Peasy, Beauty Breezy?

New to social media monitoring and listening? I share 2 easy tools to use. I’ll also be sharing my 2 favourite sources for beauty-related news.

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When it comes to social media monitoring/listening, there is an abundance of tools that are used, they can find different analytics that helps you understand and track your audience. If you want to further develop a brand or develop personally, this is important for your success. With the different tools out there, it can be overwhelming so I’m going to share my go-to tools that are simple to use and effective.

Let’s start with Google Alerts. Staying on top of the latest news is easy, just type in a keyword or phrase to get an email related to your search. You can filter where the news comes from if you prefer a specific source, eg. blogs, videos, books and also discussions. Sounds doable, right? This is straight-forward and a simple tool to track not only yourself/brand, it’s a great way to stay on top of your competitor. You can make this even easier for yourself by setting up your alerts to an RSS feed that you already use. This will allow you to have everything in a specific place and it won’t oversaturate your email which can be a little annoying if alerts are constantly coming in. Here’s an article on how to get started + tips.

Social Searcher is another easy tool that allows you to search different social platforms while giving analytics about your audience. Unlike Google Alerts, Social Searcher scans through multiple platforms (you can choose which ones to search) in real-time. People will post their honest opinions online, while it may seem like a bad thing it’s the opposite. Having the opportunity to see the negative things being said will allow you to address and work on them to improve your brand and give your audience what they want. You can calculate these words being said with the “Sentiment” tab, making your job easier to navigate the positive, negative and neutral posts.

I chose Google Alerts and Social Searcher over others because I am still learning about the different tools with monitoring and learning. As I’ve done the research, I’ve found different ones, however, since my job doesn’t require monitoring I haven’t had the need to go that in-depth with tracking. Although I am switching careers, I am able to use these personally to get a better understanding of when I have the opportunity to fully explore other tools for a company.

Speaking of exploring, what sources do you find yourself gravitating towards to find news? Personally, I find social media to be very useful for doing so, especially when it comes to beauty-related news.

Instagram and Twitter have been a staple when finding out about the latest product launch as well as the drama that goes on in the beauty community. On Instagram, @TrendMood is the top source to know when brands, products and collaborations will be happening. This has been useful at my job because I am able to let clients know when certain products will be coming out. This gets a conversation going about what they’re looking for (ingredient, price, what it does) and a potential sale.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Reading about the beauty world on Twitter is easy with the use of hashtags. You can find tips and tricks or reviews about products easily with the use of them. I follow many beauty gurus, aestheticians and dermatologists who all communicate with each other to provide information that can help their followers. Aside from beauty, I will admit that I have learnt about big news in the world on Twitter. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, what I do know is that these platforms deliver news quickly for millions.

With that being said, these two social media platforms are my go-to over others because it’s accessible at any time, anywhere since I have them on my phone so I can always be up to date. They also provide me with the newest information on all things beauty since posting updates, reviews and tips is apart of one’s job.

Show of hands, who else goes to social media to find the latest news? If so, what’s your preference?

Crimes + Social Media = a Good Match?

Police Crime Scene Tape” by JobsForFelonsHub is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you’re into true crime like myself, then you know that there have been plenty of cases that have been solved with the use of social media. With more involvement of social media, it has transformed the way we live. With that being said, should the criminal justice system be moving in that same direction?

With the help of the public, photos of suspects have been identified much faster than ever before. Criminals are being put behind bars, victims are getting the justice that they deserve, thanks to social media. Much like students studying the subject, officers have been doing the same. “Some officers have their own knowledge of social networks, while others are studying up on each platform to add new skills to their crime-fighting arsenals.” (Vista College, 2020, March 5, para. 5)

Police can do a quick search on social media that will aid in the arrest of an individual. Fortunately, many criminals get themselves caught by posting self-incriminating evidence online. These posts can be anywhere from a taunt to the police station that posted about their arrest warrant, to photos and videos being shared of a crime that they have committed.

There are countless cases of people posting their crimes or hints of their crime online. What you don’t see as often is a victim posting their possible attacker on social media. Unfortunately, this might’ve been the case for Liberty German and Abigail Williams back in 2017. The girls went for a walk on a trail, posting their adventures on Snapchat. When they failed to return to the location that they were to be picked up from, their families grew concerned. Sadly, the girls were found deceased the following day. A few days following their death, police released a screenshot from a video that was posted to Liberty’s Snapchat story. In this video, the girls were suspicious of a man who they thought was following them. Along with this picture of the unidentified man, the police also released an audio clip that was found (details surrounding the audio have not been disclosed). You can hear a man’s voice telling them to “Get down the hill.” The police considered this man a person of interest and while there have been speculations as to who this guy was, he has not been found. It is uncertain if that man captured on Liberty’s phone was their killer. The case has gone cold, however, I have hope that one day the girl’s killer will be found and the girls will have justice. If the Snapchat stories weren’t filmed, you can only imagine where this case would be.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

In contrast to the pros of social media helping criminal cases, there are always cons that follow. This can include, blaming certain individuals for crimes, using threats online, tracking someone and using revenge-porn. Not only can these put someone at risk, but they can also harm an ongoing case. The officers involved in a case will be looking at evidence from the beginning. If a piece of evidence is given to them by the public, they have to verify this which could be misleading evidence. What if the person who gave this evidence has altered it or holds a grudge against the suspect? This can also be a distraction for investigators who spend their time looking into a lead that doesn’t go anywhere when they could’ve been investigating an actual lead that can be backed up. Is it worth it for investigators to look into public clues if it could potentially throw off the whole investigation?

Between the pros and the cons, social media plays a big role in helping investigators solve crimes. I believe the pros outweigh the cons in this situation. With more involvement online, it’s crucial for them to continue to further develop their social media skills in order to solve past, present and further crimes. There has been plenty of cases that have been solved thanks to social media. You could be helping just by sharing someone’s story because it could reach someone that might know something about that case.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

Here’s a great article called “Social Media Use in Law Enforcement” by Center For Improving Investigations that gives statistics and insight on how social media is used by law enforcement.

I’d love to know if you’re into true crime. Do you think it’s important for investigators to continue to use social media to solve cases? You can let me know by answering the poll below as well as leaving a comment. Thank you.

Should crimes be solved using social media or is it too much of a risk? https://bit.ly/37B8CqC

Social media + crimes = helpful or hurtful? #socialmediaftw https://bit.ly/37B8CqC

Do You Recognize Your Reflection in the Mirror?

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I want you to look in the mirror. You have your true self standing there, the reflection looking back at you is a version that you want others to see you as. When you’re posting on social media, are you posting yourself or the reflection looking back at you? “You are more likely to paint a false picture or narrative of a life you want others to think you have.” said Rachel Ramirez.

It’s much easier to share more likeable content online to feel more relatable, to get more likes or to feel better about yourself. You can show more than one identity if you wish, much like a theatre mask. It’s easy to switch expressions and your appearance with a mask for others to see you. Have we grown accustomed to hiding behind a mask instead of showing who we really are?

The famous theatre mask symbol 🎭 dates back to Greek Mythology. These masks are known as the comedy and tragedy mask a.k.a. Thalia and Melpomene. In order for the people of Ancient Greece to properly portray who they were trying to be, they would wear these masks. People who were further in the audience would be able to see the characters and emotions that were being played, especially because the mouths on these masks would be large so the actors could project their voice more.

Masks were just one part of the experience. Costumes and props were also used to allow the actors to express different emotions, age and social status to further help the audience believe the characters being played. Not only do we use this in theatres today, but we also use it metaphorically on social media. The use of masks, costumes and props translate to people using makeup, clothing and prized possessions to enhance their image online.

Here is an interesting article that tells you more about Greek Theatre.

Most of us know not to believe everything online because things usually aren’t how they seem. Of course, it’s much easier to show the positives in our life, but what about the negatives? Having a connection with others is what we crave, especially when it’s real and raw. I personally feel better when I come across an unfiltered post/account. Showing the real, sometimes uncomfortable topics is far more intriguing to me because it’s nice to know that you’re not alone. No matter what you’re going through, someone is dealing with the same thing, which is usually filtered.

Being behind a screen makes it easier to judge others because you truly don’t know what they’re going through since people don’t normally broadcast their whole life online. With that being said, maybe that’s why we choose to hide behind a mask. Although it’s easier, it doesn’t mean it’s better. At the end of the day, we all have one thing in common. We are all human.

There’s no denying that most of the content you see online isn’t real, there could be many factors as to why someone chooses to put a mask on. Do you recall a time you thought about which mask to put on? How many different masks would you be taking off before you revealed who you really are?

Be who you are and say how you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Suess, The Cat in the Hat.

How many masks are you removing to reveal your true self? https://bit.ly/37fgKg9

Is your reflection true to who you are? #hidingbehindamask https://bit.ly/37fgKg9

Who’s Ready to Go Back in Time?

Join Me on an Adventure of My Social Media Timeline

Image By Mat Brown via Pexels

Welcome! Today I’m going to be taking you back in time when things were more… simple. You’ll see as the years go by and I grow, my social media platforms do the same. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

    Back to the Beginning

    • The year is 2000, I was 6 years old. The only thing that I cared about was trying to annoy my older brother and sister. Although I did play the occasional game of pinball on the computer, most of my time was spent outside. I had a blast waving at cars and laying on the grass looking up at the sky pointing out all the shapes and animals that I could see in the clouds.

    Getting My Friends On Board

    • Fast Forward to 2007. My mom helped me make my first email account! She came up with my email, it was a little embarrassing so I’m keeping the name to myself. Can you guess what I could do now that I have my first email account? That’s right, I had an MSN Messenger account! The next day at school I handed my classmates a piece of paper and told them to write their emails down so I could add them on MSN, including my crush. On days when everyone was “offline”, I could count on my good ol’ friend SmarterChild to be there to talk to me. What great times we had. R.I.P. MSN. You can read more about the OG messenger here.

    Things Are Starting to Grow

    • Now we are jumping 2 years ahead to 2009. It’s my first year of high school and the year that my social media accounts started to grow. At this point, I’ve had a Facebook account for a year. That year was spent “liking” as many pages and celebrity accounts as possible. I may have updated my status too many times. I would let all of my friends know that “Jessica Correia is sick :(” and “Jessica Correia is in science”. Did anyone else start their Facebook status with “is”?

    • This year I started hearing about Twitter. I made an account only for one reason, to follow Justin Bieber. I had to keep up with the newest pop star, another way to do so was to watch “One Time” on Youtube on repeat. After making my Youtube account, I started following some beauty gurus that were big back then. All of the content people were creating was quite different compared to the content you see creators make nowadays. Did you watch any of these popular Youtubers back in the day?


    • The last stop of today’s experience ends in 2012. The last year of high school and Instagram was all the rage. I could take photos of ANYTHING! Want to know what I had for breakfast? No? Well, I’m taking a photo and posting it anyway. Plenty of selfies were taken with all those awesome filters that came with Instagram. Don’t forget to put a caption ending with “lol” or “:p”. My 2012 posts were top-notch quality, I don’t know why I didn’t get more than 5 likes?

    • Another big user for me this year was Twitter. When my friends at school started to diminish, the amount of tweeting I did went up. Tweet, tweet, tweet all day long. Might as well call me “Tweety Bird”, get it? That was probably something I tweeted back then followed by #hilarious, #tweet. I know, I’m cringing too. It wasn’t all bad on Twitter that year though. Thanks to my love for One Direction, Much Music sent me a dm asking if I wanted to be on a pilot episode for a new show. I ended up making some friends because of that.

    Back to Reality

    • We’re taking a bit of a jump in my timeline now because we’re now in 2021. I decided to include the main platforms and times in my life. Many new social media accounts have been made, as well as even more new friends. As the years have gone by, so have countless hours of scrolling, posting, and scrolling some more. With each event and emotion in my life that came up, so did a new post. This trip back in time reminded me of a time when social media was more simple. Do you think it’s a good thing for social media to grow with us?

    • Unfortunately, today’s adventure has come to an end. Thank you for joining me and experiencing my social media timeline. Were you late or on top of getting social media when it came out? If you’re interested, you can take a look at a timeline of how social media has become what it is now. Can you guess the year that the first “selfie” was taken?

    It’s time to get back to reality now. Maybe we can catch up again in the future. #TTYL.

    Image by Kerde Severin via Pexels

    #BackInTime Social media was… simpler? https://bit.ly/3qETnDS

    Join me, for an adventure back in time. https://bit.ly/3qETnDS . How does your timeline compare?

    TikTok: The Best Way to Get Through Quarantine?

    Image by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

    We can all breathe a sigh of relief now that 2020 is over. It had its ups and downs (more downs than ups), but I can thank one app for getting me through #Quarantine2020, TikTok.

    Believe it or not, I once told myself that I wouldn’t download this app. I thought it was just an app for teens to make videos of themselves dancing and lip-synching, I was wrong. TikTok not only gave me some tips and tricks, but it also gave me the creativity and laughter that I needed.

    Let’s take a look at a few reasons why TikTok made the dreadful quarantine life a little bit more bearable.

    Don’t Be Surprised If You See Your… Chiropractor?

    Although TikTok (originally Musical.ly) was once geared towards teenagers, you can find users of all ages using the app. My favourite accounts would have to be animal and baby accounts. Seeing those will brighten your day!

    Image Source (Felix Richter, 2020, June 30)

    You’re probably wondering why so many users around the world are obsessed with TikTok. I’ll let you in on a few things that dragged me in. I found myself watching videos that I wouldn’t normally search for in other apps, chiropractor videos would be one of them. I will admit, I am one of those people who enjoy the oddly satisfying sounds of the adjustments. Having been to a chiropractor myself, I find those cracks even more satisfying knowing the relief that you get from it.

    Duets, Hashtags, and Challenges, Oh My!

    The personalization is a *thumbs up* from me. Not only do I get to enjoy those chiropractor adjustments, but I can also follow any account that interests me! From #Beauty, #Medical, #Paranormal, and #CuteAnimal videos, the learning, and laughter never ends. If none of those interest you, you can check out the most popular searches, or hashtag anything you’d like.

    Along with hashtags, TikTok has a few other features;

    • Editing Tools
    • Duets
    • Challenges
    • Live Streaming

    During the summer, I had my fair share of learning the choreography to different dance challenges. The “Say So”, “Savage”, and “Come Around Me” dance challenge to name a few. Fun fact, I did the #ComeAroundMeChallenge on a zoom work call!

    The “Duet” option allows you to make a video alongside anyone, including celebrities. Yes, you can dance with Justin Bieber if that’s what your heart desires. Okay, okay, that’s just what MY #bieberfever filled heart desires. Don’t “sweat it” if dancing isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of TikTok to search through. See anything you want to check out?

    You’re Not Alone

    With the use of any social media app, there can be a downside. It’s easy to feel like no one relates to you. Many users and professionals are talking about things that most people are afraid to talk about. Sharing stories or information about “embarrassing” topics isn’t camouflaged anymore, which can really help individuals understand their body for example. Something that has helped me is the #MentalHealthAwareness side of TikTok. Hopefully, it can help someone else as well during difficult times.

    You can be honest here, have you caved into this popular app? I know you want to. Go on, have fun trying out a new fashion hack or recipe. You can thank me later.

    Thank you @TikTok for getting me thru #Quarantine2020 https://wp.me/p3QRy0-qGC

    Quarantine wasn’t enjoyable. Luckily, I had something to help me get through it https://wp.me/p3QRy0-qGC