Online Sprout Social Webinar

Unfortunately, I did not have the resources at this time to actually grab hold of an event running in the last 2 weeks here but I did attend an online webinar instead with one of my favorite sites. The professional online development course entitled, “CMO Fireside Chat: 2019 B2B Social Media Predictions”.  


Why Did I Attend? They have proven that their sources/individuals attending are knowledgable, attending on the reliable source of Sprout social doesn’t hurt either. I am excited to hear four concrete individuals of the industry talk about making sense of complex software and how to form deeper connections with B2B relationships.


Attending the webinar was great, I learned a lot by the end of it and had an interesting time learning how the individuals spoke about using social media. They did a question and answer period in the end but I was too shy to contribute, I did comment on their other communication platform twitter with #SproutWebinar. I would have had a four-way call beforehand with the leaders of the video because they seemed a little out of tune and the experience levels differentiated too much. My interaction obviously ended up being comment conversations but I still learned that even established business owners can always grow no matter how they write, what their profile looks like or who they present themselves as. I did notice that I didn’t learn what they promised me, which was a rundown of how to deal with sophisticated software. So that kinda sucked.


What Did I learn?

  • Social media has changed a ton since the 2000s (distribution use, real-time feedback, ads, clicks), and in 2010 (business to customer focus, early bird coupons, customer connection) they started to move onto the trend that is on the peak right now. Authenticity.
  • Social media does not work as well as it used too because companies use social media more than friends/family do and t is harder to create connections with individuals spread out on so many platforms as well
  • Start a strategy by thinking about how channels will support your overall goals instead of the other way around
  • Top individuals in the industry still do not have a clear definition of R.O.I.
  • Business to business interaction is poor online
  • You need to give recognition via social media to staff, customers or partners because it means more than a verbal congratulations
  • There is software to use that can track what networks people are on
  • The one thing that is unique to share (content), even if it is embarrassing will set you apart


What Idea’s Did It Give Me?

  • Use real people as your actors to get across a transparent company vibe
  • Use a wedding style photo booth to encourage social media pictures at future events. (Include a special talent they have, something excited to speak about)
  • Use Twitter to post directly to customer automated tweet to use the network as a “VIP Newsletter”
  •  Keep an “Idol follow” as well as “Competition” folder
  • Use/ask for video reviews, testimonials, feedback, etc.
  • Interact/comment with (V/B)logs like a classroom, don’t be shy to engage or you can’t be a social media manager


Favorite Quote


“…Amazingly connected to me and like, help me get more excited about the show starting. Which naturally makes me share this content so my audience learns about it.”

Ryan Bonnici

Ryan Bonnici is the Chief Marketing Officer at G2 where he handles the input and output daily (person talking in the first image). I love this quote because he is reminiscing about another business marketing to him and how it made him feel so special while getting him excited about their service. It shows true emotion and coming from somebody in his position, it also demonstrates a level of understanding. To have a fellow chief marketing officer blown away by your marketing tactics is a skill you can hopefully keep providing.

webinar 4

Will I Attend In The Future? 

OH YEAH! I learned so much! I cannot wait to go to a true event, I did get to interact with somebody on twitter and I still got to gain the knowledge I wanted. To shake their hands and the rush of approaching somebody will be a goal for a new day. This helped me get into the groove of social media, taught me new implementation strategies and, new techniques. It also helps me gauge where I am in the professional world, what ideas and perspectives others hold and how creating a community to discuss ideas is very important. It has encouraged me to create my own mini business group with some family members who are interested in working with me in the future. I am hoping to attend an event every two weeks in the future, now I know how long it takes to book and how to be prepared for it.

You should check out their other webinars, what was ONE great idea you had from your online or offline event? Thanks for reading! 😊


COM0015-Blog#4: Learning Pixels, ROI & Transparency

I have learned so much in this course! Discovered ways my colleagues apply social media, amazing software that encompasses all of my needs and just general social media knowledge. Online marketing and social media still managed to through some unexpected curve balls my way by teaching me about tracking pixels/in-site tags, showing me how to formulate R.O.I and how brands use social media to prove transparency. These are the three unexpected applications I would like to focus on because they really were eye-opening to me and prepared me for the long journey of social media managing. 

Tracking pixels/In-site tags

I had heard of a pixel but, my brain understands that word to mean my phone. I have a  google pixel and I definitely knew by the blogs I was reading, they meant different things completely (like night & knight). I noticed that Facebook decided to host some blogs on the topic and used a lesson from my course notes to find the last puzzle piece. I finally got it, I understood that a pixel is used to track individuals. Digital Creative Agency says, “Tracking pixels are also known as web bugs, beacons, tracking bugs, page tags and more. These tiny trackers are the darlings of the web analytic crowd, due to their effectiveness in capturing useful data. They enable companies to track website visits, digital ad impressions, email opens, sales conversions and other types of activity on the web.”

The application of R.O.I. 

I had no clue what return on investment meant, thought it had to do with money specifically. Honestly, it is a pretty confusing term for somebody just jumping into the business world at all because most online content says sales are the main goal. It took a video from my course notes and rewinding the little 20-second section 600 million times (where they give the true meaning) for a beginner. R.O.I went from being the scariest, high pressure, sales funnel of confusion to become the key to my services lock. R.O.I is now the freedom tool, it means set those goals and use them to make whatever YOU set RO.I. to be. I have been freed! Radian6 says, “ROI is not metrics, but you need metrics to measure the business value of an initiative, whether it’s driven by social media or not. The equation goes like this:


ROI = Benefits – Costs x 100 = Percentage Return on the Investment Costs


ROI calculations are based on coming up with numbers for the benefit that the social media program brought to the company and the costs or investment associated with that program.” 


Networks and Transparency

How much of what you see online is fake? How much of what you see has been proved fake? More than you know. Online trends have forced brands to use social media networks to display their transparency through honesty, openness, clarity, and authenticity. It has been fun reading through the course material to see how car companies show first car frames, posting funny insider bloopers or mistakes at the end of viral videos, and seeing true knowledge being shared via (B/V)logs to display known/valuable information. Sprout social says, “ Don’t look at transparency solely as a sales or marketing tactic, or even a simple shift in communication strategies. Transparency asks every level of an organization to adjust how it engages, who it wants to be and how it will behave in today’s world.”.


Thank you for reading, I am sad that the course is coming to an end and hope you all have an amazing journey with the knowledge you have learned here. See you around!




COM0015- Blog # 3: My Parenting Strategy Now and In The Future

Let’s Get Started

First I would like to introduce myself in the process of launching my official social media services and do not have a current presence. This means my parent strategy will exist with the main goal of awareness and credibility. Unfortunately, I need to get some legal documents in order for service exchange, learn more about the social media monitoring/measuring software I am using and possibly land a paid internship to help me get more comfortable with the process of business. For my first year, I would like to get my content cycling through my networks, gain connections through online/offline interactions as well as establish my brand voice, location and audience. For my fifth year, I would like to run ad promotions, interactive campaigns and future engagement/conversion overall. It is important to me that these customers are around when I am in between the fifth to eight years of my business development. When my tenth year approaches, I would very much like to have some staff hired to take care of macro tasks that I find overwhelming so I can focus on the micro-tasks that mean so much to me. Not only staff but looking forward to opening some stable branch locations would be pretty cool too. Looking forward, I cannot tell and I am almost %100 positive that my plan will shift as the years’ progress.




From Personal Sheets, Caileigh Mudie


1) Post quality management
2) Community management
3) Gain lifelong customers
4) Maintain goal and core mission
5) Always say thank you/converse
6) Post transparent (bloopers, being the scenes, insider, etc.)/ industry-tailored content (Idols of industry, trending questions, B2B/B2C interactions, storytelling)


1) Share User-Generated Content
2) Competitor Analysis of weakness’ (CTA, full comparison)
3) Write (V/B)log content ((RSS Feed, WordPress (will pay to put money back into the business) or affiliate sales)
4) Campaign (real-life transparent miracles with relatable struggles, use youtube as a “quizzing, testing” platform)
5) Three-month promotions following big holidays (Give percent to donation, etc.)
6) Event attendance (prospects, clients, collaborators, and partner list)
7) Give-a-ways for goal sprint

Staying Inspired Can Be Tough

I wanted to end this blog off with some inspiring words that keep me going because entrepreneurship is hard and the journey can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Remember your life is broken up into four parts with 25 years each and “At the age of 74, Sanders owned a thriving company with 17 employees, an office space and a not inconsiderable profit margin.” (The tragic, real-life story of Colonel Sanders, Unfortunately, if you pretend you are trying and feel like you are not doing anything then maybe you need to take a look at what you are doing. Sometimes, individuals give themselves fake narratives and believe they are in the entrepreneurial lifestyle but do not take steps to achieve it. If you are not actively working towards your goal but saying you are, you will feel like you are failing and it will affect your interaction with others. Just do it, sit down and start what you want to do and just focus on how to execute it properly. Focus on the fact that your entrepreneurial journey is just that, an adventure to enjoy where your main goal is running and not winning. One last thing I will say, getting your business to grow is like your relationship. Sometimes you and your partner fight, some days are really hard, some days you just want to give up but you know the truth of the situation. It is just a bad day, businesses have theirs too and I will leave you with that.

Please feel free to comment below, I would like to see what you think about my post! Thanks for reading!

COM0015: Blog Post #3: Networking Now & In the Future

What is your parent strategy for developing your professional network online and in person? What activities and commitments are you making in the next 6-12 months to continue the development of your networks?


My parent strategy for developing my professional network online and in person is to use google alerts to tell me about ‘Ottawa social media events’ and about ‘networking in Ottawa’. I have found an event that happens once a month it’s called ‘awesome-preneurs’ . The event is to network small businesses or freelancers together to make new relationships.

In the next 12 months I will be continuing going to ‘awesome-preneurs’. They have a yearly membership fee so I do not have to pay the $20 every event. it will be $100 for a yearly fee. I liked how everyone was welcoming and comforting. This event just started a few months ago, so a few people were there the first night I went to. They want to venture out and find more people so I will be putting them out there on my own social media, and tell people about it. It will be a great way to meet new people and start my social media business to help others businesses out. Other than ‘awesome-preneurs’ I will be looking out for specific networking events as well for social media online, by checking out facebook and google events for that title. It will be a great way for online networking events to be a part of my schedule.

COM0015 – Blog #4: Out Of The Box: Chat Bots.

What's in your tool box_ (3)                                                                                     *image from Canva edited in Canva

When I started working for Norfolk Dental Hygiene, the extent of my social media experience was my personal Facebook and Instagram account. Norfolk Dental Hygiene (NDH) had an existing Facebook page of which I began to manage. Once I realized how much clients and potential clients used social media to engage in conversation, I added an NDH Instagram, Twitter and Youtube account to our social media portfolio. Over the last few years, the client’s preferred method to contact NDH has become messaging through social media. I chose to take this Social Media course through Algonquin college to help me better understand social media practices and applications to take advantage of this trend.

I think one of the most unexpected applications of using social media for marketing that I discovered through this course is the ability for our Independent Dental Hygiene clinic to use it as a customer service tool. More and more clients are using social media to ask questions, schedule appointments and engage in conversation with us. When we contact a client through their preferred method of communicating we almost always receive an immediate response, phone messages are a thing of the past!

I was most amazed at the use of Facebook Chat Bots by one dental office owned by Dr. Anne O’Donnell. She instituted a client aftercare system called “Care beyond the Chair”. Clients enter a code in Facebook messenger after they leave their appointment that correlates with the treatment they received. They receive scheduled chatbot messages that follow up with them after their treatment. They receive personalized messages that make them feel appreciated and cared for. Depending on their answers they will receive aftercare advice, links to dental hygiene products and a reminder when they are due for appointments. A most brilliant way to use social media! This is definitely something we hope to implement in the future.

I have appreciated all that I have learned during this course. It has definitely improved my social media game and in turn, that of NDH. What was an unexpected application of social media that you discovered in this course?


unknown-1 Out Of The Box: Chat Bots

unknown Out Of The Box: Chat Bots  #socialmediamarketing #customerservice


COM0015 – Blog #3: Professional Networking Now And In The Future

What's in your tool box_ (2)                                                                 *image from edited in Canva

My networking strategy is based on the fact that I am an introvert. Now, I would say that over the years I have become a well-socialized introvert. I can start a conversation even though small talk does not come easy. And I have learned strategies to help establish a rapport with new people and hold my own in almost any conversation. However, nothing changes the fact that I am an introvert and that makes some things more difficult. Specifically attending networking events and meeting new people, which are very important when trying to market a business.


Screenshot of meme on Introverts are Awesome Facebook page

Most of my online networking happens through Facebook and Instagram. As an introvert, it is much easier to be vulnerable and personal online when it comes to building connections. There is no awkward eye contact, no awkward silences, and I can take all the time I want to form a response when engaged in a conversation with a new contact. There is no anxiety over that “I should have said this…” when replaying conversations back in my mind. I find this style of networking much more enjoyable, I am more my true self and as an introvert, it does not exhaust me like a face to face networking would.

Do I get excited about being in a group of strangers? No. When it comes to networking in real-life situations, my strategy is to be the person that I would want to network with. I remind myself that I am more than likely not the only one in the room feeling intimidated and instead of worrying about how terrified I am to approach a person I don’t know, I think about how thankful I am when someone approaches me and starts a conversation. I usually look for someone on who is not currently not engaged in conversation and approach them thinking I am helping them feel more comfortable and soon the connections start to flow.

In the next 6 months to a year, the business that I work for is expanding in new and different directions. I will need to continue to expand and develop my contacts and networks. I have given myself a networking challenge of attending 2 previously attended networking events and stepping out of my comfort zone and attending 2 new events. These are great opportunities to meet new people and reconnect with old contacts.

I also plan to spend some time working on my elevator pitch. As an introvert so many times I lose the opportunity to make a connection because I don’t know what to say. It makes a great difference when I have some rehearsed scripts up my sleeve so when I have to opportunity to say what our business is about or what I do, I have a well thought out answer that builds connections.

What are your goals for networking in the coming year?


unknown-1 Professional Networking Now And In The Future: Goals and Strategies

unknown Professional Networking Now And In The Future: Goals and Strategies #networking #marketingstrategy

COM0015 – Blog #2: Web, Dev. & Design -Weak VS Strong

Website Designers In The Toronto GTA

Website design hasn’t always been in my life, when I was a child I had the internet, floppy disks, and games from computer boxes. As I grew, social sites like YouTube and email sites like Hotmail made me explore a little further into the online world. Grade eight hit and my mom finally let me have facebook so I could join the rest of my generation and as the years followed; my exploration into other social networks developed massively. I got recognition for the content I posted or shared, had lively conversation in the comments and consistently had a full inbox of eager friends waiting to talk. After meeting a boy with a work at home dad in high school, I got introduced to the world of website design. He is now a well-known friend of the family and has convinced me it is absolutely beneficial to understand how a website plays a role in the digital world. I learned how to set up a website server, WordPress page and configure my search engine properties. For those reasons, I would like to discuss that work at home dads website design company, SilentBlast Inc. and compare it to a competitor site with impressive social network standing. Third Eye Designers (T.E.D.) has a highly followed Facebook compared to the average website design company in the Toronto GTA with 9.7k. I scanned through their social media pages and took notice of the engagement, follower count and rating. Honestly, it was tough to find a competitor that met the same service-related qualities in a similar region. Silent Blast Inc. has a leg up on T.E.D. because they offer marketing videos and higher valued website maintenance whereas the only extra thing T.E.D. can offer is content writing. 


Pixabay via Pexels


Comparative Analysis

✅ Impressive: Third Eye Designers ✅

❌ Adopt: Silent Blast Inc.❌ 


Organization Services Network Pros Cons Overall
Silent Blast Inc.❌ -Graphic Design
-Website Design
-Website Development
-Marketing videos
-Website Maintenance
-Domain registration
Facebook -5-star rating

-Logo/cover theme

-Low follower count for time active

-Services offered, lightly touched and hard to find

-Website uses “home page” redirectory icon as social media button on the website
-Google plus is no longer a valid network
-Spread too thin on too many, inactive social media sites 

:FLICKR PRESENCE. Outdated, no logo, no brand identity, no content, 1.8K views)**
-Mentions found online included a blog article 

-No campaigns

LinkedIn -38 subs -NAME spelled wrong on profile

-No recent posting activity or updates

-Personal profile holds business info(endorse,recomm.)

Twitter -Thank you posts for retweeting followers -2017, 2015 posts

-Low uploaded content

Youtube -2 subs -No about or info input

-only 5 videos, short (16 sec)

-Broken playlist with missing vid

-No info on company itself

Instagram -77 followers

-Good content posted: employees, events, authentic

-Need stronger descriptions

-More focussed and business-oriented hashtags

T.E.D. (Third Eye Designers) ✅ -Graphic Design
-Website Design
-Website Development
-Content Writing
-Website Maintenance
-Domain registration
Facebook -5-star rating


-Engaging posts: Event coverage, portfolio projects & helpful infographics

-Group involvement

-attached Pinterest/G+ profiles

-Unanswered questions from visitors -The logo is outdated and needs a tune-up
-All company information seems to be mixed with religion and other niches
-Website is crowded with information and hard to find social media buttons at the footer
-Content should be regulated and executed as such
-No campaigns or “backpacked” hashtags
Twitter -Link to FB messenger

-Sharing B2B content

-High content

-Updated posts

-Cover w/services

-Mixed/un-niched content posts
Youtube -Services in the cover photo

-services in video

-38 subs

-Filled out “about”

-broken playlist

-mixed content

-No comments

Pinterest -Event postings

-Portfolio board

-Tips for services provided by the company

-Company infographics

-Empty boards displayed

-Low monthly view (Need to post more)

-No description on pins

Overall Analysis w/Quick Plan

As much as I loved comparing these two website design and developing companies, I found it more and more difficult to stand up for my “impressive” option. Third Eye Designers have a known social media presence, they have a medium-high follower count with a very low mention account for the networks it is involved in. I would suggest they work on their search engine optimization, create youtube videos that are more engaging, add linked into their social media networks and become involved online vocally and actively (responding to questions, comments, and/or posting Vlogs). They had joined a group called, “How to post” which is obviously not a proud group to be seen in considering their corner of expertise. I was a little upset to learn that neither T.E.D. or Silent Blast Inc. had any trace of online campaign work for the amount of time they have been active on social media or since the account creation date. My most impressive company didn’t seem too impressive after all without a LinkedIn profile but I was so happy I was able to conduct my research thoroughly enough to catch the cons hidden at play. 

Now it’s time to turn to my adoptive company, Silent Blast Inc. who has created accounts


Pixabay via Pexels

on multiple networks with little or no interaction. I would start by fixing some red light issues like the wrong name on your linked in profile, inactive/public profiles (Flickr) and content currently active with no description to say it is part of evolving the company. Then I would move onto some yellow light issues, which run along the lines of optimizing your current profiles, eliminating ones you don’t need, and hashtag keywords. Then we would move forward onto our green light issues of creating appropriate content, embedding a social media strategy w/focussed goals as well as linking together website and network to establish an appropriate theme across the board. Both of these companies could use an “insider look” into their companies with on the floor staff, recorded event attendance, trending/organized content (live videos, audience-focused), online marketing and a general facelift and creative inspiration. 



COM0015: Blog #2: Strong and Weak Organizations (Tattoo Shop Edition)

To be strong with a social media strategy is to plain simply put it, have a strategy. Doesn’t have to be complicated, doesn’t have to be detailed and very specific. To just have a strategy to know what you are doing every day is vital to have a strong social media account.  To not have any strategy, you are blind. As a business you should have some type of strategy in place and if not, it will show. I have found a business that could definitely do better, and one that to me is going very strong. I chose two businesses that are in the same genre so we can see that it is on you and so we can see a contrast between the two businesses.  



I will be doing Ink and Water (tattoo shop) as the strong company/business. A brief summary of Ink and Water is that they are a Toronto based tattoo shop, their element is fine lines and details within tattoos. They now own a few locations across Toronto and have special guests now coming in every month or two now to do special promos. Ink and Water has a Facebook business page, business Instagram account and a website where you can book appointments and such.  

Ink and Water have a strong social media strategy because they take their time with posting, they know when their followers are online, they don’t post too much or too little. They plan for their story content on Instagram (you can tell from flash tattoo drops, to their templates to other websites and how they show it all off). I can just tell and see that they think it all through, and how it is strategically done by the timing of the posts, to the way they show off each tattoo. Every artist there has their own style but the whole shop has the whole fine lines and faded look, they have a strong personal brand which I personally can see.  


I will be doing Sorry Mum (tattoo shop) as the weak company/business. A brief summary of Sorry Mum is that they are based in Ottawa, and they do anything and everything for tattoos. Every artist is different. At Sorry Mum they own an Instagram account, and a business Facebook page.  

Sorry Mum have a weak social media strategy, their social media accounts are flawed in a sense of, seeing the same photo a few times. When I went through their Facebook page, I saw the same tattoo twice, and to me seeing it once is all I need to assess if this is a business, I want to get a tattoo done with. Sorry Mum does post when they see fits well, the timing is not bad, but they do limit themselves. They only post once a day, and even then, they rely on stories to do so. You can post more than once a day, but you want to be strategic about it. To do it when people are online are a good way to do that. Sorry Mum should take that into consideration, and they should also consider having the same backdrop for each tattoo. They seem to alternate and having a designated spot for photos for their social medias would make them have a better personal branding. They need to make a unified voice because right now I can see that many people run the accounts, which is completely normal and fine but you want a universal voice to have for the business.  


All in all, for business like a tattoo shop, hair salon, etc you want to have a good personal branding. It is all about the unified but unique voice. To all have something to bring you all together. The way that Ink and Water has it set up, is great. I have been and gotten a tattoo done by them, and I have been currently looking into getting another one and Sorry Mum was one of my top choices in Ottawa. It was nice to compare and contrast the two, both these tattoo shops do great work and I can’t wait to get another tattoo in the near future. Sorry Mum will really benefit from a social media strategy so they can become the Ink and Water but in Ottawa version. I do see a future for Sorry Mum though, they have potential.  

COM0015 – Blog#2: Convince Me – Bunkie or Tiny House?

What's in your tool box_ (1)                                                                              *image from edited in Canva

My daughter and son-in-law just purchased a farm. It’s a beautiful property complete with a large pond, vineyards, fields and the like. The two of them have a great sense of fun and have added a beach to the pond, strung a million solar lights thru the vineyard bought a couple of golf carts to tour around the property.

After a few visits enjoying this new playground, we were offered a vacation spot to move in a trailer. They joked that we should start trailer shopping and get our own golf cart. I teased back that I am not a trailer person but I could move into a Tiny Home or Bunkie. And just for fun, I began to research!

A Tiny House with a Stagnant Social Media Presence.

The first website I came across was Tiny House Canada. I loved the look of their website. Right away you can see links to the social media platforms that they are using. Scrolling through the home page, near the bottom, I was very excited to see that they had a link to their latest tweets that showed a retweet about a video with Property Brothers. I enjoy

Screenshot Webpage

*Screenshot Tiny House Webpage

the Property Brothers and if they were doing a video about Tiny House Canada, it definitely warranted further research! However, within seconds I noticed that their “latest tweet” was actually a retweet from 3 years ago. Disappointing.

I returned to the links to check out their other social media. The first link is their Facebook page. Right away you can see that their last post was over 3 years ago. A quick scroll through and they had some great posts with some good engagement, it just seemed to drop off suddenly. Their next link is to their Twitter account. I didn’t bother checking it out as I already knew it was over 3 years old. On to their Instagram, and there seems to be a theme, the last post is over 3 years old. Their Youtube channel is pretty weak, they have two videos, again over 3 years old.

Anytime I come across social media that is not updated regularly, I wonder if they started without a plan and quickly it became too much to handle or are they out of business? I lost interest in their stale social media and decided quickly to move on and continue my research.

A little Bunkie with a Big Social Media Presence.

Next stop in my web search was The Bunkie Co. Their social media links were very easy to find as I quickly glanced through their home page. I also really liked the look of their website. It was very easy to navigate. And their product, the Bunkie, each style looked amazing!

Their website prompted me to check out their Instagram right away. The Bunkie Co is doing a great job with their Instagram. They post regularly and there is a good mix of


Screenshot of The Bunkie Co Facebook post

pictures of their bunkies in different locations and used as different applications, such as guest rooms, offices, cottages, etc. They also post a few personal posts of their staff and post of different stages of the building process. The Bunkie Co is also rocking their Facebook and Vimeo pages. After watching a few videos on their Vimeo and Facebook, particularly this one, I can definitely see myself enjoying the Bunkie.

I believe if I ever decided to follow through and move to my daughter’s property I would choose The Bunkie Co! Their social media convinced me. Can you tell me about an experience you had where a company with a strong social media presence persuading you to purchase their product?



f_logo_rgb-hex-blue_512Convince Me – Bunkie or Tiny House? Is your social media strong or weak?

twitternewConvince Me – Bunkie or Tiny House? Is your social media strong or weak?   #tinyhouse #thebunkie #moderncabin

COM0015 – BLOG #1: Social Media Managers Eat W/Spoons & Read Feedly


Posted by R/Gifs

Social Listening is BIG.

You have to listen. Have you ever heard somebody say, “you hear me but, you don’t listen to me.”? Well, if not then think about it for a second. You don’t just have customers, you have customer insights. You don’t just have shares, you have popular sharing times. When you have your business and an online strategy you immediately have your basic starting steps of optimizing your platforms, managing marketing campaigns, product sales funnels, etc. Listening is a second step to most business’, it comes further down the line but it doesn’t have to. You don’t need an audience to know what to listen for even, you have your business to tell you that. If you make sure you are ready then you can take advantage when the time comes, if you are already there then it is time to pick your social media silverware.


Deciding on a spoon, fork or knife

What is your favorite utensil to eat with? Is it a fork, so you can delicately target your piece of food? How about a knife, to cut through those hard obstacles on your plate? Or how about a spoon, to grab the optimal amount as fast as possible in one smooth swipe? Just like on social media. These are all used in optimal situations and sometimes they just become a distraction. Trying to learn software that you don’t even need is a HUGE waste of time and time, is money.

  • Forks: Hootsuite offers three unique plans so you can find the perfect solutions and strategies to fit your business’s needs while social mention, rates all mentions on four scales: Strength, Sentiment, Passion and Reach. These are tools pick a specific action and execute it, like when I am stabbing those last KD noodles from the bottom of the pot.. yuummm.

  • Knives: Mention is an amazing tool that is capable of high volume competitive analysis and it can also search mentions in 42 different languages. Buzzsumo is a post monitoring and boosting platform basically, so it still doesn’t fully encompass all of the aspects of social media managing either. These tools target a problem and cut right through it, like when I had to use my plastic fork to cut my bbq chicken.
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  • Spoons: My favorite social media trend monitoring tools are Hubspot and Sprout Social because they both have cameras pointing at every aspect of my business. They both push my professional development as a social media manager forward by creating an easy to navigate layout, low prices and by providing almost every aspect of social media I need. They both keep track of campaigns, competitors, keyword tracking,  posts, impressions, mentions, CTA’s, and not to mention have an inbound marketing software for my team to communicate on. The terminology opened my mind and connected the dots to what my business could do on social media. These tools are most beneficial to me, I couldn’t imagine using a fork or knife to have soup, just like my specific niche needs these tools. Every business will have different goals, check out 9 social media success stories that used listening to their advantage – their way.


What Was That Part About Feedly?


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I usually find most of my news like most people do, on their phone. More specifically, my google pixel likes to show me the blog feed I get when I swipe to the left, to the left. Which originally showed me personal news like local press, hobbies, trending news, recipes or weather updates. I have tailored this directory with some business topics now, so I receive up to date news on my specific field. It’s important to pick topics on any site if it allows you too because your feed will most likely be influenced anyway by one advertisement or another. Blogs are everywhere and most of what I read, RSS feeds seem to help me with this obsession. RSS feed providing software, like Feedly and my other high volume notification news app Read(see the example image – I follow Forbes’ – Social Media), are news weapons. These apps are very easy to use, have self reminders (notifications), special filter settings and have up to date news.



So, now you know why you should Eat W/Spoons & Read Feedly if you are thriving to be the next top social media manager like I am. I will leave you with this, do not believe everything you read on the internet. Not all news is actually informational, a lot of blogs lead to untrusted links and PPC ads that make you nauseous. Whether you are learning or just roaming online, make sure what you reading is reliable. Check out these 20 alarming fake news statistics and numbers, which one surprises you most? Let me know in the comments below and thank you for taking the time to read my blog!