Anime No Kankyaku (According to Google Translate: Anime Audience)

I decided on choosing what I could mostly say I indulge in; anime (Ann-A-May is how you say it, this is to correct those who pronounce it as Ann-A-Me). Anime is defined as Japanese animation, but it’s got more to it than that when you consider how it’s done, what’s contained is not just a series of images displayed at a fast rate, but a culture alien to western society, though somehow comforting to some of us. Anime isn’t just a single genre, nor is it entirely weird, but is often perceived by others as if it is something to be wary of. This is changing a bit, considering big names saying they watch it (albeit not as often as someone like me does), such as Mr. Beast and Jacksepticeye, thus making it easier to claim to be a anime fan with less backlash.

The way to target anime fans is not an easy thing, because they are varied by a large degree. It’s like trying to get hardcore horror fans and hardcore romance fans together, since that’s what genres anime can cover. Because anime isn’t a single genre after all. Potential ways though would include:

  • Advertising the majority’s favourite anime (via the main cast or at least with the title).
  • Using a character that’s eye catching to fans of the art style.
  • Talking about new releases or possible future releases.
  • Merchandise from the majority’s favourite anime or updates concerning.

These are all reasons that’d maybe attract me to posts anyways. When looking it up, I didn’t see any easy to find information, more so because it often just brought up the stereotypes of an anime fan. Anyways, as far as characteristics go for my audience, it’d be hard to pinpoint any for the same reason as above. Plus any ideas I can think of, are really just stereotypes, because even an average guy will watch anime as well as the people who actually fall into the category of “weeaboo” (someone who obsesses in an unhealthy matter over anime and manga). So other than the points of possible attractive prospects to an anime fan, I can’t say anything else in good confidence. Hope you learned something, and that you all have a good day/night!

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