Strong And Weak Social Media Examples

First results in searching I decided to pick and look at for each example.

Boohoo according to and Amy’s Baking Company according to These two I found had the best success and the biggest disaster. Let’s focus on them separately for now.


BooHoo is a fashion company, which if you think about logically, is a niche right now to be into, since you can figure most people aren’t going out as much. But also, with masks being a part of fashion, it opened that new market for fashion companies to explore (and I think has done well, I’ve seen plenty of people talking about their mask and it’s design). Those are just side notes thinking about fashion in general, I just personally didn’t think fashion would be as big a hit right now as it used to be, so seeing BooHoo on a list, being first too, it surprised me.

BooHoo does the ideal thing, they are trendy and attentive to their audience. They make fun posts and engage with everyone in a way that makes them lovable. A trend like fashion isn’t ever going to die, it’ll just have hiccups, but with proper advertising, BooHoo managed to actually increase sales during these rough times. I found that pretty crazy.

Amy’s Baking Company

Amy’s Baking Company is… well, a baking company. At home all day, baking is a great pass time with this scenario. I love the thought of making cookies or other treats myself, I just always am doing something else and don’t get around to it. If I do anything similar, it’d be cooking for one of the three meals a day, which is pretty different in experience. Therefore, having someone else make stuff for you when you never get around to it like me, is a great deal. So it’s shocking how a company like this managed to fail big time.

If you ever heard of a “yikes” moment, then I’d like to add another to your possible list. This company had high prices for their baked goods, so customers complained about them on reddit and yelp, which somebody will always be dissatisfied with almost anything, so of course you calmly reply with a sympathetic response and say you’ll look into it… is that what this company did? Perhaps at first, but then it escalated to the point where the company was hurling threats and insults back at their consumers! This is a massive no-no to anyone who isn’t even in business even like me, it’s obvious what happens when a public figure explodes online with hate, they receive more than what they give oftentimes. That they did, worst of all though, once realizing this grave error they tried to blame hackers, even if it were true, it’ll look like a retreat and a bad one at that, where they don’t take any responsibility.

What To Learn?

Both companies gave us something to learn from each. Soldier on and be calm I’d say is a good summary. BooHoo took the worst scenario and used all the assets available to make a good thing out of it, not giving in to the virus. Amy’s Baking Company taught future generations the importance of restraint as a business owner, even if the lesson was already well known, it’s a good reminder and example. Also, if one does have a temper with someone, don’t cover it up, admit your human frailty and apologize sincerely (which can be hard, unless you use video, to convey emotion through text).

Tools And Sources

The only two tools I could find and use for free (with little limitations here and there) is Feeder and analytics. My problem was finding tools that were actually free AND online. I might have been able to find more tools that were free trials and were downloadable, but in my case I wasn’t sure about downloading something for a month when I was trying to use these tools over a month’s time.

Feeder I had put on my browser and it could track one or two feeds in real time. It caps at a hundred comments on a feed I’ve found after using it and keeping it active until even now. It also sends you notifications whenever a comment is replied to on that feed. This is all when the tool is being used for free. is a tool I actually forgot about after using it once, but looking it up again I found it to be pretty useful. It analyses a Twitter page in multiple ways, giving various numbers in fraction format. For example: Out of a hundred tweets, eighty-eight were replied to. This tool doesn’t follow a feed, but gives all the information at the moment you search target feed, all for absolutely free. I’m sure there’s figures that other tools have that this one is missing, but that’s to be expected.

As for news sources, I haven’t been keeping up on news on my own. My parents often go over the news and I’m around, so that’s my news source if I were to say I had one. I might in the future find someplace where I can find enjoyable reading material when I’m finally settled in life, but until then it hasn’t been a priority of mine.

Hope everyone is having a good day/night so far!

Reflection On What I learned

The concepts I learned in this course isn’t a large list, since the majority of what I wrote or read was either stuff I’ve heard about before or was mostly from memory. But the concept of storytelling was a way of writing I still haven’t done (besides fictional storytelling I mean), I learned about it though and appreciate the application of it. It’s title always makes me think of storytelling in of itself, where the elders talk to the young’uns around a fire about tales of old, some exaggerated, others completely true. All in all, storytelling should have that sort of feeling to it I believe, because this way grants two things to the reader; a sense of belonging and a sense of enjoyment. Of course there’s always gonna be a serious or boring story to tell people that is entertaining in some way to others, so it’s never going to be a hundred percent enjoyable to everyone. Though, a goal isn’t something that’s always reached, just is a something strived for!

How is my content guided by story? I suppose since I like to write in first person, I’m essentially like a character in a first person view novel, if that’s a way to interpret it. I find first person writing to be easier than third person in many regards, one main one being that it’s easier to write from a person’s view compared to a bird’s eye view (as in above describing all the details around the characters as well as the characters themselves). In other words, I like the easy route to writing I guess you could say!

I want to tell stories that entice people obviously, I wanna be able to talk freely and be entertaining with my weird personality on display one day. Even though I’m not super social in person or at first, I think I do better with writing on on recording. Recording I have to get used to, but am excited for the day when I can make a schedule and start pumping out stuff for the world to possibly find entertaining.

Do you like to write in first person or third person? Have you ever written a fictional story before? Hope everyone is having a good day/night!

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What Is Your Greatest Fear For Your (Future) Business?

Well, I couldn’t think of any other question I could maybe answer, mainly because I don’t have a business right now, nor do I have any past life events that really spoke to me and changed my life. With all that in mind, my biggest fear is the fear any business would have at first I’d think: Will it succeed?

No doubt there’s people who don’t have any worries and are confident, though that’s a great thing for people to be, it’s something I lack. I’m hoping that when I start things and can actually continue with them, I gain confidence as I go forth with my future projects. I plan to have a job on the side and do a business on the side (if being a YouTuber is considered a business), even though it’s more of a hobby then, I’d like it to do well.

How to avoid this fear? Preparation is the best course of action I’d say. Preparing for anything leads to, if not perfect results, better results then winging it will accomplish. How to prepare is something I’ll find out when I’m ready, because times are changing and requirements for things do as well.

I know it was supposed to be written in storytelling format, but I couldn’t really think how I’d go about doing that without writing up a fairy tale of some sort, with hidden messages leading to the conclusion of my biggest fear for my future business being if it’d succeed or not. What are your biggest fears regarding your business? How about just in general? My biggest fear is falling!

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Personal Brand?

When I first thought about my personal brand, I had to think about what even could I say. I don’t currently have a business of my own to work off of, I don’t really stand out to others, and I don’t have much in the way of goals or plans either. I’m a pretty boring person, I’m self aware of that, so how do I conceptualize what my personal brand would be? Then I thought of maybe what I had plans for as my hobby in the future to mention about. I was thinking of doing a YouTube channel on the side while I work another job, though obviously uploading a lot less frequently then most who are serious into that business. Then after some time with that, also trying my hand at getting projects of various calibers together, advertising on said YouTube channel these projects, and hopefully garner more attention from a larger audience pool. Then also try my hand at making music of different genres (mostly dubstep if I can get the hang of it, otherwise maybe rock or rap or a mix). I myself like drawing, but know I wouldn’t be able to make it good enough for public viewing, at least at first, but maybe one day I could get to showing some of that off (even if as a joke). So yeah, I don’t know what exactly to say for a personal brand, though I think my future hobby would be the closest thing to describe what I’d do for one.

My personality is hard to pinpoint, some say I seem serious, others think I’m crazy, others think I’m a happy-go-lucky guy, then some even find me to be nice but boring. I’d say the last one is the most accurate, though I do try to keep a cheery exterior as often as appropriate, only because I know I can handle most amounts of mental or emotional distress from outer sources. I have a high tolerance for things, when I want to at least, because I’d rather look a little thin skinned here and there if it protects my later life’s health. I know I should brag if I have a talent for something that everyone who talks to me would be aware of, but I can’t think of anything besides being a nice guy, and I’m not trying to be humble, I just can’t come up with anything solid. Also, some find me to be seemingly smart, or as I remember one saying: “Having a good head on your shoulders.” This statement is nice, but it’s only how I like to seem to others. The secret is, I just listen more then talk, because otherwise I’d have a lot more people saying I was crazy for sure!

What about you guys? Do you also have a secret technique to hide something about yourself (Though I find what I do to be more of a precaution than a hidden secret)? Are you the same everywhere you go? Or do you have a different side you only show at home or with family? I’m curious to hear about if there’s any other oddballs, but at the same time, I’m already certain almost everyone has their hidden side to them. Thank you all for reading and hope you’re having a good day/night!

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That Joe Is A Trader Alright!

As I looked online for businesses that had good customer service online, I found Trader Joe’s was really up there. The more amazing thing about it, is how little they really invest in social media, but how it gets so much attention. They only have two accounts; one on Facebook and one on Instagram (Facebook I didn’t see much on, Instagram they post practically everyday). After checking out their posts, I looked to find they didn’t have many (if any) replies to their comments. However, there weren’t any comments asking them any questions, if there were questions, another customer would answer them, it’s the ideal system for a business. I never saw any bad reviews or ratings from customers and it was quite the sight.

Trader Joe’s logo Source

Despite the lack of accounts, they still manage to attract a large following, people leaving thousands of likes and even comments (eventually at least). This was all due to their business being a success in itself and gaining a name with not too much with their advertising, but more so with word of mouth. This kind of approach is something I think is either hard for businesses to achieve, or somehow gets lost in the process of making money, even though it seems to have paid off for Trader Joe’s!

I’ve never been to one, have you? What’s your favourite thing to get at their store? They prioritize fun shopping, so did you enjoy your visit? I’m a little curious about those questions, please feel free to answer! Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day/night!

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Anime No Kankyaku (According to Google Translate: Anime Audience)

I decided on choosing what I could mostly say I indulge in; anime (Ann-A-May is how you say it, this is to correct those who pronounce it as Ann-A-Me). Anime is defined as Japanese animation, but it’s got more to it than that when you consider how it’s done, what’s contained is not just a series of images displayed at a fast rate, but a culture alien to western society, though somehow comforting to some of us. Anime isn’t just a single genre, nor is it entirely weird, but is often perceived by others as if it is something to be wary of. This is changing a bit, considering big names saying they watch it (albeit not as often as someone like me does), such as Mr. Beast and Jacksepticeye, thus making it easier to claim to be a anime fan with less backlash.

The way to target anime fans is not an easy thing, because they are varied by a large degree. It’s like trying to get hardcore horror fans and hardcore romance fans together, since that’s what genres anime can cover. Because anime isn’t a single genre after all. Potential ways though would include:

  • Advertising the majority’s favourite anime (via the main cast or at least with the title).
  • Using a character that’s eye catching to fans of the art style.
  • Talking about new releases or possible future releases.
  • Merchandise from the majority’s favourite anime or updates concerning.

These are all reasons that’d maybe attract me to posts anyways. When looking it up, I didn’t see any easy to find information, more so because it often just brought up the stereotypes of an anime fan. Anyways, as far as characteristics go for my audience, it’d be hard to pinpoint any for the same reason as above. Plus any ideas I can think of, are really just stereotypes, because even an average guy will watch anime as well as the people who actually fall into the category of “weeaboo” (someone who obsesses in an unhealthy matter over anime and manga). So other than the points of possible attractive prospects to an anime fan, I can’t say anything else in good confidence. Hope you learned something, and that you all have a good day/night!

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What I Learned This Week

When it comes to story telling and communicating, I can say I had interest before this course. I had always thought up ideas, stories, characters, and sometimes whole universes, but when it came to writing it down, I just couldn’t bother, because I always ended up changing my previous thoughts or finding better ways to express them later on. So, while reading about it, I reminisced about some of the times where I tried to write out my stories, and remembered a lot of times where I looked back on what I wrote, and found so many errors. I found proof reading to be most important because of this, when I had someone else read it too, I always found it to be an eye opener as well. I think no matter how many times a person themselves reads something, they are always gonna be less likely to notice something is wrong. Personally, when I read something over and over again, it’s like I’m convincing myself more that what I wrote was good in the first place, rather than having the desired effect of finding flaws (I mean when I read it right after I first wrote it by the way, after a week or so makes self proof reading more promising).

Finding the way I wanted to communicate was a trial and error situation. After writing a story in third person and a story in first person, I found myself more adept with writing in first person. Each way has it’s merits, while third person can give more details and give more of an audience feel to the reader, it’s also difficult to try to picture things ideally the way others would want to see things. In first person, you can write how you feel your character would see things and react to them, which I find to be a lot easier.

As for passive and active communication (being past tense or present tense), I think each are good for different things, but if I had to pick which I liked better, I’d go for active. I like being in the moment and being direct with others about things. If people read a story, having it be in the present, makes it more relatable I think.

I can’t think of anything else I got to learn or think about this week. Did you find proof reading to be as important? Do you prefer to write in third or first person? Are you an active or passive writer? Please let me know in the comments! Hope you are having a wonderful day/night!

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Dog Sitting In The City

Yep, the last vacation I had was dog sitting. I took out a week from work to go to the big city (Toronto) and help my mother, who was helping my brother, dog sit for a week. The reason behind this, was because my brother was also vacationing. We also had to take care of the cat who lived at his girlfriend’s house. Though I was on vacation from work, I ended up with a more lax job, but still a job. In other words: lucky me. It’s a stretch to call it work anyways, it was pretty much just walking the dog and dealing with it’s hyper nature throughout the day. The cat was even easier, because it just stayed at the other house, and we drove over to feed him once a day. That’s pretty much the gist of things, besides getting into an online card game that week.

Not Socks, but looks similar. Link

The dog (Socks) was mostly black, with white splotches here and there, was a mix of pug and chihuahua, and had energy that I believe, if researched, could solve the world’s electricity issues for good. The dog could walk over ten blocks and back, then jump around for hours, then go for another walk. He was the personification (or rather dogification) of endless when it came to his energy. The place we stayed at wasn’t that big, but I was lucky and had a room with a door that could close, because this dog also was super clingy. It was insane how we had just met this dog, and took it to another place, and in less then an hour, he was jumping at us asking to be petted. If people wanted to kidnap a dog, this dog was their dog. My mother had stayed out on the fold out bed, which was bigger than the one in the room, but she had to deal with Socks all the time as was his nature to want attention at all times. We hypothesized that the dog had to be spoiled (it was made more evident as we looked at the large quantity of treats we were given for the short amount of time in the week), this explained his actions, and helped us laugh at them as well.

Looks like the cat (Pete). Link

As days passed, I holed up in my room, until it was a time to eat, go out to shop, or walk the dog. So yeah, my vacation wasn’t as fun as most people would like to go on, nor was it easy to try to write a decent amount about, but none to less, it was fun for me. I got out of my usual routine, which I think is what is core to any vacation. What doesn’t matter is the content I believe, rather the change of pace. People tend to want more than what they need and that’s fine, but what if they tried to something less once in awhile? Instead of saving up for a cruise, why not try learning how to cook? Or instead of going to a fancy lodge, why not do sitting of a house/pet? I personally don’t do much in my life, but do you do a lot? When you plan a vacation, what do you plan? Could you, if you didn’t have any other plans, do something simple for vacation?

I hope you enjoyed the read! I tried my best to write something for a seemingly boring week, if you did enjoy, then I’m glad! Hope you have a wonderful day/night!

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Hello everyone! My name is Tyler Reed, I am 21 years old, work at Walmart, and don’t have a business of my own or anything like that. But I do have a couple interests, one of those interests is anime. Anime is essentially animation made in Japan, though it has more to it then that. If you ever watch cartoons, the first difference you might see when comparing anime to an american cartoon, is how much more detail anime has in it’s style.

Details, Details!

North Western animating style is often pretty plain, while in anime you’ll see details in the hair, eyes, clothes, and various other attributes. While both methods have merits, for example, plain styles are faster to draw obviously, so shows can be pumped out quicker and cheaper. Though lots of detail I find makes the show easier to watch and makes the characters easier to love. It encouraged me to try drawing characters myself time to time even.

Don’t Don’t Take It Personal

Characters not only look good in anime, a lot of detail is put into their personality as well. History is given to most characters in every anime, sometimes the background characters have more of an impact than the viewer would think, and pop in later to give a surprise that turns the whole show around.

Double The Love, Half The Effort

Anime is often created based on a manga, so the amount of time a writer would take to make each character is already been done before the anime was even started up. This means, anime has source material from the gecko, therefore giving the producers time to perfect and improve everything. Nothing is ever perfect of course, but it definitely does a good job.

Image Source

To Conclude

Cartoons and anime are both great in their own rights, though personally I’ve found anime to have more genres, stories, details, and interest than cartoons usually do. There are bad apples and gems in both too. Which do you prefer? Do you perhaps watch live action and movies more? Let me know in the comments below!

Tyler Reed