The Disconnect

As of right now we have the news paper, TV, Computers, Cell phones and it’s all consistently evolving. Looking at my generation and things were experiencing it takes no expert to understand the next generations are going to be the same reason we use cell phones instead of home lines, Netflix & Disney plus instead of waiting for weekly shows on TV and BBC news app instead of reading the paper. Social media has made people discover the impossible and create what’s possible, change a way of feeling , thinking and seeing and its only going up from here.

Growing up having instagram for the first time I thought it was to post everything ur doing, what you like, what u don’t like and how to engage with pears. Now 7 years later I don’t post anything unless I’m triple confident , thinking people will engage & promote through the same “Jenna Lawson” instagram I used to tell people “going to soccer practice’ on. my 150 friends to 2,800 people I barely or don’t know. It’s an information circuit, confidence builder and where peoples egos peak. Social media takes unconfident people and gives them a. place to be who they think they are, want to be or hope to become. I feel social media will be the new everything. Example: ordering food at restraints can go from having a waitress to ordering it to ur table and paying through the app. anything is possible and I feel like there will be no limits but serious disconnects.

When I say disconnects I’m talking about the behaviour and one on one people lack with each other. Pre covid clubs & bars were full. Everything was at its prime, then covid hit and everyone went to dating apps, consistently trying to find someone new on instagram and some became anti-social. looking at it now people want to travel, be alone, don’t want to work in groups and have one track minds. Not everyone but going forward with social media building will people have the desire to be in relationships or is having unlimited access to possibly knowing everything about someone satisfying enough.

Throughout this course I feel like I’ve learnt the realism and the angels that come with media, open mindedness and that there will never be a stopping period. Each platform serves purpose and brings everyone in for either the same reasons or different ones. Regardless social media is apart of everyone’s day to day life and I hope going forward I can view the different mindsets and strategies and put them into effect in my own life. As much as id love to say my media is about looking at my personal statistics it shows what people want to see and don’t, the viewers set the scene and as for media developers we do the acting. I hope everything this course has brought and brings gives me the open mindedness to. reach any limits and to see all views no matter the climax with all things good and digital.

Jenna Lawson

Blog #3: Target Audiences 

With being a bottle girl and administrative media assistant, its my job socializing with people including making sure everyone leaves the club astaticed . within today’s society, when in person socializing starts, multi media socializing starts. Media plays a large part in promotion, advertising and as people pursue certain careers social media models have come arise. When someone steps foot into the club we have to be the happiest , talkative, everything in the club. No one wants to go to a club see bartenders on there phones, servers in the corner and security having snack breaks. Entertainment business is a very competitive, to stand out and come out on top you need to be unique and have quality service and be creative. Taking courses that off branch into people studies to banking can increase your skills and provide extra knowledge and conversation to build relations, including grasping an audience that is a loyal audience.

My target audience for the club instagram, Facebook , tiktok pages id say would be 20-35 year old male female non binary, anyone is welcome especially being in Ottawa having so many young students and new faces yearly. I feel my club and the goal is for every person who walks in leaves feeling like they could leave a 5 star google review. We have a private spot not too many know about , clean, face trendy but not the spot after 3 times going your board. Within the company we work with many others including Gaza entertainment brining every theme to the club including allowing people to express themselves however they feel. We go from EDM , afro beats, Arabian night, latin night to any other night that comes to mind. Our audience goes from relistate high business men in booths to your average college uni student trying to get a 2$ tequila shot.

When it comes down to communication on a personal note would be to try answering people quicker. Now that messages come and go within seconds people patients seem to be coming and going within seconds as well. Instagram to me holds a higher value than Facebook, everyone likes easy and trendy which the famous world of Instagram has created.

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My go to strategy is post on my private instagram only I can see, let myself over think it for a few hours. Secondly in those over thinking hours go back to which posts and stories hit how many shares likes and views. I want to be able to share info, vibes, trends, looks, things that make me happy and have those things make others happy as well. Not only yo sell a vibe through media but for people to capture the feeling. I feel I have so much to learn and so much to come.

Jenna Lawson

@BLVCKD0PE / Blog #2

Kim Duong has been my inspiration fashion wise, home style wise and has the most aesthetically pleasing page to show up on anyones instagram feed. First time I saw her page my boyfriend & I at the time were driving to MTL & he made a joke asking about since when did I own this 6,000 Louis V bag. Of corse I look over at his phone with confusion & it was Kims Instagram page. With our similar features & interests in style I thought why not follow her as a real inspiration when it comes to clothing. When I online shop I always consider , the model in the photos size, how would the colour look on me, will the fit be good, do I want this. Kims instagram page has probably convinced me to buy more things then fashion novas 11:11 weekly sales.

Alongside her amazing style & clean page , she often sells a lot of her items she no longer wears, invites on her hair, dog, travel, home decor. She’s turned her Instagram into a mini Blog/Vlog giving her 1.3M follows a look into what’s happening is her little circle of life. I love the obvious acknowledgment that she’s aware of what she wants, who she is, what she Ikes and I feel like that builds every influencer. Having confidence in yourself & being able to portray it in a way that attracts or intrigue people on media is what has built up the social media platforms & creating a pyramid of influencers.

Down Below i’ll add her instagram including a screenshot I took of a look into her clean sleek page.

– Jenna Lawson

Social Media & the Mental behind it

Obviously you know as much as I do, social media can effect little things to big things in your life includding your mentality off line. As much as I assumed I would know how to balance screen time & everyday living lately I find my routine “checking tiktok” too an hour later still being on the app or even worse getting off the app feeling unmotivated. I feel with instagram, tiktok, twitter , snapchat you have to know your boundaries including discipline so you don’t realize you’ve wasted a day, feel unmotivated and will now have trouble sleeping due to the blue light before bed.

Instagram & Youtube to me is the holy grail of all things internet based. No I’ve never bought a product that some beautiful Kardashian was holding in a pic & no Kylies get ready with me’s don’t make me want to buy Kylie cosmetics but do make me second guess myself. Beauty standards change online probably every two years maybe even more regularly, if you were to watch the internet and keep tabs on every trend I bet if u went to a cosmetic surgeon or injected she/he would be able to tell u the popularity of certain things and who brought it into action. Example Kylie Jenner got lip filler years ago & once it became announced all of the sudden I was bullied for how little my lips were, some kids when they graduated got new phones or laptops, I however ended up getting my lips done. Just last year someone made a comment about how my forehead scrunches & now I have 4 units of botox. Yes I may not buy a lip gloss or a purse cause someone has it but once someone points out something u now have access through the internet ,scrolling seeing hundreds of people who’s foreheads maybe don’t scrunch in the sun. Something you may not have ever been insecure about could become ur biggest insecurity through social media and at that point you just need a strong mindset to fight against that.

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Twitter, someone will say their input on they’re relationship, how they feel, what scares them. god knows what but once you like that one thing & refresh now ur feed is 10 of those things. No wonder media effects us and can cause someone to go into an episode, one like and your entire feed becomes that one like. Its also proven if your on your phone before bed you’ll have trouble sleeping and possibly higher risk with nightmares. My only advice out there to people who find it hard to keep motivated or feel balanced should keep track of their screen time , set reminders of things they need to get done and find small hobby to keep them busy. I myself need to take this advice, as I’m sitting here wighting this blog I’ve gotten distracted from 3 emails, 2 dms from my boss and 14 snapchats.