Maternity/Newborn Photos Yes or No?

When I look at my social media there is always someone on my timeline posting professional maternity or newborn photos. I am not sure exactly how I feel about them, on one hand I think they are adorable and on the other hand I think they are some what creepy. This may be just because I have yet to have a child of my own. But in today’s world this would be considered the norm to have newborn and maternity pictures done,  where I am from anyways…

Newborn Photos

When I look back on my own (professional) baby pictures I am just simply laying on my belly with a blanket over my head nothing extravagant. Nowadays these baby’s are being wrapped tightly in swaddle with just their head sticking out. Next they are placed in little boxes and baskets with a nice backdrop. I asked my mother if she even had newborn pictures back in her day and she said no, not until she was walking her mother would take her pictures. I  am not saying these pictures don’t turn out beautiful but they have changed since from back before and during the 90’s.




Maternity Photos

Now I know for sure my mother did not take maternity pictures like how they do today. I have come across the odd picture of my mother pregnant with me but let me tell you she did not look impressed that her picture was being guard! Pictures I happen to scroll by on my timeline every now and then are beautiful. The pictures definitely bring out the joy and happiness the mother is feeling holding her baby in her belly. The women are dressed in beautiful long dresses some even in long see through lingerie. Their hair and makeup done flawlessly. And lastly they are laying down or standing in a random field or by some river in the woods, creating this magical photo shoot. I would think most of this would be somewhat confidence boosting, to make the mother feel beautiful.


Uploading them to Social Media

In conclusion I believe social media had a big part to do with this new phenomenon. People love to post their new pictures online to show the world how flawless they look while being pregnant and how perfect your newborn is. I’m not saying it is a bad thing, but in my opinion these pictures are meant for you and your family’s eyes, to “ooh” and “awh” over. Post them on your home wall’s not all over Facebook, one or two of your favorites sure but not the entire 50+ album. When I began writing this I wasn’t sure if I was for or against these photos, and have concluded I’m still undecided. All I know is photography sure has changed over the decades and we can thank “Women’s Rights” for that. Why shouldn’t women embrace their body during this amazing experience?

What are your thoughts?