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How early is too early for social media?

Do you have kids?  Are they on social media and at what age is too young?

During the past couple of years during the lock down, I had allowed my kids (ages 8-12) on Facebook kids messenger.  I felt because they were suddenly locked in at home and away from their friends that it would be nice to connect with their friends on messenger during these strange, unprecedented times.

With parents’ approval, friends could be added to your child’s messenger where they could chat and send photos and keep in contact with their friends. They had a lot of fun sending messages back and forth to their friends and taking photos and sending them to their friends throughout the day. Parents can also monitor what’s being sent back and forth and the messages.

We had allowed our kids to hop onto our old cell phones and tablets and this suddenly opened up the world of social media to them.  While they didn’t have their own accounts, they did become more interested in my husband and my Tiktok accounts to watch videos of craft ideas, food creations, and funny animal videos; and of course, parental controls were on.

Then the question came about getting on Facebook and Instagram and I stopped the exposure there.

Instagram exposes them to everyone’s beautiful highlight reels.  Facebook exposes them to other people’s comments and criticisms, cyberbullying and photos of events they may have missed out on.

There has been an increase in anxiety and depression among teens that has been suspected to be linked to the use of social media.

  “… social media is bad for teenagers’ self-esteem. Seeing lots of perfect pictures online might make kids (especially girls) view themselves negatively. Feeling bad about themselves can lead to depression.”  (Caroline Miller, 2021)

This article also points out that while staying connected to our friends and family is a wonderful way to use social media, prolonged use can lead them to fall out of their hobbies, activities and face to face social gatherings. Teenage life these days is so different than when I was a teen in the 90’s.  If you happen to not be at the biggest party in town, you wouldn’t know what you missed out on.  If some of your friends went out to the mall without you, you wouldn’t see it shared on social media and wonder why you weren’t invited.  There was enough bullying happening in the schools, I can’t imagine there being even more with the exposure on social media platforms. I think this is my biggest concern for my kids getting on social media, is what they would be seeing and exposed to. These things would be very difficult to see as a young adult while you are still trying to understand who you are and become your own unique self. 

So, what do we do about this? 

I know teachers are teaching about internet safety, proper social media use and cyber bullying in school, so that’s a great start from having nothing in place 5-10 years ago. 

Maybe there needs to be more bullying control on social platforms?

What do you think? What age do you think kids should be allowed on social media sites? What other ways could we control the cyber bullying and feelings of anxieties in children?

Social Media Crashed…. Now WHAT?

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It first, happened in 2008. Then now on October 4th, 2021.

Around noon, all Facebook platforms including Instagram, and Whatsapp failed for over 6 hours. Social Media influencers everywhere were panicking and the world ended as we knew it…..

Well maybe not…

I for one, really enjoyed the break off social media. It was a quiet break from checking in on comments and messages. With less “bings” and alerts from social media notifications; I found myself more calm, less stressed and I lived in the moment.

But if you were a business owner running 3/4’s of your business or marking campaigns on social media, this day would have been a little stressful.

How will you reach your customers?

How will you make your sales targets?

The outage had a lot of businesses looking at how they could run their business without the use of social media. They quickly had to pivot and get creative.

The key to success during a social blackout is to set yourself up now as best you can before it happens.

Here are some tips for retail businesses in case this were to happen again in the future:

Work now to expand your email contact list – Gathering those email’s from your customers is the best way to stay in touch with them if we were to have another social shutdown again. You can collect emails upon online checkout, or through your website when they sign up to be on your email list. Gathering these now and compiling them into an email service like MailChimp, can get you connected you to your customers when you choose.

SMS texting – Just like with gathering customer emails, compiling a list of cell numbers is also a great way to connect to your customers while offline. SMS texting is slowly becoming more popular because you can make the messages short and sweet, add photos, and keep their attention better than a long email that may land in someone’s junk box. Start gathering those text numbers now for future events later.

Work on website SEO – Working on updating and optimizing your website is also a project that you can do now in order to help yourself later. This is also helpful just in day to day business. Working on optimizing your credibility and search results is king. Here’s a link with great tips on how to make your website more optimized on google.

Switch to other channels – The social shut down on October 4th effected Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Other social platforms like Tiktok, Pinterest and Twitter were not affected. So if one grouping goes down, it may be time to try something new and hop onto Tiktok for some fun videos. You may reach a whole new market and reach new potential customers by trying something new.

Do you have any more tips to add? Please comment below to share more ideas.

Want to drive more traffic to your website ?

So you’ve set up your Shopify store on the web. You’ve grabbed the domain name and taken a lot of time to take beautiful photos of the items you sell online. You’re so excited to package up you customer orders with special added touches but there’s one problem…. you aren’t seeing much traffic on your website and there aren’t too many orders to fulfill.

How do you drive more potential customers to your new website on the big & vast world wide web?

The cheapest way to drive some new traffic to your site is to utilize a couple social media platforms; specifically Facebook & Instagram. Utilizing these two social media platforms doesn’t cost you a a lot (unless you start to run some ads), but it will take some investment of time to set up. But I promise you, it will be time well spent.

In this day and age, the use of Social Media cannot be overlooked in sales and service industries. The old way of selling is dated and not effective anymore. Today, everyone owns a smart phone or is on the computer or laptop. We spend a significant portion of our day on our screens (although we may not like to admit it).

Utilizing a couple social media platforms is an easy way to get in front of your target customer and even get to know your customer better, in order to create effective and targeted, marketing plans.

First thing’s first: You’ll need to set up a business page on Facebook, and an Instagram business account on Instagram. This will take a bit of investment of time to set up, but will be the best way for your business to be seen (and shared) on social media.

Time saving tip: once the Facebook & Instagram accounts have been set up, they can be linked so that when you make a post or share a photo on one platform, it will automatically be shared on the other, saving you time with posting on both

Hootsuite does a fantastic job in laying out the steps to create your business Facebook page here and your Instagram Business account here

Once you invest a little bit of time to setting up professional and cohesive business pages, you can add in your Shopify website to your social business pages. The secret in driving more traffic to your Shopify Store, is how you utilize and make posts on these two social platforms. I have included my tips & best practices when making posts in order to drive new traffic to your Shopify website and get your business seen on the two social networks.

Link your products to your photos

Shopify has the ability to connect with your Facebook Business page. This is a great feature that Facebook & Instagram offer. When you connect these two social sites to you Shopify store, you’ll be able to tag items in the photos directly to the items on your Shopify website. When a customer clicks on the item for more information, it will take them directly to the item on your website so they can find more information like product description, availability etc. As good practice, I recommend sharing product photos and tagging them like this at least once a day. This will help drive potential customers to your website that were interested in the item and see many more products you offer on your website.

Example of a product post below. Store has linked the items in the photo to the products they offer on their website. Shown as white dots, the viewer can click on the dot for more product information

Tag your town or location

You can reach many more potential new customers by simply tagging your town or location when making a post. (This is also demonstrated in the photo example above)

“Every day, thousands of people browse through Instagram location-tagged posts to look for content they like and accounts to follow.”(Goodman,Skedsocial) By simply tagging your town or location, you can potentially reach new customers. A little added step that can potentially add more reach to your ideal customer.

Try out the reels feature on Instagram

Reels on Instagram & Facebook are trending and therefore we should be taking advantage of this feature on socials. It has been proved a post that is done in “reel” format are being favoured over posts in photo form. You can really expand your business’s reach by making short and fun reels on your business accounts whenever possible, I like to aim for 3-4 a week. Utilizing reels will again, put you and your products in front of more potential customers by leading them to your social pages and then potentially to your Shopify site. Here are some great tips on getting started with Reels

Credit to Hometown Style HTS on Instagram

Run a contest

Running a fun giveaway is a great way to get more eyes on your social pages and therefore on your business. People LOVE giveaways. An effective way to do this is to create a fun graphic with your product or prize and make it shareable on socials. You’ll want to specify what qualifies them to be entered into the draw. As seen in the example below, they made it a requirement to like their social page and tag friends in the giveaway post. By doing this, you will grow your social page as well as have some potential new eyes on your business page from the tagging of others in the post.

Here is an example of an effective giveaway that brought new eyes onto our business website and new followers as potential new customers in the future. More new eyes on or social pages = more new eyes on our website.

Photo of S.H.E Box giveaway post via instagram
Photo credit S.H.E Box via Instagram

Collaborate with other businesses

Another practice that I try to do once a week is mention another business on my socials. I love the vibe and comradery of “Community over Competition”. Support your fellow local businesses, there are some fantastic businesses out there right within our community that we can share to others. When you mention other business’s on social, this opens up a whole new potential market to have eyes on your social pages and hopefully drive more traffic to your website. Here are some other tips on how you can collaborate with others and the benefits.

9. Community Over Competition with Sapphire Bates of The Coven - The  Winging It Podcast
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Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags are used a couple different ways.

#Sometimes #they #are #used #ineffectively #like #this.

Don’t do this. It looks unprofessional and sloppy and you won’t be hitting your ideal customer by utilizing hashtags in this way.

The best and most effective way to utilize hashtags is by hashing topics or something your ideal customer can relate to or be following. When someone searches a particular hashtag, the search will pull up everything with that hash. Think of it as sort of a filter or organization tool on socials. If you know your ideal customer or client is say, into pumpkin spice lattes. You are going to want to use that hash in a relatable post so that your ideal customer will see it. Another example, if my target market are moms, and I know moms need quick and easy snacks for the kids, I would do a relatable post or snack idea post for kids, and hashtag it #kidapprovedsnacks. This way, my post will come up when my ideal customer (moms) search for snacks for their kids.

Hashtag Best Practices
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Go Live

My last tip is going to be a little scary.

Go Live

I know right! Kind of scary. I hear you.

It can be scary when you first get started with Facebook or Instagram Lives but, we only get better by doing right? The more practice we get with something, the more confident and better we’ll get. Why not start now. It doesn’t have to be something very long and once you go live a couple times, you will start to feel more confident at it. If you sell items or products on Shopify, try going live from your social’s business page and show that product off. Show your customers the benefits, how it will make them feel, solve a problem for them. Show off the quality and let them see and get to know you. When you go live, you will help to build your brand, potentially driving more traffic to your website and getting more eyes on what you offer (product or service).

Are you just getting starting on going live? Here are some great tips from Socialmediatoday.

Photo credit by Jessica McVey via Twitter

I hope I provided you with some tips on how to get more traffic to your Shopify website and business. Utilizing social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram, will drive more traffic and therefore more potential business to your store. Customers and clients these days want to shop and do business with someone they like, know and trust and being on socials is the best way to do this.

These two social platforms are constantly making new updates so be sure to keep up to date on new features as they tend to favour those postings for their viewers.

Do you have any other tips we missed or that you have found effective in driving more traffic to your website?

Please feel free to share your experiences below. What has and hasn’t worked for you, I would love to hear your feedback.

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Want to drive more traffic to your website ?