Influencers who are using social media to do good in the world

There are so many Influencers in the world nowadays. But not all of them use their social media platforms to do good in the world. But we do need to shine a light on the ones who are.



MrBeast is a YouTuber who’s real name is Jimmy Donaldson. The reason why I chose MrBeast for this article is because he his using his platform to try and save the world. He is the co-creator of Team Trees which is a fundraiser for the Arbor Day Foundation. Which is the largest non-profit organization that is dedicated to planting trees. MrBeast was actually able to surpass their goal. Every dollar that someone donated equaled 1 tree they have raised US$21,305,265. Planting 20 millions trees is something that will definitely help our planet.

Source: MrBeast on YouTube

Dolan Twins


Ethan and Grayson who are known on YouTube as The Dolan Twins recently came out with a documentary about how they lost their father Sean who was their best friend to cancer. This documentary is also a fundraiser in honor of their father. People can donate to which will help with:

  • travel costs and rides to cancer treatment centers for patients
  • provide therapy for those going through the grieving process after losing someone from cancer
  • help fund research for new cancer treatments that can prolong lives
  • the cancer treatment center where our dad received all of his treatments
  • help fund research to end childhood cancer

They are using their platform to help those who are also affected by cancer.

Source: The Dolan Twins on YouTube

Stephanie Soo


Stephanie Soo is a Mukbanger and Vlogger who was recently involved in some drama with Nickaccado Avocado. He was basically bullying her and lying to his entire audience. Stephanie has used her platform to go up against bullying. She made some merch(posted on the thumbnail) that had a phrase that was first used against her but now that she has taken her power back she decide to turn it into something good. 100% of the proceeds go to Stomp Out Bullying. Stomp Out Bullying is a non-profit organization that works to reduce and prevent bullying, cyberbullying and other digital abuse, educates against homophobia, LGBTQ discrimination, racism and hatred, and deters violence in schools, online and in communities across the country.

Source: Stephanie Soo on YouTube

There are so many more Influencers that I could talk about but these are some of the more recent ones that have happened and that really will impact the world.

If you were an Influencer how would you use your platform to help the world.

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K-pop and social media

What is K-pop?

K-pop stands for Korean Pop Music. I listen to Kpop there music videos are 100 times better then western music videos. Most people when they think of K-pop, they think of Gangnam Style by Psy. Which was the first Kpop music video to hit 1 billions views. But there were so many artists and iconic songs before that. Like for example:


Everyone who’s into kpop knows this song. This song was always covered by other kpop groups. This song is by the now duo/group called TVXQ. Even though it may only have 63 millions it is still one of the most iconic and one of the best songs in kpop.

Source: SMTOWN on YouTube

Super Junior- Sorry Sorry

This is one of the most iconic songs in kpop history by the group Super Junior. It came in 2009 and has 115 millions views.

Source: SMTOWN on YouTube

Rain- Rainism

Everyone respects Rain. He is one of the best solo artist in the world of kpop. Everytime he perform live at award shows and this song comes on all kpop artists stand up because of how they respect him and dance along to his songs.

Source: Rain’s Official Channel on YouTube

2NE1-내가 제일 잘 나가(I AM THE BEST) 

2NE1 one of the most legendary girl groups in the world. This is not only one of my favorite songs of them but it’s also one of their most popular and most iconic of songs. And it’s actually featured in 2019 KIA Forte car commercial.

Source: 2NE1 on YouTube
Source: Kia Canada

Girl’s Generation- Gee

Girl’s Generation is the definitely one of the greatest girl groups in the world. This is one of the most popular and one of their most iconic songs. One of the catchiest songs ever. Almost every single kpop girl group have done a cover to this song.

Source: SMTOWN on YouTube

BIGBANG- Bang Bang Bang

Big Bang are one of the greatest boy groups in the world. They are considered as the Kings of Kpop. They will be the first boy group to perform at Coachella this year. This song is one of their most iconic song ever the music video is one of the best.

Source: BIGBANG on YouTube


BTS is the worlds biggest boy group at the moment they are the first Kpop group to perform at the AMA’s, the Grammy’s and the Billboard Music Awards. Their songs that made them more known in outside of Korea was DNA. This music video is amazing, the vocals amazing, the rap spectacular, and the dancing fabulous. They just keep getting bigger and better. This music video currently has 922 millions views. This is the song that basically made Kpop more known on the western side.

Source: Big Hit Labels on YouTube

There are so many more iconic songs that I could talk about but then this blog would be too long.

The rise of Kpop

Obviously with YouTube Kpop has been able to seen worldwide. People can look at their live performances that they do at awards and music shows. People can watch them on variety shows and get to know them better. Many groups have either a group Instagram account or have their own account that fans can follow.

Many of them have video diaries that they post on YouTube where they can share what they do on a day to day basis. With the help of social media Kpop has become more known on the western side. Big names are collaborating with Kpop groups. BTS one of the biggest Kpop group have perform at the AMA’s, the Grammy’s and the Billboard Music Awards. The have won 3 Teen Choice, 4 Billboard Music Awards, 3 IHeart Radio Music Awards and many more.

There is not one day where I don’t see something that has to do with Kpop trending on Twitter. Twitter is always the place to go to find he lasted news about Kpop.

If you think about it without social media the people who live on the western side probably would not have known about Kpop. That’s why with the help of Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc it makes it easier for Kpop to be spread all over the world.

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Kpop it’s everywhere and it’s gonna keep getting better #KPOP

Social media and it’s risks.

Social media can be such a positive thing but in the hands of the wrong people, it can become such a bad thing.

What is social media?

Social media is basically a platform where people can share things with other people like photos and videos. The most common social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. It’s a place where people can express themselves to the world.

Different social media platforms

Some of the risk of social media on teens

Some of the risk of social media are dependencies, depression, lack of self confidence, suicide, stress, anxiety, become a source of bullying, cause lack sleep, and can cause suicide tendencies. Here’s a statistic about dependencies with social media. It’s says that 50% of people are caught driving while using their phone to check their social media. That’s not just a risk for themselves but for everyone else on the road. That shows that they dependent on their phone to the point where they can’t even get off of it while they are driving.

Social Media Addiction Statistics

Another one of the risk was depression. Statistic show that teenagers who spent more than at least 5 hours on their phones a day are 2x more likely to show depressive symptoms.

Social Media Addiction Statistics

All of these risks that social media has on us could eventually lead to something worse.

What is Cyberbullying?

CyberBullying is a form of bullying that is used within electronic devices to threat or harm a person. Cyberbullying happens so much on social media, just by commenting something hurtful on someone elses photos or feed. Statistic show “Over 25 percent of adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the Internet.”. When you think about it that’s still a pretty big number. That percentage of teens and adolescent could be affected for the rest of their life. Another statistic shows that “Well over half of young people do not tell their parents when cyber bullying occurs.”. I can honestly say that it is true, even though I have not been a victim of Cyberbullying, I have been a victim of regular Bullying and I never wanted to tell my parents and I never did. My friends told their moms about it, and then they told my mom who told my dad about. It’s scary trying to tell your parent about because you feel weak and like you disappointed them. If you have someone who bullies you at school, there’s a pretty big chance that they will continue to do it online, on social media, because on social medias they are not face-to-face with the person.

Girl sitting on the couch reading hateful comment about her on social media

Bellow this paragraph there is a picture of a survey where they asked people where does cyberbullying mainly occurred. And social medias are pretty much up there on the list.

Survey based on 506 online respondents age 13 to 24 years old

In the survey it says that “Almost 60% of children aged 10-17 have reported being bullied or harassed over the Internet and via social media outlets“.

A sad tragedy

A girl name Sadie Riggs was only fifteen years old when she took her life away by hanging herself in June of 2017. Her family blames her fellow comrades for bullying her, particularly on social media. The were making fun of her braces and her red hair.“The kids told her only devils had red hair.” is what her Aunt says. Sadie was being bullied also on social media platform. Those social media platforms were Facebook, Instagram and messaging platform Kik. Her classmates would use those platforms and tell her to kill herself.

Sadie Riggs

Even though there is a positive side to social media, there is also a negative side to it. In life I really want to help stop any kind of bullying there are so many great non-profit organizations that people in these kinds of situations.

StompOutBullying is one of them they are “nonprofit dedicated to changing the culture for all students. It works to reduce and prevent bullying, cyberbullying and other digital abuse, educates against homophobia, LGBTQ discrimination, racism and hatred, and deters violence in schools, online and in communities across the country. In this diverse world, STOMP Out Bullying promotes civility, inclusion and equality. It teaches effective solutions on how to respond to all forms of bullying, as well as educating kids and teens in school and online. It provides help for those in need and at risk of suicide, and raises awareness through peer mentoring programs in schools, public service announcements by noted celebrities, and social media campaigns. ” .

If any of you guys would like to donated you can visit to find out more information on how to donate and help.

What’s your opinion on cyberbullying? Should social media platform have more rules on how to keep cyberbullying at bay?


Cyberbullying needs to stop and here’s why. #stopcybullying


Social media can lead to cyberbullying we need to stop it before it get much worse. #stopcyberbullying


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The impact of social media on body image.

Social media can be an amazing way to show body positivity in the world. Some brands have done an amazing job at that and some have not.

Victoria’s Secrets

Almost every single one of us has social media. Therefore we have all seen celebrities and influencers be apart of an ad campaign for certain brands. Let me ask you a question. When you look at ad campaigns for Victoria secret do you see diversity? And by diversity I do not mean by the color of their skin. I mean by body size. In the picture below, I do not see myself in any of these girls. They are all thin. And for the longest time, I criticized myself on the way I looked and seeing the ad campaigns from Victoria Secrets does not help at all. They’ve recently started to advertise with a few woman of different shapes and sizes but when you go to shop for their lingerie they do not show plus size woman. Only the skinny and thin ones. Which in my opinion if you are gonna have plus size woman model. Put them on the website.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is vicsecret1.jpg
Victoria’s Secret Love My Body Campaign ad

It was said that Victoria’s Secrets wanted “to market, their products to their customer base”. Which the former chief of marketing for Victoria’s Secrets Ed Razek said “is not transgender or plus-sized people.” . And I’m sorry but you should have not even been the chief of marketing if you cannot include everyone in your brand. Time’s are changing but Victoria’s Secrets isn’t.

Savage X Fenty by Rihanna

One of the brand that I respect is Savage X Fenty by Rihanna. Who unlike Victoria’s Secrets includes woman of different sizes in her campaign. Unlike Victoria’s Secrets, I can actually see myself in one of these woman. Savage X Fenty was only founded in 2017. Its only been 3 years. Victoria’s Secret has been founded for around 40 years, and they still have not moved with the times. The fact that Rihanna the richest female singer and was able to add inclusive people in her line and only being 3 years in the business is amazing.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is queenriri1.jpg
Savage X Fenty by Rihanna ad

Rihanna wanted the line to have inclusions. She said that, it was very important that she includes people have different shapes and sizes. If you go on the Savage X Fenty website and let’s say your shopping for bras. You will see many woman of different shape and sizes modeling them. She wants woman no matter what their size, race, religion or personalities to be able to feel sexy and confident in what they are wearing. That’s one of the main reasons why she created this brand. This is why her brand was successful. Savage X Fenty is the perfect representation of what the fashion industry needs and social media has a big impact on it, considering how many devoted followers Rihanna has and how they all support her brand.

She has celebrities as some of her brand ambassadors. For example Normani for Fifth Harmony member now solo performer who became Savage X Fenty first brand ambassador, along with Tinashe and Dreezy. And as brand ambassadors they are promoting Rihanna’s brand on social media to spread body positivity in social media.

When people see her line on social media it has an impact. It shows body positivity on social media. It makes people of different shapes and sizes feel like they matter. And that’s what any brand should make their consumers feel like. They should not leave anyone behind.

What’s your opinion on Victoria’s Secrets? What do you think about Savage X Fenty by Rihanna? Let me know in the comments bellow.


Victoria’s Secrets: “Inclusive don’t know her”


Savage X Fenty by Rihanna. The brand that shows body positivity #savagexfenty #bodypositivity


Gassam, Janice (Forbes, What Victoria’s Secret Can Teach Companies About Diversity And Inclusion, Nov 18, 2018)