Assignment #1 Blog # 7 Personal Reflection

Don’t you find it quite crazy when you look over at the calendar and stop in that one moment of time and think to yourself…. “where did that time go, it feels like yesterday since…” I feel that way current with how fast this online course went by for me.

“Okay” Well maybe, it had something to do with the fact my whole online experience was with a broken foot… so, you could say that it wasn’t hard for me to keep the focus on task. I took notes down daily and I will share with you biggest piece I have taken with me from the course Digital Communication COMM0014.



For me the story telling chapters became my favorite part about the course. I have always had a passion for history and I agree that story telling goes way back to the primitive of times. It goes as far back, as the drawings on the cave walls, and the ancient scrolls that are written in txt today. Ever since I have taken this course I feel as though my perspective on life has changed tremendously with one current key detail…. WE are all Story tellers. Stories are now written all over the world and the exciting part is that we have access to this at our fingertips because on social media. With stories being written, copied, transported and shared we can access a much wider audience with a new world of ideas and creativity.



By Shylow K



What is your secret wish for your business?

My personal goal: To build my online business, this creates residual income to help publish my book(s).

My business was given to me from “My Angel” I  would call it. I just graduated from Business- Sales and Marketing at the time that I met my business partner Chantal Julien.





My business deals with online telecom and banking industries (If you would like to learn more click here>> I met Chantal because my father was working on her truck and I didn’t think that 2 years later we would be running a business online and meeting new people. My company website is This website can people potentially save hundreds of dollars a year for people’s essential bills.



My secret wish, is for this business to grow over the next 3 years. I enjoy helping people in any way possible and I only wish to have people join me in my on going success. I find that it is the greatest feeling ever, when you can offer people an opportunity as another stream of income or another opportunity to help them and their family out personally. I also  want to be able to work towards my own personal growth, I want to see a whole NEW me from the hours of self development I put in.

My only wish is to help others like me who are looking for that one opportunity to help them out financially.


COMM 0014 Post #5 Shylow’s Personal Brand


What makes me unique?

I find the first thing that sets me apart is my name, when I give a self introductory I say to people “hello my name is Shy to the Low” and people enjoy that catchy phrase to help them remember, I even created a word press blog with that name.

My word press blog and other forms of social media is are posted below, your more than welcome to follow me and comment on anything you would like.

WordPress: @Shy2thelow




Ever since I was old enough to write, I have always enjoyed writing and creating books filled with poetry and stories. I find this is my unique quality, because it’s a PASSION of mine for a very long time. I crave to write daily and if I can’t write, I feel as though my mind becomes overwhelmed.

Writing to me is a passion of releasing emotion and creating words of inspiration for myself and others. Here is a poem I created from one of my 7 books that are now written but not published

I have added a link with a little information on the first book I want to publish also,

The book is called Everyone is an unforgettable piece, I completed my Business – Sales and Marketing degree so that I could self publish and market my own creative stories and ideas.


Shylow Cutler – Business Sales and Marketing degree

I believe that because I have passion for art and writing, I am not afraid to take a more personal approach to communications and social media.

School for me was one of the biggest accomplishments because, I was the first person in my family to graduate from a college after paying for it myself. I worked really hard for 2 years to achieve my marks and diploma.

I may not have been a straight A student all the time or 100% perfect on grammar, but I know that the one thing that sets me apart from others is my HEART and my PASSION to write. I want to create a voice on the internet or media, in hopes that one day I will help inspire and build a new perspective for people.


Free hand painting by Shylow

COMM 0014 Post #4 -B2C Case Study

Post 3 B2C Case Study:

The first company that comes to mind when discussing the case study would be Tim Hortons. I find Tim Hortons has always been involved with social media since day one. With the various amounts of promotions and customer feedback, I find Tim Hortons always has an advantage with e-newsletters, updates, promotions and exclusive insight on feedback.

Some example’s of the third parties that Tim Hortons works with are, or //  Another huge success online is the Roll up to Rim promotion, they make it very easily accessible to follow the game and learn the rules. Tim Hortons makes interaction on social media very easy and convenient and this helps with targeting different types of people. Tim Hortons has also even tailored a domain for the current promotion and events. For example for roll up the rim you can simply just access the online web address . This link gives you access to the information on the types of prizes and the current number of prices available. I find that Tim Hortons approach is working and constantly improving with interaction and personal satisfaction that grows every year. Tim Horton’s has a very strategic game plan and uses a “key” marketing plan to help increase sales and raise awareness. I can not complain, I would defiantly speak up in the media if I WON the car!!! I would defiantly thank Tim Hortons and help increase their social publicity and surrounding influences.

Shylow K Cutler

Comm 0014 Post #3- Target Audiences

My personal hobby would be writing poetry. I have studied many different poetry styles such as sonnet, haiku, narrative, free verse and metaphorical poems. This hobby is more of a passion that started around the age of 14, I have collected 8 written journals that I have personally wrote and some day wish to publish. I started writing when I felt alone and my parents started divorcing, I started writing to cover up my hurt and I used my writing as more of a soothing mechanism to help me get through some tough times. Writing to me was not only something I had to do to feel better, but it is something that to this day brings joy in my life.  To me I had an experience where writing my poems potentially can help someone. See that’s the one thing I didn’t realize, my writing could become helpful or inspiring.


Its very important that I understand my audience’s diversity and its impact on the poetry setting. I started with using I then added poetry into the trending areas and found some peaks in the current dates that people sought out poetry information. I found that through the holidays and the months before hand, people had a tremendous spike in interest. Researching and analyzing the community reveals a great deal of information about the people I want to reach out to.

The 2 main areas I need to focus online are;

  • Demographics; There are certain characteristics given for each style of writing I am looking to portray. For example; I have a self development book for anxiety and depression. The book would target, youth both male and female. From low income families, with divorced or single parents
  • Psycho-graphics; the attributes, opinions, values and form of 2-way communication online. This will help determine lifestyle and hobbies to perfectly move forward with a successful online campaign
  • .poem-by-shy

COMM 0014 Blog #2 Access To Information At Our Fingertips

With many different methods of storytelling, I find its only emerging and you never know when your story can be picked up and go viral.

With the purpose of story telling to be about entertainment, education and culture preservation’s, we now have access to information at our fingertips. For Example; We can now “YouTube” how to do something and allow people to compel their insights and perceptions through comments.

The true process of story telling comes from the perception that we conceive from something we see, read or do. When then absorb the information and continuously keep sharing it. As we are sharing it we are constantly growing and learning from the stories and our own access of information. We are connected from all over the world and with the massive transformation in the online world, our stories are no longer hidden or explicit.

This is just the very start to the exciting time that only will extend to many ways of communication. As we increase the social media interaction can generate all new forms of information from story telling, we can then have access to linking it through other media platforms of information such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging in hopes our story is heard. Telling stories help strengthen the information and as we weave through the online information we are in control of what we believe

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COM0014 Post #1 The Islands of Bahamas; Vacation

I find that people work constantly, trying to make their dreams come true or to achieve the next goal on their list. When we are constantly working, it is not long before we start picturing the beach or water, wondering when our next vacation will come.

For me I find the best way to truly enjoy a vacation is when I achieve a long term goal. My last vacation was after I gave a HUGE “thumbs up” and completed my goal. I graduated from sales and marketing and after 2 years of studying I completed my degree and set sail on a wonderful experience of a lifetime.


When I started planning my vacation I had the choice, but I was torn between which island to visit. One thing I knew for sure, was I wanted to narrow it down to a cruise and go for only a week. The planning process went smoothly. I chose to set sail from Miami, Florida, visit Nassau and Atlantis Bahama’s.

The first part of my trip was over whelming with excitement and it was filled with unique hotels and price’s that seemed fair with the October weather discount. Our boat did not leave until the following morning, that gave my family and I plenty of time to explore the Miami beaches…

which was HOT!


I explored the beaches and the many different shops that are placed along one side to another. The sun was extremely bright that day, and I remember the waves felt like they moved in slow motion. The feeling of the beach and the sound of the waves are truly stuck in my mind and the peace was pouring into my body I thought to myself ” I finally did it!!” The vacation was a great way to celebrate after all the hard work I put into my future career and it truly paid off.


Now lets talk about this boat…..


The boat was beautiful from inside out. When I first walked in I never expected it to be holding two floors with a casino on each floor. The pool deck was on the very top of the cruise ship and the exciting events  are their for Halloween. I forgot to mention…. I was there for Halloween…. I know SPooKy RiGHtttt?

There was comedy show entertainment and late night dancing. I would say to you that setting sail felt like home… but then again IT DID NOT feel like home. Time was passing by so fast that I didn’t think of going home AT ALL!!.

My family and I were actually scheduled to visit 2 islands however the caption made an announcement over the intercom and tell us “the waters are to rough, we are changing direction”. I found this a little scary at first but, but it was not long before I was caught up watching a belly flop contest or eating at the restaurant Denny’s on deck.


I was so excited to explore and try everything on the ship that I went to bed late, and woke up early. Before we knew it we arrived at The Islands of Bahamas.


When we arrived and deported off the ship, I was excited to find myself doing some more late night dancing and partying with the people who lived down there. The experience was truly an experience of a life time and is something I would recommend to anyone who is looking to let loose and celebrate there hard work!!!


Seriously you have to check it out!! I could go on for days about the different things I experienced but then again I wouldn’t want to spoil all of the fun 🙂