Social media is constantly changing, developing a strong social media strategy is the key to success in growing your business. Fenty Beauty is an example of a brand that uses social media in an impressive way. With profiles on all major platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. Fenty Beauty focuses on connecting with their buyers. Fenty Beauty launched in 2017, created by famous artist, Rihanna. Selling high quality makeup and skin care items, different foundations for different types of skin, and making it luxury but with a decent cost, are all reasons Fenty beauty is so popular. With nearly 11 million on Instagram, and 700K on Twitter, Fenty Beauty has made it to the top of makeup brands. The social media engagement this brand has is incomparable to many others. By putting up polls on twitter, allowing consumers to share their opinions on each product, Fenty Beauty makes what their buyers want. With direct links to all their products and website, the social medias are jam packed with easy ways to add items to your cart. Fenty Beauty’s advertisements also feature models of all shape, size, and colour. Making their brand more relatable and appealing to all genders, and skin types.

Another brand that is impressive with their social media is SKIMS. SKIMS, founded in 2018, is a shapewear brand created by Kim Kardashian. There is no surprise that her clothing brand would also be backed up by a good marketing and social media team as well. With 3.2 million Instagram followers, a Twitter, Facebook and TikTok page, SKIMS is no stranger on how to use the media for business. SKIMS uses models of all shapes, sizes, and colour, making their brand once again easier for the general public to relate to. The company also uses famous TikTok stars, like Addison Rae, or Instagram influencers, Tammy Hembrow, to model the shapewear on their platforms. This is a great way to market the brand. Kim Kardashian herself also does a lot of sharing her companies ads/posts on her own social media. With 258 million followers she is gaining a good amount of reach there. Fenty Beauty and SKIMS are both good examples of impressive social media.

A company that can improve its social media to expand its growth would be a technology company called Sibus Tech, based out of Hamilton. This technology company has fast respond times, great reviews, and with a better social media plan it would really help grow the business. With a consistent posting schedule and better post engagement, (retweets, commenting, etc.) they won’t be a local business anymore.

By utilizing the connections social media helps us make, we can really advance our businesses.