Your Company needs more More Attention and Keeping It

Many companies are doing this and I am happy to see this but there are many out there who are not. Some companies don’t even participate online at all so it maybe hard for today audience to appeal to it through social media. Weather its a farming business, or a small time pet shop, social media can actually get you more attention then many people realize.

So, what do you do? Your a small business starting out and have no clue what to do. Well for starters, I would say make yourself familiar with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can start small by having your friends promote you via word of mouth, or hire someone who is good at creating ads online and post it over your social media. When you begin getting some attention now, you should be replying to customer feedback and questions. Many people maybe have questions to ask you about what you are promoting or any specials you may or may not be offering. I think it will be best to do this because if you keep it professional you can get even more attention as word of mouth is like a spark to a wild fire, once it starts it can spread far and fast.

As time goes on and you start getting more attention you can make more ads on other sites, You can maybe even get services like google ads or whatnot. This is a big step to do as it may or may not work, judging by what your ad depicts, make sure the ad is clean and tells you exactly what you need to say and has appropriate imaginary. This can get you many people coming to you to do business and you must be continuing what you started with, keep professional and clean, and keep a positive image of your company. People with complaints are unavoidable online, if people have complaints, reply to them the best you can remain polite and if there is something within a reasonable boundary you can maybe take there advice and change things around in your company.

There is many things to do, and keep a good image. You want to keep your customers to think “hey, this is a good company, they care about there customers and are polite.” Always post updates when you can on stuff and any specials, specials can bring in a flood of many customers, because everyone is looking for a good deal. I can say I always look for a god deal too, if there a sale I always see more people there then regular and that means the company can make more money. If they promote this special or sale, this can bring in people. But remember to keep it truthful because people don’t like being lied to. Put it to consideration if your like a chain of stores, only afew stores are offering this deal or only one of them, make sure to specify it because you dont want people getting mad going to there local store in your chain, only to find out at the last minute it didn’t apply to them. Be detailed about posts, I cant stress how much that can really effect your customers. You want your customers happy and satisfied and make sure they are informed of things like this.

This is the basics on how to get attention and to maintain that attention and I am sure there are many other ways how they can get attention like holding contests online and whatnot. I like when a company does this because it gives you something to do like if there is a contest, the prize could be like a giftcard or free meal for a spasific time. This can be good and get people flocking to get in on the action. I like to see if anyone else has any ideas what a company can do that can give them lots of attention in a good way and not a bad way. Thank you for reading

Eric Mason

The Does and Don’ts of Social Media

I am sure many people have had issues with some companies over social media. This is a normal thing but many companies are trying to improve there ways and make it better for themselves and customers. Its a steady climb, and there will be bumps on the way but there will always be ways for companies to improve. I have some ways here they can keep things improved.

They can keep things consistent and reply to as much customers as they can. Some companies already do this, weather to acknowledge that the company saw it or even the company just having a general comment on it. This can be a good way to connect with customers and bring them closer to there business. I seen some companies already do this and it has proven to be very effective as it brings them closer and more interested in what the they have to offer. Some examples can be Wendy’s restaurant, Campbell soup, and more companies. This social interaction makes them look more open to many people and thus more people will come in.

Keep things professional and make sure there are no mishaps or even confusing words. Sometimes confusing words cant be avoided as long as the company who posted explains what they mean by it. Believe it or not there has been cases where some unruly employee has gone on there companies social media and posted something that is not good. Wendy’s restaurant had this happen a few times in the past, lucky the company fires the people responsible if they are caught as this can make the company look bad in front of there customer base. But sometimes they can remain hidden sometimes if the staff member knows how to get past some security measures and keep themselves under thick covers, this can be bad if they have someone like that with accuses with there social media. That’s when they should try to enforce extra security to there profiles to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

Keep things family friendly. This can be very easy, but if its that serves kind of company that isn’t for children (like beer or any other alcoholic beverage companies for example) they can avoid this rule. Many families look for things that can be good for them all, if they make images that are warm and very family friendly and kid friendly then that will attract more customers. I know some parts of my family that worry about there kids a lot, they look for anything kid friendly all the time so they can join an event or even go to a shop that offering this kid friendly stuff. Companies who are not kid friendly should not do this as it can bring in the wrong crowd and then bring bad consequences. Luckily many people do understand what this company is before they decide to bring there children there, most of the time.

There is even more ways to keep many business’ image look good, as long as they keep themselves look good. There is a saying “what goes on the internet, stays on the internet.” and it has many truth to it. One slip up can be remembered by many and there has been times even news outlets got involved due to slip ups. This can be bad for companies because its like a scar on there reputation at times if they don’t make up for it before things get even worse for them. There has been cases where people use these incidents to talk bad to the companies who had this mess up. This can be very bad and very difficult to get rid of as long as they can fix it up and make up for it and explain what happened and try to improve.

I know there are many ways to make yourself look good online and there is even more ways to do it that I didn’t even list here. I think its good many companies are going to use online to socialize with there customers. If they socialize with customers that makes them look friendly and that is how they can draw in a crowd. I like to see what your thoughts on how a company can improve there ways on social media, I am open to any suggestions. I hope you all have a great day.

-Eric Mason

COM0011: Post #1: Social Media Boom

Over the years, I have seen social media get more and more common. People are looking to social media as a day to day thing, with sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. I can see many companies using this to keep in touch with costumers and advertise there products and provide updates. This can provide many good things for many companies who want to keep there image good, but there can be some downsides. Yes, they normally hire people to manage there social media side and sometimes, we don’t know who they are like. There has been cases of them using profanity, responding to negative feedback in a unprofessional manner, and false information. This can make a company look bad.

On the topic of negatives of social media with companies who use it, there is a chance there is hackers out there to tarnish there reputation. Sometimes hackers can get a hold of the password of the companies twitter or Facebook and then post very toxic things and sometimes post links, thus allowing them to get access to customers accounts. Luckily some people out there are aware of this and can pick up on hacker-like activity on an account, such as inaccurate information, suspicious links, and post quality. Companies can use two-step authentication that can allow the program to contact them and ask “is this you? and if it is, here is your code to processed.” This can protect them to an extent.

But lets now talk about the positives, other then some unprofessional employee. There is good parts to it. They can respond to feedback and post upcoming products there making or updates on a current product to let people know about it. This can allow customer feedback on the products and allows them to respond. Social Media is another side of appearance for a company so they need to maintain that appearance to make them look good. I respect when they provide honesty other then dishonest feedback. I hope to see more companies to continue a trend, and hopefully be honest about there upcoming products and listen to the customers feedback, as the Internet is always growing and has lots of opportunity out there.

– Eric Mason