Easier than blogging


At the end of the day, and probably at the beginning of the day too, I am not a social media kind-of person.  This blogging stuff is the most difficult thing to do — well, perhaps not the most difficult, but it does not come easily, or naturally.

I am an artist and I speak with images and not words. This morning I painted for three hours while my husband and kids went about their things. It was a completely blissful time — the house was quiet and I worked away transforming a blank canvas into a landscape of colours and textures; so much easier than trying to comment or be meaningful.

I write this after reading the earlier post about disconnecting with social media, and  honesty wonder at what the attraction really is. I have no desire to be that connected, and perhaps I am the anomaly. I do not condemn, please do not mis-understand me; I simply do not understand.

And so, I will continue to paint, and speak in colours and textures.



2 thoughts on “Easier than blogging

  1. To each their own. Obviously you are comfortable not being connected. But if you were spending all your time on social media like some people, you wouldn’t be making such beautiful art! So, in the end, it all works out.

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