Blog #1 Amazing tools for social media monitoring and News Sources

Nowadays various methods for social media trend monitoring and sources for news and updates have popped up with the development of technology. Among them, there are some tools which I particularly prefer due to the convenience and their fast speed for delivering information to users. Today I am going to introduce them to you.

Google Alerts

Google alerts is one of the products produced by google in aim for delivering new interesting content to its audience. I found this amazing tool from the lectures (COM0012) I attended last semester. It has many selections on setting frequency sending news to users from at most once a day to at most once a week. Users would only need to input any keywords of what they are interested in including their own company, related industry news or even updates for competitors. Once everything is set up, users will receive emails for those new content. Below is an example of my settings on google alert:

You can even get a summary about any contents you or your email are mentioned on it. Besides, it is totally free. So it is very nice to the social media trend monitoring beginners like me as I do not have to cost too much over it.


This is another ideal tool but will cost a little money. On this site you can track for your own brand, a campaign or even any event of the industry and performing market researches. There is a selection on the dashboard page which enables you to decide to track from Twitter, Instagram, News, Forums and Blogs or not. It is very handy on getting a clear understanding about what is going on. I have to say Hootsuite worth every penny. 

Sources for news

Kaggleblog is one of the source I use to receive updated information for subjects that I am interested in. As it will post new winners’ experience and thoughts for each competition and introductions of new published programming packages, which is helpful for me to broaden my views. 

Another is news source is Linkedin. Right now I have decided to change the job for higher position in order to improve myself, I have to watch the industry’s news so that I could have a better answer for interviews.

So far these sites work perfectly fine for me. Hope these sites would be helpful to you.

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COM0015 Blog # 1 – Tools and Sources Assignment 1

Social media monitoring is also known as “Social Media Listening”, it is the process of identifying and assessing what is going to be said about any company, individual, product, or either brand on the internet. In this blog, I will discuss two tools that are Pexels and Facebook Live which then I will introduce to you a new update between the two tools.


The meaning of pexels it provides high quality and completely free stack of photos that are only licensed. All of the photos are nicely tagged, searchable and also easy to discover through their discovery pages. Using pexels, I can easily upload any photo of mine and I could also search or scroll down other people’s photos. 

Pexels - Free Stock Photos with API Available | Web Resources ...

Facebook Live

The meaning of “Facebook Live” it’s a feature that a social network uses the camera on either computer or mobile devices to broadcast real-time video to Facebook. Using Facebook Live, I can easily create videos on what I am doing and add friends in the same video that is being created. Facebook live is also able to engage their audiences during the important events that are occurring.

Facebook Launches “Live” Streaming Video Feature, But Only For ...

New Sources

There is a new update between pexels and Facebook live. The company originally is named “Facebook Live Pexels”. This can collect data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have or ready taken some kind of action on your website. 

Using this it allows me to create different videos that could be business-related for instance “The Keg” they create live pexels videos to capture people’s attention.

500+ Beautiful Live Photos Pexels · Free Stock Photos
A live pexel example

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COM0015:Blog4- Out of the Box

As I have found multiple websites that organize posts, apps that enhance your photos, and ways to schedule out when to post and what hashtags to use, I still have a great fascination and appreciation for Influencers.

Influencers are one of the biggest game changers in the online marketing world. Influencers are working as moving, posting, followed advertisement for brands to use! They work all online, and are close to free! Creating content that suites the brand they are posing for, all on their own time!

Why do brands choose influencers? Yes, their cost is low, they create great content, but mainly; people trust people. When we see an influencer of our own liking post with a new, trendy, item, we often think “maybe I should try that?”. If the Influencer believes it to be good, then it should be! The trust Influencers have with their followers is incredible. Much like an older sibling/younger sibling viewpoint. We want what they have; we put trust in to what they are saying, and we enjoy watching what they do!

Influencers are the fastest growing online customer acquisition method at 28%. Which is no surprise, Instagram gets roughly 4.2 billion likes per day. As more brands use Influencers, the more likely their brand will stand out from the crowd, attract more audience members, and bring in more revenue.

Because brands can pick and choose the exact Influencer they want to represent their brand, based on their target audience, there is no reason a brand shouldn’t/wouldn’t use an Influencer for more appeal.

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Video Conferencing becomes Mainstream

One of the recent trends that I have observed is the enormous and broad growth in video conferencing.

I have had a Zoom account for many years and have enjoyed the ability to meet with groups remotely and particularly the ability to record sessions and share later through social media.

During the Corona virus pandemic I have observed new uses of the this technology, far beyond business applications. In the past month, I have seen Birthday parties, family suppers, weddings, funerals, elementary classrooms, and church Sunday Schools offer their programming and gatherings through video conferencing.

I think moving forward, even after the global travel restrictions are lifted, more and more gatherings, concerts and conferences will be recorded live and offered remotely. We are beginning to see more clearly the inherit risks in travel and gathering in large groups and will continue to see more creative ways to use video conferencing in place of face to face meetings.

My prediction is video production and video gathering through video conferencing will continue to be an essential tool for online marketing and social media well into the future.

COM0015:Blog3 Professional Networking

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

As I have learned more about online marketing, I found multiple ways to run a successful profile. As I look at the long list, 3 points stand out, that I use today, and in my future.

  • focus on peer engagement – Having help from those around you can make a huge difference in content. Asking for advice, and getting new ideas from outsiders (who are seeing the posts, but aren’t involved) can open up the social media page to new platforms. This allows me to ask questions such as: What do you want more of? What was your favourite posts? Does this relate to you as a viewer? I can ask members from within the company who have the company knowledge. I can ask steak holders. This will also bring me to collaborate with other companies (or people) for future posts.
  • Be focussed yet adventurous – It is important to stay focussed on what I am trying to sell, when on social media. If I am marketing for a fishing camp, using imagery that shows off the fish and the open water is what will attract people. Focussing on following, and targeting those people who would be interested in a fishing trip as well. BUT, being adventurous while I do it. Not being afraid to use creative fonts, using colour, and reaching out to collaborators. Posting a video on the best way to deep fry a fish, or a how to guide on hooking a fish on the reel. Being creative with each post, and not being afraid to stand out and try something new.
  • Consistency with posts – Making sure that I schedule posts. Having a calendar for each month, mapping out when I will post what image, what my caption will be, and what hashtags. When will I announce a contest, or do an Instagram poll? Who will I follow. Planning ahead so each day will come at ease! Being active online, and staying relevant! It is important that people remember each profile for the company! Not only being active on the company profiles, but being an active follower as well! Commenting on other posts, and sharing content!
Photo by Lukas from Pexels

In my future social media efforts, I plan to run a few social media platforms for 2 different companies. One being for a Northern Saskatchewan (year-round) Resort (including fishing, canoeing, biking, snow shoeing, swimming, etc.) This will be extremely valuable as there are so many activities to do while vacationing, I will need to highlight each one, depending on the time of year.

The second company I will be working with is a private commercial flight company. As they fly anyone to any destination privately, everyone involved not mentioned. No faces (other than staff) are shown. People can send in photos of the destinations they have flown with this company, the experience they had, and can take video from their flight. This will all be shared, but guests are anonymous. The point of the social media page is to recruit new (and recurring) flyers! Showing customers a new way of travel!

While working with these companies, I will also be a part of webinars, and social media/online marketing lessons. Learning more about how to market online, how to attract a key audience, and new strategies. It is extremely important to keep building my skills, knowledge, and learn more about the online world in order to be more successful, and have my profiles grow.

Com 0015 ~ Blog#3: Professional Networking Now and In The Future

At the moment, every aspect of our lives is being altered, possibly permanently, by the current Coronavirus pandemic. Never before have global rules around how we meet people, do business and interact changed so dramatically or so quickly. Networking will be very different at this time, for the rest of this year, and possibly much longer too.

Networking has always been about making connections. Some people prefer face to face networking, and some are more comfortable with online, or less direct forms of networking. To network right now, it will take gaining a comfort level with new technologies and platforms that allow us to connect virtually as most all in person or group events are cancelled.

Top Strategies for Networking in a Pandemic:

Be Authentic in your interactions. If online introductions are new or awkward for you, dont be afraid to recognize that and be yourself.

Test out new technology before reaching out to use it the first time. If you are a new Zoom user, set up your first meet up with a family member to become more comfortable with the platform.

Use this extra time to self educate on areas of professional interest. Reach out to connect with others who share those interests.

Stay connected with your local networks and remember there will be a time when we can gather face to face again. Use online tools to stay connected during quarantine times.

Stay positive online. If you are having a down day, make sure to keep it off social media and bring your best to those you know and meet online

I believe networking in the future will be very different. I see that people will be more intentional with which groups they choose to connect with as we are all more fully aware of the risks associated with groups of people. Hopefully we will all find renewed appreciation of the gift of being able to be with people in the near future.

What are you looking most forward to doing again?

COM0015-Blog#4: Are You Still Using Good Old Skype or Do You Zoom?

With COVID-19 being a part of our daily lives now, I have heard more about the video conferencing system Zoom than I ever did in the past!  Even the members of Saturday Night Live (SNL) did their show SNL from Home but it was Live from Zoom!  So, without a doubt, since I had to blog about an unexpected application for social media, I chose to blog about Zoom.  But wait, not only do I want to blog about this application, I also want to mention how well their online marketing is going since most of us are working from home!

As a freelancer, Skype used to be my application of choice.  Well, I must be honest, I had never heard of Zoom before COVID-19.  These days, I seem to be hearing a lot more about Zoom than Skype so right out of the box, I wanted to know what all the craze was about with Zoom and why Skype seemed to be losing its popularity.

But what about Skype?  I remember the days when you used to “Skype” your friends and family.  Then, Skype became more than just a familial tool.  Many enterprises were using Skype as their video conferencing tool of choice.  So why have so many people left Skype to join Zoom?  Both are great choices, but it all depends on your business needs.  They are both powerful communication channels that are very efficient and cost-effective.

Zoom was designed as a video conferencing software to help promote collaboration using an innovative system allowing applications such as web conferencing, group messaging as well as online meetings.  Zoom is a cloud based application that supports many different platforms such as Android, iPhone, Mac, iPad and web platforms.

As for Skype, the goal of the software application, which includes text, voice and video tools, was to provide its users the opportunity to share content with others no matter where they were located.  Skype is a web-based application that is also supporting various platforms like all Windows, Android phones, iPhones, Macs and iPads.

Here is a more detailed comparison between Skype and Zoom that demonstrates the differences between the two software applications. 

In conclusion, it is almost impossible to adopt a software application for long nowadays.  The technology allows for constant changes that are being made at lightning speed.  I have adopted a new motto that reflects that evolution: learn to expect the unexpected!  Will you?


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COM0015: Assignment 5 – Event Participation

Man Raising Right Hand

Humans are constantly learning and absorbing new information from their environments, peers, family, etc. Due to the current situation, I took the opportunity to learn about connecting social strategies to business goals. The live event is called “How to connect social strategy with business goals: Yvonne Chow

I chose this live event because social media marketing is a career I hope to pursue in the future. The speaker Yvonne Chow is the senior product marketing manager at Hootsuite. Moreover, learning about the importance of social media strategy is crucial in today’s age with everyone using mobile devices. Digital advertisements are the most efficient way to reach wider audiences. A quotable quote from the event is “ Digital ads will rise internationally, only 25% of CMOs can prove that social media quantitatively impacts company performance.’ (Yvone Chow)

The event is targeted at those interested in social media marketing or have careers in the social media industry. The event did not have a traditional chat log, to communicate with other participants. However, there was a text box available for individuals who were interested in asking questions to the main guest speakers. I believe the event to be very informational and interesting with interactive live slides with figures and statistics. 

The key ideas I learned from this event is to establish objectives to specific business outcomes. For example, if a company wanted to increase brand awareness and customer experience with their audience, the business must establish key goals. Through analyzing specific metrics such as, followers, comments, likes can help the company with their social media presence. The business can target specific kinds of content that resonates well with their audiences and decides business tools and tactics to achieve these goals.

Picture at the online event (04/14/20)

In the future, I would like to attend more informational events like these to learn about the social media industry. It’s free and available for beginners or experts in the social media field. Also, with the current pandemic situation it is a great opportunity to learn new valuable skills.

COM0015 – Blog #4: Out of the box

Growing up in the era of social media, it’s hard to think of a time without it. Social media platforms have exploded in popularity and bring us global connectivity, which is more important right now than ever before.

Being so used to social media, it’s hard to think of something that surprises me about it, but what comes to mind is social media platforms that have charitable features. A prime example of this is that users can set up a fundraiser through their Facebook page for an organization, and their friends can then make donations to the charity. Not only is this possible on the platform, Facebook encourages it.

When your birthday is coming up you’ll start seeing a message in your home-feed similar to the example above, which prompts you to set up a fundraiser for your birthday. Setting up a fundraiser is a great way to support a cause you care about, and ask your friends to support it as well. Facebook makes it easy and even has suggestions of charities to select that you can scroll through and select without leaving the app.

Facebook’s donation feature has proven to be quite successful. In fact, $2 billion has been raised through Facebook donations since the feature was added about four years ago. This highlights the true impact people can have when you harness the power of social media.

In a world where social media is often known as being a toxic place, it’s nice to see some positivity shining through.

Out of the box and onto the screen

COM0015 Blog #4

One of the unexpected applications in online marketing is how quickly it has taken over conventional shopping habits. The landscape is changing where most brick and mortar buildings are closing up shop in favor of an online experience. One of the deciding factors is definitely the costs involved in keeping a location but the other deciding factor for most businesses is the ability to have your product available 24 hours a day.

credit Pexels

When you add social media into the mix you have the perfect marketing set-up. Businesses can do all their business online, advertise online and respond to customers online. They can focus their attention on making their products relevant instead of paying exorbitant rents for buildings that may or may not have the best location for their business.

Research shows that: (Credit: The Balance Small Business)  

  • 67 percent of millennials prefer to shop online
  • 56 percent of gen-xers prefer to shop online
  • 41 percent of baby boomers prefer online shopping
  • only 28 percent of seniors prefer online shopping

What do you think? Are you one of the above stats that prefers to shop online?

Keeping a business thriving has always been a challenge and sometimes just advertising by word of mouth or handing out flyers is not enough to get noticed. Social media has saved many businesses from becoming dust in the business world. But just having a social media account and an online marketing option won’t be enough if you don’t do the work. If your business is completely online, then you need to make sure you are connecting with your customers. You can’t have social media with no content or voice, so it might be an option to utilize some of the tools available from companies that can monitor and track your social media accounts. It all depends on how much time and money you can afford and if you think it is worth it.

credit Pexels

Did you use social media to find a business?

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