There is no turning back

The path that the internet has paved for marketing is a very interesting one, and one that is hard to keep up with as it seems to morph and change monthly (or faster!). In this course I have enjoyed learning about how integrated marketing plans have been put together, rolled out and supported through various social media platforms. And how the different platforms can be used to target different audiences. And, I  also believe that there can be real ethical debates/questions around using specific platforms, especially with children and young adults, as there seems to have been a rash of large online bills in the news of late.

And, the truth of the matter is that we cannot go back to our old marketing practices, the tried and true, and be successful. The new challenge is to forge ahead and boldly go while maintaining a personal touch, which, to me, is the crux of it all.  How do we do this and what does it look like when so much of what was previously trusted was built upon personal relationships.

I hope that we, as a population, do not lose site of the personal touch.  For me, it is these relationships that are most meaningful and real. And now, I have to figure out how I will work it all together as there is no turning back!



New Year’s Resolutions

I read recently, that having a New Year’s Resolution is setting yourself up for failure. I totally disagree. This past New Year’s eve, I had the pleasure to spend it with most of my family as we are spread across this large country and do not see each other often. As the bell stuck mid-night we raised our glass of bubbly and wished each other health, happiness and success. We then decided it would be an opportune time to share our ‘resolutions’.  One brother insisted that his resolution was to have supper at everyone’s house at least once during the year! However, there were more serious resolutions: volunteering more, visiting senior’s residences and making pyjamas for the women’s shelter — all honourable, selfless and meaningful. And all achievable too.

I think about my own resolution. Having had a recent second hip replacement, my goal is to be the most fit I can be. And, outwardly this may seem very selfish; however, in reality there are benefits to others. I am a happier person: the quality of my life improves, I can do most things with ease and I lessen the burden on our overtaxed healthcare system. And being fit is something that I really want, and in that I  know I will be successful.

I think resolutions are wonderful; they confirm that we care and are passionate about making something better, either for ourselves or others, or perhaps both. And that is a wonderful thing.



I love our Canadian landscape — it is awesome and so changeable.

My husband and I were on our way to watch our youngest son compete in his final cross-country OFSAA race (grade12, so we are taking complete advantage of seeing different parts of Ontario while we cheer him on). This fall took us to Duntroon, Ontario which kisses the shores of Georgian Bay.  During the last miles of travel we experience the gamut of weather systems: from wind and sunshine to wind and rain, snow and hail! The clouds were spectacular and so several photos were captured and then oil put to canvas!


Easier than blogging


At the end of the day, and probably at the beginning of the day too, I am not a social media kind-of person.  This blogging stuff is the most difficult thing to do — well, perhaps not the most difficult, but it does not come easily, or naturally.

I am an artist and I speak with images and not words. This morning I painted for three hours while my husband and kids went about their things. It was a completely blissful time — the house was quiet and I worked away transforming a blank canvas into a landscape of colours and textures; so much easier than trying to comment or be meaningful.

I write this after reading the earlier post about disconnecting with social media, and  honesty wonder at what the attraction really is. I have no desire to be that connected, and perhaps I am the anomaly. I do not condemn, please do not mis-understand me; I simply do not understand.

And so, I will continue to paint, and speak in colours and textures.



The Perfect Commute


The are more days than I can count where my early morning commute is a painter’s inspiration. I am lucky, along with some other fortunate east-end travellers, to be able to enjoy a seamless journey along the parkway to my place of work each morning.

My travel is the set up of my day — the river often a soft canvas mirroring its shoreline, reflecting the light and clouds above — my non-caffienated gathering of images and thoughts before the bustle of the day begins.

I have sighted the odd fox, a rafter of turkeys and the migration of Canada geese in chevron flight each spring and fall. Here too, I witness the skiff of ice forming on the river edge as we prepare to nestle in for the winter and equally exciting, the ice flow jams when the sun warms us again.

Sometimes, this journey is on two wheels and other times on four; however, regardless of the number of wheels, the view and peaceful travel is often the best part of the day.