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Hello everyone. My name is Colleen. I am taking this course for work purposes. We are an old fashioned business and have a hard time embracing social media use for business purposes. We are aware of the trends and want to stay current. So, here I am. We hope to learn how to properly use social media to market and promote business and generate a more positive online reputation. Being a small family business with older employees, we feel the growing pains of being current and navigating modern technology. I can’t wait to continue and learn. I am eager to collaborate with my classmates in this course. Feel free to ask me any questions, business or personal. Looking forward to this! 🙂

My background includes a Law Clerk diploma from Algonquin. I graduated in 2001. Since then, I worked in a couple of law firms, but my strong personality was not a good fit. For the past 11 years I have enjoyed a crucial role at Sky High Roofing where I am responsible for supporting the owner, office manager and sales staff.

What interests me about this course? Honestly not much. I don’t like social media. My own personal Facebook has minimal friends and posts. I do like memes.

From taking this course, I hope to get more familiar with how to use Facebook and Twitter for business use. I would never want to work in this field full time and just want to get more familiar with current trends.

To me, social media means just that. SOCIAL being the operative word. To me, the word social means interacting on a personal level, not a business level. Interacting on a business level is PROFESSIONAL interacting. For many years we have avoided an online presence but with the changes in society, and generation of customers, we find ourselves at the “if you can’t beat them, join them” point in our marketing plans.

I have never read one blog in my life. I wouldn’t know where to start looking or even what to look for.

My nephew was a very popular You Tube vlogger. His channel was popular and his videos got many views. Along with this, came cyber bullying. As a result, he took his life at the age of 13. This is part of the reason I am so jaded with social media. I find it to be dark, negative and outright cruel. I don’t think it’s right that one person can take down another like that online with no consequences.

This moves over to business. Business suffer from unfair reviews and trolls that have no other purpose but to harm. I really want to learn how to combat the trolls and astro-turfing reviews. One of the major things I hope to learn is why people are so fast to bash online, but rarely offer compliments. I would predict almost 100% of our happy customers who say they will post a nice review or comment on Facebook don’t follow through. On the flip side, even the smallest of bad experiences are posted without any chance of making the customer happy first. To our dismay, Google, Facebook, Twitter offer no support to the business. The attitude is “they can say what they want”. To me, this is very dangerous.

I invite everyone to my nephew’s vlogs. I hope it counts as a blog for the purposes of this assignment. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ifaMEULa3CLUQqQkKofow

Khalif’s vlogs inspire me because they are honest, raw and funny. Khalif inspired many people with his vlogs. I think his vlogs are great but I may be bias.

In closing, forgive me in advance for my skeptical and old fashioned approach. I feel confident that after taking this course, I will feel better about social media.

Social Anxiety

When interacting with people, people sometimes feel fear, nervous, and even feel anxious. Many people blame this performance on their shyness, but this performance is Social Anxiety. From a cognitive therapy perspective, there is a significant difference between shyness and social anxiety. Shyness is a short-term psychological problem. After overcoming the initial shyness, you will not experience social anxiety anymore. And social anxiety makes people think that they will do something that is degrading or embarrassing, and that other people are pointing at themselves, so people become pessimistic and cynical. In stressful situations, daily activities such as talking to strangers or calling with relatives and friends are significant obstacles for people with social anxiety. Three main ways to overcome social anxiety. Overcoming social anxiety not only allows people to better demonstrate their strengths but also makes people more enjoyable than afraid of social processes. First, reduce self-focus. When people pay too much attention to themselves, it is difficult to pay attention to other things accurately. “You can only get less information, such as what others say, the expression on your face, and their reaction to you.” Based on this information, you will quickly. If you know that others can understand your inner activities, you will be pointed at you. Self-concern is the core level of social anxiety and needs to be prioritized. A few suggestions to help you expand your attention: One is to remove your attention from yourself. You can try to do exercise. In a calm environment, focus on yourself, keep it for two or three minutes, and then turn your attention to the outside world for another two or three minutes. Another suggestion is to make up your mind not to think about the experiences that make you unhappy and to focus on what is happening around you. “The more curious you are to others, the more interested you are, the more you will pay attention to what others are talking about, and the less you care about your own symptoms and fears.” She also suggests that you should fully mobilize your curiosity. You can think of yourself as an expert in social studies. For example, you can observe the way people say goodbye at the airport gate, observe people’s age, familiarity, mood, people accompanying them, and so on. This simple observation will make social anxiety people understand that there is no such thing as a “right” way of social behavior, and you don’t need to feel uncomfortable with your behavioral patterns. Second, change the direction of thinking. The fear of social anxiety comes mainly from the opinions of others. For example, in some social situations, social anxiety people generally have a hunch to be criticized. Ideas can affect your feelings.


Conversely, feelings can also affect your thinking. Changing your mindset can make you feel better. How to change the mindset? Two strategies: First, learn to recognize the thoughts in your brain and figure out what you think when you feel anxious. Many social anxiety people have their negative habits. For example, when someone leaves when they speak, they believe that this is specifically for themselves. For example, the heart will habitually assume some responsibility that is not their own. If you can identify these negative conjectures by recording, questioning, and reflecting, then the change will be easy. Another strategy is to find a useful mindset. Good thinking patterns can generally be expressed in fairer and milder language; they can alleviate your stress and help you look at things in a more balanced and flexible way. For example, when you want to monitor your progress, don’t use compulsive vocabulary such as “must” or “should”, but use “if I…will be better” to motivate yourself. Third, change the behavior pattern. Trying new behavior patterns will help you explore more practical and beneficial mindsets. For example, you will be more open, ask more questions, and make more friends. Changing behavior patterns requires you to abandon your safety behavior. Safe behavior is what you do to protect yourself in social interactions, such as looking down at others to look away from others. Safe practice will reduce your confidence and “effectively” help you escape the attention of others. You can put your security behaviors into a list and then gradually discard them. Changing the behavioral pattern also requires you to face reality. Social anxious people can identify what they want to avoid, clarify their ideas and the connections between them, and then change their usual practices in action, that is, “face to fear instead of avoidance,” and finally evaluate the consequences. Know if your expectations of the results are correct. Does social media make you happier or more worried?


The emergence of social media makes people’s lives more convenient, but also makes people more anxious. Too much attention to the things brushed out in the circle of friends will make people lose happiness. What does social media mean for you? In contemporary society, social media has become a part of everyday life, and people are used to communicating with others, opening up their horizons, and relieving the pressure of reality. It seems that technological advancement is pushing people in a better and better direction. But the facts may not stop there. The role of social media is quite complicated. There are also some negative effects behind the seemingly enjoyable brushing of Weibo and friends. Through a series of “China Social Media Impact Reports” released by consulting agency Kantar in recent years, we can more fully examine the role of social media in life.


Twitter or Facebook choose one….people these days are crazy about the numerous social media websites and pages. People talk a lot about stuff going around the world. Almost the quarter of the population is on Facebook, because social networks feed off interactions among people, they become more active and powerful as they grow.

If we talk about the importance of social media, these days its easily accessible and it meet up the point of today’s internet savvy audience. Whereas, social media proves that it is a good method through which we can easily access the third party in business world.

In the business it has made easy interactions, meetings and working of workers. One can sit far away from his/her country but still can connect his/her meeting partner.


However, this is not the end Social media is coming up with huge problems. There are more number of teenagers on the social media rather than of business men or women. It affect their personal and social life, they usually do not like to interact with each other.

Teenagers have a need to fit in, to be well known and to exceed others. This procedure was testing some time before the coming of online life. Include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram in with the general mish-mash and you all of a sudden have young people being exposed inclination strain to grow up excessively quick in an online world.

Question is still same on the earth, is Social media is good or bad? Is it important for world or not? Comment down below and share your view.





Source: hopetutors.com

The AR (Augmented Reality) boom is coming. Here are 3 categories where we will look at the changes that will come (some are already there but still need fine tuning).

Travel & Tourism

With traveling getting cheaper and an increase in demand for unique experiences. AR will be there to help smudge out those navigating issues, language barriers, crowded tours and restaurant/hotel booking.

While functioning with interactive maps, AR can direct you with arrows to your destination. During that time you may see signs that the camera will be translating for you. Also you may pass by landmarks that the camera picks up and/or geolocations picks up that will feed you information about this historical landmark. Maybe something in a store catches your eye and the AR device will translate what you are saying into the designated language and translate back for you. When looking for a hotel or choosing a restaurant you can have 360 degree view of the meals or hotel rooms.


Companies are always looking for ways to improve productivity and profit. AR will be a huge help to that end with training, creativity, retail and technical support.

Training cost a lot. AR can help train on the job and also offer simulations that will increase confidence and help prevent accidents. The way AR affects creativity is through, being able to visualize a 3D design from a 2d concept. In retail shoppers will be able to see a 3d model of the item they are interested in and help them on decide on buying it. Real-time technical support with video conference and being able to share information on the job will greatly improve the latency between task.


When it comes to socializing on the internet. AR is changing a lot. From animojis to filters.

Being able to send an emoji that gets configured by your facial expressions (that’s an animoji), to a filter that changes how you or your surrounding looks. Like the tech support you could real-time your mom and share information on what to buy at the grocery store from what is missing in the fridge.

Links with more info down below. Where else do you see AR improving or failing?

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Celebrating Women in Computing–Past, Present and Future

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The Importance of Women in Computer History

Women have been widely recognized as being important in the history of computer programming. Two examples of women technical pioneers are:

  • Ada Lovelace (1815 to 1852) was believed to be the first computer programmer.
  • Grace Hopper (1906 to 1992) was a computer programmer who helped pave the way for the COBOL programming language by developing a compiler, which translated mathematical code into machine readable code.

Image of Grace Hopper courtesy of Pixabay

Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing

Today, women continue to celebrate their place in technology. This year is the fourth annual CAN-CWIC (Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing) conference, which is taking place in the International Center in Mississauga, Ontario on November 8th and 9th 2019. There are 20+ sessions planned for 700+ attendees and 40+ expected exhibitors. Sessions include such topics as social media branding, technologies for people with disabilities, cyber security, gaming and others.

Image of courtesy of Pixabay

Some Stats on Women in Technology

Some promising stats compiled on women in technology for 2018.

Canadian Contribution to the Future of Women in Computing

Image courtesy of Pixabay

To invest in the future of women in Technology, the Canadian Government has launched a $2 billion Women Entrepreneurship Strategy (WES) to double the number of women owned businesses in Canada by 2025 by increasing access to finance, networks and advice. As a part of WES, there is a $20 million Women Entrepreneurship Fund which funds women-led companies. Also, involved in the WES initiative is a $200 million Women in Technology (WIT) venture fund that supports women in building their businesses.

What would you consider to be one of the biggest hurdles of being a woman in technology?

Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of Women in Computing. https://bit.ly/2p5VPt9


Women in Computing—Past, Present and Future. #CAN-CWIC #womenintechnology #fundingforwomen. https://bit.ly/2p5VPt9

How Transparency Could Help Your Business

October. 14, 2019 – Matthew Toner

“Business transparency is the process of being open, honest, and straightforward about various company operations.”

Source: Forbes
Photo by Benjamin Child on Unsplash

In the shadows lie businesses who prefer to work in the dark, away from prying eyes. Odds are, though, that you’re not running a mafia and therefore your business would actually benefit from avoiding a ‘shady’ appearance.

First things first; it’s important to get off on the right foot with your customers. A brand or product is only as relevant as their reputation, with some exceptions of course (looking at you Nike).

“When brands are transparent and develop a history of transparency, nearly nine in 10 people are more likely to give them second chances after bad experiences and 85% are more likely to stick with them during crises.”

Source: Sprout Social Blog

Social media can be a fantastic outlet to keep your customers involved and updated. Giving regular updates doesn’t mean you have to post every hour on the hour, but even small updates can be better than radio silence. Considering studies show millennials hold brands to a much higher standard on social media than other outlets, this holds doubly true (Mike Kappel, Forbes, 2019).

Unfortunately for consumers, but fortunately for you, most brands aren’t yet considered to be adequately transparent. This is an opportunity for brands or companies who embrace transparency to a higher degree to stand out and show prospect customers they’re different.

Source: Sprout Social Blog

In conclusion, transparency is more important than ever before. As a business trying to stand out the use of openness and honesty can go a long way in securing long term customers, who may even forgive you if you make mistakes along the way.

So try it out for yourself. Start sending out little updates on what the business is up to, or even big updates if you want to be totally transparent. The choice is yours, but do yourself a favour and boost the credibility of your business today!

Use the hashtag #Stay_in_the_loop to share your progress with the world!

Jazz up your Instagram!

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

In this blog, we are going to dive in to 4 key components of making Instagram a more successful platform for the ultimate influencer mind!

Doing Instagram Polls is a great kick start to seeing followers reactions, and input on what content they want to see! On Instagram, we are able to ask a question with 2 answers for users to click on! If we are posting many makeup tutorials, asking users through a poll which creation they want to see next keeps the audience be involved and spreads word on the account! After the poll, the followers will be anticipating the new post and look forward to keeping up to date with future postings!

Personal Image via Instagram

Collaborating with another brand is key to gaining popularity, not just for ourselves, but for other businesses. Often when we are just starting, brands will reach out (or vice versa) to post alongside us! Keeping it always related to our brand! Example, if we are all about hair, a scrunchy brand or hair care is likely in our favour! With that, realizing that not every opportunity is in our favour, making sure we stick to the theme! If your followers see that we are using certain hair care, while we are running a hair care profile, the trust of quality will start to form!

“If you have the opportunity to partner with another brand that has a similar target audience, this can be a great way to increase your exposure across social media platforms. The goal is to choose a company that is not a direct competitor but whose audience may also benefit from your products or services.”

Karen Smith on ’18 Fun Social Media Marketing Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Campaigns’.

Be open to aswering questions! Many people in the Instagram world will be inspired to start their own! Having fan followers who love our brands and want to be more connected are going to reach out! Be welcoming, show them why creating content is fun, and encourage them to start up! On Instagram, there is an ‘ask me a question’ sticker! Use it to its advantage!

This can also encourage jumping on trending topics. Whatever is popular at the time, using it to its advantage, and staying up to date with what is popular at the time, that also resonates with the followers!

Personal Image via Instagram

Creating tutorials and live stream videos related to your brand will involve more viewers, “…based on a survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex, 60% of users stream and watch videos whether they are live or not, even those random videos?” (Karen Smith on ‘18 Fun Social Media Marketing Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Campaigns,‘) Everyone loves watching how-to videos and tutorials in their spare time! Whether the Instagram is makeup, fishing, or baking, creating visual content that followers can watch on the bus, or before bed will heighten popularity, and cause our profiles to show up more on the popular page! The impact of a follower enjoying video content will attract them more to click on our profile, and want to watch more!

Buzzfeedtasty via Instagram

This all makes our followers feel like friends. They are more active in our lives by asking us questions, participating in live streams and answering our polls! Using products we advocate, and creating (for example) the make up look we posted, creates trust and an Instagram bond a follower will talk about! Having followers feel like our friend will put our name out in the world, and ultimately help make us the successful influencer we aspire to be!

If you are inspired to create the ultimate influencer Instagram, click my references links! https://bit.ly/2VZ1Rrq , https://bit.ly/2JkbGfz , https://bit.ly/2xPjVZq … Enjoy!

Facebook: Jump start your Instagram brand to become the influencer you dreamed of! Click the link to find out more… https://bit.ly/2J7nfpj

Twitter: Become the ultimate influencer with these tips… https://bit.ly/2J7nfpj #InstaFamous #Influencer #HowTo

What is KOL Marketing?

KOL(Key Opinion Leader), is a new brand testimony developed along with social media. As consumers’ attention thresholds are getting higher and higher, KOL is one of the means by which brands attract attention. KOL is not the same as the influencer. KOL needs to have more professional knowledge. The fan group has certain special attributes and has a certain degree of trust in him. The influencers are more focused on entertainment, and the audience has a relaxed mood to see. KOL is more likely to get the trust of its fans.

The reason KOL is concerned is because they can provide some guidance to fans in the vertical field, or play a role in guiding consumption. KOL is growing up with social media. With the verticalization of social media, each social platform will have its own KOL.

Image by EVG Photos via Pexels

In fact, the most successful country to use KOL marketing is China. The KOL marketing is so effective in China now. The variability and diversity of the Chinese brand marketing market has always been a very important research direction in brand strategy marketing research. With the rise and development of social marketing, KOL’s marketing is gradually regarded by the brand as the top priority in social media communication.

The reason why KOL Marketing works in China is because KOL interacts with its followers. They have the ability to make things trend, and this is the power that brands should seek to invest. Many Chinese do not trust the information published through traditional marketing channels, and the solution to this problem is KOL. The products they recognize represent their personal brand, so they don’t make decisions that harm their image. Therefore, more and more Chinese people choose to trust KOL, and there are a lot of successful cases.

Image by Pixabay via Pexels

The influence of KOL is closely related to their position in the market. KOL is the leader in the social closed loop, and their opinions not only can influence consumers, but also provide strategic guidance for branded products. Therefore, the role of KOL in brand marketing cannot be ignored. Would you consider using KOL marketing to promote your products? What do you think about the future of KOL?

Facebook:Learn what is KOL Marketing https://wp.me/p3QRy0-lzW

Twitter:Learn what is KOL Marketing https://wp.me/p3QRy0-lzW #marketing #socialmedia #kol #influencer


Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram and coming across your favourite celebrity with a product in hand, describing their love for said product and noticing #ad within their comments? What exactly does this mean and why do they need to do this?

Source: Selesti

As social media grew, platforms expanded their capabilities and celebrities began acquiring a large following, so did the trend of utilizing social media and their influencers in marketing tactics. There has been a growing trend where companies are using “influencer marketing” in order to promote their product. Wikipedia defines “influencer marketing” as:

Influencer marketing (a.k.a.influence marketing) is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placements from influencers, people and organizations who possess a purported expert level of knowledge[dubious – discuss] and/or social influence in their respective fields.

Source: Wikipedia

As influencer marketing grew, the rule and regulations to their marketing strategies were being identified and investigated. According to BBC.com in April of 2017:

Celebrities and “influencers” in the US have been warned to clearly identify when they are promoting products on Instagram in return for payment.

Source: BBC.com

The BBC went on to explain that over ninety individuals and marketing first were handed letters by the consumer regulators regarding the issue of marketing and non-transparency. The article continues to explain that regulator also put in place guidelines for these influencers to use in order to be transparent about their post.

The regulator did not give specific wording which should be used to make a disclosure but said that phrases such as “paid for” “Sponsored” and “Promotion” may help get that message across, as well as “#ad”.”

Source: BBC.com

It is not that uncommon now to see #ad more prominently within posts following the investigation listed above. What is interesting is the increased number of YouTube videos that provide step by step instructions on how to effectively use influencer marketing for your business.

Source: YouTube

With social media being used by those young and old, it was inevitable that marketing firms followed along with this trend. I believe that it is important that influencers use their high volume of followers properly and be as transparent as possible when it comes to marketing.

#ad? Do you feel that this is truly necessary in the social media world?

5 Ways To Use Social Media To Enhance Your Community Event

Via Soo Zombie Walk Facebook Page

I recently joined my local Zombie Walk committee, and we recently held our 10th annual event on Saturday the 19th. It was a lot of fun and ran smoother then I was preparing myself for. I had only joined about a week before the main event for this year, so the only place I could really help with was the social media and digital advertising part. I had a very busy week of posting and engagements for an event of over 300 attendees. Here’s some tips I learned from my fast training and experience over the last week.

  1. Post frequently: According to online marketing helping website Oberlo, the more you post the more page engagement you’ll receive. Post all your advertising, reminders, countdown, fun related content like polls or memes, and everything else applicable to you. Try it out and see what content goes over well. Try posting at least 3-5 times per week for Facebook, at least once a week for Instagram, and a few times a day on Twitter.
  2. Make an event: Setting up an event page on Facebook is a great way to advertise online. Facebook sets recommend events for nearby people or people of same interests, giving you a cost and care free way to get your word out. Facebook also has an often popping up reminder feature of notifications for anyone interested or going to your event. There’s also the visitor posts feature that gives anyone interested in the event a way to ask any questions that you can answer without filling up your DMs messages.
  3. Use popular platforms in your area: Only utilize platforms you know your attendance is at. Facebook is generally common for any age and geographical range, Instagram is good for Gen Zs and Millennials, Twitter is good for more of a news style event or for a wide range of people geographical, Linkedin is good for business type events, etc. Know your target audience and where they look towards for their information.
  4. Boost posts: Some to most platforms have some sort of boosting feature. This is where you can pay a set by yourself amount of money to the platform for them to advertise your event posting. You can set to specific demographics to pick your best target audience. It’s another effortless way to let the computing do all the advertising work for you, you spend maybe 30 minutes maximum setting up your data and it’ll be continuously done for you.
  5. Continuous engagement: Continuously be talking with your audience. Active engagement and conversation back to your followers leads for best feedback and people willing to do more research into you. People expect easy information and fast replies. Active engagement could be liking and replying to your feedback on comments, posting semi-related content (zombie meme-what’s your weapon in the zombie apocalypse?) and asking for replies, constantly answer DMs and encourage questions and conversations. People are more willing to support a cause if they think the business or page stands for respect and general friendliness.

Overall, with the active engagement we had some of the best page feedback that week week then for a while previous. The event went quite well and I spent my time throughout the event running around and adding to stories and answering DM questions.

Do you have anymore suggestions on how to use social media to help with community events? I’ll be doing the same thing next year and would love any more tips anyone has to offer!

– Ferreira, M. (2019, August 20). 15 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement Quickly. Retrieved October 20, 2019, from https://www.oberlo.ca/blog/social-media-engagement.