My Outlook Has Changed

Social Media Monitoring Tools Are Your Bestfriend.

Whenever I am on social media now, I look at a business differently. I study their platform to see how engaging they are, the type of content they post and if it’s appropriate for their niche audience. I am able to identify if their social media strategy is strong or weak.

Social media listening and monitoring are key for a company’s success online. Doing research for assignments helped me learn the importance of monitoring different platforms in order to improve metrics that will help a brand grow. With the use of tools, you can track these metrics while also keeping an eye on your competition.

When doing my assignments, I found Social Searcher to be useful. I was able to see any mentions from the web, as well as social media platforms. I was also able to look at the sentiment of these mentions and popular keywords that have been used.

Having this information and applying it to assignments helped me understand the importance of keeping up to date on what’s being said about a brand.

Having that feedback from an audience whether it’s positive or negative, gives the brand the opportunity to engage with them. They can learn from these mentions and further grow their brand by how they respond and act on.

Photo by Meruyert Gonullu from Pexels

I believe the best thing a brand can do for its audience is to acknowledge and listen to them. Personally speaking, having a company acknowledge my interest or feedback, improved my fondness towards them.

Building a relationship with an audience is improved by engagement. This relationship with new or existing consumers helps to increase brand awareness, SEO and conversion rate.

“The opinions people express on social media give real insights into how they feel about an organization and its products. It’s usually the first clue to problems that need to be fixed. To gain those insights, it’s crucial to actually read the consumer opinions, not just aggregate them into data.”

Comcowich, W. (2020, September 09). 12 Important Ways Social Media Listening Can Benefit Your Business. Glean.

To make monitoring more effective, using a dashboard and RSS feeder to collect data will help keep the information organized. Once a company has gone over the information they have collected, they are able to leverage their marketing tactics and sales.

The social media world is constantly evolving so it’s crucial for a company to stay up to date on their audience, competition and industry trends.

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