Hello everyone! My name is Tyler Reed, I am 21 years old, work at Walmart, and don’t have a business of my own or anything like that. But I do have a couple interests, one of those interests is anime. Anime is essentially animation made in Japan, though it has more to it then that. If you ever watch cartoons, the first difference you might see when comparing anime to an american cartoon, is how much more detail anime has in it’s style.

Details, Details!

North Western animating style is often pretty plain, while in anime you’ll see details in the hair, eyes, clothes, and various other attributes. While both methods have merits, for example, plain styles are faster to draw obviously, so shows can be pumped out quicker and cheaper. Though lots of detail I find makes the show easier to watch and makes the characters easier to love. It encouraged me to try drawing characters myself time to time even.

Don’t Don’t Take It Personal

Characters not only look good in anime, a lot of detail is put into their personality as well. History is given to most characters in every anime, sometimes the background characters have more of an impact than the viewer would think, and pop in later to give a surprise that turns the whole show around.

Double The Love, Half The Effort

Anime is often created based on a manga, so the amount of time a writer would take to make each character is already been done before the anime was even started up. This means, anime has source material from the gecko, therefore giving the producers time to perfect and improve everything. Nothing is ever perfect of course, but it definitely does a good job.

Image Source

To Conclude

Cartoons and anime are both great in their own rights, though personally I’ve found anime to have more genres, stories, details, and interest than cartoons usually do. There are bad apples and gems in both too. Which do you prefer? Do you perhaps watch live action and movies more? Let me know in the comments below!

Tyler Reed

Online Privacy (Please?): A Concern With Social Media

When you’re online, using Facebook for example, you may have put some information on there, like of course your name, age (if younger when you made the account, it’s probably incorrect), and date of birth. These three things is probably where you should stop. The more data you have online, the more of an issue it’ll be if you become hacked. It doesn’t even have to be hacking, it just also is a bad idea for people to know more than they should about you. If you’re required to give a location or number, those things can’t be avoided if it’s for business. So there’s things you have to do, in order to be completely safe in the online world.

Surfing the web Image Source

Hackers Are Scary!

Doop de do, just browsing the web… oo, an interesting link… Click. One click of the mouse or one tap of the finger can be all it takes for a hacker to have access to all your sensitive information. Of course, that depends on the device you are using, but still, sometimes they don’t make any sudden moves, it might take awhile after you click the link. A couple months later, you end up buying something off the device, you enter in your bank information. A little later, you find odd transactions being done on your account. If you don’t take action right away, there goes all your money.

I’ve had a personal experience with this, because my mom had links to my dad’s and mine’s accounts. She clicked a seemingly innocent link about getting a chance prize. The price was $3 for shipping it said, she did the payment through PayPal, so it should’ve been okay. But it wasn’t. Luckily we caught it the day of, and got all our money back (which funny enough, was less than what the hacker put in), and made new accounts. This whole hassle could’ve been avoided by being more careful. Though, it’s easier said then done for most people.

What Are The Ways I Could Get Hacked?

There are six primary ways to get hacked, for a full description check out this blog, but here’s the terms:

  1. Phishing
  2. Malware
  3. Malicious Mobile Apps
  4. Smishing
  5. Physical Security Threats
  6. Insecure Network

When you first hear of hacking, you’ve either seen it in movies or heard it from a peer probably. If you only saw hacking from the movies, these ways above may seem too easy, that’s because it is. Everyday things shouldn’t be feared, but when online, it’s a whole new world. Watch what you click. Check out this blog for more tips.

Hacking isn’t always like the movies portrays Image Source

Risk Specific To Social Media

With social media being used for businesses, the risks of leaked information only grows. People need to put in banking info to purchase stuff from companies, businesses have to put up information to build trust with consumers. It’s a cycle of details that are both personal and dangerous to have shared. Too many times has it been done, where an email from a company is sent to a person. They, thinking the same thing, click the email, get interested, click again, then are hacked. Gmail I know, is pretty good at differentiating spam from regular mail, you can still never be too careful.

One big incident that took place this year (May, 2019) involved WhatsApp. Having 1.5 billion users worldwide, it’s no wonder why something, that could listen to people’s calls through the app, would be a big deal. Even big companies have their faults as this issue proved. To read more (and more recent incidents like this), look at this blog.

When using social media, take care in what you post Image Source

In Conclusion

Online privacy is a something not to be ignored, it not only affects your life in the moment, but possibly your future as well. If not too careful, you might have to relocate, change names, appearance, or try to recover lost funds or even all of the above. Be safe. I looked at a few blogs, but this blog, was real good at getting to the point, so I’ll showcase it again to provide tips on how to stay safe online. Have you ever been hacked? What did you do? Or if you haven’t been, what would you do? If you have had any experiences, please let me know in the comments below! Have a wonderful day/evening!


What’s up with online privacy?


Why do I want privacy? #onlineprivacy

Why Do Youtubers Have It Rough?

Logo for YouTube Image Source

Did you ever think “I think I’m gonna start up my YouTube channel” before? Well I’d love to say it’s easy peasy, but reality smacks you when you’re not looking, so I’m gonna say some things to make sure you don’t go in blind. Unless you have the willpower, stop reading right now, find a job, return to work, or do your school work; it’s all much more feasible then this ideal.

“Why are you being oh so harsh about being a Youtuber?” you might be wondering. Well, for starters, I want to be one. I’ve had the ideal ever since I thought about doing videos everyday. Whether it be Let’s Plays, Vlogs (even though they are not as popular anymore), videos for fun, and recently videos promoting other projects I want to get going. I want to get into it, but it’s precisely why I don’t get into it… right away I mean.

A Dream is Just That, Until You Act

As everyone is aware of I’m sure, you can’t daydream your perfect world into reality, you have to take steps in order to make it come to fruition. With being a Youtuber, in the old days it took just uploading regularly, getting views and making good, enjoyable content… it’s still a necessary thing to do, but it will take WAY TOO long to make a living like that. Now, having a product or service to build off of changes that. This Blog has all the steps you’d need to take to make a good YouTube channel. If you don’t have a product or service, the goal becomes far harder to achieve. Without initial drive to watch your videos, without fans either, or without using key words in your titles, you’ll earn maybe one or two subs… over a year’s time.

So, now that you understand why it’s hard to start up a channel, let’s move on to why it’s even hard to maintain a channel as well.

The side column for YouTube Image Source

Social Media With YouTube

As with any social media outlet, content creators have to watch what they say or do at ALL times. One slip up in most cases can be covered with video editing before you post videos, that’s the same with most social media networks, but YouTube live streams change that comfort. Unfortunately, live streams are popular among fans, I understand sort of, maybe you do too, even if you don’t it’s an easy fact to see. Live streams are a great way to interact with fans right away, but at the large cost of making you an easy target for watchful viewers. If you say one sexist or racist thing, it’ll blow up in your face if people can make it happen (reason I say “if”, is that I’ve seen plenty of Youtubers say offensive things then immediately apologize, usually being forgiven afterwards).

Are the fans safe on YouTube? You’d think so. Even if they have worked on the issue since the last update, it doesn’t excuse the fact that people were being banned just by using emoticons as instructed on a live stream! The creator, Markiplier, had to explain to the fans and get after YouTube after the incident. This impacted him though, losing a ton of subscribers, who even were paying every month to his channel as well. If he had 23 million less subscribers, he’d have hell to pay for his channel.

Markiplier himself Image Source

How’d That Happen?!

It’s something that people who make sites put in place, so the overwhelming number of people who use their site don’t use it to advertise unwelcoming information. Algorithms. Algorithms are used in many ways, for social media, it follows coding that determines whether or not a post contains “bad” content. Of course, it’s not without it’s flaws. Given texting is often short formed (text = txt), this adds more variability, making it even more complex for a program to notice anything wrong. Also, it won’t be aware of what’s going on with the page. So, to answer how that Markiplier incident occurred, it was all due to a function to ban people who spam (send a lot of posts/comments consistently in a short span of time). Was it the correct choice of programming? Personally, I think not. People who spam are annoying and can make life hard for social media users. But to ban their Google account without warning? That’s too harsh in my opinion.

Another issue with YouTube content is, there’s TOO much of it. If you post something, people might lose interest in finding it because of the many trolls or pranksters that post videos as well. This issue I found written in fuller detail on this blog.

How to troll YouTube Image Source

All In All

There’s many benefits to using YouTube, but the start up is the hardest process. Once a Youtuber gets a million or so subs, they can start to relax… a little. If however you use it to advertise, you already have a job, and/or you do it as a hobby, then go for it. If there’s one takeaway though; don’t rush into it and be prepared for a hard battle to get the views.

Is there any Youtuber you support? Let me know down below why or why not you support them! I personally enjoy Markiplier’s content and love how he does charity as well as bring entertainment to the world. Thanks for reading!

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Different World (Isekai) Series: Why The Interest?

Image Source A portal to another world?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a sub genre that you have probably seen or read, but never really thought about at the time. Different world genre is just that; about a different world to our own. Oh! So, like Star Wars then, right? Though it does literally state being in another galaxy far, far away, that’s still technically incorrect to the genre. It’s about someone from our world, being brought to another world (or it being brought to us). “Why does that make a difference?” Well, I’ll be happy to go through the reason as to why.

When you see a fantasy show or read a sci-fi, maybe you picture yourself living in such a world, or you and your peers. Is it because you’d like to live in that world? Just curious what’d happen? Or if it’d be fun in the first place? Well the Japanese term for the genre is called Isekai (meaning “different world”) and those previous questions are answered by such a genre.

People watch or read from various outlets for different reasons. I watch shows or videos to set aside reality for a short while myself. It’s nice to get away from the world sometimes in my opinion, because it’s either too boring, too harsh, or too frustrating. So, if a show or book talks about literally someone getting away from the world as they know it, to a completely new one, it catches interest, right?

What Is The Appeal Exactly?

Unlike a regular fantasy or sci-fi show or book, it has someone in it we can relate to. We can more easily engage ourselves with the situation when we think “if I was in that situation, I’d have…” and that’s the appeal I’ve always had. Unfortunately, no one has any statistics recorded as to why they like the shows or books, not in general at least (to go through all of this, would be a nightmarish task). The only source I could pinpoint anything general on, was the anime industry (which I am a fan of).

For most people, the Isekai plot is disliked for the most part, but only because there is such a surging amount of them. Why is there a lot of them being made though? It isn’t just on a whim animation studios put all that effort in stories just to have them scraped under the rug. It’s true that many of the genre aren’t going to have a second season, but they still each got a good amount of viewing. Why is that? The show itself may be good, but I think the only outstanding feature among all the different series is the ability to put yourself easily in the main character’s shoes.

Image Source A good recent addition to the Isekai genre

Okay, Maybe You’re Interested… But…

If you want to watch or read something with Isekai in it, either to just give it a try, or because you know you like what you’re reading, then I can give my opinion on where to start.

If you like animation, anime is perfect to watch. Maybe you’ve been turned off from something you saw or you don’t want to read subtitles all the time. Like anything, there’s lots of good and bad. People also have their tastes to consider as well, maybe a show has all the things you like, but is poorly animated and paced for example. Also, the option dubbed is available for most good anime, it comes out after subbed does (for obvious reasons), but if you’re just starting, you got a lot to watch. Here is a few anime to try, they each have their own charm to them:

If you enjoy live action, there are many films out there to look at, but not all of them are good per say. Probably the best films to look at for an initial look at the genre are both of these:

  • The One – protagonist goes to multiple worlds
  • The Mist – characters get visited by another world

As far as books are concerned, I can’t recommend any, but there is a list to go though here (the link also provides a timeline for parallel world novels/films/shows/anime/manga/comics).

Image Source My favourite movie I’d say of all time

Why I Wrote All This

There is plenty to watch and get into, personally I’ve enjoyed the anime series quite a lot, so that was the initial driving force behind writing this blog, but when I found little to no blogs on the subject, it encouraged me more to write something up. Having nothing to work with made it difficult, but worth it. Hope I peaked some of your interests, let me know if you have any opinions on the genre. Have you seen or are you going to look at what I suggested? Also let me know that! Hope you have a wonderful day/evening!


What’s Isekai? Travel to my world to find out!


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5 Ways To Make Your Blog More Noticeable Now!

When posting something online, the number one reason why is to have it noticed by as many people as possible. If you don’t want it to be noticed, then… why would you be posting it? If it doesn’t get viewed, nothing else will become of it, so if it wasn’t your initial goal, you should fix that. Now that that’s all fine and good, you might be asking “how do I make a post visible to the majority of people?” Well that’s something that doesn’t have many concrete solutions, but let’s see what we can point out.

Image Source WordPress is a good place to make a blog, hmm?

Make It More Attractive And Interesting!

Diamonds in the rough are everywhere, with just a bit of polish, they could shine. Diamonds? Where?! I don’t mean the gem but that kind of thought could cross anyone’s mind when reading a dull blog. People make their initial assessment of anything a lasting one. If something doesn’t look good, whatever it says or does ends up losing it’s value or is even ignored. Shallow, I know right? But that’s just the way it is.

Image Source look at it, noticeable, and adorable!

There are many blogs that discuss how to make a great blog, making it attractive and interesting I think are the major points to cover. Some of the main things these blogs mention are:

  1. Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up! – I personally find this one important and hard to do. Going back to clean up your blog and find repetition is difficult. This Blog and This Blog Too put it as it’s first point as well, though it wasn’t the only blog to mention it.
  2. Grow Your Blog – Email Opt-In Forms Placements are talked about being used as well as Social Media buttons. This Blog puts it as the number one priority, which I think is understandable. In order to have a successful blog, you need to have a following. By having these options, you can be more interactive with your audience, and who doesn’t appreciate that?
  3. Pretty It Up! – An attractive blog can’t be attractive without the care in it’s design. What I mean is, a blog with just words, the usual font, and no personality is a bad idea. This Blog puts this as it’s number one point, no doubt as to why, because who wants to read a bland looking blog? Not me at least. Image wise, This Blog focuses on it and other blogs talk about it some too. This Blog helps you find royalty free pics as well to help you stay safe from any issues.
  4. No Ads Please?! – Of course, you might need to have some, but almost every blog mentions to have little to (preferably) no advertisements. Personally, I find ads only annoying if they are in your face. Having them to the sides or at the end of the blog would probably be the best course of action. Everyone does have their preference though, be prepared to not please everyone.
  5. You Need More Focus! – I for one find myself having to backspace so often, because I end up going on tangents that no one wants to hear. It’s easy to lose sight on what exactly your talking about when writing if you have a mind that puts your thoughts into your typing as you type (unconsciously). This Blog puts this as it’s first two points, though each is a bit more specific. This Blog puts it as it’s first point as well, making this a good thing to remember to do.

There are a few more points, but these 5 are the ones I chose as the most needed.

Image Source Amazing job! You made it to the end!

Did This Help You?

I hope I was able to help you out. This is my first blog as well so I thought it’d be a good idea to research what I needed to do for my first and future blogs. Do you disagree with my choices? Let me know in the comments below! Hope you have a wonderful day/night!


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