Blog 4

What unexpected applications have you found in the field of online marketing and social media? 

I have found that in the social media field there is a lot of competition and without consistency and creativity you can fall off and never get back on your path. In this generation everyone has a place in social media whether you are an influencer or an influencer behind the screen you have a place for content on social media which you need to put out because it could be your career or just for fun. Tip for newcomers to the social media world stay consistent and competitive. 

Blog 3

What is your present strategy for developing your professional network online and in person? 

Consistency, with consistency brings opportunity and success. The harder and more effort you put into something you enjoy the better it makes you feel. In person I try to bring up the topic of social media to whoever I am having a conversation with and use my words and get them to check out my page. Social media and words work well together since this generation is big on social media. Manipulating into following an account or checking out someone’s account eventually leads back to your account and I love to see my insights doing well. Social media is like a bad addiction sometimes. To wrap it up using my words in person and being consistent online are my tips or strategy to developing my professional network online and in person. It all takes skill that you build up over time. But it’s as easy as saying hey check this story i posted not on my phone but yours! 

What activities and commitments are you making in the next 6-12 months to continue the development of your networks?  

The next 6 to 12 months are going to be focused on upgrading my quality, posting more, collabing more with the community, getting insight from the community on what myn page should look like, what my page should look like in the future, and gaining followers.  All of the things I listed above I do on the daily but the next 6 to 12 months Im going hard on focusing on doing every one of those because after I finish this course I hope to get a job in the social media field and all of the things i’m doing now for my

social media accounts are opportunities leading up to getting a job and more practice for the future and new ideas of what the future will bring in the social media field. 

Blog 2

A company who has a very successful social media strategy

Pc is a company with a successful and impressive social strategy. The way PC has their website set up is very user friendly, they have all of the companies social media listed in links at the bottom of the website. Besides the website the company’s social media is very user friendly too, they post everyday, they update their social profiles like profile pictures and bio. They have the link to their website on all of the companies socials. 

A company who still needs to work on their strategy 

Most of the companies I have dealt with visited their social media or have been on their website have not disappointed me in any way but I would give advice to up in coming or small business owners to up their social media game get out there get your name out there.

Blog 7

Why is storytelling important to creating great digital content? 

I feel like storytelling is important to creating great digital content because there are many sources of media for example the news and newspapers, social media on cell phones and websites on computers. Especially nowadays people feel the need to express their opinions on current things going on in the world and without social media, media and in writing it would be hard to express what people have to say. 

How will your content be guided by story? 

The content I make is relatable to many people especially my followers and I feel like quotes go way back in time like fairy tales quotes are a voice for people in a way. Quotes can express how people are feeling what they are feeling and more about personality and mindset. In the end quotes are relatable and many people understand them and feel a connection to them. 

What kind of stories do you want to tell? 

Everyone wants to tell stories to remember them because that’s something I would like to do as well, life’s one big story with mini stories in them. I want to tell stories that are funny, real experiences and some made up and in the end I want everyone I told the stories to to laugh and take in the stories meaning. 

Blog 6

How to find your audiences story 

My super fan would have to be one of my closest  internet friends who introduced me and helped me with my quoting. He always wants to see me win and I accept constructive criticism when it’s given because not everything is good when it comes to creating content. Sometimes you need a second pair of eyes to view the content. 

I would say they don’t need help with anything. I haven’t had a bad experience over quotes yet and I hope I never will. 

The short of it is they don’t have any problem, they haven’t given me any problems yet. 

There are no problems to be solved. 

I would say the majority of my audience sees themselves as misunderstood or looking for something or someone to confide in. 

I would say they need to see themselves as misunderstood in a healing process because quotes are made for stages of life. 

My audience believes in taking the time to appreciate the content that creators make. 

My audience is followers on my instagram page that range in different ages and countries. Most have interest in social media. 

My audience visits different media websites for example follower counters, music websites, youtube tutorials. My audience shops online. My audience belongs to my hashtag and many more hashtags, different social media apps like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. 

Blog 5!

What are some personal qualities or characteristics that set you apart from your competitors?

In late 2021 and into the year 2022 Instagram reels were and still are trending. To go along with my quotes I make reels. To get inspiration I follow different reel accounts and in that time after seeing different accounts copying styles and stealing styles off of other creators. I decided to learn how to put a quote on a video, add a different filter and new hashtags for when I post the reel. For the most part my reels have done really well because using certain hashtags related to Instagram get you far, exposure for your account and even on different social media apps. Besides reels I have a system for posting that keeps me from being the same as other creators. And lastly my quotes have a certain style and different, creative and original things to them like width, height and colour. I love what I do and I support other quotes in the community. 

 What have you done lately to make yourself stand out? 

Lately I have taken a bit of a break from posting but getting back to it. I have started interacting with my supporters. I feel like that makes me stand out because I care and I like to hear constructive criticism and other peoples opinions on what should change if I’m doing things well. Another thing is working on different social media apps but with the same name I use on Instagram. That way my name can get as much exposure to the world as possible. 

What would your colleagues say is your best trait? 

I asked my colleagues what some of my best traits are and they came back with loyalty, consistency, and empathy. For remarkable, they said I had my own style and never fed off of anyone else’s style or ways. For measurable they said I’m too deep into checking my insights and asking others about what their insights are looking like in numbers which is not a bad thing but something I could work on. For distinguished they said I am a very helpful person to people just learning or needing help and how consistent I am and how fast my account grows and how I watch my success and how happy I am about everything. My account is very creative. I have different styles, different fonts and filters on my posts. I can say other people and myself think my account has been a success from 2018 to present. 

What do you do that you are most proud of 

Running a quote account comes with jealousy, rudeness, copying, and a lot of not giving credit to where it’s due. I am proud to say that I am not that type of quoter yes at times things can get a lot but I have managed to stay out of most of the negativity that comes with quoting. I see quoting as being helpful for other people, posting relatable content. And that’s what I do, that’s the type of quoter I am. 

Blog post 4!

The company I chose to write about today is President’s Choice. President’s Choice is a Canadian private label owned by Loblaw. They sell the basics and the company also includes plans like mobile, financial services. President’s Choice is very involved in social media and updating the PC website. On the PC website they give you recipes, what new products the company has come out with, and all of the links to the companies social media. When I think of PC I think of a huge friendly family. PC came out with a #HeyPC it’s all about ratings and what the customers can give the company. PCs social media is positive. From a personal view, PC has never disappointed. When people are choosing where to get their products from they want a company to confide in and they want to be happy with the majority of the things sold by the company. PC is one of those companies that sell their products worldwide. 

Blog 3

My personal interest is quoting. Instagram is my main source. Some of the quote accounts I will be talking about today will be linked down below. In 2018 when I first started quoting as a hobby I didn’t really know anything about it, how to make them or what communities to join but as time went on I met some great quoters who showed me the ropes to quoting. Certain quotes showed me the good side of quoting and others showed me the bad side of quoting. My audience loves when I am active on social media, posting what they want to see, and they love when I offer my help. The main idea I am trying to get across is the media and people love reliability and consistency. If you are in the social media field, consistency and reliability is a must.

Blog 2!

During this week I have learned that storytelling can be told in many forms. Lately I have been watching true crime documentaries and it really shows that there are many sides to a story and how certain people communicate truths and lies. I have also learned that people might not realize or be in reality for this one but it takes two people to communicate properly from past experiences communication has been very lost in many of my situations. I feel like all of this ties into social media in ways because people can say one thing on social media and another thing in person. That’s where communication struggles because people have so much power from behind a screen, with their following on social media platforms and on the media in total. For whoever’s reading this I have a question, do you think people have more power behind a screen or in person?. 

My last vacation

My last vacation 

My last vacation was my first time on a plane, as a family we don’t do much traveling but my mom is originally from Newfoundland so my sister mom and I decided to travel to Newfoundland for 6 days. The first day there we went to Cape St Mary’s Reserve. The view of the ocean was mind blowing and we witnessed over one thousand puffins. On the way back from Cape St Marys we stopped and explored different beaches, lookouts and twisty roads. The second day in Newfoundland we went to Signal Hill and viewed all of Newfoundland from the highest point. We saw lighthouses, toured and visited the gift shops. The third day we visited downtown, saw the jelly bean row housing and dined at one of Newfoundland’s finest pubs. On the fourth day we went to Middle Cove beach. Instead of sand its pebbles. The water and hills are beautiful. On our last day there we visited my mom’s old friend. He builds and re models old cars so we got to see some old Ford cars. And experience some classic Newfoundland weather rain and strong winds. The last day we flew back home wishing I could have stayed a little longer in Newfoundland.