Missing The Mark

The best way for companies to share their messages is by creating advertisements, such as commercials. 

We will be taking a look at Pepsi’s 2017 Live For Now controversial commercial, starring Kendall Jenner. 

Image by [Clarity Team https://bit.ly/3x1AKOB] via [Clarity https://bit.ly/3uTtQsI%5D.

Pepsi’s advertisement begins with someone opening a can of Pepsi. Then it shows a cello player playing on a rooftop. The ad then shows a group of protesters marching down the street. 

The ad then displays Kendall doing a photoshoot and the group of protesters marching by her. Kendall appears to be increasingly focused on the protest during her photoshoot. 

One of the protesters nods at her, signalling to join in. Kendall leaves her photoshoot abruptly and joins in with the protesters.

Not long after the protesters reach a police blockade. Kendall grabs a can of Pepsi and makes her way to the front of the protesters. 

Kendall then decides to approach the police blockade and hand an officer the can of Pepsi. The police officer takes the Pepsi and drinks it the protester begins to cheer and rejoice.

The Live For Now ad, made it seems like Kendall Jenner resolved the protest with a can of Pepsi.

Although it’s not clear what the protest was about, we can assume that it was about peace, love and joining the conversation based on the signs being held in the ad.  

What happens when the advertisement displays a different message than what was intended? 

After posting this ad, Pepsi had quite the backlash of unsatisfied viewers. Many viewers felt uncomfortable and started creating articles, tweets and video reviews about the ad.

Image by [Bernice King https://bit.ly/3drpP95%5D via [Twitter https://twitter.com/%5D.

Due to the backlash of The Live For Now ad. Pepsi had to remove it from the air and internet within 48 hours of posting.

Pepsi’s actions are a prime example of a company failing to research and connect with its target audience before making an ad.

Image by [Pepsi https://bit.ly/3drpP95%5D via [Twitter https://twitter.com/%5D.

As per Pepsi’s statement, they were trying to display their brand as a unifying product but completely missed the mark. 

Based on Pepsi’s statement the ad was meant “to project a global message of unity, peace, and understanding.”

After reading Pepsi’s statement, I can see how they believed that their ad displayed the message of random moments when people decide to let go, choose to act and allow nothing to hold them back.

My biggest issue with the Live For Now ad was that Pepsi made itself look like the cure for all social problems. This ad undermined real-life protests and police brutality. 

Based on the release time of the ad, it appeared that it was co-opting protest movements such as Black Lives Matter. Pepsi Live For Now ad did not sit well with social media users. 

Pepsi’s 2017 Live For Now Ad

Did you find Pepsi’s Live For Now ad to be controversial? Comment below.

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Com0011: Blog # 4 Do you think like a Mother?

We are bombarded daily with so much negative information and traumatic events happening across the globe. Potentially causing us as individuals to feel impotent in effecting any real change. Knowing what to do to manage or work through these challenging times can often be overwhelming causing stress and anxiety, being up against what feels like insurmountable odds. But, what would happen if we take the advice of Yifat Susskind and ask ourselves one question. What would a mother do?

I believe that as individuals we have so many ways to spread the positive messages and generous gestures of the mother mindset. Taking the time out of our daily grind to connect with a friend that we haven’t spoken to in ages. Noticing and offering to help, when an elderly neighbour might needed a helping hand with the snow in their driveway. Offering to take your friends kids to the park for an hour so she can sit and drink a cup of coffee before it gets cold. On a broader scale we can share stories of mothering behaviours we experience or see in our daily lives on social media. Changing the script is completely in our control when it comes to “thinking like a mother”(Yafit Susskind). We must celebrate seemingly insignificant moments in our lives. Perhaps it’s the barista at your local coffee shop that greets you with a smile every morning. Somehow they always remember your order when you walk in. Sending out a quick instagram message recognizing what a great job they’re doing or simply leaving a bigger tip a few times a week. I know that seems so small and we could easily question the point of that gesture. What if, that instagram caught the attention of just two friends and they went to the same coffee shop because you recommended it. Then two more friends of those friends, a cascade happens. That barista gets recognized by their manager, they get a raise, they get more grateful customers which naturally translates to more tips..earning enough money to get their college tuition paid. How significant would that seemingly insignificant gesture on your part be to that barista? As those small acts grow we can gain the confidence and strength to take action on bigger issue that our world is facing. All the information that we receive on a daily basis through social networks doesn’t have to be of pain, suffering and loss. We have the power to change that.

My take away from this Ted Talk was the reminder to live life with a greater purpose, with a positive energy in everything we do. Allowing our thoughts and actions to serve our immediate community and by extension our global community. As Yifat Susskind said “plant a seed, a different seed and cultivate what you want to see grow.” Building our legacy of greater tolerance and a peaceful world, one small gesture at a time. How can you plant the seeds of change in your life? How will you…”think like a mother?”

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Giving away without selling out

Giving away without selling out

What are giveaways?

Giveaways are a popular growth strategy that brands often use to increase their engagement and follower count on social media. The majority of giveaways are done by asking their audience to follow the account, tag friends in the comments and share it on their story. This is an excellent way to increase traffic to your online store and your social media account since the algorithm cares about the quality of the post and the percentage of your followers engaging with it. Liking, commenting and tagging friends inflate this and as a result, the algorithm pushes your post to the top of people’s feeds and is more likely to be seen by others.

An example of what a typical giveaway will ask you to do. Source: SproutSocial

Are giveaways effective?

Yes! But success will depend on a myriad of factors. As previously mentioned, giveaways are a great tool for increasing your following and creating awareness about your brand and what you have to offer. The only problem with this is that it can attract “ghost followers”, inactive followers that aren’t interested in your product. Because the algorithm doesn’t care about your total followers, these ghost followers can negatively affect your engagement rating since they won’t be interacting with your organic content. A way to get around this is by offering prizes that are a little more niche and catered to your existing audience. In other words, don’t offer generic prizes like gift cards and consoles. Having something specific to your audience will stop people like me from entering contests just because it’s free and easy.

This type of giveaway would attract ghost followers since they’re offering THE most generic prize that everyone would love to win, gift cards. Source: SproutSocial

Best practices when hosting giveaways:

  • Make entering easy! How many times have you clicked off a giveaway because they were asking for too much? Simplicity is key.
  • Make sure someone is moderating the comments and is interacting with the audience. I was pleasantly surprised when the account I followed for a giveaway thanked me for entering.
  • Follow up after the giveaway is over by announcing the winner and giving the rest of the participants a reason to visit your online store
  • Giveaway products that your audience would appreciate and is relevant to them.

What’s your general outlook on giveaways, do you think it means brands are shilling for followers or do you think it’s an effective way to increase brand awareness? Let me know in the comments below!

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Social Media Trends – Which Ones are Worth Following?

If you have been active on social media for a long period of time, you have probably seen the rise and fall of different trends. things such as #TBT (Throw back Thursday) or ASL Ice Bucket Challenge have been a few we have seen burst into popularity and fade away as less popular. So in 2021 what trends should we be following to make the most of our social media engagement?


Instagram stories were introduced in august of 2016 and since then Twitter and Facebook have followed in creating their own 24 hours content creation platforms. Stories are still a growing trend as people find new ways to promote themselves, their business, and their content in new and interesting ways. With features such as writing, Drawing, gifs, stickers and geotagging this 24 hour content is fun, engaging and keeps viewers wanting more. In 2021 stories will continue to be a trend worth implementing in your social media use

Natasha Srivastava – Instagram stories; UX Challenges


Video content is a newer feature than stories but becoming more popular. Live videos and short looping videos like TikTok’s and Reels are becoming valued content on social media. Brands are prioritizing video content over written content as it quickly catches viewers attention and keeps them engaged with the brands content and page longer. we will likely see more apps creating their own version of TikTok just as Instagram has done. Utilizing video creation is a trend that will become highly valued and be a larger portion of content on social media in 2021.

Matt Schlicht – The Complete Beginners Guide to TikTok.

These types of content creation are holding viewers attention more than anything and becoming the features that are at the forefront of each social app. In utilizing these two feature in 2021 you will be using two of the best trends worth following to help boost your business account or personal brand.

Two Social Media Posts

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Best Strategies to Increase Followers on Instagram for Business.

Instagram is a photo-sharing app that allows users to post and upload images to the Instagram community. Growing your Instagram profile requires more followers especially as a business owner but do you know where to begin?  Active subscribers and an engaging audience are critical components for any brand’s success on Instagram. However, if you are not sure where to start with expanding your subscriber base, the process can be daunting. Here are some of the best Instagram audience growth tips:

Image By Omkar Patyane (Pexels)
  • Use hashtags.

The user can increase the number of followers on his Instagram account by using the hashtag or square label, and it must be used with Instagram pictures, with no more than three hashtags used on one image. Do not use the hashtags haphazardly or unrelated to the material being published. It is possible to use user-specific terms or hashtags that are common on Instagram, and the most popular of them can be found by using certain websites.

  • Constant publication.

An Instagram user can gain more followers by posting regularly, even once a week. Although it is preferable not to post more than twice a day, and you should post at the appropriate time of day; mornings (7 a.m. to 9 a.m.), early afternoons (11 a.m. to 2 p.m.), and mid-evenings (5 p.m. to 7 p.m.) are all peak activity hours on Instagram, so remember to post during these times. Since these times are based on ET (Eastern Time), you will need to change them to suit your time zone.

  • Interact with followers.

Users would not follow the account of someone who does not interact with them and share their activities on Instagram, it is possible to interact and communicate with users by commenting on their different posts, reacting to their comments, or following their accounts. React to the feedback on your own photos, respond to any interesting comments and express gratitude to your followers for any compliments.

  • Link Instagram account to other platforms.

Linking the user’s Instagram account with other accounts on various social networks is one of the factors that increases the user’s number of followers on Instagram. This strategy increases the reach of the published content with a larger number of users on these networks and the probability that these people follow the user’s account.

  • Engage more with your followers.

Interacting with your own followers is critical to sustaining your following and growing your network. you can use the picture caption to ask your followers questions. This will increase the activity in your comments section and attract more viewers to your photo.

  • Be patient and keep trying.

Try different strategies as there are always small steps you can take to help yourself and your brand expand. Sure, creating amazing content is half the fight, but getting big on social media is like something else: if you stick with it and keep practicing, you will see amazing results.

Instagram is one of the most incredible marketing tools that can be used to expand a business without investing a lot of money. It enables you to keep your customers up to date on new trends. Behind-the-scenes photos of your business can be captured and posted on Instagram, making your customers feel like they are a part of the business will lead to loyal customers and increase your followers.

Let me know what is the best tip that you can follow?

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Social media changed the world in many forms and aspects, and one of the industries which got impact is the sports world. An average person can now easily reach out to a sports figures by couple of clicks on social media platforms, such as tagging them in twitter, live chats on Instagram and Facebook, just to name a few. Athletes can easily connect with their fans and followers, but everything has a flipside, and this can easily backfire on their brand images and even their performances. Some athletes played their social media cards right and boosted their brand image significantly, however, others got a reputation damage from one tweet or a post.

Professional athletes are getting strong followers on social media accounts. For instants, two sports figures in Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are among the top 10 most followed Instagram accounts people in the world.

Designed by Freepik

As a social media specialist consulting a public sports athlete, you should know the right strategy and tools to amplify the brand of your clients. Here are five tip to help you boost a social media account for a sports person:

Stay away from emotions:

Designed by Freepik

Social media content fly fast and everywhere. Let your client know this fact to stay away from emotional posts that can backfire. For example, when we are upset, we tend to say something we regret afterwards.

To help in avoiding emotional posts, ask your client to run through social media activity by you before it goes viral and cannot be undone.  This process will limit the risk of having public humiliation.

Preparation is key:

Going live on social media is the new trend. With COVID-19 outbreak having people spend time more at home, checking their social media pages for entertainment, more users are now available to attend live social media feeds. This will result in less room for error for your client to make while going live.

Before your clients goes live to engage with their followers, make sure to get them prepared. Like a live broadcast interview, pin down the things they should emphasis on (key messages) and the stuff they need to stay away from. Of course, it varies from one athlete to another and is based on the individual.

Keeping it real:

Cristiano Ronaldo posting personal content on his Instagram page

Athletes should not seem fake on their social media pages and show off with how much money they have. However, content should be engaging and reflect to everyone as social media can reach everyone and everywhere. Social posts should be personal mirroring the normal life of a player.

Examples of engaging content are workouts, family hangouts and personal moments. Sports figures should simply be themselves on social media and authentic followers will increase.

Connect at the right time:

Sports superstars are humans by the end of the day and have emotions. We as fans tend to forget that and expect them to rise above the occasion every time, which is not the case. Social media users can be mean sometimes and post harsh comments tagging stars, which will impact their performance on the court or field.

NBA superstar Lebron James, who is one of the most followed person on earth on social media , does not check his social media pages when Playoffs kicks off. This is due to the fact that he doesn’t want to divert his concentration from winning on the basketball court. If Lebron James can be distracted from social media, any athlete be affected as well. Therefore, players should not be focusing on social media content before a big game.

Content is king:

With the world going more digital, content is now reshaped, and more people are now watching videos on social media. Always have the right type of content on your clients’ social media and follow the trend.

For example, a new study revealed that soccer players are experiencing an 82 per cent increase in video views of their social media content during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are representing a soccer athlete, make sure to use video content to boost engagement.

Professional athletes should be aware on the impact of social media on their brand image and their future. It’s your responsibility as a social media specialist to help your client know the ‘dos and don’ts when using their pages. Let me know what you think of the above tips by posting your comments in the below section:

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Teaching Children Healthy Media Use and the Negatives of Social Media

Social media is becoming more common for everyone to use, including children and teenagers. Although social media can be a fantastic way to connect with others, there is also a darker side to it. People typically join social media networks to stay in touch with their friends and family, share your life milestones, learn new things and consume entertainment. Some unnerving and negative things that could come from social media use would be:

  • Sharing personal information online
  • Connecting with a predator
  • Being exposed to deceptive marketing tactics
  • Online bullying
  • Sleep problems
  • Negative effect on school performance
Photo by Marta Wave on Pexels.com

The negative impact of social media is why parents should be concerned about their children using it. It would be beneficial for parents to control and monitor their usage. Media can influence how children and teens feel, learn, think, and behave, therefore, it is beneficial for parents to help their children form and practice healthy media use habits. Here are some important tips for healthy media use:

Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels.com
  • Talk with your children and teens about online safety. This includes treating others with respect online, avoiding cyberbullying and sexting, being wary of online solicitations, and safeguarding privacy.
  • Place limits on hours of media use 
  • Check your children’s media use for their health and safety.
  • Avoid exposure to devices or screens for 1 hour before bedtime and overnight
  • Discourage entertainment media while doing homework.
  • Plan media-free times together, such as family dinners.
  • Engage in family activities that promote wellbeing, such as sports, reading, and talking with each other.
  • Use sites like Common Sense Media to help you decide if movies, TV shows, apps, and video games are age and content appropriate for your children and your family values.

Raising a child in a more digitalized world can prove to be a challenge. It is important not to shy away from these challenges and to prepare your kids for the obstacles they will face in the digital world as well as in the real one, since they are deeply intertwined. By talking to your children about the risks and pitfalls of social media and how to handle them responsibly, you can prepare them better for adulthood and protect them – as well as rest easier – since they will be more vigilant online.

Do you have any safety measures for your children’s social media usage? Let me know what you think about this topic.

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Building a smaller, dedicated audience on social media


In the world of social media, there’s sometimes too much of a focus around the number of followers you have, and that you can’t be successful with a smaller, dedicated audience. I’m here to argue the point that you can, and thoughts to consider, even without several hundred thousand or a million plus followers. I’ll discuss how to connect with your core audience, and the term micro-influencer.

How to connect with your core audience

Regardless of the size of your reach, your focus should be around providing value through your products or services, and building that connection with your core audience. This way, you’ll be creating trust and a solid relationship with them, resulting in chances of having more repeat business, and growing organically through avenues like word of mouth. Being recognized for what you do very well, along with strong, personal referrals, goes a long way in creating opportunities and fostering lasting business relationships that will potentially bring you more in the future.

For a personal example, a close friend of mine shared a screenshot from her business insights, which speaks volumes to the points above. She has an audience of just under 2000 followers on Instagram, yet her returning customer rate is 32% from Shopify purchases. She’s built a dedicated following with a core audience, and interacts consistently with those that recognize the value in what she provides through her products and services.

For a larger sample size, I researched the average returning customer rate through this article from Little Stream Software. Shopify reports 27% is a good baseline comparison. This provides a concrete example that you can be successful and above the grade average with a smaller, core audience.

One further point is interacting with your audience on a consistent basis. Through comments in your posts, story sticker questions, and direct messages, you’ll gain valuable insights into what they’re interested in, and why. You’ll be able to offer them a voice, and give them opportunities to share their own experiences with you. This is important to remember, especially with a smaller audience.


Micro-influencers typically might only have a few thousand followers, but they still provide a significant amount of value, and persuade others in their choices. In this article from Sophia Bernazzani, she discusses how a brand sets up a partnership with these individuals, in order to help build trust amongst the brand’s audience. Micro-influences normally work in specialized or niche environments, and post on social media in regards to what interests them. You can certainly see the benefits of what value this would bring to both parties. The micro-influencer is likely perceived in a positive light, and the smaller brand creates that trusted connection with their core audience.


In conclusion, I believe it’s possible to be successful with a smaller, dedicated audience. Set your focus to what provides value through your products and services, and consistently connect with your audience through presented opportunities. When possible, use the advantage of partnering with like-minded individuals to further build that trust amongst your audience, whether it’s 300 or 3000 followers. In the end, you’re more likely to continually reach the goals you set out to accomplish and grow your business organically.

Are you finding success with your smaller audience?

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YouTube as a full-time job

For Starters

Hands up if you’ve never been on YouTube? (…crickets…) I didn’t think so. YouTube is one of those platforms that has cemented itself as an almost everyday thing in our lives. With more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users and 74% of adults in the United States using the platform, its easy to see how YouTube has the importance that it does in our lives. YouTube has also become a budding new employer for a new generation of content craters. This week I’m looking in to how YouTube allowed individuals to quit their jobs and make a living off of YouTube full-time.

Image by: NordWood Themes


YouTube is the most popular video hosting sites on the internet. It is at the very heart of our daily content consumption yet some don’t know the origins of the platform. YouTube began as the brainchild of three employees at a startup called PayPal (small world). In 2004, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim began to design a video hosting site that began as a site for people to upload video dating profiles. Having worked at startups in the past, Hurley, Chen and Karim knew how much work needed to be done to launch an idea from nothing and in 2005 launch their site YouTube. 18 months later Youtube is sold to Google for $1.65 Billion and the tech giant turns it into the most popular video hosting website in history.

Image by: Laura Chouette

YouTube’s gravy train: Partner Program and AdWords

Now that we understand the history of the platform we can tackle the main subject of this post, how are people making money with YouTube and turning it into a career? The answer is simple, through the use of YouTube’s Partner Program and the Google AdWords platform. In 2007 Google was looking for ways to market and monetize the video hosting platform when they stumbled upon a brilliant idea, put ads infront of the videos. If people wanted to watch the content, they had you sit through an advertisement. But content creators weren’t going to just let YouTube take all of the money from their content (the viewer was trying to watch the creators content anyway), so YouTube created the Partner Program to incentivise creators. The threshold was simple, get 1000 subscribers and have 4000 watch hours in the past 12 months. With this new program YouTube was able to sell even more of its newfound ad space and creators were able to get paid.

Image by: Gianandrea Villa

YouTube as a career

With the launch of the Partner Program and the user of AdWords, content creators are able to make money off of their content of they grow their following enough. It’s reported that YouTube will pay on average $.18 per view. With a channel of just 1000 subscribers a content creator can make $180 per video. With most content creators releasing 1-3 videos per week, one could make around $540 a week for their content. It’s easy to see how popular YouTube personalities like Binging with Babish are able to afford a beautiful house in Brooklyn with his following.

In closing

When you look at it is easy to see how YouTube became such a moneymaker not just for Google but for content creators. Businesses and genuine people were able too shared their product and find their niche in their market and were able to get paid through the YouTube Partner Program. Do you have a YouTube channel? Have you thought about making one? Who is your favorite YouTuber? I’m looking forward to hearing about it in the comments.

Talk soon,


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Facebook: YouTube has cemented itself as one of the most popular and important social platforms of the 21 century. This week I dive in to the history of YouTube as a career and speak about YouTube’s Partner Platform.

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Do you have a favourite YouTuber? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Seamless Shopping!

Introducing Instagram’s new shopping feature: Instagram has always been a go to platform to study the latest trends in the fashion industry, lifestyle topics, travel tips, sports updates and so much more. Those super cute white sneakers, that stunning bag or chic sunglasses. Perfectly combined and worn by your favorite blogger; Instagram has always been a great place for inspiration but now Instagram has also made it so much easier to buy products we love directly through the app!

On March 19, 2019 Instagram launched “Checkout on Instagram.”

Welcoming a new way to digitally shop worldwide, Instagram users no longer just have to admire the pieces in the Influencers feed; simply click and add the featured item into the digital shopping bag. 

Typically, customers interested in purchasing an item would be directed to a Instagram profile of a brand which there in the biography they would find the website or online shop; then the desired item would have to be found on the page. This new Instagram function makes shopping so much symplier for the business and the consumer. You can mark these products just like you can mark a location or tag a person. The shopping bag articles are marked with a shopping bag symbol. With a tap, the price tags with pop up and important information like the price is displayed. This pop up also brings up a link to transfer the customer via a link to the product which can be simply placed in the shopping bag. 

This shopping feature is one of the most important updates in a long time. It’s a seamless shopping experience that caters directly to the customer; while also helping the business track and find out which items are selling well. 

Have you tried the shopping feature on Instagram? Tell me about your experience below.