Stop Wasting Time Trying to Find Your Digital Content – Personal Librarian at Your Service!

Wasting too much time looking for that photo you took last year at what’s her name’s wedding…… ‘I sure hope I kept it, it was the first pic of me with my now boyfriend! Whether you save locally or to the cloud, all of us struggle with content management issues Whether it be managing our personal information, our academic papers or even work related content, these handy tricks and tips will to get the right content to you in record time so you can spend more time doing the things you really like doing – not wasting time searching for your stuff!

Use these three categories to help you keep the stuff that is enduring to you and get rid of the extra noise or cling-ons worry and guilt free! This philosophy can be applied to all your digital content whether it be videos, blogs, academic papers, emails, personal business (such as taxes) etc.. Simply create a folder structure with these three categories. Each of them can be further broken into sub-categories such as in the example shared here. The definitions below will help you gauge where to put your stuff;

– Archival: Records (scanned images, videos, pictures and/or letters) of your closest family, friends, newspaper articles that shaped your thinking or impacted your life, academic papers that have been published or peer reviewed, blogs/vlogs/videos that have received special attention.

Example of Archival Folder Structure

– Personal Value: Invoices for tax purposes (keep them 7 years in case of an audit), any of the above mentioned media that has not yet proven to be transitory – keep 3 years then transfer to Archival or Transitory folder (depending on what has occurred in the last 3 years).

Example of Personal Value Type Information

– Transitory: information that required only for a short period of time or that are required only to complete another task/activity (picture of the bin number at Ikea). All of this media type can be deleted.

By using three high level buckets to file all of your digital content, you will be the go to person among all your friends and family to share that pic or video.