Here are some reasons to wear a mask.

Today I would like to briefly say why you should wear a mask. 

I am currently working as a cashier at a convenience store. 

When the instructions were first given to use a mask, most of them did not use a mask, and many people were angry at my request to wear a mask. Of course, most of them are doing well now. However, there are still people who only cover their noses, people who only cover their mouths, and sometimes people who only cover their chins. And the most worrisome person is when parents wear masks and children don’t. They wonder if they want their children to get sick or if they have a different purpose. 

Here are some reasons to wear a mask.  

 When talking or coughing, the virus mixed with saliva can be transmitted up to 5M. 

 Even if I do not have the virus, if the saliva of another person is transmitted to the nose or mouth, it is vulnerable to the virus. 

  In public places or crowded places due to one virus carrier, many infections can occur at once, so it should be used to prevent the spread. 


If you wear a face mask, it’s best not to speak. This is because the mask gets contaminated quickly. But the people who come to the convenience store where I work talk a lot. Wearing a face mask makes it difficult to understand what each other is talking about, and it makes the voices very loud. I wonder if I should quit my job


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Adults must also drink milk.

As an adult, although you are not tall, your body will always change, so you need to eat the ingredients you need.
For protein, it is most important to eat 60 to 70% of animals, 30 to 40% of vegetables, and a balanced diet of vegetable fat, vitamins, and minerals.
Drinking two glasses of milk a day not only helps in eating protein and other nutrients, but also provides essential amino acids for the day.

Human bones are replaced by new bone cells after 90 days. Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts are constantly acting, making new and disappearing bone cells, and if calcium is insufficient at this time, Osteoclasts occur as Osteoclasts become more active than Osteoblasts.
As you get older, you can easily get a fracture even if you fall lightly. This is a symptom caused by a lack of calcium in the ear. So, if you don’t want to suffer from osteoporosis, you shouldn’t neglect calcium intake as you get older, not just as a child.

Foods high in calcium include anchovies, tofu, milk and dairy products. Of these, milk has the highest absorption rate in the body. Therefore, in order to prevent aging and prevent adult diseases, it is necessary to constantly consume milk to replenish calcium.
Adults do not have more metabolism than children, so it takes longer than children to heal injuries or trauma such as fractures. Therefore, balanced nutrition must be considered, and in that sense, milk intake that provides essential amino acids, proteins and calcium is the best choice.

Milk is very good, especially when drinking coffee. Because coffee is diuretic, it has the property of discharging the calcium in the body. So, if you drink latte rather than Americano or black coffee, you can be replenished the calcium released.


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Korean chicken dishes

Chicken cuisine is one of the dishes enjoyed by many people around the world. There are three typical recipes in Korea. That is fried, seasoning and boiled chicken. I learned to cook at SLC Culinary for the past two years and chicken is one of the great ingredients. During class, I learned a little different recipes. So, I would like to introduce Korean chicken dishes.In my opinion, Korean chicken dishes are less salty and less oily than Canadian ones. Also, boiled chicken is a typical Korean healthy food.

The “SIS Famous Half and Half” [Photographs: Jay Friedman]

Fried chicken dishes were introduced to Korea through KFC, and now there have been a lot of changes and there are a lot of brands and recipes. And, it develops into a seasoned chicken made by pouring sauce. Fried is not salty and very crispy is a great feature of Korean chicken. And the sweet and slightly sour sauce is a great attraction of seasoned chicken.

The representative dish of Korean cuisine is Samgeytang. It contains a small chicken, jujube, ginseng, glutinous rice, and various ingredients. Samgyetang means ginseng chicken soup and it is a popular stamina food in summer. Korean ancestors believed that you can supplement your lost energy by having this soup. So many Koreans visit Samgyetang restaurants in summer, particularly during the three hottest days of summer.

Many people in Korea love chicken. They can always be seen eating chicken. Although not introduced, there are also many smoked recipes, and they with drink beer.



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A very healthy food with a balance of taste, nutrition and color.

Korean food is a very healthy food that considers taste, nutrition, and color harmony. It has a proper balance of meat and vegetables, so you can eat balanced nutrients.

First, the superiority of Korean food is low-calorie foods that mainly use vegetables and seafood rather than meat, and there are many foods that mainly use healthy cooking methods such as steamed. In fact, most Korean foods are a little bit salty, steamed or boiled, and they are not over cooked or fried.

Second, the excellence of Korean food is that it is well-nourished. Korean food is to prepare a well-balanced table such as rice, vegetables such as grains and herbs, as well as preparing protein with stews and grills.

The superiority of the third Korean food is delicious because it uses a lot of fermented foods such as kimchi and some sauce, and it has a high effect on disease prevention. The reason for the fermentation was to keep the food well, but ultimately, the fermentation food was found to be good for the body, and the excellence of Korean food spread more widely.

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